Xxx village story bf sex stories ante our sun

Xxx village story bf sex stories ante our sun
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Enjoy! Hi, my name is Chelsea.I'm a transgender, or as Brianna the bitch would call me "Deformed Dickgirl". Cuties wishes to fuck the army dancer such a fucking mean bitch, and she is always fucking around with the jocks!

She stole my boyfriend, and "fucked his brains out"; he dumped me afterwards.For her. At lunch yesterday, she poured her punch on my hair for accidently tripping her. I ran out the lunchroom in horror. But it's time to get payback! Me and my guy friend came up with a plan to get her back, we're going to fuck the shit out of her!

We found out where she lives and that her parents are on vacation, unlucky bitch. His name is Jason. He's so hot! He's Irish and has blonde hair, blue eyes, and pinkish lips.

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Anyways, this is what went down. Jason closed his locker and grabbed his bookbags, books, and approached me. Jason: She's leaving school now, are you ready? kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes yeah!" We walked outside and successfully followed her, she didn't see or hear a thing. I hid behind her porche, and Jason knocked on her door.

Brianna: Oh, hi Jason. Did you come for me? And ditch your stupid friend Chelsea? "Of course" he said Brianna: I'm going to go in the bathroom to fix up, come in!

Jason: "Okay" Brianna walked off swaying her ass and flipped her hair, he signalled me to come in. I brought all my sex toys with tape and a rope inside the box, I couldn't wait. After Brianna came out of her room I was hiding in her closet. Jason was already half naked, but Brianna fully was!



When Brianna came out of the bathroom she noticed hancuffs on a chair. Brianna: Oh, your the kinky type?

Jason didn't reply, but he pushed her in the chair and hancuffed her hands and feet. Brianna: Aggressive much? Jason: You ain't seen nothing yet. And that's when I slowly came out of the closet. I had the rope in my hand and I dramaticly pulled my tape leaving the "sex box" to the side. Brianna: CHELSEA?! "That's right bitch" Jason and I said in unison.

Brianna: What the FUCK are you doing in my house?! Me (Chelsea): We're going to teach you a lesson, you slut. Bri: Excuse ME? Get me out of this chair, I will fuckin sue you! Me: It's time you shut the fuck up!

I taped her mouth shut and slapped her in the face leaving a red handprint. Me: We decided we're going to fuck the shit out of you! And we will do it so hard, you can't fuck my so called boyfriend again! Her eyes widened and she started to cry. Me: Why are you crying bitch, don't you like to fuck? She lowered her head.

Me: And if you tell ANYONE about this, we will show the whole school of us fucking you! I pointed at a silver camera with a red light. She shaked her head vigorously. Jason: Haha desperate bitch! We laughed except for her. Me: Jason take the blonde cadence lux swallows and fucks an extra big cock of her mouth and the handcuffs He then did so.

Me: Get on your knees! She hesitated but listened. Me: Now suck Jason's dick! She pulled down his pants and pulled out his dick. He was a 8"! Jason: What are you waiting for? She put her lips around the head and started licking.

Tony put his head back in pleasure, and she slowly put it all the way in her mouth. Me: Yea suck that cock! Jason: AH Fuck! I went over to her and told her to give me a handjob. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 10" dick. Her eyes widened, I guess she never knew it was this long. She went up and down with her hand. As her head bobbed faster Jason was close to climaxing. Jason: OHH. MAKE DADDY CUM That turned me on so much.

Me: Yeah, you dirty fucking slut, make him cum, and do it faster! Jason grabbed her head and pushed her head up and down his dick. Jason: FUCK YES. IM CUMMING He put it all in her mouth and slapped her head like she was a dog, she was trying hard to breathe and swallow, he pulled put and squirted on her face. I then told her to stop and grabbed her.

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Me: Get on the bed! While she was walking I pushed her and she fell on the bed almost falling. She started to cry, AGAIN. Me: Oh don't cry, I'm gonna fuck your wet pussy now!

Bri: Please. can't.P- I shoved my dick right into her pussy half-way and she nearly passed out. Me: Wow it's tighter than I thought! Bri: PLEASE STOP Me: The fuck?


I started fucking her slowly and she was screaming so loud! Me: Wait till I start pounding you! I started to gain more speed and was pumping her so fast. Jason was in awe jerking off on her bed. Briana: OH MY GAWDD, UHH, UHHH She didn't stop crying! Haha! Me: OH YES, TAKE IT LIKE THE SLUT YOU ARE!

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At this moment i was pounding her so hard when I thrusted It would sound like I'm spanking her over and over Bri: I'M SO- OH FUCK CHELSEA Me: What's my name? She couldn't even talk I started fucking her harder an deeper in ever stroke. Bri: CH- CHELSEA Her eyes rolled back and then she fainted!

I pulled out of her pussy with juices all over my dick, and I didn't even cum! Me: Jason, go get some, it's good pussy! He excitedly flipped her over waking her up Jason: Ready for more? Bri: Please don't I-I've had enough! TBC