Pale punk chick pov ass fucked and facialed point of view natural tits

Pale punk chick pov ass fucked and facialed point of view natural tits
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A lovely young woman is sitting alone at a table inside of a night club in Jacksonville, Florida; she is twenty four years old and is wearing a stunning crimson, red tight dress that barely covers her legs and shows a lot of her bust and cleavage. She is also wearing a pair of matching crimson, red high heels. The lady has long dark, black hair and some of the best make up you have ever seen, including some beautiful black eye high-lights.

She is five foot and 8 inches tall and has the most exotic look known to man as she is a mixture of English and Arabic; she also has an amazing figure that shows in her curvy body and legs.

Although, what stands out the most on her are the luscious lips and the most beautiful eyes that are coloured hazel. The table is situated close to the bar, the club is nicely decorated including the bar and has lots of lighting and smoke effects on the dance floor. The dance floor is not that heavily crowded yet, but there are many other people there. Next, a man walks up to the bar and in the corner of his eye he seeming sees the beautiful lady sitting all alone at the table close to the bar.

He is six foot and two inches tall he has short, dark black hair, he has brown eyes and has a nice frame; the man is also dressed in a designer YSL shirt, which is coloured blue. For his bottoms, he is also wearing some YSL, black tight jeans and a nice pair of opal black shoes to go with his outfit. <!--more--> The man decides to walk up to the woman and ask her, "Is anyone else sitting here?" She looks around at the table and replies with, "I do not see anyone else here?" The guy then sits down next to her and he glances over quickly at her quickly and then speaks, "I just wanted to make sure.

I figured someone as sexy as you would be here with someone." The woman's lips curl in the most gorgeous smile as she then thinks to povd cute brunette gets dirty after her shower 'that was a very sweet compliment' and then answers him with a simple, "Thank you!" The man then orders a drink and turns to her and asks, "I am Kevin, It is nice to meet you?" "My name is Kimberly, I am pleased to meet you as well," replied Kimberly, she then takes a sip from her glass of vodka and lemonade drink.

"Well, it is nice to meet you Kimberly. Could I buy you a drink?" Suggested Kevin, as he looks at her glass and sees it is nearly empty. saxy mom and san xxx sex stories com, please!" answered Kimberly. "What are you having?" asked Kevin, as he looks at her drink as he does not recognize the colour.

Kimberly replies in a sweet voice, "It is vodka and lemonade. He walks up to the bar and signals for the the bartender to order another one of her drinks, "So what is a beautiful woman like, yourself, doing here all alone?" "I am drinking myself stupid to get drunk, since that is all I am good for since my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with another woman, who I thought was ugly as hell." "Oh, I am so sorry.

I should not have brought that up," muttered Kevin, as he swallows some more of his drink, he thinks to himself 'how could a guy cheat on someone as gorgeous as her.' she replies, "It is okay, you did not know, hon." "Well, I cannot simply leave you to drink on your own anymore, plus I am sure you could use the company." said Kevin "I would like that very much," replied Kimberly.

Kevin takes another swallow of his drink, "You are from England then?" he asked as he noticed her southern, English accent and not being able to think of anything else to talk about and that was the first thing that came into his mind. "Yes, I am. That was very perspective of you, I moved here only two years ago," stated Kimberly.

"What brought you to the States Kimberly? It is a long way from home," Asked Kevin. "Work and always wanted to live in Florida, so I got an internal transfer with Ford," answered Kimberly. "Oh, well that is a good reason to come to the States. I am sure you enjoy running around in your bikinis half of the year too, teasing all the guys." Said Kevin trying to make her laugh. Kimberly laughs as she knows it is true half of the time and that that is how she dresses when she goes to the beach.

He hears her beautiful laughter and smile. he thinks to himself 'I obviously cannot be doing that bad if I am getting her to laugh,' he then asks her, "What are your interests then?" "I am a creative writer; I also play some video games like NBA2K13, I like working out and sunbathing also.

What are your interests then, Oh yes my gmg xxx story replied Kimberly. "A Creative writer and video games?" answered Kevin as he then thinks to himself 'wow how perfect is she?' He then speaks again, "I love video games as well and I like to tinker around with computers a lot. I am mostly playing NBA2K13 right now as well." "Oh! That is so cool, my team is the Heat!" declared Kimberly.

"Ah, you picked the local team. I am not from around here, so my team is the Thunder. I got drafted by the 76ers and got traded to them though. It was a good Finals last year for your team," replied Kevin.


"Ah, yes, thanks they did. Also, I got lucky and got drafted by the Miami Heat. I am now on my third year," said Kimberly. "Ah, so you are about to go through contract negotiations then. I am in the play-offs in my second year.

I play as a All-Around shooting guard." "I am their point guard, but now I am making plays myself as I have pretty good statistics. What type of music do you listen to?" Asked Kimberly trying to make a conversation with him. "I listen to a little bit of everything, except rap and country. Mostly music from games though, there is so much variety there. What about you, dear?" said Kevin.

"I listen to Cascada, Lady Gaga and Kesha; I also listen to a little bit of House and Garage," replied Kimberly. "Ah, I have never heard of House and Garage. Are they an English band?" asked Kevin.

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"No, It is like Dance done step son fucking sleeping step mom while she was in deep sleep a DJ and MC, but is a UK thing," She giggles to herself after saying that. Kimberly drinks some more of her drink and it is nearly empty, but she offers to buy the next round to make sure it is fair. I look at my drink and have barely touched it, "I am good right now Kimberly, but thank you, for the kind offer.

I will get your next one again though," said Kevin. He did not even realize that as he had been far more interested in talking to Kimberly than even thinking about his drink. "Okay, thank you, very much, Kevin, you are really sweet!" replied Kimberly cheerfully as he as helped her lighten up from her depression. "I am not that sweet. I will not melt if you put me in the rain, plus I know you could use a friendly chat right now," answered Kevin.

Kimberly finishes off her drink and start to drink a little bit of her new drink and then she asks, "Would you like to dance with me on the dance floor?" Kevin looks over at the dance floor and swallows, knowing he does not have a lot of experience, he then replies, "Sure, but I am not that good at dancing, just to warn you." "Do not worry!" said Kimberly as she takes Kevin by his hand so that he can lead her.

He feels her soft skin as he holds her right hand and notices a beautiful wrist tattoo of a musical note on her wrist as he leads her to the dance floor slowly. Kimberly already starts to feel better as both of them hit the dance floor and they start to dance together for a bit.

Kevin dances a little awkwardly at first because of his lack of experience, but he tries to do his best to keep up with Kimberly as he looks into her eyes, which he notice are incredibly beautiful. They quickly become his favourite part of her. Kimberly starts to teach Kevin a little bit and then they end up dancing together in each others arms, and having fun, which Kimberly forgot even existed.

He starts to have even more fun as she teaches him and he then holds her in his arms and thoughts begin to run through his mind of this being more than just tonight. Kimberly then throws her arms around his neck and crosses them over and looks into his eyes and she smile gracefully as they play slower music now.


Kevin swallows as the pace slows and he gazes back into her exotic eyes and hot scoops japaneses naughty toying hardcore and blowjob simply smiles at her and says, "I am really enjoying tonight, Kimberly. I do not know a lot about you, but I think your ex made a huge mistake cheating on you." "Awww, you are just too sweet.

I am finally able to have fun again and it is all thanks to you," replied Kimberly, as she looks into his eyes once more. Kevin's eyes lower to your her full soft and luscious lips and then he quickly averts his eyes back to looking into hers.

Kimberly leans her head on his shoulders as the both of them dance; this allows her to get closer to Kevin, she thinks to herself 'This guy is making me feel so happy.' As she thought that, Kevin wraps his arms around Kimberly and give her a gentle and friendly hug as the song begins to end.

She smile once more and he then walks her back to her seat. They talk for some more until the club is about to close and it is time to go home. "How much did you have to drink Kimberly?" asked Kevin.

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"A lot!" replied Kimberly. "I am taking you home then. I cannot let you drive home drunk." declared Kevin. "I was going to get a cab. I never drive, when I drink, but I so feel safer if you take me home," answered Kimberly. "It is settled then," said Kevin, he then slowly walks Kimberly by her hand towards his car. Next, he walks towards the passenger side of the car and opens it first allowing Kimberly to get in; she staggers a little bit as she is drunk, he helps her into the car safely.

With Kevin's help she gets in and tells him, "Thank you, Kevin!" "You are welcome, Kimberly," said Kevin, as he shuts the door and gets in and starts the cars engines and then he begins driving and la mansion de nacho dos chicas nuevas en la mansioigrave Kimberly home, she then explains where she lives.

Kimberly then sits back relaxed as Kevin drives her to her house. Kevin begins to speak, "Do you have many friends in this area Kimberly?" He follows her directions driving a little slower than normal, so that he does not have to say goodbye so soon.

Kimberly then replies to Kevin's question, "Not so many, since I have only just moved here. Foxy britney rides on a massive dong do have friends and work colleagues and you, sweetie?" "I just moved to the area myself, not too long ago.

So I do not really have any friends at all here. Or a girlfriend," Replied Kevin, but he says the last part a little softer almost under his breath. "Well, you know I no longer have a boyfriend," she said as she heard him say girlfriend quietly.

He laughs slightly, "Yeah but, that was only two weeks ago. I know you are probably still recovering and not ready for another relationship yet." explained Kevin. "That is true, But I had really good fun tonight," expressed Kimberly. "I Tell you what, I will give you my number and you can think about it. You are intoxicated right now and I do not want you to make a decision you will regret," explained Kevin, as he then smiles as he thinks about how he helped her with the pain that she was going through and feeling at the little college girl and tribu african of the night.

Kimberly takes him up on his wonderful offer and gives him her phone number as well and tell him, "I would love that." Kevin pulls up at Kimberly's house. Kimberly's house is very large and decorated it has a large front garden with various flowers and red roses, but it is dark and you cannot see much. The front as a porch, which is coloured white, where as the rest of the house has red bricks and a black tiled roof.

Her door is coloured brown and is made out of brown painted hard wood, it has a door bell on the right and a large golden handle to knock on the door with and the house number is 31. "I will walk you to the door at the very least.

I do not want you passing out in your front yard," said Kevin. "Thank you, Kevin," replied Kimberly He helps Kimberly get to the door as she staggers and can barely walk straight, he helps her unlock the door as she was having trouble "Kimberly, I." he says as he stops her from entering the door by saying her name.

She stops and turns to face him as he spoke her name out loudly. Kevin looks into Kimberly's eyes once again and at her soft lips as he takes a step towards her and leans down. He presses his lips against hers and kisses her very softly. She kisses him back once and pulls away, but she smiles joyfully and then starts to kiss Kevin again on her porch Kevin kisses her back gently as well as his hand comes up to her face and he brushes her cheek tenderly.

She rubs her hands over his back as they make out some more. He slowly slides his tongue out of his mouth and brushes it against her lips. "mmm," she moans gently as she parts her lips ready for him to slide his tongue inside of her luscious lips. He feel her mouth open, but he keep his tongue at her lips as he puts his arms around her holding Kimberly close to him. She then slides her tongue deep into his mouth and presses her lips against his.

There tongues entwine together, as he feels her tongue enter his mouth and he starts to rub over her lovely back as their make out session continues. Kimberly's hands run through his hair and down his spine as she begins to kiss him with even more passion.

Kevin starts to twirl her hair around and inside of his own fingers as their kisses become even more passionate than ever as both of their tongues keep dancing together seductively. As both of them continue to kiss; Kimberly begins to open the door to let us into her house. Kevin lets Kimberly lead him into her; he then follows her into her house as she knows the way around, however he closes the door behind them, "Kimberly?" he asked as he looked at her as Kimberly turns on the light via the switch.

"What?" she replied. "Are you desirable babe in high heels gets nailed about this?" asked Kevin as he looks into her eyes with concern. he thinks to himself 'hoping that she is not just doing this to dull the pain from her ex-boyfriend.' "I am sure," said Kimberly, as she leads him into living room which is the door on the right to her large and comfy coach.

Kimberly's living room is just simply flawless; it is decorated with lovely pink wallpaper with red roses on it and there are few vases of flowers.


Kevin then sits down on the couch and pulls Kimberly towards him as they lock their lips sexily together again. Kimberly kisses him back again sitting next to him on the coach.

He starts to feel over her body running his hands across her breasts on top of her and the exposed part of her tight, crimson, red dress that shows her amazing bust and cleavage. "Mmm!" She moans softly as she kisses him more and more.

Her hands wander down to his lower back. He reaches to the bottom of her dress and he starts to bring it up revealing her thong. She does not stop him even though, she never has sex on a first date ever. He keeps pulling her dress up and over her lovely breasts and finally over her head.

He looks down at her body and he then bites his lip gently as he realizes just how sexy she really is, "You busty babe lauren pounded by a black guy so sexy Kimberly!" He sees that she is not wearing a bra either, also he makes her smile when he told her how sexy she was.

He then stands in front of her and lowers himself down and stops at her neck as he start to kiss it deeply and softly nibbles at it. "MMM, baby," she moaned out as she really loves her neck being kissed and caressed in many different ways, but especially kissing.

He explores over her soft body with both of his hands as he continue to kiss her neck deeper. "Oh, Baby, MMM!" moaned Kimberly as her moans get even louder as he continues to kiss her weak spot.

He smiles into her neck before he leans up to her big girl hors sexy rep, "Kimberly, I am not going to fuck you because you are not my girlfriend. Although, I am going to lick you until you orgasm," he said teasingly and explaining to her what is in store for her later; before he then goes back to kissing her neck. "Mmm," she smiles and then leans her neck back for him to kiss it even more, she moans his name gently, "Mmm, Kevin!" After he hears that he lowers himself down with her breasts right in front of him as he starts to lick and kiss over them while he brings a hand down to her pussy and he start to rub it over her black laced thong.

"MMM!" Moaned Kimberly as she still does not try to stop Kevin, but she does tell him by whispering into his ear, "You are truly the first, guy, I have ever let, see me topless on a first date." "Maybe I will be the last," Kevin replies as he looks up into her eyes and she knows exactly what he is saying.

she looks back and slowly takes off her black knickers in front of him. He sees that Kimberly is fully shaven down their and looks in amazement at nasty red riding hood with big tits love her beads masturbation and pornostar pussy as it is just pure perfection, he then says "Freshly shaven, Mmm, Kimberly so perfect!?" He then starts to suck on Kimberly's hard nipples as they became erect from the pleasure that he was giving her; he then starts rubbing her tiny and beautiful clitoris which is cleanly shaven, directly with his fingers softly.

"MMM!" she moans out loudly as piss soaked les outdoors pornstars and fetish rubs her clitoris. He pulls away from her breasts and looks down at her pussy again to look at how perfect it really is; he smiles up at her as he slowly lower himself down to her pussy that is already glistening with wetness.

Next, he plants a soft kiss directly on it, before he smiles back up at her and look into her exotic eyes that are now filled with lust.

She leans back on the sofa and spreads her legs for him after he had kissed it directly. He slowly starts to lick across her pussy lips fully stopping at her clitoris and he flicks his tongue all over it a few times. "Mmmm, Kevin," she moaned out the first time that she had felt his tongue drape across her pussy. Kevin moans into her clitoris to make it vibrate as he brings a finger to her soaking, wet pussy and he slides it inside of her.

"MMM, Baby! do not stop; you lick me so fucking good!" she screams. He needs no second invitation to such an inviting pussy; He keeps on flicking his tongue over her clit as he slowly move his finger in and out of her pussy gently to begin with. "Mmm, Baby, that feels so damn good." Kimberly starts to moan even louder and her breathing gets faster and heavier as Kevin makes her even moister downstairs and her body begins to sweat as her body temperature rises.

Next, he sucks on her clitoris gently as he slides a second finger inside of her and moves them a little faster. "MMM, I love that!" Screamed Kimberly in pleasure.

He sucks harder on her clitoris as he move his fingers faster inside of her and angles them to massage over her G-spot. "MMM! BABY!" she then screams even louder; she starts shaking extremely wildly, and screams again at him, "<em>I AM ABOUT TO FUCKING CUM BABY</em>!." As he hears her scream those words he sucks even harder as she tells him, "close your hidden camera in massage russian and fuck me harder with them against my g-spot." yelled Kimberly again.

Kimberly screams and Yell in pure ecstasy and pleasure and she screams at the top of her voice as he starts making her cum, suddenly she squirts all over his face. He pulls away a little in shock as he has never had a girl do that to him before; he was not expecting that at all, "Oh my god, Kimberly!" Next, she licks up some her own juices from her right finger off of her sexy body; this teases Kevin even more.

She then lets him taste her with her index finger her right hand. He tastes her and loves it, "Mmm just like strawberry's, Kimberly!" Suddenly, Kimberly pushes Kevin right on his back on the sofa so he laying completely on it. "Damn, you are aggressive Kimberly," He says as he is laying on his back for her; he still is enjoying the taste in his mouth.

He then swallows the squirt that ended in his mouth, plus from Kimberly's index finger that she made him suck earlier. She unbuttons his YSL shirt and his jeans as quickly as she can as she is so horny now and needs his hard cock in her mouth, especially after he made her squirt. She quickly takes his eight inch cock in her right hand, which is rock solid after seeing her squirt.

She massages it up and down giving him a hand job. She then presses it between both her large breasts and titty fucks him for a little bit. After a few mins she changes her position and lays in front of him to give him head, as she take the head of his hard, rock, solid cock into her mouth and devours his cock inch by inch.

"Oh god, Kimberly, your mouth feels so amazing," He moaned as he starts to stroke her hair gently and move it out of the way so she can see. She then closes her exotic eyes tightly as she continues to suck him; she then moves Up and down faster, she strokes his balls with her long nails gently, not to hurt him, but to simple drive him nuts. Her luscious lips now wrap around him tighter than ever, she is moving her mouth up and down now as she suck harder, faster and tighter than ever.

"Holy weenie acquires stuck in pussy hardcore blowjob Kimberly!" shouted Kevin. She keeps sucking him feeling him throb inside of her mouth; She loves the way you are moaning her name over and over.

She pushes his hard cock deeper into her mouth now. He moans her name deeply, "Kimberly!" Kimberly's tongue is massaging his cock from the bottom with each suck; violet starr no fucking spoilers! then licks up and down his long and hard shaft, before putting back in her mouth.

She then Massages your balls at the same time with her soft and gently hands, she uses her nails to tease even. She then goes really fast up and down; she feels that he is almost ready to cum, so she push her mouth all the way down.

She feel him squirt into her mouth, several times as she swallow it all like a good girl. Kimberly then opens her mouth up nice and wide to show him it is all gone. "Holy fuck, Kimberly! You are fucking amazing!" said Kevin as he is out of breath after the amazing orgasm that she just gave him.

Kimberly kisses him after and embraces him as Kevin kisses her back gently and holds her tightly. Kimberly then ask him, "Would you like to sleep with me in my bed tonight, since it is so late," asked Kimberly.

Kevin replies with, "I would love to sleep in your bed with you on one condition that you become my girlfriend!" "Since I let you lick me, I think you already the know the answer to your question." Kimberly then walks him by his hand up the stairs and into to her bedroom and they then sleep together under the covers until the morning.