Milf veronica rayne deep throat blowjob keiran lee

Milf veronica rayne deep throat blowjob keiran lee
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True Story. A week later I couldn't get the last experience out of my head. All I could think about was the two Dad's I had serviced and how much I enjoyed drinking their cum. I was addicted, and I had major cravings for more. I began looking at Craigslist posts again hoping to satiate my hunger, but just as I was about to respond to another Dad looking to get sucked off, fate stepped in.

It was my Daddy. In his message he complimented me on how good my mouth was and how well I handled two cocks. He wanted to use me again, and he had a surprise for me for being so obedient. I thanked him profusely and we set the date. Wet pussy at night watch part on suzcamcom was a couple days away so I begged him to save his cum for me because I was so hungry for it.

He told me I was a good boy and that I shouldn't worry. The next few days were intolerable, I could barely get any work done. Every waking moment was filled with thoughts of sucking cock and eating cum. I was a hooked and desperately needed my fix. Finally the day came. I woke up and immediately jumped in the shower scrubbing myself head to toe getting squeaky clean for my Daddy. There would be no breakfast for me today. I was saving all of the space in my belly for his cum.

I left my apartment and headed to his house. The entire way there I had butterflies in my stomach, a rapid heartbeat, I felt light headed, and my cock was leaking precum. I could feel my wetness with every step I took.

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Broke blonde teen beauty fucks for free ride got to his building and pressed his number. The lock buzzed and I entered. I took the stairs to his floor and headed to the end of the hallway. Before I could knock Daddy opened the door and ushered me inside. "Good boy, you're right on time for your surprise, go into the living room.

I'll be there in a second." A little shiver of uncertainty hit me. Everything was a blur as I walked the hall and turned the corner into the living room, but once I got there my surprise was revealed. On the couch are two men, big Dads, like construction workers or ex cops, drinking beers. They're both looking at me grinning.

"Hey boy" the one with the goatee says "come sit sophia gently anal fucked in sexy corset us" and pat's the open space on the couch next to him. I make my way there and sit down. A second later Daddy walks into the room with a six pack of beer, opens a few up and says "These are my friends from out of town.

This is Peter(the goateed one) and Anthony. They've come a long way to get here. I've told them all about you and they really wanted to meet you. Do you like your surprise boy?" My face flushes a deep red. Not from embarrassment, but of joy. He must have known how bad my craving was and I'm sure he told his friends what a complete fucking cumslut I was.

I stood up, give him a big hug and said "Thank you Sir. I can't believe it" and kissed his cheek. Peter laughs and says "That's a good boy alright. See how your Dad takes care of you? You're going to show him how much you appreciate this".

I sit back down looking at Daddy and reply "I most certainly will Sir". Daddy sits next to me and hands me a beer. I take a big gulp and exhale all the nervousness I had built up. He puts his hand on my lap and says "We're going to have lots of fun with you today my boy.

I hope you're ready." They eye me like a piece of meat as I down my beer. "Yes Sir. You can do whatever you want with me. I need it. The only thing I ask is that you please, please, please let me swallow all of your cum". Peter replies "You're gonna get a whole lot more than that boy". Anthony (who's been quiet this whole time) says "Take your clothes off".

I get up and strip naked. They can see the wetness my dick is leaking.

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I get on my knees and crawl to my Daddy. I unbutton his pants to free his cock and begin sucking on it. While he's in my mouth I hear Peter and Anthony begin taking their clothes off too. Dad then pushes me back, stands up and drops his pants. I look up at them as they surround me with their dicks dangling in my face. Dad's got a nice cock with a helmet shaped head. Peter has a thick veiny one that teen shoplifter fucked by a security guys hard dick left.

Anthony, to my surprise, is uncut. All three have cockrings on. I begin salivating like a dog does before a meal. I take Dad's cock back into my mouth and grab Peter and Anthony's cocks in each hand. Dad grabs me by my ears and uses them to direct my rhythm while I'm sucking on him.

He lets go shortly and I switch to Peter's curved penis. It takes a little manoeuvring in order to take him as deep. As I suck him I wonder what his curve would feel like buried in my ass. He holds my head and grabs his cock by the base, pushes it into the side of my cheek then pops it out with a loud pop. They express their delight each time he does it.

Because of his shape, massive amounts of drool slip away while he fucks my mouth. My face, chin, neck, and chest are soon smeared in saliva.

Now it's time to taste Anthony's uncut cock. I've always wanted to try one so I pay special attention to the extra flesh wrapped around his head.


I use my tongue to slip it in between the fold and work it in a circular motion. Anthony approves with a "Yeah, thaaaat's good. Your Dad was right, you do have a good mouth. Damn." I dip down under his cock and suck his balls, then further behind just before his asshole.

At this point I have no idea who's hand is on my head, but it directs me onto Dad's cock, pushing me as far as I can go. Another hand pinches my noses and cuts off swinger show young couples blowjob orgy cosplay group sex and babe air. I can't breath, and start to gag, but I hold steady. They like that. The hand pulls me off and threads of saliva stretch from my mouth to Dad's cock while I gasp for a breath before being stuffed on Peter's cock.

Again, a pinch on the nose. I look up and see their smiles. They own me. My eyes are welling up. I'm gagging, but refuse to back off until told.

The hand pulls me off, one breath, then onto Anthony's piece. Same treatment. Loving it. I feel someone spit on my face. I like it. The hand let's go.

I gasp and say "oh my god spit in my fucking mouth please!". They take turns drooling spit onto my tongue. "Dirty bitch" "Fucking slut" "Eat it boy" they say.

I close my eyes and envision it as cum before swallowing it. They are pleased. Someone pat's my head. I go right back to sucking and jerking. Anthony takes my hand off his cock and kneels down behind me. I hear him spit in his hand.

He slides two fingers into my ass. He curls them like a fish hook and starts digging in getting me prepped, wet, and stretched. He gets close to my ear and whispers "We're going to fuck your ass till it's gaped. Run a train on you. You're not going to walk easy after this, but you'd love that wouldn't you bitch boy." With a cock in my mouth I do my best to reply "fuck yes, I love it" but it just comes out as a drooling, whiney, sputtering.

I'm picked up by my arms and dragged to the bedroom where I'm thrown on the bed. Dad and Anthony join me and I get to work sucking them off. Peter, standing off the edge of the bed grabs my ankle and pulls me ass first closer to him.

He spits on my ass and rubs his cock up and down on it. He grabs my hip with one and uses the other to guide himself inside me. I was right. Because of his shape, it feels thicker. It hurts, in a good way. I let Anthony's cock slide out my mouth and exhale an "oh my god" moan. At that, Peter slaps my ass. Dad holds holds my throat and guides me onto his cock while Peter continues to stretch me in ways I've never been.

Anthony reaches underneath me and begins pinching and twisting my nippes. My mind is being blown. These next few paragraphs roll like a whirlwind of sex so try and keep up. Daddy switches with Peter and enters me with a deep thrust and a grunt. Peter makes his way around to my face. I suck him clean relishing the taste. He notices my enthusiasm for Ass to mouth. He calls me a true cockslut. Anthony pushes his cock at my face too.

I try to get them both in, but my mouth is too small. Peter pulls his out and slaps it across my forehead while I'm sucking Anthony. Daddy spreads my ass cheeks wide and is pulling out and driving back in with his whole length.

I hear my boipussy make sucking noises as small tits teen babe giselle leon banged by big black cock masturbation and interracial does.

I switch back to Peter's cock and Anthony is pushing my head onto it causing me to gag and spit. Daddy tags Anthony and he circles round and begins pounding my swollen hole ferociously. Dad feeds me his dick then picks it up to let me lap at his sac. I'm jerking Peter trying to build another leak of precum to ingest. I get another taste. Anthony flips me on my back and hoists my legs up and continues to punish my hole.

Daddy and Peter both lay their cocks across my face. I'm doing my best to suck them equally, but who knows at this point. My face is completely doused in saliva. Peter goes to replace Anthony. I get a taste of Anthony's sex coated bone. Yummy. Peter pins my legs as far back as they can go, then Daddy and Anthony each take an ankle and pull me back farther.

My ass is now in the air. Peter slides in with his magically curved cock and at this angle he hits my spot. I can see and feel myself being milked. Precum is pumping generously from my dick with each thrust he digs into my hole.

I'm moaning while sucking Anthony. Daddy grabs my throat and applies pressure cutting off my air. I explode. I cum. Hard. Harder then I have and most likely ever will. My body convulses uncontrollably. My dick is bouncing off my belly spraying cum on my chest. I think I'm crying and I'm definitely whimpering like a little girl who's lost her mind. They notice and they keep going.

I hear someone say "We own you boy!" and they certainly do. Dad scoops up the drops of cum from my chest and smears it all over my face. I suck his fingers clean. My orgasm is a continuous pulse of waves, then suddenly I'm numb. It's like an out of body experience. I feel like I'm floating, and then boom.

Right back to reality. Peter let's go as Dad moves in to continue bruising my now gaped pussyhole. Peter, who now knows my dirty little ass to mouth fetish climbs up and sits on my chest with his dick just out of reach from my open mouth. His cock has a juicy, slick sheen and a drop naughty british babes give cfnm guy a handjob precum swings like a pendulum before me.

"I'd bet you'd do anything to taste this dirty cock. Tell me how bad you want to taste your ass. Beg me boy!" I cry "Please sir. I'll do anything.


You made made me cum so fucking hard. I'll do anything. Please Sir, let me taste your cock. I need it". He dips it in my mouth. It brushes through my lips and down past my tongue. I release a gutteral moan as his cock wedges into the side of my throat. He steps off to the side and Anthony turns my head back on his cock.

Daddy pulls out and is pinching the tip of his cock. Time for my reward. I slide down off the bed onto my knees between his legs. I tilt my head back and open up with my tongue extended. He brazzers forced hard step brother sex story go of the tip and a very large dollop of cum drops onto my tongue. It's warm, sticky, and thick.

I grab him and milk every last drop from him. I keep my mouth open and my eyes on him. He looks at me with approval and tells me to swallow.

I do, but not before swirling it around to coat my mouth. He gives me a light slap and steps to the side. Anthony is next. He starts to jerk, but I pull his and off. "Please Sir" and I start stroking him from the base while I feast on his fleshy head. Two minutes go by and he takes his cock from me and tells me "Open wide faggot". I do and I receive an oral showering of cum. It's light in texture, not as thick as I like, but it goes down the same. Peter steps up and tells me to put my hands behind my back.

I oblige. He holds my head and starts fucking my mouth pushing my head back onto the bed. He's being very forceful and choking me with his cock. I can barely keep my eyes open as he continues to ram my tonsils.

I'm covered in spit and tears. Snot's running from my nose. His nuts are slapping my chin. He says "Here it comes boy. Swallow it all cumslut".


I can feel him throbbing and my mouth fills with hot cum, but he continues to fuck it so some spills down my chin. I'm trying so hard to keep it in because I really want everything he's got. He pulls back and sees I've made a mess of myself. I desperately use my hands to scoop the cum slipping down my chin back into my mouth. He tastes good. I swallow. "Wow. That was awesome.

Thank you" I say. Peter looks at me sideways "Who told you we're done boy?" and slaps me. "No one Sir. I'm sorry" I quip "You can't leave here dirty like that. You're a fucking mess. We're gonna have to shower sexy gf vinette ricci anal banged in pov for the first time off".

"Um. Okay" "Come with us" We head back into the living room. They grab the beers left on the table. "Let's go sissyboy. Time to get you cleaned up." Peter grabs me by my arms and pushes me in front of him. They take me into the bathroom. Peter puts me in the shower and tells me to get on my knees. I do. "Remember when you said we could do anything big tit teen takes a dildo ride on webcam wanted with you?" "Yes Sir" "Well, we're going to give you a shower now.

You ever drink from the tap boy? Do you know what that means?" "No Sir. I do know what it means though I've nev-" "Shut up" he interups. Daddy says "You're going to drink our piss. And you are going to swallow it. You want to make Dad happy right?" "Yes I do Sir, I'll do my best." "Good boy. " They surround me drinking their beers. Dad turns my head towards him and says "I'll start slow, but you better drink up. No cheating" "I promise Daddy" "Ok. Look at me. Here's a taste." He directs the head of his cock at my lips.

I open up with my eyes locked on his. He starts to dribble a bit, then it goes to a light stream that starts at my belly and gradually moves up to my mouth. He lets a small amount build up in my mouth. He pinches it shut. "Swallow". I do. It's like drinking a bitter warm beer. "Thank you Sir" Okay boy. Here comes some more" This time I get a mouthful.

I close my eyes and imagine I'm just drinking beer. I swallow one big gulp and open my mouth for more. "That's it boy. Drink your Dad's piss." Peter says. Dad's now shooting a steady stream into my mouth. I swallow and immediately open for more.

Some spills out my mouth, but I keep at it. It's a lot, but I have to. They own me now. They fucked me so good. They fed me loads of cum. I needed it. I need this. I want to show them how much I appreciate them.

Especially Daddy. He's finishing up. Gay dennis the menace cartoon free porn stream lightens and he sprays it all over my face and hair. Some gets in my eyes and it stings, but I don't care.

I keep my mouth open anyway. He wicks the last drops at me and steps aside. Anthony takes his place and starts a heavy stream that's goes just about everywhere but my mouth.

He gets control and starts filling me up. I swallow. His piss big boobs mom ebony girl a bit stronger in bitterness, but by now I'm fine with it. Give it to me. I can take it.

All of it. I keep my eyes on him and even give him a wink as he fills my mouth to entirety. He smiles back and shakes it. Piss sprays my face, but I'm quick to shut my eyes this time.

His stream lessens and I hold the remaining piss in my mouth. I gargle a bit, swallow, and say "aaaahhh". They like that and laugh. Peter's next up. He tilts my head back and gets his cock really close to my mouth. He starts filling me at close range and stroking it too. He cute teen girl fucks an old guy the tip when he sees my mouthful.

"Swallow it". I gulp him down. He lets go and fills me up again. "Swallow". I do. I'm much more comfortable now so I wrap my lips around his head while he pisses in my mouth. I swallow while he's still in my mouth and I don't need him to stop before I drink it. He continues to piss and I stay on his head gulping down his piss. He finishes pissing and I start sucking on him. He gets fully erect in a matter of seconds.

I slow down my movement and focus on deep continuous sucking, working his head, and licking the length of his bent shaft. He begins to cum and I keep my mouth on him at a steady slow rythym.

I happily swallow him again. His balls are now completely drain. I turn to my Dad and give him the same treatment. He's happy that his boy is doing such a thorough job. I take my time with him making sure his balls get the proper attention they deserve while I stroke him. I put his cock back in my mouth and slide a finger up his ass.

I move it around in a swirling motion and pull towards his prostate. He starts to throb. Again, I keep him in my mouth while he fills my mouth with his hot, thick, sweet cum. I swallow it, but I continue to suck him. I love his cock. He pulls me off and Anthony's already hard. He's been jerking watching me while I was sucking down those last two loads.

I pull back his foreskin with my hand and tongue his head in circles. Every so often I pump his foreskin forward and take him deeper. He comes quickly, glazing my mouth with cum. Like the others, I keep my warm mouth on him while I gulp it down. I stand up. They're very happy with me and I with them.

Dad turns the real shower on and they let me mean bitches forced facesitting squirt their bodies off and they wash mine. Being the complete slut I am, I tried for a third round of cum, but they were dry. We got dressed, I thanked them, and I left the apartment. I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection of a window. I look like I had been roughed up. I was roughed up. They put a hurting on me. My asshole felt like pudding and looked like I injected botox into it.

My eyes and lips were swollen. My throat hurt for days after, but hey, it was totally worth it. I continued to see Daddy, and even met some more friends of his, but never saw Peter or Anthony again. A shame really. I felt like I had accomplished something special that day. A surreal feeling flowed through me. I had a belly full of cum and piss and it felt fucking great no matter what.

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