Sara luvv and leah gotti steamy lesbosex on the couch

Sara luvv and leah gotti steamy lesbosex on the couch
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I was walking home. My breaths flew into the air. I heard nothing. I looked around to find trees around me also. I heard footsteps. I turn to see an 8th grader staring me deeply in the eye "Aiden?" I ask my heart beating fast. I've had a crush on him sense 6th grade. He says nothing to me. He starts running at me with red in his eyes.

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He wisp me around and crushes me against him. He wraps one arm around my neck the other struggles to get into my jeans. It breaks thru sliding down into my underwear. I want to scream but instead I let a sigh of passion exape my lips. His finger circle the cheek, teasing me. He pulls down my skinny jeans.

I want to punch and kick but, I stand stiff. He kisses my neck but he stops. His hands slide into his coat and pulls out duct tape. "Tell me when you want it and I'll let you go." He smiles. I nod and close my eyes and I hold my wrists out and close my eyes. The duct tape is tighter than I thought as he raises my hands up to a nail in a tree and hooks them there.

He unzips his coat showing his abs and pale as the snow. So that's why he was wearing that coat all day. "So you were going to just go find a girl and do this?" I ask. "Not just any girl." He says moving his lips to my neck again. He wanted to do this to me? Does he know that I like him? He goes back to kissing going down to my collerbone. I brace my head sideways. "Don't be scared." He says between his breaths. I open my mouth breathing hard in and out. His hand sides under my shirt.

I hold my breath for a bit. It's searching teens piss n grandpas 1 dvd rip by icmn way to my bra. He presses me closer to him. I breath again. The tightness around my breasts disapers. His hands go down to the bottom of my shirt and pulls upwards.

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He moves my arms off the nail and pulls my shirt and bra over. My mouth big bobs sleeping sister xxx. He shakes his coat off. He goes on moving down when kissing. Moans exape my mouth as he gets down to my breasts. His hands are feeling them warms my whole body. He licks them making them hard. I breath in hard and under my breath it can't take it anymore.

"I want it." I whisper quietly. He can't hear me. His kissing move up. His ear is by my lips. "I want it." I whisper into his ear. He takes his hands up to my wrists and rips them apart throwing the duct tape on the ground.

He backs away. He sighs. I quickly grab his arms and put them into my underwear and kiss his neck sucking his skin.

His hands are rubbing them as we kiss until his touge slides into my mouth are touges touch rubbing eachother. Goosebumps cover my yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde and legs. His thumbs pull it down to my ankles and I fling them off.

He presses his body close to redhead slut fucked by a big dick as he lays me down on a log when we hear a snap. He slingsamy body over his shoulder and he goes in to a shelter made of logs. He lays me on the ground. He kisses my lips, neck, collerbone, and my stomach. I let out loud moans as he make a circle around my stomach. He reaches his fingers down to my legs. He tickles my toes and goes into the place around my vagina and rubs it moving up and down.

I lets a short noise. He fingers it going deeper and deeper into it. I let out even more short noises as he moves them in a circle motion inside. He moves he mouth around it and licks it.

I let out loud moans that echo in the forest each time it licks. He closes his eyes and moves his head back and forward pushing his touge deeper each time. I let out even more short sounds faster this time.

His tounge is almost heaven. "S-s-stop!" I try to say between moans. He ingnores me and this time moving it up and down when going in and out. I start to scream each time he goes in. Scream moan scream moan. Liguade squirts out. He puts his open mouth over my whole vagina.

Drinking it when his mouth is to full. I pant. He looks up and wipes him mouth swallowing the last part. He stands up and he has a bulge. He slides his pants down so I can see it. He falls to his knees kicking off his pants. He crawls on top of me licking me all over.

I purr. He motions me to stand. I do. He rolls to his back. I want it. I get low and stare at it. I move my mouth to it and lick the tip.

He lets an quiet moan. He needs more. I move my tounge in a circle round the tip. I feel the muscles move inside. It gets harder. I find the hole in lick inside of it but it's to small so it just like the closer inside. He pants his breath flowing in the air. It open my mouth and slide it in. I move it into and out of my mouth. He gasps for pleasure. I reach down to his balls. They look tight so I lick them also.

I know that balls are the most sencitive part of a man. It rub them like door nobs. He sighs a relaxed moan under his breath. I grab my breasts and put it between them them move up and down sucking each time I can. He moves his hips up and breaths even louder. His face turns red. White sprays on to my face and I put it in my mouth to get the rest. I swallow it closing my eyes as I do. It's straight as an arrow. He grabs me and pulls are tounges together. He touches my vagina and puts three fingers in.

All I can say is uh! In a high voice. He moves them in and out fast. I make more uh!'s. He moves his face to my ass. He licks it. I rebecca moores anal fucked by a big cock on top massage blowjob what he is doing. He sticks out his pointer finger and pushes it into it. I scream with pleasure. "A-a-Aiden." I gasp. He tickles my insides. I try to say his name again but his finger goes out and in and the forest fills with passionate screams.

I am out of breath but my love takes over and mouthes faster to him. He takes his finger out. He swings his hips over and pushes it all into me. I lost my voice. I scream a short scream over and over. It's so hard. He goes faster and faster till one moan is for twenty fucks. White liquid squirts out at the same time as his does.

He rolls me over. I lay on his hard abs. He moves his hand down to my Vigina and digs inside. His dick is still in. He swings his hips up as I fly into the air. I land as his dick slides deeper. We jump again and again. Soon we are both panting. He slows down still rubbing me. "Call your mom and tell her your sleeping at a friends house." He says out of breath.

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I reach over to my pants but tip over. He laughs. I grab his ass and circle it. He humps me. I grab the phone when he stops. "Mom I'm sleeping at a friends house!" I say and hang up the phone.

Second Part When we reach his bedroom I climb out. He tackles me on the bed as he duct tapes my mouth, arms and legs to it. "Now." He says with a smile. I stare at him with a smile on my face but he can't see.

I look around to find a camera. I close my eyes as he walk over to it and turns it on. More. I moan as I see him take off his clothes. "I know you want it." He smiles. I moan a yes as he climbs on top of me. He licks my breasts as my moans go deeper into his skin. He moves his tounge into it again this time I can't wait. "I want it" I say gasping muffles. He takes it off. "I want it!" I groan with a uh! At the end to make him more full of pleasure.

He smiles and this time he lick inside and kisses and lick to go deeper and kisses. I squeal and move my hips up with his mouth. I orgasum and this time it goes onto his dick. He takes the duct tape off the bed. "Dance for me, baby." He says with a wink. I see he has a pole in the room.

It's what he wants. I slide agaist it moving my legs up it. I lick up the poll. I moan a little as I move my hips against it. I look over to Aiden who patting his lap. I walk over to him. He leans on the wall. I crawl ontop of him and push him onto the wall with my breasts. He grabs my ass and sqwease passion hd teen kimberly costa gets fucked makes me push even more. He makes a grumble with his lips as I look sideways and uh!

I bite my lip. I see a man enter.

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It's to dark to see him. Aiden moves my legs apart and sticks his dick in. I moan I kiss his lips. I look out the corner of my eye I see the man again. Aiden moans as he sees my face. I close my eyes. 'Oh baby!" I moan sharply. I open them again to see a blind fold go onto my eyes. I start to freak out. I'm tied the bed now. I have a thing to prop my vagina in the air. Box maybe. I hear clicking noises and cold juices are on my body.

I hear a rumble and a grunt as it sounds like Aiden is also tied. The man. I feel hands on my breasts. Pinay xxx british girlsher tadoo man pushes them together as he slides his cold dick into the middle. I can hear him go Ahhh. I feel cold semen on my face again.

I feel coldness go into my body. I groan. He speeds up. I moan and uh! Soon everytime I uh! I feel cool enter deeper into me as he takes his dick out. He cummed in me! Aletta ocean got fucked in the ass hear another moan and more followed. I feel hands unrival the blindfold. Aiden is hunched over with the man behind him. I squeal but my mouth is covered. Round pills go into my mouth and I swallow them.

I feel a pain in the head and I pass out. I wake up with Aiden on top me naked. He gives me a uneasy smile as I hear a camera click. A boy with black hair is taking photos. Third Part "No no no!" He says walking over.

He places a hand on my breast. Cold hands. Aiden moves his hand there and kisses me. The black hair man gives me a wink as he walks away. He claps. "Perfect!" He says smiling.

"Ok, Break, You girl come here." He says pointing to me. I cover up my breasts as I walk over. "Meet my in my room tonight or else we will do what we did last night." He laughs staring at my 'breasts. "Don't cover them." He says stroking them as he pushes my hand down. I walk away as he whistles as my ass.

I stare at Aiden and look him in the eye. I look over at the black hair man and suck Aiden's dick. I watch the man storm off. Aiden moans. I feel wet now like I have to orgasum. I lay where we were laying when the man was taking pictures. Aiden's sticks his tounge in and out.

I moan sharp moans. The man walks in again. "That's her favorite move. Huh?" He says smiling. I moan louder. The man walks over. "May I try?" He asks winking. He pushes Aiden aside and sticks his tounge even deeper. My moans grow even louder. He finally sticks his full tounge in and I moan so loud that I scream.

He backs away and Aiden goes back to want he was doing. He licks up to feel how wet I am. I almost orgasum. He sticks his tounge so deep that I might as well die.

I scream bloody murder. He keeps doing to. The man runs in to see Aiden eating me out when I lay on the bed almost dead. Aiden falls asleep next to me. I feel a cold man carrying me down the hall. He laughs as he pulls my arms up to strap them to the ceiling. "So." he says with only his underwater on. I stare at him. "How many times have you had sex?" He asks sizing my breasts. "4 if you do it to me." I tell him looking away.

"Oh how did you know? Atleast I dont have to blindfold you again." He says groping my ass. He lays me down. He reaches his fingers down to me. I moan. He has a cum exploding all over my body soon it covered it all. two horny guys enjoy fingering the furry muff of tsubasa aihara before they stuf what you make me do girly.

You build up a lot." He say to me holding my chin. He reaches inside and massages my clit. I moan a soft oh.

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He smooths my ass. I tingle and tighten my ass. He shakes his head and spreads apart it. He turns me to the front. He grabs my breasts. He massages them. I moan loud uhs! He closes his eyes and he gets a long boner. He takes off the underwear. He plunges his dick into me. I let out a scream. He puts more of it now. I scream bloody murder. He still has two more inches. He stick them in. I freeze. I open my mouth to talk but it won't let me use them. He moves it in again. I scream uh!

As loud as i can. "You like that baby?" He asks fingering me. I moan. He nods. He carried me to my bed and throws me down. "Now dn't have sex without me!" He laughs. i have nothing to cover me. I pull the blanket over me. I sob Quietly. Fuck him.