Petite babe roughly drilled by huge cock

Petite babe roughly drilled by huge cock
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Karyn, my wife is now quite open to the idea is beginning to enjoy fucking Mark quite a bit. I ahve seen her with him and her moaning is very different and she is really satrting to enjoy sex. This has gone about 1 year now and Mark is fucking my wife but as a man.

he is hoping he could share this information to some of his friends horny lesbian sex kittens are stretching and fist fucking buttholes they are all very much into my wife too.

But we did made a promise not to disclose this to anyone. My wife has expressed that she want to allow him to fuck and even allowing some friends to know about it. but she wants to take care of my feelings too. so she did plan for it to happen which may not jeopardize my reputation in a way. In a nut shell, Mark has told some of our friends that he manage to get into karyn's pants but he pretended it to be a secret.

he told them that if I get to know taht my wife is fucking him. the fucking will stop. Plus, Karyn will not want to see him anymore. But he wants to proof to them he first time and use condom able to fuck her.

He plan to have bbq and invite them over. and telling them to keep me busy while he will make excuses to leave the group and fuck my wife and return. All of amazing kelsey unveils her huge tits pornstars big tits must pretend it never happen. He will tell them which room he will be fucking my wife and they will be able to hear them fucking. My wife is part of the plan so she will moan louder in order for them to confirm they are fucking in the room.

I was nervous with the plan but i agreed. We went to his place earlier than expected and Mark told me that he will have us inn the abck of his house garden while he can fuck my wife upstairs. he told me to pretend not to suspect a thing and dont come into the house when he is fucking.

it will be awkward. The gang was came and Mark arrange some chairs for us to be sitted at the garden. He has a big compound and it was a good 20 meters away from the house. we started drinking and chit chatting for about an hour and Mark pretended he had some urgent report to send to his office and asked to be excused. I knew all of them knew what wil happen next and really eager to know if he is telling the truth.

he left the place about few minutes and my wife told the gang that she will go to the kitchen to prepare some food and leave us guys enjoying ourselves with drinks n snacks. They gladly oblige and told her to take her time. i was really getting nervous but i need to pretend to be cool and ignorant about what is happening. In order to amke sure the situation is not awkward, i walk further away from the house and chit chat with them. about 20 minutes later. 2 of them said they will go into the house to get more beers.

they told me to sit tight and they will be back soon. i was really nervous. they were gone like 30 minutes and finally seeing them walking back out from the house. they were smilling and when they return to the group. they whisperred and the other 2 guys were looking so trilled with the news. the other 2 guys amde some excuses that they need to use the restroom and be back shortly.

i knew they went into the confirm that my wife is fucking Mark and i chose to play along.


they went in for about 20 minutes and i saw all 3 of them coming out from the house. my wife came out about 5 minutes later and she looked reaally cool about everything. she whisperred to me that Marked fucked her and if im ok with everything. I said yes.

i ask her did you moan out oud for them to hear. she told me that she will tell me about it when we get back.

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it was the longest 3 hours i ever had. i wanted to know what really happen in the house. Finally the bbq ended and we went back to the car. I ask my wife what happen and she told me that she will tell me everything when we reach home. Again, i felt it was the longest 15 minutes drive i have expereinced.

We are back in the room and my wife smiled at me and ask me if im mad about anything. I said no. but i want to know what happen. she sat me on the bed and kissed me and told me that she had a good time. she unzip my pants and took out my cock and stroke it. I was again asking her.


tell me!! she smiled. she finally tell me everything. when he entered the house. Mark led her into the basement of the house. Marks told her that if she is willing to fuck her sleeping0mom fucky his son uncensored xstorys let them hear and probably watch. Mark told her that he has planned it so they could watch them fucking without her realizing they are there.

My wife was bit nervous but agreed. he started to rub my wife breast and kissed her. He tod her to lay on the opposite side of the bed.

this way. she will be facing the wall of the room instead of the entrance. he started to lick her and she admit the trill and the excitement adds on to her. Mark stop licking and took his phone and msg the guys. telling them they can come in now but please be quiet and not allowing Karyn to find out they are watching. once he place the phone down, he strip my wife naked. he place her niely on the bed with their legs pushing the headbaord and their head on the opposite end.

he continue to lick her and my wife says she just played along. she closed her eyes and allow him to do what he wants. Mark was on top of her and he when close stunning minx cheats on boyfriend with hung stepbro cock her ear to whisper to her that they are now outside the door watching and ask her not to turn around. My wife nods her head and closed her eyes.

He got into postion and entered her. My wife says she moan out and he continue to fuck her. He took her legs over his shoulder and start fucking her deep and hard. My wife was enjoying it and knwoing others is watching. she maon out how good she felt to make boost Marks ego. Mark continue to fuck her and he again whisper to her to change position.

He wants her to go on doggie postiion and suck his cock. He wanted her to show off her ass and pussy to them. Mark pretended to tell her. Darling close your eyes while i change you into doggie. suck my cock! she did as told. after few minutes of sucking his cock. Mark told her they has left.

He told my wife that 2 of them watch her being fucked and sucking his cock. he is so happy and the guys must be so jealous of him. he kissed her. mark got up and went behind her and fuck her from behind.

she was on the bed facing the wall. soon after few minutes. Mark stop anal interracial threesome fuck and ass licking went back onto the bed and told her to suck his cock. My wife knew the other 2 is watching and she played along.

Mark told her if it is ok for him to blindfold her. She ask why and he told her that he just wanted to spice things up. my wife agreed. and he took out the blind fold which is meant and cover her eyes. he turn her into missionary and whisper to her that the guys is now watcing her in the room.

she begin to play along and moan. she stop and asked me if im mad or sad. i said no. at least she is honest. she said. i want to be truthful to u. i was bit curious and ask her why. she told me that when she was blind folded. Mark was fucking her missionary. And he moved her into doggie.


She felt mark moved away from the bed and she heard mark walking behind her. she felt the cock enterring her but it feels bit diffrent. Mark was still talking to her asking. Darling. it is so nice fucking you. she felt the cock was really different and she knew it was not Mark. she didnt want to take off her blind fold to know who is that as it will be awkward. she was bit scared and the guy continue to fucked her.

it lasted for about five minutes but mark was pretending he was the one. she felt a rush of cum inside her. amrk told her he felt so good and turn her over. she left someone took her right leg and place over his shoulder. She didnt know what is happening and again a hard cock entered her.

She felt different and she couldnt avoid and she took off horny pregnant brunette wants you to fill her mouth blindfold.

she saw Mark is standing by the side of the bed. Brian was naked and Keith is fucking her now. she was shock and she quickly tried ot get her clothes. Keith told her that he has entered her and please let him fuck her. Mark was also holding her to ask her to relax and enjoy. she was trying to get out of the position but Keith still contiune fucking her. I ask her if she hate it. she said she wasnt sure. she swore she didnt know it was supposed to be that way.

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I ask her waht happen next. she said felt bit lost and Keith conitnue to fucked her. she begin to submit and allow keith to fuck. Brian came bside her and took his cock and place around her mouth.

She realize Brian was the one webcam record of a young couple having hot sex fucke her earlier and cum in her.

She said Brain place his cock at her lips and she open her mouth and suck him. Mark was by her side and lean down to kiss her breast. she was having Brians cock in her mouth. Keith's cock in her pussy and Marks hands rubbing her breast and fingerring her clit. She said her body shook so hard and keith cum in her too. she cried alittle but she told me she didnt want to lie to me. she told me that she wants to stop seeing Mark as she felt he used her like whore to his friends. i was really jealous and mad but at the same time i was hard.

I dunno why but i lay her down and i start kissing her and i actually lick her. when i lick her. she told me not to stop.

she felt good. i continue fucking her and i cum in her too. we sat on the bed and i ask her if they are good. She told me Keith is damn fucking good.

He is so long and he went in really deep.