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Bbw nina kayy has big tits and big ass for anal fucking large ladies and big butt
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It seemed so nice to be able to roam the house nude as she performed her daily routine, and even nicer to wake her daughter up by kissing her and rubbing her clit until she cum beautifully. And finding her son's dick stiff was a nice blonde milf tanya tate masturbates while watching lesbian porn masturbating pornstar also, a surprise she couldn't see herself wasting as she quickly placed her wet pussy down onto it and began fucking him quickly, deeply until he awoke and grabbed her hips and began taking care of his momma just as daddy had told him too.

He didn't waste time as he rolled her to her back and proceeded to force feed her pussy his manly dick, pounding her just as she loves it until they were both clawing at nagaland dimapur girl xxx vidoes other as he unloaded deep inside his mothers pussy where his nut juice belongs. Kim was smiling as she left his room with his spunk and her own teen joins her mom to spice up cock sucking down her inner thighs and coating her asshole and asscrack.

This was the perfect start to a perfect day. She received the warmest most passionate kisses from both her children as they prepared to depart for school. She stood there almost dazed by the passion they had imparted to her, her clit was pulsing and she almost begged them to stay home. She called and made the appointment for Kenzie's birth control exam and then went to see a man she had known when she was in high school that made fake drivers licenses.

Luckily he was still there and still doing business on the side. She presented him pictures of her kids and went to pay him the amount she used to but he smiled and said, "You haven't been here in years Kim, the price has tripled since the state began using all those safety features. Now I have to pay someone to bring me real license blanks.

The price is $150 apiece now, still want them." She hated to pay it but she knew she could take it from her rainy day fund and it wouldn't be missed so she said, "Sure I know its a fair price Monty, cheap really considering the risks you take." "I wish all my customers were as considerate as you always have been sweetie. I'll have them tomorrow morning early." Then looking at the pictures he commented, "Nice looking kids babe, they yours?" Seeing her scowling smile he raised his hands as if in surrender and said, "Ok,ok none of my business I guess".

Kim smiled and said, "Yes they are Monty but that's all I'm saying, and only that because we go way back" She kissed him on his cheek and smiled as she walked away remembering some good times her and Monty had when she was younger and a rebellious teen!

Having her "New" family gave Kim a lot of reason to make plans for family outings that fit their new lifestyle and the fake ID's might come in handy for her plans. Her debauchery seems to have freed her from society's norms and for the first time in her life she felt sexually free to enjoy her body in any manner she wished within certain bounderies caused by her children's ages. She was glad to be home and done with her errands so she could relax and maybe take a little nap before Kenzie and Rick got home.

She felt excitement and some trepidation at what they may have in store for her. She felt a disappointment when Rick texted her to say he had practice and would be late getting home. She decided to just strip and lay on her bed nude and recall the last few days events. She evidently hadn't realized the toll on her body those events had taken because she no more than lay down and she was fast asleep. Kenzie found her mother sleeping on her bed when she went to her mom's bedroom.

She looked so peaceful, almost angelic as she lay there nude on her side. She walked alongside the bed and stood staring at her mothers ass and back, the nape of her neck and her hair tied up in a bun of sorts. Her neck was inviting, thin and begging her lips. She stood there mesmerized by her mom's beauty as she removed her clothes. She held so much love for her mom before all this transpired and now she was even closer, felt as if there was nothing she couldn't share with her now, no matter how perverted or kinky it seemed to be in her mind.

She lay down behind her mom and spooned with her, loving the feel of her breasts touching her mom's bare skin and her mom's ass pressed against her groin as her arm lay over her with her hand squeezing her mom's supple breasts. She hadn't lay there long when her mom began to stir, her ass moving, rubbing against Kenzie's body causing a pulsing to begin at her clit.

Soon she rolled to face Kenzie almost in a fetal position and then shifted to lay fully on her back with her right leg bent at her knee with her foot flat on the bed. Kenzie's gaze adored her body and she couldn't restrain her hand from touching her smooth stomach.

She caressed her mothers skin lightly, her hand skimming over her, touching but not touching, allowing her finger tips to trail over her skin, make circles around her breasts with just a fingertip. She saw her mom's chest begin to rise and fall quicker and her thigh began wavering in the air as her clit began to pulse softly.

Kenzie rose and placed her lips lightly on her mothers and she moaned and turned her head in her sleep. Kenzie persisted, lightly sucking at her mom's beautiful full lips and then running her tongue along them, pressing it between them as her mouth pressed to her mom's and she heard a moan rise in her mom's throat and her lips parted as her hands reached for her daughter and pulled her to her body.

Kim awoke with lips being pressed to hers, a tongue moving, pressing into her mouth and before she realized who it was the softness of those lips and their persistent passion had her lost in a vortex of sensuality.

Her eyes opened and she saw her daughter's face pressed to hers and her emotions seethed as she realized Kenzie was making love to her. Her thighs opened and her body lifted, hips hunching as her arousement began to enter not only her mind but her body. Kenzie's thigh lay between hers and they both rubbed and gyrated together, thighs intertwining to rub each others clits as their hands roamed each other. Kims breathing was rapid, deep and Kenzie controlled the pace of their lovemaking.

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Kenzie rose and straddled her mothers thighs and pressed her pussy down against her mothers bare mound. The look in Kenzie's eyes as she gazed at Kim excited her, she saw love, passion and wild excitement. Kim knew everything she did was new to her, she was exploring her sexuality with her mother and Kim was as new to these experiences as her daughter was.

Kenzie leaned and kissed her mom again as her hips undulated atop her and Kenzie's fingers pulled at her own nipples leaving them erect and hard. Kenzie's lips moved to her mothers throat and began kissing her there gently as she whispered to her mom, " I need to taste you mom, to taste your cum on my tongue, to coat your ass with your juices and then lick it from you. I get so hot touching you, feeling your skin and kissing you. I love you soo much mom, I want to make you love me like I love you, not as a mother or daughter but as lovers.

I need you to touch me, lick me, kiss me and drink my cum mom. Then her kisses became heated, licking, sucking at Kim's soft skin. Mouthing her throat as her tongue delved in the hollow of her throat while her hands squeezed and cupped her mom's breasts.

Kim was in total arousement after hearing her daughter's pleadings, hips lifting as she tried to pressure her clit against Kenzies.

Her clit was screaming to be touched, kissed, licked, anything to relieve the cravings that embedded themselves in her taut bud. Her pussy muscles clenched and her head was flailing as her slender redhead blows a massive meat pole instilled an overwhelming need in her body and mind.

"Ohhhhhhhgod baby, I need you to touch my clit, I need to cum so badly Kenzie, you make me so hot honey". "In time mom, you're not ready yet. I need to kiss all of you, learn every pore, hear every sigh and moan you make as I make you mine.

I want you to teach me how to love you mom, how to satisfy you". "Oh god baby don't tease me, I don't know either, you're my first".

Then we'll learn together huh mom?" Kenzie's lips tormented the supple flesh of her mom's breasts, sucked at them, licked circles around them slowly until her tongue tip circled her mom's nipples, teasing but not touching them. Kim's arousement demanded release and her hand crept downwards to her clit but Kenzie grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her mom's head and held them there and said in an authoritarian voice, "No, your body is mine and I'll decide when you can cum mom, don't touch yourself or I'll tie you up".

Kim moaned as she submitted to her daughters new role in the hierarchy of their incestuous family. She lay there as Kenzie learned her body, licking and kissing slowly down the front of her until her lips tormented the softness of her stomach. Her nipples pulsed, begging to be touched but Kenzie ignored them, leaving them to add to the craving need she felt consuming her mind as Kenzie teased and titillated her mothers body slowly, lingeringly.

She held her mother's thighs tightly closed as her tongue slid along the valley of groin and thigh until her breath wafted over the vee of her thighs to tantalize the bareness of her exposed clit. Her lips sucked at the skin above her mom's vee, licked it as they moved to her thighs and laved them, bit at them before dragging her tongue wetly up the valley created by her thighs until right beside her clit she suckled her inner thigh skin, licked it as her mom's clit pulsed wickedly.

"Roll over mom" she ordered. Kim rolled to her stomach and her hips began pressing the throbbing need she possessed into the sheets and Kenzie smacked her ass hard, leaving a red hand print imprinted on her skin, "Oh god Kenzie that hurt Kim cried", "Don't rub your clit mom, I told you not to once".

Then she bent and licked the redness she had imprinted on her mom's ass and it felt so soothing to Kim and she found that she liked the pain followed by the softness of a tongue's laving kiss, in fact she hot latina teen has her pussy annihilated interracial pornstars herself wanting it. The feel of Kenzies tongue had her hips rolling and pressing once again into the bed and whack, she felt another hard smack, followed by more soft licking.

Kim was squirming, her body writhing under this new dominaton by her daughter and she loved it, loved the intense pain followed by the soothing laving and she couldn't help but writhe and her pussy flowed moisture as her hands clasped the sheet in white knuckled fists.

God she was steaming with arousement, writhing, begging and constantly unable to restrain her hips from mashing her clit forcefully against the sheets until Kenzie got a fly swatter and began smacking her diamond jackson nyomi banxxx sharing a cock from side to side as Kim screamed and jerked with each hard swat. Then her daughter would exhibit such tenderness as she sucked and licked her asscheeks, her tongue delving deep in the valley of her ass until she was lifting into her laving, her mind agonized with desire.

Kenzies lips began kissing the nape of her neck and it felt so sensual that her hips hunched into the bed again and swat!, swat!, swat!, swat!

And Kim cried out in pained agony but Kenzies lips continued their journey over her shoulders, licking, sucking, slowly moving as Kim's ass burned with a fever that had her squeezing her asscheeks and pressing her hips downward and Swat!, Swat!, Swat!, Swat! Kenzie's mouthings had again lowered to her ass and she laved her tongue over the inflamed flesh there, every lick leaving a coolness that the air enhanced and brought relieved sighs and moans from her mom's lips.

But then she rammed her finger up Kim's asshole and fucked her hard with it which brought the immediate response of Kim squeezing her ass muscles tightly and forcing her hips forward into the bed, Swat!, Swat!, Swat!, Swat!, Kim had tears streaming hot milf and her student get slammed her cheeks and she felt so slutty and used, less than a person, but a part of her loved it, loved her ass being ravaged and the burning sensations it instilled.

She was excited beyond her wildest expectations and her pussy begged the same rough treatment. The burning at her rear made her pussy and clit seem left out, yearning to be touched, beat, anything to still the cravings that filled her. "Roll over and spread your thighs bitch" Kenzie ordered her mom.

Kim saw an evil in her daughters eyes and knew she was caught up in dominating her, enjoying her mom's plight and relishing the power she held over her. She took the handle of the flyswatter, a long loop of metal and pressed it around her clit with her taut bud inside the loop of the handle and began moving it, shaking it without touching her swollen orb, just applying pressure all around it until Kim couldn't stand it and her hand moved to her clit and rubbed it hard.

"Stop!", Kenzie ordered and Kim removed her hand instantly. Swat!, the flyswatter landed on her sensitive bud and Kim screamed in pain but the burning pain instilled a sating relief as it burned and before she could think her hand again moved towards her clit but before it arrived, Swat!

Kim's body lifted, hips out-turning and she moaned loudly, Oh god do it, hurt it, oh fuck I'm cumming and Kenzie swatted her clit twice more as her mom's body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Each time she hit her clit hard her mom's hips lifted and her body again tensed and trembled in another hard spasm of sating relief. Just when Kim thought her mind was regaining a semblance of sanity, Kenzie smacked her mom's pussy hard with the flyswatter and her labia burned like someone had stuck a hot iron to her pussy lips.

All Kim could do is shudder as she lay there feeling the burning sensation at her pussy as waves of orgasm again coursed through her. Her entire mid-section seemed to be alive with sensations both internally and externally as the stinging of her flesh enhanced the inner turmoil of her orgasms.

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They both seemed to be finding out about parts of themselves that had been hidden before, unknown of until their incest had brought it from them. Kim's ass, clit and pussy seethed with residual pain from Kenzies rough treatment of them but she also felt alive as if the pain was just a catalyst to bring pleasure from deep within her being to the surface of her Pysche. She found pleasure in being controlled, submitting to another's demands just as surely as her daughter did in dominating her.

Kinsey had wanted to make love to her mother, but when she saw how her mom had responded to her command not to touch herself she felt a power surging within her, a need to control her and bend her to her own will. She felt conflicted, torn by this need for her mother to submit and by her own need for her mom to guide her down this learning process of emotions and sexual needs.

She saw her mother lying there, reddened and trembling from her abuse and she remembered her mom's response to her sucking her clit and reasoned there were many ways of asserting power over a person.

She knelt astraddle her mom's thighs and began running her hands over her mom's breasts lightly, rolling her nipples beneath her fingertips as she became mesmerized by their feel. She felt the fog that arousement brings to her mind slowly veiling her as her lips gently sucked at her mothers breasts. Kim's body seemed alive as her daughters lips massaged her breasts, licking at her supple skin and her tenderness was a stark difference to her earlier abuse.

She responded as every touch and gentle caress of her daughter seemed magnified by the burning she felt below. The passion that the flyswatter had brought forth from her was being replaced with a seething fire in the core of her being that seemed to burn through to her skin at her most intimate places. Her daughters lips and hands fueled that fire and she felt herself being consumed in their flames.

Kenzie's emotions were running wild as her mom writhed almost as if in agony as her lips kerala saree village girl fucking tongue burned a trail down her body.


Her mom was perspiring, chest rising and falling in labored breathing as her breath blew lightly over the smooth expanse of groin her tongue laved lightly. She could feel the heat radiating from her mom's pussy against her own breasts as they experienced the soft bareness of her mother's mound.

Her mom's head tossed from side to side as her hands lightly touched Kenzie's head as it moved over her groin. Her hips hunched gently, afraid to mash her clit hard against Kenzie's body, as every ounce of her being cried out to do, lest she feel the sting of the flyswatter again. Kenzie's tongue and lips tormented her bare skin, lightly licking, softly sucking in stark contrast to her earlier actions prime cups tammy sucks a hard cock and gets pounded still had her skin burning with residual pain.

Kim's mind seemed to boil from the inner heat her daughter was bringing forth from the depths of her being. She didn't know which was worse the sting of the flyswatter or the agony of desire brought on by the light tormenting touch of her daughters tongue as it very lightly circled the taut burning that pulsed and screamed to be touched, mashed.

Kim's hips lifted as her mind cried out for the sting of the flyswatter, the memory of its hard smack seeming a wonderful thing now. She hoped its touch would still the craving she felt to be touched there. Her moans sounded agonized, desperate as Kenzie applied neither the flyswatter or her touch to her mother's visibly throbbing orb.

Kenzie felt a power within her as her mother craved release and she knew it was in her power to still that tormented state with just a hard rubbing or gentle sucking, but she withheld them both.

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Date slam yo gorgeous french babe met off instagram She licked her mom with tongue laying flat against the soft skin alongside her vulva, dragging her tongue slowly upwards until it lay tauntingly alongside that exposed orb.

She allowed her breath to coat its swollen tip before doing the same on the other side of her swollen labia. She knew her mother was in agony from her need to have her clit touched, her pussy filled and that need seemed to fill her own body as she found pleasure in tormenting her mother, pleasure in the power that surged through her veins to swell her clit.

She teased her mom's vagina with her forefinger's tip, inserting it shallowly into her inner labia, feeling her wet flesh and the cum residing there.

She then tasted them, sucked them from her fingertip and decided she loved the taste of pussy. She followed the trail of liquid that seeped from her mom's pussy and ran down over her pink proud asshole before dampening the flesh of her inner ass crack. Hmmmm she moaned as her fingertip smeared the slick liquid lightly around that puckered orifice, then into it as her mom moaned loudly and squeezed it shut, trapping her digit, holding it tightly like she wanted it to remain there.

She massaged her mother's tight ring of sensitive nerves, fucked her with her finger as her ass rolled, lifted, pressed into her gentle caressing. Her fingertip was her only contact with her mom's body and she smiled inwardly knowing the effect it was having on her as her pussy yearned and her clit begged a touch. "Please Kenzie, don't tease me anymore, make me cum, please baby" her mom pleaded, to which she responded, "Go ahead mom, cum, you have my permission to cum whenever you want" and began fucking her asshole roughly with her finger again.


Kenzie's rough fingering filled her with a need to have something bigger in that tight orifice and she remembered the feel of Ricks cock in her to his balls as he unloaded his huge streams of cum within her and her mind seethed with a hunger for him now.

"Oh god I wish Rick was here to fuck my ass baby".she moaned in desperation. Kenzie couldn't believe what her mother said and had to stop and ask her with astonishment, "You'd let Rick put his huge dick up your ass mom, as big as he is?" "Oh baby, I love it when he fucks my ass and fills me with his hot loads of cum" Again Kenzie was astonished by her mother's admission and said, "Rick fucked your asshole mom, my god didn't he rip it or anything?" " No honey, bangbros hot sex session with girlfriend and stepmom hurt me at first but then it felt really good and I kept cumming and cumming as he fucked it deep up my rectum" Kenzie's power trip with her mom was over as she digested this new information about her brother and her mom.

"Mom, could he get his dick in MY asshole and cum in me there?" she asked excitedly. Kim was panting with need, moans of desperation rolling from her lips as Kenzie kept pursuing her thoughts.

"Make me cum baby and then we'll talk about it, I need it so badly!" Kenzie lowered her face to her mom's pussy and began licking and sucking at her mother's clit like she was starved for it. No longer was she wanting to dominate her, she needed to know if she could have Ricks cock inside her ass. She felt an inner excitement at the prospect of him fucking his big dick up her ass when he got home that evening. Kim wasn't prepared for the onslaught of sensations Kenzie gave her with her sudden licking and sucking of her clit and the intense thrills had her screaming loudly, moaning and bucking, grabbing her daughters head and hunching wildly, uncontrollably against her face.

Her need for release and her daughters sudden willingness to provide it sent her into a desperate, rough hunching that threatened to suffocate Kenzie in its vicious implementation.

Kim couldn't think, the craving to cum that overwhelmed her mind prevented any thoughts of Kenzie's welfare as she held her face to her humping body and roughly used it to provide the stimulation she needed to cum.

Kenzie was shocked at her mom's response to her mouthing her clit. She'd seen her come unglued on Rick's cock but this was on a new scale of desperation as she held her mouth to her clit and hunched into it like her mind had snapped and if she didn't cum she would die. Her need was so desperate that it drove Kenzie to lick and suck as her mom's body began shaking, trembling, hard shudders wracking her repeatedly.

Her moaning was filled with an anguished satisfaction as her upper body was thrown back on the bed and her thighs locked around Kenzies head and she hunched and hunched as Kenzie's tongue found the quivering flesh of her inner labia and pressed beyond it to bring waves of voltage like pleasure to wreak havoc on her mothers mind and cause her head to flail wildly, lucy lee tight ass gets rammed well clenching the sheets in white knuckled fists as she endured the intense orgasms she had begged for.

Her back arched until Kenzie thought for sure bones would crack as she ground her pussy into Kenzie's wild licking and sucking, her ankles locked, held down against Kenzie's back as she tried to pull her into her flooding pussy. Kenzie was locked between her mom's thighs, unable to breathe as her mom's beautiful thighs shook wildly alongside her head, squeezing her tightly in a death lock of pleasure.

She didn't care, her mom's racy hawt lesbo sex lesbian and college pleasure was so wonderful she was willing to die licking her pussy to try and keep her in the heaven she'd found on her face. The only way this could be better is if Rick had his dick up my ass right now Kenzie thought. She reached out and grabbed her mom's tits with both her hands and took her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them hard, rolling them between them almost angrily.

Her mom's immediate reaction was to clench her tongue with her inner pussy muscles and tense so tightly her hips bucked and she moaned loudly, agonizingly. Her orgasm continued until her moaning became shrill, her ankles pulling at Kenzies body forcefully as her back took on a "C" shape, muscles tensing tighter than ever before, shaking hard for what seemed hours but in reality was seconds.

Then as suddenly as her pleasurable ordeal began it ended, her body limply falling to the bed leaving them both laying there gasping for breath, thighs falling from Kenzies shoulders to splay openly on the bed. Kim sighed to her daughter, "Thank you baby, my god you make me cum like your brother does".

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Kenzie's reply was, "Will you help me get Rick's dick in my ass tonight mom?" "Yes, Yes baby, Rick will fuck the holy shit out of your young ass tonight and leave it leaking his brotherly cum.

Plus, I will suck your clit the whole time he's doing it and then suck his cum out of your ass and spit it in your mouth.

Kenzie's thighs kitchen sex storys mom and son hard as her mother's words instilled an instant arousement in her young body that had her clit pounding in anticipation of those words becoming true. Kim lay there gazing at her daughters pussy and said, "We should shave your pussy baby, would you like that?" "Oh would you mom, I'd love it. Can we do it now?", Kenzie asked. Kim went and got her electric clippers and some shaving gel and a new razor and a big pan of warm water and told Kenzie to sit on the edge of the bed and spread her thighs.

Kenzie smiled and said, "I'll spread my thighs for you any time mom, anywhere too". "Watch what you say when you're horny girl it might come back to haunt you someday", Kim replied with a smile on her face.

Kim took the electric clippers and began to trim her daughters pussy hair evoking a giggle from Kenzies lips and her saying, "That feels good mom. If I'd known they vibrated like that I'd have been xxx family mom dad sister storys com them a longtime ago". Kim placed the backside of the clipper head on her young daughters covering skin and allowed the vibrations to stimulate her until her hips began lifting, moving, a desperation beginning to veil her eyes and then took it away and said, "That's how I do it when I take a shower baby".

"Damn, Kenzie panted, and I always thought you were shaving your legs. By the way mom, have you ever decided if you're gonna get me a vibrator or rubber dick or anything?" As she wet her daughters pubic hair stubble and began rubbing shaving gel on her she replied, "Little darling, I'm gonna pick you up after school tomorrow and you're gonna get your pussy examined by Dr.

Feelgood, I call him that because he's so young and handsome I get turned on every time he touches my pussy and I know he knows it, and then we're taking a trip to the XXX sex shop out on Riverside and me and you are going to do a little sex toy shopping and maybe other things".

"Really mom, what if I get turned on by Dr. Feelgood and get all wet and everything while he's examining me? Isn't that the really seedy place on Riverside where they show all the nasty movies and stuff. I've heard a lot of blacks hang out there and all kinds of stuff happens in there. Why would you take me there, and besides you have to be twenty-one to get in there?" "Well Kenzie if you cum while the Doctor is examining you I guess you'll be embarrassed to death and feel great at the same time sweetie, don't ask how I know that but trust me it happens.

And the reason we're going to that place is that sometimes you don't want to see anyone you know so you go where you don't think they'll ever be and if they are then they can't say anything because they were there too! And I'm working on the twenty-one thing and will have it fixed tomorrow morning". "What do you mean fixed, how do you fix my birthday?".Kenzie asked. "You'll see baby. Speaking of blacks, did you know Rick wants me to fuck a black skinny teen rides some cock after a wet bj with a huge cock so he can watch?

How would you feel about that, I mean if I did it? That would be worse than me fucking Rick and you because we all love each other and somehow it just doesn't seem as wrong as if it was a stranger. I think I'd feel like I was cheating on your dad if I had sex with anybody else". Kenzie was quiet, like she was thinking of something to say and Kim asked, "You don't like thinking of me with a black guy do you sweetie, I didn't think it would be a good idea anyway so don't worry about it honey".

Kenzie looked at her mom and said, "Mom, you told me to always be honest about my feelings and everything with you and Rick. Does that include things that might make you or Rick think bad about me too?" Kim looked at her daughter and could see that there was something she wanted to say but was afraid to say it. "Honey there is nothing you could ever say to me that could change the way I think about you, I will always love you no matter what, especially now that we have a special love that most mothers and daughters will never share!" "Ok mom, then I'm gonna answer your question honestly about the black guy thing.

First I think you're crazy to worry about cheating on dad because what could ever possibly hurt him more then what we're doing if he found out. He'd probably love to hear you were fucking a black guy before hearing you're fucking his children.

Next, I agree with Rick, it would have to be sooo hot watching you take a big black cock, in fact I'm getting wet sitting here thinking about it. Would you want to do it mom, I mean does it turn you on thinking of a black guy putting his nasty dick in your pussy, I think about it alot and it always makes me cum quick?" Kim finished shaving her daughters pussy and was wiping her off and Kenzie's thighs closed quickly as she rubbed over her taut clit.

Her entire body shivered and she grabbed Kim's hands at her pussy and said, "Oh wow mom, I really am hot thinking of a black guy fucking us both, I'd like that.

Do you want to do it?" Kim smiled and answered, "Baby girl I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone in my life before. Thinking about a black guy putting his big black hard dick in my pussy is the second most exciting thing I could ever dream of. Up until I saw your brothers hard dick it was my favorite thing to masturbate to". Kenzie was excited now and asked, "So are you gonna do it for Rick mom, are you gonna let Rick watch you fuck a black guy?" "Baby if I fuck a black guy it isn't gonna be for Rick it will be for me and my pussy.

Its something I've always wanted latina got fucked hardly as option to usual consequences do but wouldn't cheat on your dad to do it. It really turns me on thinking about it but I'm afraid if I cross that line, once I fuck someone just for the sex with no love involved at all, especially a black guy, that I will just become a true slut.

But now that I know how much pleasure is in a big dick I can't imagine how I'd feel knowing I had a black cock stuck way up in me, and the more I think about it the more exciting it becomes." "Mom, I've been a virgin for 16 years and that is why, because I never wanted to feel like a slut.

I've made out with you, my mom, it doesn't get much worse than that in a person's mind and I don't feel any different except wanting more. I know I'm going to fuck a black guy, maybe many of them, some time.

I've got all these things in my mind that I want to experience and, not to hurt your feelings mom, I don't want to be 40 and still be dreaming of them like you are." "Baby girl, you are so mature about sexual things for someone that has never fucked before. You can rationalize and not allow your emotions and fears to stand in the way of your pleasure.

So you think we should bring others into our pussies, is that what you're saying Kenz?" "Well, I'm not saying we should just be out and out sluts, I never want dad finding out about anything we do, although I would like to fuck dad, its always been a fantasy of mine for both of you to fuck me together." Kim was shocked, but she could understand her feelings, especially now after a part of her fantasy had been realized.

" Mackenzie, I swear girl you're forever shocking me with what comes out of your mouth. Do you really think you could ever get your dad to fuck you, you know how righteous he is girl.

Wouldn't it be great if he was involved and we didn't have to hide everything from him, but that will never happen!" "I don't know mom, I've caught him staring in the door when I was taking a shower before, that was what got me thinking of him fucking me.

The look in his eyes just made me wet, I mean I could see him rubbing his hard dick through his underwear and it was so plain he wanted me. You're right though, I don't think he would ever initiate anything with me, but now; I bet we could plan something that would get his dick hard and once he did something with me.if you were to catch us." "Really, my god, I would never have believed that about your dad Kenzie." Kenzie laughed and said, "Would you have ever believed that about yourself mom, I mean that you would have been so taken in by just seeing Rick's dick?

Maybe dad just was taken in that way by my sexy young body like Rick was, he did admit fantasizing about me and you, remember!" It was Kim's turn to laugh then as she replied, "I think I was the only one in the house not fantasizing about fucking any of you and then I fell the hardest and the easiest." "You always had it in you mom, you just needed us to make you realize it!".Kenzie offered, smiling.

"Yeah like the black thing, Rick brought it up and now I'm thinking of it every second of every day when I'm not thinking of his dick in me, you two are just incorrigibly wicked!" "Admit it mom, you really want to have a black man shove his black dick in your pussy and fuck the shit out of you. I'll admit it right now mom, I'd love to have a black guy fill my pussy with his hot cum and I'm gonna feel it. But right now I'm thinking about how I can get dad to take my cherry this weekend.

Think up something you can do with Rick, besides fucking him, I mean to get you both out of the house for as long as possible so me and dad are alone." "You're really going to try this aren't you Kenzie, you're gonna try and get him to fuck you?" "Nope, I am not gonna try, I'm gonna sleeping moms sex son sex stories moves it. He will be as easy as you were with Rick after he sees me naked in front of him begging him to take my cherry!".Kenzie replied.

Kim's daughter was talking about fucking the man she loved and it seemed such a natural progression in their relationship, not a bit weird or kinky, just the final abhorrence in their family to overcome so they could all share in this newfound love the rest already shared. Kim's clit pulsed with excitement as she remembered her daughter's fantasy of her and Joel making love to her. Those imagined visions had her breathing quickening, deepening, and she spread her daughters thighs and while staring into Kenzies beautiful eyes lay her tongue flatly on her pussy and began licking her slowly, laving all over her mound like a dog would only slowly, deliberately.

"Oh my god mom, that feels phenomenal, I feel everything, your tongue feels so warm and wet on my pussy. Now I see why you do it, I bet you had dad eat you all the time didn't you?" Kim just moaned as her tongue entered her daughters pussy and was engulfed in the warm fluids she found there as Kenzies body began hunching and her moans began to become filled with the pleasure she felt.

Kenzie pulled her thighs up and rolled her pussy up where her mom could enter her more deeply as she watched. Feeling her mom suck at her pussy, the wicked tabooness of their actions filling her with a heat that threatened her soul had her mind overwhelmed with so many conflicting emotions that all she could do is relent to the sensations her moms twirling tongue caused to radiate from her pussy and cum, cum hard, intensely.

The feelings coursing from her pussy seemed to draw every cell of her body like a magnet to be sucked from deep inside her pussy, to be licked, laved and caressed and then be expelled as a liquid into her mothers greedily sucking mouth. Kenzie's young mind and emotions embraced the perverse pleasures her mother gave her, the tabooness of fucking her mother had her inexperienced mind and body awakening to sensations she had only imagined and yearned for many years.

She imagined her dad fucking her as her mom licked her clit as she was at that moment and her hips lifted, out-turned as she presented her pussy to her mom to use as she wished, to abuse at will.

Opening her eyes to see her mom gazing at her face, knowing she was as excited by seeing her daughters face, as she ate her pussy, as she was having her do it, sent her reeling in orgasm again. Her shaved pussy allowed her to experience every lick and touch with even more sensitivity and her hips bucked, rolled and her ankles locked as her thighs squeezed her moms head as her hips bucked into her face. Kenzie loved cumming and sexing her mom seemed to keep her cumming continuously.

She imagined other people watching them, seeing her cumming, the people knowing it was her mothers tongue bringing forth her orgasms from deep inside her.

The carnality of their actions caused her arousement to soar. Her orgasms became explosive as they roiled her body and inflamed her mind until she wished they were really there seeing the wonderful plight her mom's mouth and hands gifted her. Kenzie lay there, eyes closed, thighs lowered and opened as she savored the feel of her mom gathering her cum from within her body. Kim's eye's were also closed as she was completely absorbed in her daughters pussy, loving the feel of racy hawt lesbo sex lesbian and college bare mound beneath the slickness of her cum coated tongue.

Feeling her pussy being opened, pressured, filled, took Kim by surprise but the size of the cock entering her told her immediately that Rick was home and feeding her his wonderful dick. "Sorry I was late mom but I'll try and make it up to you. Kim could just moan and hold her pussy to his forceful thrusts, her head lying on Kenzies groin as her mind fogged with the pleasure of her pussy being stretched, pounded, dominated.

She felt so slutty holding her daughter by her spread thighs while her son fucked his overwhelmingly sized dick deep into her soul. It was a feeling she was learning to embrace and cherish. Kim felt Ricks glans pressuring her cervix and her breathing became rapid, shallow at the anticipation of his entering her there, his fat tip spreading that narrow orifice that led to her womb.

Her mind was experiencing the excitement of the memory of her feeling that action. And then she felt it, felt her body resisting his oversized entry, but the hardness of his rigid young cock easily winning the battle as she pressed back into his stiffened battle spear. Her entire body thrilled at the feel of his dick lodged within her womb, each thrust of his hips driving his fat dick deeper and deeper into the origin of his birth.

She felt her mind filling with the insanity brought on by the knowledge she was fucking her son and eating her daughter. The wantonness of her pleasure caused deeply fulfilling sensations to permeate her body as her entire birth canal was stuffed with her son's dick, her deepest flesh stretched till she felt ripping but unable to quit hunching into his fat glans.

Kim remembered the joy she felt when she learned she had a son growing in her womb 16 years prior. Her joy then could not compare to the joy she feels as that same boy re-enters her today and she again feels his heartbeat throbbing inside her womb.

This time though it radiates from his swelling cock as it mashes her womb, stretching it, causing it to pull in tightly around his grotesque thickness. The pain she feels isn't what causes the tears in her eyes though, its the emotions of knowing she is addicted to her son's dick, knowing the depth of her love for this feeling he imparts and his love of her pussy.

The feel of his hot dick pulsing within her pussy, her cervix spasming as his cock slides tightly in its grasp sends her into uncontrollable orgasms, orgasms that fill her with such pleasure that her hips hunch wildly, ramming back into his dick each time the waves of pleasure trough as they course through her. Her daughter heightens her pleasure plight by saying, with an evil grin on her face, "Mom close your eyes and pretend theres a black guy fucking you instead of Rick." The thought has an instant affect on Kim and her pussy floods with a renewed enthusiasm.

Her eyes no daddy xxx the step sleeper creeper and she thinks of a black man's hands holding her hips and fucking her, driving deep in her womb, knowing he's going to fill her womb with his black baby seed and her mind and body both erupt in an uncontrollable frenzy as she begins screaming her need of black cock, her need to have it cum in her white pussy. Kim felt the excitement filling Rick as his dick oral stimulation full of burning passion pornstar hardcore inside her, stiffened at her words and the thought of his mom fucking a black guy.

Kenzie also seemed aroused by her extreme reaction and words and lifted her head and demanded, "Eat my pussy mom while that nigger fucks your pussy." Kims mind was a shambles and she began licking and sucking at her daughters pussy, sucking at her clit like it was a small dick, plunging her tongue deep inside Kenzies flooding pussy, driven by her daughter's excited moans and frenzied hunching into her tonguing. Kim wanted this to go on forever but she knew both her children were so excited they were both on the edge of paradise, Rick in her pussy and Kenzie impaled on her tongue.

Kenzie tensed first, thighs squeezing her mom's head tightly as her entire body lifted and shook with intensity. Seeing his sister cumming from his mom's eating her pussy incited his balls to twitch, jerk and his first hot wad of cum to explode up his long cock to sear his mom's womb and induce an explosive orgasm in her body as he fucked his cum forcefully into her squeezing womb.

His mom's wails as he erupted repeatedly in her deepest grip drove him to punish her pussy for their incestuous orgy of pleasure. Kenzie wanted to repay her tight pussy hardcore sex action with slutty melissa for the pleasure she had gifted her the last few hours and she sat up and told Rick.

"Lay her back on top of you Rick." Rick spread his thighs and pulled his mom back on top of him as he lay down on the floor leaving Kim sunny leone bf story jabardasti rape sin as she lay facing up atop him. Kenzie crawled down between their thighs and began licking her mom's clit frantically, sucking and licking around Rick's balls and cock, slurping up the whitish cum his mother had deposited on his cock and Rick's cum that seeped from around his dick to coat his balls and shaft.

Hmmm she moaned as her mom began moving, hips turning down to press Rick's dick in her pussy as he lay softening within her. "You want that black dick to get hard again don't you mom, want to feel it cum in your pussy again don't you?" Kim couldn't answer as her pussy squeezed, sucked at the black dick in her mind, a craving to feel it stiff and probing her again. Kenzie said to Rick, "Mom wants to fuck a black cock little brother, would you like to see her pressing her pussy down on a huge black cock?" Kim felt the dick in her pussy jerk and begin growing, stiffening as he imagined his mom squatting over a long thick black cock, watching it disappear into her pussy, the moans from his mom combining with his fantasy as his young dick hardened, thickened again and his mom hunched her appreciation as her imaginary black lover began fucking her deeply while her daughter sucked at them both.

They fucked and talked and sucked for hours that night as they told him of Kenzies plan to let her dad take her mom caught fucking compeers daughters husband real father teen bailey brookes home alone. Rick wasn't as enthused as they were about bringing dad into their incestual relationship and really didn't like not getting to take his sister's virginity from her but he finally saw they were right and acceded to their wishes.

Kenzie was slowly becoming the dominant force in their relationship. Her insane appetite for sex drove her and her imagination fueled their future sex plans. She had a knack for finding out what excited both Kim and Rick and playing it to enhance all their releases.

"I bet you jack off thinking of fucking my virgin asshole don't you brother? How many time have you cum with your dick in my ass in your mind Rick?" she asked him.

"Probably as many times as you cum thinking of me doing it to you sis". He replied. "Want to tonight" she asked him. His dick immediately stiffened in his mom's grasp as she sucked and caressed his semi-erect cock.

Kenzie lay on the bed on her back and said, "If you can get it in me while lay on my back where I can watch your face you can fuck me there Rick, well if mom will show me how anyway." "Let me get some lube baby", her mom said, as she rose, leaving Rick to stroke his cock as it was hardening.

Her mom returned and poured some astroglide on her fingers and began rubbing it all over her puckered asshole as Kenzie moaned, excited she was going to feel a real dick in her body. Her mom coated her finger again and pressed one inside her tight virgin ass and worked it around coating her muscle with the slick fluid.

Then another finger as her daughter moaned and her ass began moving, hips hunching as thrills raced from her nerve rich muscle. Then a third finger as Kenzie cried out in pain and gripped the sheets as her mom fucked her ass with them.

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When she finally seemed accustomed to them and was again hunching up to their insertion her mom poured astroglide on her hand until her asshole was sloppy with it and then placed a fourth finger up her tightly embracing hole and began turning her fingers, working them into her as all the lube caused squishy, slurping sounds. Kenzies eyes were open widely, her breathing deep, gasping at the full stretched feeling of her asshole as her mom said, "She's ready baby, bring that dick here and fuck your sister in the ass like you did me".

Kenzie filled with apprehension and fear at what she was about to experience but she couldn't stop even if she thought it might kill her, her body had craved this for years. She watched as her brother knelt between her opened thighs and her mom removed her hand from her asshole. Rick and Kim gazed at Kenzies open gaped asshole and smiled as Rick placed his glans at that spread opening and began pressing in. "Wait, Kim squealed suddenly", as she grabbed the lube and began squeezing it along his fat dick and massaging it all over him, wetting him good before saying, "Now fuck that tight asshole baby, give your sister what she needs, remember dad wanted you to take care of both of us!" Rick was excited, driven, as he again placed his cock at his older sister's clenching asshole and began pressing into her.

He watched her face as her eyes opened widely and pained, deep moans began escaping her mouth. Her gaze alternated quickly between the sight of his big dick pressing into her and his face. She felt ripping, his glans stretched her even more than her mom's hand and she wanted to scream for him to stop and opened her mouth to do so just as his glans conquered her tight ring of pleasure and slid inside her leaving her mouth gaped, lungs empty and unable to even moan as her ass muscle uncontrollably squeezed shut on his fat girth, her body trembling, asshole burning as he throbbed within her.

Her colon squeezed as if trying to dispel his cock like a turd and her mind was torn between pain and pleasure as the heat of his dick radiated into her distended flesh. Kim knew what she was feeling and also knew that the most painful part was over and she was about to receive an ass fucking that would remain in all three of their memories for the rest of their lives. Kenzie's asshole felt as if it was ripping, burning, each small movement of either of them sending pangs of pain to shoot up her back to her spine and bring forth moans and sharp cries from her lips.

Her mom then began to rub her clit lightly beneath the balls of her fingertips and the first semblance of pleasure had her hips moving, hunching as the pleasure at her clit seemed to combine with the pain at her ass until the pain just enhanced the pleasure and a craving began to fill her body.

She wanted to beg Rick to fuck her ass but her pride was still intact and her mother relieved her of that duty by saying, "Fuck her slowly baby, use real short strokes until you know she wants more.

Her body will tell you when she needs it faster, harder and you just give her what she needs when she needs it like you did with momma". He did and soon Kenzie was hunching up into his cock with both feet on the bed flatfooted, her hips rolling, hunching, holding her ass to his forward thrusts until her inhibitions were fucked from her mind by the pleasure she was finding on his cock and her mouth began streaming pleadings for him to fuck her asshole, to fuck her faster, harder, deeper, screaming her need unashamedly as she tensed and cum hard, her arms pulled to her sides, back arching and her head flailing wildly, jerking from side to side hard, flinging it as if trying to shed the pleasure that gripped her with its immobilizing waves of insanity.

Her body twisted to her left and then to the right frenziedly. On one such corkscrewing pleasure trip Rick took her left leg and lifted it and crossed it over in front of himself and placed her face down on the bed with her ass in the air. Her hands began rubbing her clit, pressing into her pussy as he fucked her asshole hard and she screamed, unable to contain the pleasure she felt as he fucked her deeply, cock pressed deep in her rectum as she felt it straightening her colon.

The thrills that streamed from her distended ass ring as his dick slid over it in long rapid strokes were unimaginable as his dick pistoned within it, mashing the nerves there tightly as each one seemed to scream to her mind its need sex vidifilim kilip or diskis her to cum.

She did, almost continuously as his dick throbbed within her tight hole as he bottomed it to his balls and left her to writhe and squirm as her ass rolled, eliciting every ounce of pleasure she could from his grotesquely large dick as her moans became filled with the desperation she felt to feel him fucking her again.

And when he did she never failed to cum again, her fluids puddling beneath her as her pussy flooded her pleasure from its inner flesh to flow from her vagina in never ending streams of liquid appreciation for what he was giving her. "Roll over on your back with her atop you Rick".Kim said as she remembered Kenzies licking her clit as Rick fucked her.

Rick knew what his mom was going to do and he grabbed Kenzie's hips and rolled to his back as his mom opened Kenzie's thighs and lowered her face to his sister's pussy and began licking and sucking furiously, fingering her pussy shallowly, rubbing her g-spot as her hips hunched down into Rick's impaling dick in her ass. She screamed, "Oh my god, I can't stand it, you're driving me crazy mom, and tried to rise and Kim said quickly, "Hold her down Rick and fuck her ass good baby, ream that ass for your momma!" Kenzie's head flailed excitedly as Rick began hunching his dick in and out of her ass with the vigor of his excited youth while his mother sucked hard on her clit and rubbed her g-spot again.

Kenzie seemed to explode, her hips hunched uncontrollably and her sounds became animalistic as she writhed and squirmed atop Ricks body. Kim raised Kenzie's legs up and held them alongside her breasts and drove her tongue deep in her cumming pussy as Rick continued his assault on her asshole until Kenzie was babbling incoherently.fuck.g.g.good,' her head lifted, body shaking, hands gripping her mom's head as she held her to her pussy and trembled as wave after wave of the most intense voltage like thrills rampaged through her body, holding her entire being hostage to the endless streams of pleasure emanating from her asshole and pussy.

Then the pressure that had built continuously within her seemed to blanket her mind with a fog of darkness and she faded to oblivion as she fainted away from conciousness. Rick and Kim both noticed the quiteness that permeated the room and the unresponsiveness of Kenzies body as they continued their assault on her senses until Kim lifted and saw her daughter's eyes closed and her steady breathing and said, "She fainted Rick, maybe we should leave her alone and just fuck ourselves.

Rick eased his dick from his sister's asshole and said, "Let me go wash my dick off and I'll be right back mom". Kim pulled Kenzie up in her bed and covered her up and tucked her in for the night. Then she followed Rick to the bathroom and took soap and water and cleansed his manly cock and then rinsed it and bent over holding the edge of the sink and said, "Its late baby, I need you to cum in me so don't hold back" Kim moaned loudly, passionately as he entered her from behind, "God I'll never get used to you entering my pussy baby, you feel so good opening me up and filling my womb" He wasted no time pressing through her cervix leaving her breathless young hoes have sex party in the dorm with strangers pornstars and group sex the feel of herself opening, stretching around his fat dick as her cervix strained to allow him entry to her womb, sending unrestrained pleasure through her with each contraction of her uterine passage.

She would never be able to contend with the pleasure she felt with his fat glans massaging her uterine walls and filling her with pleasure that seemed to build and compound within her until it drove her insane with its intense repeated need for release.

But far from relieving the craving she feels each intense orgasm just fuels it like throwing gas on a fire and leaves her trembling as she anticipates the next flurry of waves that assault her mind and leave her screaming evilangel mark wood fucks foreign bad girl flailing with its effect on her body and senses. How many times she cum as she held her pussy to his hardest, deepest thrusts Kim couldn't imagine.

It seemed every second he was in her was a second she spent in her own heaven. She felt his glans begin growing as it pistoned rapidly in her womb, his fat shaft expanding and her mind began the process of insanity as the first of his belching explosions seared her wombs deepest places and his ripping thrusts as his own cravings took control of his body had her lost to the pain of his release. His loud groans and grunts as his young virile balls emptied themselves into the cesspool of her incestuous pussy excited and intensified the gripping waves of pleasure his release filled her with.

Each hot expulsion in her womb embedded her son more deeply into her body and her heart. She had never felt a love so burningly intense as the one she felt for her son at the moment of his roughest thrust into her womb as his balls mashed her clit and his hot lava like explosion of seed naughty raven haired babe fingers her juicy twat forcefully into the motherly abyss of her craving.

They all slept in Kim's bed, both women snuggled up against the man of their dreams as they all slept heavily from the exhaustion of their bodies. Kim's body kept her make nut come out your nose tube porn sleep as she held her son's dick, slowly stroking it as blackness finally closed over her mind.

Her last waking thought was, "Wait until tomorrow at the xxx movie store, and all those black cocks".