Foxy schoolgirl makes a big rod explode brunette and cumshot

Foxy schoolgirl makes a big rod explode brunette and cumshot
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My wife (now ex-wife) Sonia was an aerobics big daddy fucking boy hard yoga instructor.

She worked for a small studio in the California mountains. There was also a boutique attached to the studio, where she worked as a salesperson/cashier, selling workout clothes and accessories. One day, I stopped by her favorite deli and picked up some sandwiches and soup to take by as a surprise (actually, I did this a couple of times a week, so I don't know how big a surprise it was).

When I arrived at the studio, I was the one who was in for the big surprise! The door was locked and I could see through the window that Sonia wasn't at the boutique counter. I couldn't see into the aerobic studio because there was a screen, and the windows were set up high in the wall, about 8 or 9 feet up. I knocked a couple of times; no answer. I decided she might be in the back room doing inventory or cleaning the studio, so I went around to the back of the building where the trash cans were kept, pulled one over underneath the window, climbed up on it and looked in the window…and was treated to an amazing sight.


My wife and another instructor, named Gayle, were standing in the middle of the aerobic floor. Three others, Hope, Robin and Patty, were standing in a semicircle behind them, and Sharon, the owner, was pacing back and forth in front of the group, talking to them and slapping a foot-long, wooden ruler repeatedly against the palm of her hand. What the heck is going on? I thought.

It was a warm spring day and the window was cracked, so I could hear, and no one had any idea I was there, thanks to the high windows, so I decided to watch and listen a while.

I soon found out what was going on. My wife and Gayle had worked in the boutique the previous day and shared a cash drawer. The drawer had come up $150.00 short, and no one was sure who had made the mistake.

"I just can't allow this sort of thing," Sharon was saying. "You two spend too much time chatting with customers, and with each other, and not enough time paying attention to business. So here I am, $150.00 short, and I don't even know who is to blame…so I guess you both are! So, I'll tell you what I'm going to do; I'm going to fire both of you! My wife spoke up immediately, "Oh, Sharon, please don't do that; we both need our jobs!" "Well, you both should have thought of that yesterday, shouldn't you?" A long pause.

"Well, of course, there IS the usual alternative. You could both take long, hard spankings on your bare bottoms, and as long as you do exactly as I tell you, we could let it go at that this time.

So what's your decision?" The USUAL alternative? Bright big tits student lena paul oral and fucking in class pornstars hardcore thought. What's that about? Then I heard my wife say, in a resigned voice, "OK, I guess I'll take a spanking." "Sonia, you have to ask me for it nicely!" Sharon exclaimed.

"Would you please spank me on my bare bottom, Sharon?" my xxl cock mom son reo responded immediately.

"What about you, Gayle?" Sharon queried. Already in tears, Gayle shook her head in the affirmative. "No, Gayle! Just like Sonia, you have to ask me if you want the deal." "P-p-please, will you spank me?" Gayle stuttered. "Spank you how," Sharon demanded. "On my b-b-bare b-b-bottom please," Gayle sobbed. "OK," Sharon said, "then let's get started.


She looked at the other three instructors and said playfully, "I suppose you three want to stay and help!" This was greeted with nods and smug grins. "Good! Then why don't you help these two get naked, and I mean completely naked!" "Oh, no!" Gayle wailed.

"Please, I'll take my pants down, but not naked, not in front of everyone!" "The deal was," Sharon retorted, "that you do exactly as I say. Now are you going to do what I say, or do I fire you?" "Please, you can't fire me!" Gayle pleaded. "OK, OK, do whatever you want." Sharon and Hope stepped over to my wife and began to undress her. Patty and Robin did the same to Gayle.

Their ministrations were accompanied by comments about the women's bodies as each piece of clothing was removed. Gayle's substantial, soft breasts and Sonia's small ones were discussed at some length, and my wife's firm, athletic bottom was admired by all. In fact, Hope stroked and rubbed Sonia's naked cheeks and tweaked her nipples erect.

When Gayle and Sonia were completely naked, they stood side by side while Sharon walked a circle around them. "I think there might be a bit too much hair in the way," she said.


"Why don't you get the stuff out of the locker room, Robin, and we'll trim them up!" I watched, fascinated, as Robin returned from the locker room a few moments later with a basin of water, towels and a razor. "You first," Sharon said to my wife, and Sonia obediently lay down on the floor with a towel under her bottom.

In a few minutes, Robin had shaved her pussy smooth and bare. As Gayle received the same treatment, Hope told Sonia to raise her legs up and over until her feet were on either side of her head, a yoga pose Sonia taught in her classes. This had the effect of opening her wide, displaying all of her womanhood, front and back.

Hope's fingers tickled the hairless pussy lips and toyed with Sonia's bottom hole as well. After Gayle's shave was complete, she was positioned on her hands and knees and Robin began to fondle her. By this time, Sonia was visibly excited. I could tell that she was watching Robin play with Gayle, and Hope's fingers were glistening with juice as they moved in and out of Sonia's pussy.

As for me, I was hard as a rock, and things were just getting started. "OK, let's get to it!" Sharon exclaimed. As Sharon moved over in front of Sonia, Hope sat down and put Sonia's head in her lap. Sonia maintained her yoga position, with her bare feet up over her head.

Hope grasped her ankles and spread her legs just a bit more. This virtually immobilized Sonia and stretched her legs and bottom tight. Nothing was left to the imagination.

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Her pussy and bottom hole were on display for all to see. Sharon began by slapping Sonia's cheeks and legs with her hands.

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Sonia groaned and her flesh took on a rosy hue as Sharon's hand smacked her. Then, to my amazement, Sharon turned her attention to my wife's spread pussy, her hand slapping the wet flesh briskly. After each smack, Sharon's hand lingered, fingers tickling the pink pussy lips and sometimes delving inside.

I could see that my wife was now quite aroused, eyes closed, moaning softly, head moving from side to side. Sharon picked up the ruler and said, "We'll just finish up with my little helper here!" The ruler came down on Sonia's exposed buttocks with a sharp crack, and Sonia yelped in surprise and pain. Nine more times the ruler smacked, four times on her thighs, twice on her smooth pussy and three more times on her buttocks.

Now Sonia was crying in earnest. "Let this be a lesson to you! Be more careful next time!" Sharon exclaimed. "Now, bring Gayle over here. Patty and Robin, who had been fondling Gayle during Sonia's spanking, helped Gayle to her feet and led the naked woman sane loyne xxx story 13yeu sex stories to where Sonia was still lying, spread open, with her head in Hope's lap.

"Sonia has a problem, Gayle," Sharon said. "Her little puss is all sopping wet. Seems her spanking got her kinda excited.

You know what to do!" Gayle got on her knees and began to lick my wife's pussy. To my amazement, she even licked and sucked Sonia's anus as well. Sharon began to spank Gayle's bottom, as she attended to my wife. Suddenly, Sonia began to groan, her toes clenched, her face got red and she had a shuddering, powerful release.

After Sonia calmed down, Sharon used the ruler on Gayle's bottom and then ordered Sonia to return the favor. I watched my wife's tongue bathe Gayle's womanhood and bottom until Gayle climaxed. By this time, my cock was twitching and I, too, had an intense, but VERY quiet, orgasm. I climbed down from my perch, got in the car and headed home to get myself cleaned up. As I drove, a question burned in my mind: How long has this been going on? Clearly for some time, because everyone seemed quite familiar with the process.

Sonia had never breathed a word to me. When she got home, I asked Sonia how her day had been. "Oh, fine," she answered nonchalantly. Then she added, "I DO have a bit of a surprise for you later on tonight!" I'll have to pretend to be surprised at the shave job, I thought.