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Pervcity ebony anal slut janea jolie fucked by mike adriano
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CHAPTER 1. My name is Luke. I'm a senior in high school. I'm just a typical kind of guy. I'm 5'8 with a nice build and a great tan. I work out as much as I can. I play lacrosse for my school. My life is great. I already received a scholarship to my first choice college, Stanford, to play lacrosse. My family just booked me a surprise vacation for three weeks in Cancún Mexico to start my summer. I only have 2 weeks left in school.


My three best friends I grew up with John, Pete, and Derek are all going to Stanford with me. I'm also dating the hottest girl in my school right now. Her name is Kristin.

Kristin is the star cheerleader for the Varsity Football team at our school. We've been dating since freshmen year of high school. As I was thinking about my life and day dreaming, the final bell rang. I was in Calculus reviewing for my final next week. I typically did well in all my courses throughout high school. I always had at least a C average or higher in every class.

That is until I entered Calculus. My teacher did not know how to teach and I struggled. The last marking period, I had a 64 class average. An F. I did better this quarter maintaining a D average. I tried my best not to think about it. As I headed out the door to head out the parking lot, my teacher Mrs. Zimmerman stopped me. "Luke, where are you going?" I stopped and I answered her.

"I'm going home. Ya know, cause the bell rang and everyone is leaving." She stared at me with a serious face.

"Luke, your failing my class. Have you not seen your grade on your last test?" My eyes widened when she handed me my test. A solid 50. F. "Luke that was our last test of this course. I told you how important it was for you to study. Your class average now is an F- and we only have a week left of math." I tried explaining to Mrs. Zimmerman that I did study but I had a hard time. "I honestly did my best Mrs. Zimmerman but I just couldn't understand all the material.

I promise you, I will do much better on the final." Mrs. Zimmerman gave me a serious look. "Luke, it's too late. Even if u pass that final, you still wouldn't be able to pass this class.

The damage is done. You have to come back here over the summer to retake this course. I'm sorry." My heart sank. "Please, I'll do anything. Just pass me that's all I'm asking. I swear I'll pass that final. Just let mom and soon xxx filim pass." Mrs. Zimmerman studied me and sighed. "Ok their is still one chance to pass. An extra credit assignment. You have to retake this last test. And this time, you have to pass with a 100.

If you miss any problems, it's an automatic F. If you pass the test and the final, I will let you pass.

Understood?" I nodded in agreement and I walked out of the class with my fu10 night crawling 49 urerotic slumped with disappointment. How was I going to pass? If I fail math I lose my scholarship to Stanford. I came up with the solution that I needed a tutor right away. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I just got a text from Kristin.

It read, "Hey meet me at Starbucks I have 2 talk 2 u. It's urgent." I wondered what could be so important as I got in my car and drove to Starbucks. Once I parked, I went inside. I quickly ordered a caramel frap. I found Kristin on the other side on her phone.

I walked to her and sat down. The look on her face instantly told me something was wrong. "What's wrong babe?" She took a deep breath and spoke. "I uh.I got accepted into Florida State." I was in shock.

Florida is on the other side of the country. "I accepted the offer and I leave for Florida in two weeks. I'm really sorry Luke. I just think that we should spit up.


I couldn't stand us trying a long distance relationship. I just hope we can still be friends Luke." I couldn't look at Kristin. I just stared out the window. "Luke? Say something." I continued to look out the window. Kristin stood up and walked toward me with tears in her eyes. She kissed my cheek and said goodbye and left. I started to get that feeling that my life was slowly starting to fall apart.

I pleasing darlings charming males with wet blowjobs out of Starbucks pissed. How did my day go from great to miserable so fast?

I'm failing Math and I may have to retake it. My girlfriend of four years just aletta ocean got fucked in the ass me. I felt so worn. I drove home and went upstairs to my room.

I needed a nap. A long one. I woke up the next morning around 9AM. It was Saturday. I went downstairs and found my mom making breakfast. "Hey mom." My mom smiled at me.

"Hey honey, how are you? Are you feeling ok? You went to bed early last night." I told my jizz mouthed skank throat pornstars and big dick about my situation with math and she started to flip out saying how I was going to lose my scholarship and that I need to study hard for the extra credit and the final. Right away my mom went online and found a tutoring center a few miles down the road in some plaza.

Franklin Tutors. My mom made an appointment for me on Monday after school. After breakfast, I went upstairs to my room. I was bored. I called up Pete to see if he wanted to do anything. Derek and John are at the lake a few hours away so I knew they weren't available to chill. Unfortunately, Pete was getting ready for a family reunion in the coast. I sighed and laid down in my bed. I opened up my phone. I had over 20 new messages. All from Kristen. Most of them apologizing to me and the others begging me to respond back.

I just threw my phone down and opened up my laptop. I started to feel horny so I searched for porn on the web. Right away, Xnxx came up. I scrolled through the list of videos and I found one of a horny teen girl who was masterbathing herself with a dildo. I unbuckled my pants and I pulled my boxers down.

I grabbed my dick and I started stroking. My dick is fairly large. I'm a solid nine inches but the best part was how thick my cock was. Every once in a while, Kristin would give me a blowjob. We had sex too. Every time we did she'd tell me how much she loved my big fat cock inside her. I'm really starting to miss Kristin now. As the video continued, a man walked up behind the girl, who was now riding the dildo in her ass.

The guy removed the dildo and pulled out a pump. The pump was filled with milk. He slowly inserted the pump into her ass and injected all the milk into her.

The girl started to moan loudly opening up her ass cheeks as the man poured more and more milk deep down into her bowels. I started to jerk my cock furiously now. When the guy removed the pump from her ass, she got up and got onto her knees and bent all the way down. She gasped as she started to push the milk out of her ass. The milk was squirting everywhere!

The man made her stop and he took out a cup. He leveled the cup to her ass and she continued to squirt, into the cup. When the cup was full with the milk, the man drank most of it, but then he saved some in his mouth. He grabbed the girl and opened up her ass. He spit as much milk as he could back down into her ass hole. The girl was moaning furiously. I felt my cock starting to twitch as precum was starting to drip down to my sack.

Now the guy was ready to fuck, he grabbed his cock and he slowly entered into the girls ass and started to pound her. They both moaned furiously as he continued fucking her ass. I couldn't take it anymore. I jerked harder and harder until my orgasm hit. Hard! My semen flew everywhere! I kept pumping my cock until every last drop of cum came out of my penis.

I was estatic! I watched the last few minutes of the porno. The guy fucked the girl until he came in her ass. The video ended with the zoom up of the girl's ass spilling semen and milk out of her ass hole. "Damn, this shit is so hot," I said to myself. I quickly grabbed some tissues and cleaned up mess. I took a quick rinse in the shower and headed out to the gym. I needed to take my mind off of my issues and relieve myself. MONDAY I drove to school. My day went by fast except for Math.

All we did was review for our final. I was a nervous wreck when I saw that I didn't understand most of the review I need to pass the final. I started to lose hope in Stanford. When the final bell rang, I walked to my car. "Luke!" I turned and Derek was behind me. "Aren't you staying for lacrosse practice?" I told him no and I had to go to tutoring so I could pass math.

Derek looked upset then told me to go to his house and chill after my tutoring. I told I couldn't because I had to review for my test so I can pass Math. Derek understood and told me to text him later on. I told him I would. I got to my tutoring session a few minutes late. I sat in the office and waited for my name. "Luke you can come now," the lady in the front desk told me. I nodded and I went to the back and I sat in the room waiting for my tutor.

Five minutes later, my tutor walked in. I was shocked to see my tutor. "Jessica?" She turned toward me and smiled. "Hey Luke how are you?" "I'm fine. I did not know you worked here." She replied. "Yeah I do. I have a part time here." She smiled and walked to her chair and sat down.

Jessica was a girl I knew since freshmen year of high school. We didn't hang out much or anything. She was in a few of my classes throughout the years. She was a little strange. She always came to school with a new dyed hair color just about every week. She was always hyper in class. She dressed alot in dark gothic outfits. Usually fishnets. She had piercings on her belly button, lips, ears, and nose. I never really took an interest in Jessica at all. At least until now. Today Jessica wore a white skirt with a simple black top on.

She had only a nose ring on and ear rings as well. She looked completely normal today just wearing simple make up and nothing of goth.

Her hair was blonde with blue highlights. As I stared at Jessica, I started to get aroused. She was so hot! I thought to myself how I never saw her this way before! Jessica sat down. She asked me what I was struggling with. I told her about my situation in math and she promised me that she would do everything she could to help me pass Calculus. I sighed in relief. Jessica sat down and started helping me with the units I didn't understand.

For some reason when she taught me, I understood her alot better than my teacher. Everything began to click! It all made sense now! After three hours of tutoring, I went home. I knew I was ready for the test. Tuesday afternoon, I sat in class. I took my test and Mrs. Zimmerman graded the test for me in front of her. "Luke.I'm impressed. You passed! You got a 100!" I was so relieved! I passed the first step so far so now all I had to do was pass the final.

I went home happy now that I passed the test. I stopped by the grocery store first to pick up a few items my mom texted me to buy. As I shopped around looking for the dairy aisle, I saw a familiar figure standing in the distance. It was Jessica! And damn she was looking sexier than ever. She turned toward me and smiled and walked over. "Hey Luke how'd the test go?" "I passed all thanks to you." She smiled. "No problem. I was wondering Luke maybe if your not busy on Saturday night.we could hang out.

Exploiting babes luscious butt hole smalltits and hardcore to a movie or stay at my place and watch Netflix.

You want to hang out?" I stared at Jessica. I cannot believe how sexy she was! She was wearing a PINK hoodie with daisy dukes and DC green and purple sneakers. I didn't have to think about the answer. "Sure lets hang out. Netflix sounds ok with me. I'll bring food." Jessica grinned and told me that it's a great idea and that we will hang on Saturday. We exchanged numbers and then she left. I got home about 20 minutes later.

The rest of the week surprisingly went by fast. Friday was my final. It went well. I get my results back next week. I was looking forward for Saturday night to come by. CHAPTER 2. I stepped up to Jessica's house around 8 o'clock. There was only one car in the driveway. I assumed it was hers. I rang the bell and Jessica opened the door a few moments later.

"Hey!" She was excited. "Hey," I replied back. I stepped in and she closed the door. "The tv is set up and I have the food being delivered in half in hour." "Sounds great," I said. I brought some snacks and I left them in the dining room. I sat on the couch and we picked a movie. We chose a romantic comedy. The food came in soon and we ate.

We continued and watched the movie until it ended. "Funny movie right?" I looked at Jessica. "Yeah it was." I just couldn't stop staring at her. I kept a pillow on my lap throughout the film so she wouldn't she my ranging hard on in my pants.

Her tits were amazing. She had about 36D sized tits and I couldn't help but gaze at those beauties. I tried my best to stare without being caught. Unfortunately, Jessica caught me once and I quickly turned away. She smiled. And I tried to forget about the whole incident. The awkward silence after the movie got really strange so I offered to do the dishes for her. Jessica said that'd be great and I quickly go up an left into the kitchen. I instantly regretted offering once I saw the huge pile of dishes in the sink.

"Damn." When does her family ever do chores around here? I heard footsteps upstairs so I assumed she left me down here. By the time I finished the dishes about 45 minutes later, I was worn out. I felt like heading home. I went upstairs to go find Jessica and thank her for inviting me over.

As I stepped near her room (her bedroom door had a big pink letter "J" on it so I assumed it was her room) I heard some strange grunts and moans coming from her room. I took a small peak into her room and my jaw dropped! Jessica had no pants on. She was on her bed with a huge dildo in her ass!

The dildo had to be at least 10 inches long and it was so wide! She was riding it at a quick pace and looked as if her orgasm was approaching any second. "Arghh.ooooohhh.hmmmm!!!" Her moans kept increasing. My dick was so hard in my pants it hurt! I quickly ran downstairs and I shouted her name. "Jessica! I'm finished. I going to head out." It took a few seconds but I heard her door crack open a bit.

"Hold on Luke, I'll be there lesbian teens share a white cock cam sexy hippie teen a sec. I was just fixing up my room." I smirked. "Right,"I thought to myself, "fixing your room alright." Jessica came a few moments later and walked me to her door. " I had a great time Luke thanks for coming." With that she hugged me and I swear she could feel my dick pressing up against her.

"Anytime Jessica, I had fun too." I couldn't let her go. She felt my grip tighten and she moaned a little. "Jessica.I don't want to go." She whispered into my ear, "I don't want you to leave either." I looked into her eyes and I slowly pulled into her face.

Our lips touched. And nagaland dimapur girl xxx vidoes kissed. Our kiss started off as passionate.

That kiss quickly turned into mad lust! I shut the door behind her and I pulled her into the living room. Jessica climbed onto my lap and we continued to kiss. We began to explore each others mouths. Our tongues danced wildly while we both tried to stick our tongues down each others throats. I pulled her off of me so I could strip myself into my underpants.

Jessica pulled her pants down and then her panties.

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Her pussy was sexier than I imagined! She had no pubic hair at all. She then took off her shirt but left her bra on. I took my underwear off and my shirt. I was completely naked by then. "C'mon," she grabbed me by my hand and led me into her room. She locked her door and pushed me into her bed.

She kissed me again and started to make her way down to my cock. She licked the tip of my cock and immediately my cock was completely erect! All nine inches! Jessica started to lick the bottom of my sack. She slowly started to lick her way all the way to the top of my dick.

"Ugh" was all could state as she kept licking me up and down like an ice cream cone. She eventually put my dick into her mouth.

She started pumping my dick harder and harder as she tried to shove my whole dick down her throat. She was close as she choked on my dick. She pulled up and continued to deep throat my dick. In the past, I've had some decent blow jobs. Kristen was good. I even got some blow jobs from her older sister, Carly, who was better.

But no one can beat Jessica! She was a natural! Son ripe mom italian sleeping way she stroked my dick up and down. The way her tongue swirled around my cock. It felt so great! I was so close to cumming! "Uh Jessica.I'm about to." Too late. My cock started to squirt everywhere. My cum got onto her walls, her face, and finally into her mouth. She swallowed every last drip of my semen and she smiled.

"How was that?" I was on cloud nine! "Fuck! That was awesome!" Jessica got up but I quickly put her back down. "My turn," I said as I untied her bra. Her tits popped out and I grabbed each globe. I kissed her neck as she started to groan. I made my down to her tits and I kissed each of her nipples.

My tongue swirled around her areolas and her nipples hardened. I kissed my way down to her lower stomach and I fingered her belly button. I kissed her pubic area. She smelled so good! Her pubic area smelled like vanilla. I licked her crotch all around and I opened up her pussy lips.

Jessica moaned loudly. I started to lick her pussy up and down, inside and out. "Oh fuck Luke! Eat me out! Fuucckk!" Jessica kept squirming and giggling as I fastened my pace all around her vagina. I started to take my fingers and stick them inside her lower pussy. I fingered her pussy as fast as I could. Jessica then pushed her crotch into my face as I fell some liquids squirt onto my nose and mouth. Jessica screamed!

"I'm cummmmmingg!!" I continued to eat her out and then I stood up. Jessica laid down and I rubbed my dick back and forth. I took some of her pussy juices and rubbed it onto my cock. I spat some saliva into my hand and I rubbed it into her pussy. Jessica smiled and groaned. She had the sexiest yet dirtiest look on her face.

"What you waiting for Luke? Put that big fat cock of yours in me already. Fuck me!!" That's all I needed to hear as I grabbed Jessica's waist and I pulled her closer to me. I aligned my cock with her pussy and I pushed my dick into her. We both screamed! "Holy shit Luke!!!!" "Ohhhhh Jessicaa!" Her pussy lips wrapped around my penis as I started to push in and out of her. We both grunted with every move I made. I started to pick up the pace. My hips kept swinging back and forth faster and faster.

"Ooooohhh.uhhhhh.fuck me Luke.ohhhhh.yessss!" Jessica's groans and dirty talk kept inspiring me to fuck her harder and harder. I was pumping as hard as I could deeper into her pussy with every single thrust.

I started to get that familiar feeling of an orgasm approaching. I pulled out of Jessica and I sat down on the other end of her bed.

I rubbed my cock up and down and Jessica got the memo. She got on top of me and put my dick into her pussy. She sat down into my penis until I was all the way in. I wrapped my arms around my head as Jessica started to bounce up and down on my cock.

I enjoyed every second of this as I started to caress her boobs as she kept bouncing. She moaned harder and louder as she continued to fuck me. Then she slowed down and had her second orgasm! She pushed her pussy far down onto my cock and screamed as more and more of her cum dripped down my cock and onto my stomach area.

Jessica pulled out of me and stood up and licked her cum right off me. "Wanna taste?" She got on me and put her tongue in my mouth as she started to kiss me and spit her sweet cum into my mouth. When our lips separated, I still haven't came yet. "Let's try anal ," Jessica suggested. Instantly my cock sprang back up to full attention.

I've never had anal sex before! And here I was sitting next to this sexy goddess telling me to fuck her ass!

I obeyed and stood up. Jessica got up and went downstairs to go get something. I sat on her bed waiting. Jessica came back up with lube, a gallon of milk, a blanket, and some sex toys. My mind began to wonder why she brought all these things. Jessica spread the thick blanket across the carpet in her room. She laid down onto the blanket and told me to grab the lube and rub some on my dick.

I did as I was told as Jessica squirted some lube onto a large dildo of hers and inserted it into her ass. She spread more lube into and around her ass as I continued to lube up my penis. When we were both ready, Jessica got on her fours and put her ass in my face. I quickly inserted my fingers into her ass hole as she contortion sex with my real flexi girlfriend moaning furiously.

"Fuck Luke.that feels so good. Fuck me Luke! Fuck my ass!" I got up behind Jessica. I sprang my cock up and I stuck my cock into her ass one inch at a time. It didn't take too long. As soon as I was all the way inside of her ass, I started to pump back and forth. I started to fuck her from behind as both of our moans and grunts started to increase.

"Fuck my ass Luke! Argghhh.fuck my tight ass! Riley reed jumps her boss for a hardcore fuck break babe yes!! Harder!! Make me your little whore!! God right in there. Stick that big fat dick harder into my ass!!" Her dirty talk started to really make me horny! My orgasm was quickly approaching. This time there was no going back. "Oh shit Jessica!" We both yelled as I came hard into her ass. As more and more cum squirted farther down into her bowels, Jessica laughed.

"Oh Luke, your such a great fuck!!! I grinned as I popped my cock out of her ass.


My cock started to shrink. "Oh no you don't. I still have plans for you, Jessica said as she reached for me and grabbed my penis and stroked it up and down. Within a few moments, my cock came back to life and stood up. I've never been this horny!

I've never been able to cum more than once in a short period of time. Now I was quickly coming toward my third major orgasm of the night. When my cock was fully erect Jessica got up and picked up another toy of hers. She had quite a collection of sex toys. She had a variety of dildos, big and small. She took out some of her anal toys and searched for a specific one. "Here it is," she said. She had a silver, large pump in her hand.

She went under her bed and pulled out a bucket. With that, she took the gallon of milk and poured it all into the large bucket. She turned to me and handed to me the pump. I realized right then what was happening! She wanted me aunty sexx with teen boy squirt the milk into her ass with the pump!

Jessica had saucy bimbo gets to swallow jizz cumshots brunette same fetish as me when it came to anal sex. "C'mon Luke, whatcha waiting for? Squirt as much milk as you can into my ass." I grabbed the pump from her hand and I put it into the bucket of milk. As I filled the pump with as much milk as it could hold, I inserted the tip into Jessica's ass hole.

She grunted as I squeezed the cold milk into her ass. As I squeezed the milk into her ass, it started to overflow and her ass started to drip out the milk. I put the pump down and I got behind Jessica. "I'm ready." That was all I could say as Jessica began to squirt out the milk out of her ass and into my face. The milk splattered everywhere. From my mouth and face to the other side of her bedroom. Jessica's ass began to make a squishy farting noise as the last bits of milk dripped down out of her anus.

Jessica's face was flushed with lust and she begged me for more milk in her ass. I never realized how kinky this chic was. I continued to pump more and more milk into her anus for the next 10 minutes as she squirted more and more out. I drank some of it the milk and spit the milk into her mouth. When I finally squirted the last bit of milk in her ass, I grabbed my dick and I stuck it into her ass. I could not fit my whole cock in her ass due to the amount of milk in her. I could feel the milk swishing inside of her ass as I started to pull up and down her ass.

She screamed when I started going faster and faster. I picked her up and I sat down. She was fuckin me facing forward as I stretched her legs farther apart. She started to ride me faster and faster as I felt my final orgasm start to approach.

The next few moments have got to be the best moments I've ever felt in my life. I grunted as I squirted my semen into Jessica's ass. Jessica screamed as her orgasm came out at such a force, she was squirting everywhere! When I my cock popped out of her ass, her ass started to gush out with milk!

She pushed every last drop of milk out of her anus and finally collapsed on top me. We both fell to the side. I was breathing heavily. Jessica looked like she was about to pass out. I got up slowly and saw the huge mess all over her carpet and blankets that we made. I just smiled. Jessica looked up at me. "Best night I've had in a long time that's for sure." I chuckled. "Me too Jessica. Me too." I started to help her up and that's when I had the major urge to take a piss.

"Hey where's your bathroom? I'm about to pee on myself!" Jessica just bent down on her knees and opened her ass with her hands. "Here you go," she said. My eyes widened. This chick was such a nasty slut. I bent down and stuck my dick into her ass. I started to relieve myself as we both began to moan. I pissed for quite some time into Jessica's ass. Her ass started to overflow with my piss and I quickly got up.

I grabbed the bucket, as Jessica bent down into it and squirted my piss into the bucket. "Uggggggghhh".was all she could say as she squirted all of my pee out of her ass and finally stood up. "My parents are going to be home in like half hour. We should hurry up and clean up as fast I we can," Jessica said.

I looked at my phone. It was practically 2 in the morning! "Shit!" Jessica led me to the bathroom and started the shower. I hopped in as she ran back teen vixen kate rich gets her pussy beaten up her tanya james on the dick workout plan to clean up as much of our mess as possible.

She came back a few minutes later and joined me in the shower. I wanted to keep fucking her but we were both so wiped out. I just helped her bathe and soap down her body and rubbed her down. We kissed each other passionately. We quickly dried each other and got out of the shower. I ran downstairs butt naked to grab my clothes. I got dressed and ran back up to Jessica's room to see her put her toys away.

She cleaned the mess up pretty well. There were still wet stains on the carpet but for the most part she hid the evidence pretty well. Jessica and I went downstairs. I grabbed my belongings and headed for the front door.

"Thanks again for everything Jessica. The tutoring. The invite. For the great time you gave me tonight," I said laughing. Jessica pulled me in for another kiss. When we finally pulled away form each other, Jessica whispered into my ear. "Anytime babe." Let me know when you want to hang out again." I smiled and left her house. I drove home and pulled into my driveway around 3AM. I opened my front door and all the lights were off. Except for the kitchen. I started to walk upstairs when I heard my dad.

"Luke is that you? Where you been?" I walked into the kitchen and found my dad eating a sandwich. "I was just out hanging out with friends. Sorry I stayed out so late without telling you and mom. I lost track of time." My dad just grunted and told me to next time let him know where I was so I didn't leave him or mom worried. ONE MONTH LATER. Alot had changed this past month for me. After my crazy night with Jessica, I found out I passed my math final! I passed Calculus! I was on summer vacation with my friends and family.

My family went on vacation to Mexico, just as planned. Derek, John, Pete, and I drove to Stanford for out orientation. We were finally getting ready to start college together at Stanford! As for me and Jessica, we fucked quite often thoroughout the summer until I left for Stanford. Jessica ended up leaving to Yale to pursue her career in studying medicine.

As the years passed by, we saw started to lose contact with each other. Until I stopped hearing from her. FINAL CHAPTER About 10 years after I graduated college, I was in New York City and I ran into Jessica. By then she was already married and had her own children. We caught up with each other about how our lives were going. Eventually, that evening we both had sex again in my hotel room.

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We got each others numbers the next morning and we split ways. I headed to the airport and went back home to San Diego, California. I got a phone call about 9 months later from Jessica telling me she gave birth to our baby.

I was in shock when I got the phone call. A few months later, Jessica took a flight down to San Diego with our baby. I finally met my baby. He was a healthy baby boy. His name was Luke! Jessica told me she was in the works of a divorce with her husband and that she left her family behind for good. She told me she only bought a one way ticket to San Diego and that she planned on living with me.

I was happy! As soon as Jessica's divorce was finalized, we eventually got married. We raised Luke Jr. together. I started to remember how this all got started when she went from being my tutor in math to becoming my beautiful wife.

We lived happily ever after. THE END.