Big tit blowjob mature cumshot first time he tricked brooke into a gam lock and then she

Big tit blowjob mature cumshot first time he tricked brooke into a gam lock and then she
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Hot Milf Nextdoor The hot little minx next door has a penchant for much younger men. I have personally witnessed her fucking the pool boy, the pizza delivery guy, the cable man and just last weekend the lawn boy. She is a redheaded vixen about 5 ft 5 with DD breasts.

Her nipples are teardrop in shape and dark brown, contrasting her pink flesh. To say that they are magnificent would be an understatement. She might weigh in at 130lbs.

In her thirties she is married to a man much older than her. Older than me in fact, and I just turned 50 this last month. He is a successful businessman who likes to golf every weekend and sometimes does not come home until way after 10 pm on Saturdays.

This last Saturday was just like every Saturday before, he left the house around 7 in the morning while I was out trimming my hedges. A cordial wave and an amiable exchange of dialog and he was on his way, golf clubs in the back of his Escalade. I went back to trimming the hedges. Moments later his wife Sara went out to gather the newspaper and proceeded to the back patio and lounge in her Adirondack chair.

She was wearing a white T-shirt with some sort of slogan on it. It was long and drooped almost to the knees. At the time it was difficult to tell if she was wearing anything else. It was a sure thing that she was not wearing a bra, for as she was walking away I could see her tits sway freely.

I waved and smiled at her, she returned gesture. I would have sworn she winked, but cannot be sure. When you are my age, the most innocent gesture can seem to be a come on. I went inside fixed myself a daiquiri and decided to just chill a while. I know its not even 8 o'clock and I am having a drink. Hey its noon somewhere. After downing the first one, I made myself another and decided to creep outside and older strumpet babe morgan rides a dildo machine for multiple orgasms up camp.

I always find myself at the same knothole in the fence every Saturday. I brought my canvas chair and set myself up. Around nine o'clock the neighbor down the street came over with his lawn mower and began mowing the front lawn. In a matter of minutes he was done and had moved on to the back portion. The lawn in the back was somewhat larger.

The boy down the road was a freshman in college but he looked like he was still in high school. He was around 6 ft tall sandy blonde hair. He had the long kind of muscles that you would find on distance runners.

Looked like he had worked out on his upper body but his legs were skinny. He said "good morning" to Sara and she replied "the verdict is out on whether it is good or not, we will see." As he mowed the lawn I could see by her body language that she was getting aroused.

She was licking her lips wantonly.


She writhed in her chair as she watched him walking away, as if she were slowly grinding on his manhood. I know this woman, I know how she operates. She is going to have him inside her, and if I am fortunate she will take him right out here for me to watch. That is her normal modus operandi, although on japanese girl boobs press in bus few occasions she taken her prey inside.

She gathered herself together and went inside after a couple minutes she returned with two tumblers filled with ice water on a tray. He finished mowing the lawn and when the mower shut off, she approached him with the water. "Thirsty?" As he reached for a glass she accidently dropped the tray so the ice water spilled on to her 34 DD's. "Oh I am so sorry she replied, as she scrambled for the cups and tray. Her beautiful breasts were clinging to the white T-shirt and every detail of her nipples was exposed.

She laughed and asked "So what do you think? Would I win a wet t-shirt contest?" she asked, as she pushed her chest out in prominence. The young man was baffled and could not even mutter a sound.

The only thing that he could muster up was "Wow". She took his hand and placed it on her left breast. "OH"! She moaned as he lightly squeezed. Sara went to her knees and started pressing her hands against his growing cock. "Can I have?" she cooed. Without hesitation she slipped her hand down inside the waist band of his warm-up pants. "Wow!" she exclaimed, oriental masseuse fucked on the massage table she pulled his throbbing cock over the waistband.

Her mouth went to the tip immediately. She suck the head inside her lips as his head tipped back "OHHHHHH!" he groaned. She stroked him gently with right hand as her left cradled his balls. "My pussy is so wet from watching you" She stated. She lifted her shirt over her head. She had nothing on underneath. "You want to fuck me?" You do don't you? You want to stick that hard cock inside my wet pussy and fuck me, fuck me till you explode, huh?

"Do it then!" She led him by his cock over to the patio. She threw the cushion from the chair on to the patio, laid back, spread her legs, and firmly said, "FUCK ME! I want that cock in me. Give it to me baby. FUCK ME! He knelt between her legs, leaned forward, suckled a massive amount of titflesh into his mouth and sucked real hard.

She noticed that he was not extremely experienced so she took his hard cock into her hand and guided it into her steamy hot cunt. She told him to fuck her. Listen she said, "I want you pump your hot cum into my pussy but I do want you stop fucking me" I ice la fox and mandingo to feel it blast inside me and then I want to feel your hard cock fuck me until I come all over it" "Come on now give it to mama, pump me hard, that's it all the way baby.

Fuck me! Fuck me baby! Oh yeah! That's it. Harder baby, give it to mama." She could feel his orgasm building, as his thrusting became harder and faster. By now my own cock was searching for an escape route I opened my fly and began jerking off as I watched intensely. The tip began to glisten with pre-cum. She took one of his nipples into her mouth and began arching up to meet his pounding. She grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him deep inside her she held there while he pumped her pussy full of his hot sticky cum.

After about 10 seconds she commanded him to fuck her. "Fuck me hard baby." "Don't stop fucking me!" "Oh yeah that's it make mama cum! Give me that hard cock. Give it to me. Pump it hard! That's it! OH yeah Oh yeah OHHHHHH! Oh my gawd! Yeah! I am going to cum I am going to cum baby oh yeah Fuck Me!" She laid there writhing in her orgasm, as he fucked her silly.

She could tell that he was going to bust another nut and she so badly wanted to taste his young cum. "Let mama suck it! Let mama drain your balls into her mouth. Come here baby" He stood up and she got on her knees to take him into her moist mouth.

I could see her cheeks sucking in as she sucked on his hard wet cock. She began to expertly stroke his cock with one hand and massaging his nut sack with the other as she vigorously sucked on his youthful cock. He was about to cum she began stripping his cock.

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"OHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSS! ARGHHHHHH!" She sucked out the last little drop cum from his now softening cock. She turned towards me, opened her mouth as if to show me then swallowed. She opened her mouth again to show me that it was all gone.

The lawn boy gathered his clothes and began to leave. "Aren't you forgetting something?" "Here is a fifty, the rest is a tip" My cock was so hard in my hand I wanted to, no needed to explode.

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After he went through the gate, she crept over to the fence, knelt down and looked through the hole. I was stroking it pretty hard by now.

"Can I have?" she stuck two fingers inside the hole and motioned me towards her. I placed my moistened cock head on her fingers and then slid it through the hole where mouth was waiting. She sucked on it a few moments then turned around and bent over. She guided my cock inside her saturated pussy and fucked me. Rachel steele gynwith son milfga was thrusting hard and fast. She was meeting my thrusts with passionate thrusts of her own."OHHHHHHHH!

YESSSSSSSSSS! URGGGGGHHHH!" I came inside her with a vengeance. "Thank you" she said." It has been a great morning" "You know, you really should come over and be a little more sociable. We could have us a great time together.


I have never had two guys at the same time, this is as close I have ever come