Teen fucks her big oiled ass pov

Teen fucks her big oiled ass pov
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Chapter 14 LAURA SUCKS COCKS The next couple of days - Thursday and Friday - consolidated the changes in Laura's life. Each morning she arrived early at work, and went into Alistair's office to let him play with her pussy.

On Thursday, remembering the embarassment of having Alistair's cum on her tits and face, Laura asked if she could just suck on his cock instead of having to race to get it in her mouth when he was about to cum.


Alistair clearly enjoyed the pretty lesbian asking to pleasure him with her mouth, but realised what was motivating Laura's request. Instead of giving her permission to suck his dick, he instead made her an offer: on any day when she gave him permanent permission to use her in a new way during these morning sessions, she would be allowed to take his penis in her mouth.

On any day when she didn't he would cum on her tits and face. That first Thursday, Laura was too horrified by the thought of giving Alistair even more power to agree. Instead, Alistair made her beg to be allowed to suck his cock while he played with her pussy. However, when he approached his orgasm he gave her no warning, instead just grabbing her by the hair and pulling her forward to bring her boobs nearer to his penis.


Laura moaned in humiliation and frustration as Alistair spurted cum all over her large fuckmelons. He videotaped her afterwards with his mobile phone, filiming her as she lifted her tits to her mouth to lick off as much sperm as possible, and then massaged her large slutbags to rub the remaining cum into her skin.

Laura again ended up spending the rest of the day with dried cum on her mammaries, smelling of sex. Without the aphrodisiacs in her system it was impossible for her to take her mind off her shame and humiliation. Her coworkers had no illusions about what the white stains on Laura's cleavage were. Everywhere she went, people were calling her "slut" and "whore" behind her back.

Laura wished she could run home and never come back; but she couldn't.

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At lunch on the Thursday, Michael found Laura. He made it clear that the money he had given her was a loan, and that he would be visiting Laura once a week until it was paid back, to check on his investment.


Laura knew what he was implying; he wanted an experience like Laura and Erica had given him last night. Her relationship with Michael had changed from friend and friend, to whore and john, and Laura knew it. After she had assured Michael that she would see him again next Thursday night - her next weeknight free from the clinic - she had to go in the toilets and cry for a while.

The Thursday and Friday sessions at the Mayim Clinic repeated the one from Tuesday. Laura would turn up wet from the aphrodisiacs and be taken to the observation room. There she would kneel, and take plastic cocks in her mouth, and suck on them. Sometimes the machine would pull on Laura's hair as it fucked her mouth; sometimes it wouldn't.

On the screen were images of happy girls sucking dicks, and unhappy girls with their mouths empty.

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A phallus pumped away in Laura's pussy when she was sucking cock, and shocked her cunt when she wasn't. Laura began to progressively feel happier about sucking on a penis-shaped object in her mouth - particularly when her hair was being pulled - and became more and more unhappy and stressed when the plastic cock was denied to her. Amy didn't turn up to either session; on both occasions it was Royce who stripped Laura, attached the machines to her face, tits, and cunt, and watched her as she sucked on the dildo.

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It didn't really bother Laura now having the boy watch her as she did these things. Afterwards she would eagerly thank Royce for letting her cum, and for looking at her naked, and for shocking her cunt sometimes. On Thursday she had to be prompted to say those things but on Friday she said them all by herself.

On Friday morning in Alistair's office Laura was in a dilemma. She was supposed to be a secretary that day at an important inter-departmental meeting. If she turned up with cum on her tits the whole department would know what a whore she was; worse, departmental heads would be there, and she could be fired.

Reluctantly, she agreed to an upgrade in her relationship with Alistair in exchange for getting to directly suck his dick that day. She would get completely nude from now on in her morning sessions. Alistair eagerly agreed, and then watched the buxom lesbian undress, and then kneel naked in front of him, her fulsome tits pressed between his legs. She took his erect, hard cock into her mouth, and began to quietly suck on it.

Sighing happily, he reached one and one fuck with sexy busty teacher brandi love to grab her hair, and used it to pull her face tight against his balls. To his surprise, she made a delighted moaning sound as he painfully tugged on her hair, so he did it again, and was rewarded by her sucking becoming more energetic.

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It didn't take him long to cum; his dick filled Laura's mouth with cum, and he was very satisfied to feel her swallow it all eagerly. He used her hair to hold her face against his groin until his dick softened; she slowly sucked the last of his semen from his cock while she slipping dick in to hot black ex girlfriend peyton rain point of view. His bladder xxx america bf 18 shall ka full and he felt the sudden temptation to just piss in the little pink-haired slut's mouth, but thought that that would probably be pushing on the submission he had obtained from her so far.

Regretfully, he let her go, and she pulled away from his dick, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Alistair was even more surprised when she thanked him.

"Thank you for cumming in my mouth. Thank you for looking at me naked," she said. She seemed as surprised by what she was saying as he was, and she blushed deeply as she said it. He didn't know what to say in response, so he settled for just patting her on the head and saying, "Good slut," as though she was a horny dog. Throughout it all, Laura thought about what was happening to her.

Was the Mayim Clinic's therapy making her want to fuck men? Was she turning into a slut? As to the first, she dismissed it. Sure, she was coming to enjoy having a cock-shaped obejct in her mouth. But that was just an oral fixation, right? As a child, she'd sucked her thumb until the age of six, and she still enjoyed lollipops and icy poles. She liked sucking on things. It didn't mean she specifically wanted men. She enjoyed sucking on the strap-on dildo when it was on her girlfriend, after all.

(But not quite as much, a traitorous part of her mind suggested.) And was she a slut? No, she was just doing what she needed to do to protect herself and Erica.

That wasn't being a slut; that was being adult. If she was walking around with her pussy dripping and cum drying on her tits because she wanted to, that would be slutty.

But doing it because she was being forced to was completely different. Laura's opinion on this would flip back and forth: sometimes she had herself convinced that she was a proud lesbian hero, looking after herself and the girl she cared about.

When she felt like this, she would lovingly caress and kiss Erica at home, and make love to her gently. But at other times the shame and self-loathing about the way she was spending more and more of her time acting like a fucktoy would overwhelm her, and when it did she took it out on her girlfriend, raping and hurting the poor girl and filling her orifices with piss and pig sperm. Laura could see that Erica was scared of her these days. When Erica accidentally did things that might annoy Laura, Laura could see Erica involuntarily flinch.

Erica was submitting to Laura more and more easily, and she never questioned Laura's demands or resisted them anymore. Every day Laura always came home to find Erica naked and kneeling and ready to be fucked. A part of Laura felt horrified at what she was doing to the girl she loved, but another, stronger, part really, really liked having such a pretty sex slave to use and abuse.

(To be continued.)