Blonde and brunette babes nasty way sex

Blonde and brunette babes nasty way sex
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The only reason I got to class early that day was because I was so tired I didn't feel like doing anything except sleeping until class started, which was about 20 minutes after I was dropped off at school.

I would have been complaining but it was honestly too early and I don't talk before 8 o'clock, when my Brain wakes up. I arrived at class the lights were off but the door was unlocked, this was the case when my teacher was there but late or in a meeting, so I turned on the lights and walked over to my desk and tried my best to get as much sleep as possible.

I must have been pretty tired that day because instead of just keeping my head down I really fell asleep. I woke up with my head down as I heard many people enter the class room and eventually the late bell, I didn't bother looking up, I sat in the back of the crowded classroom in the last row, the class I was in wasn't that boring but even with 20+ people in the class, I didn't find any of the girls attractive.

"This is your seat, and this is what we've been working on" upon hearing the conversation I didn't pick my head up but I glanced up, and immediately realized there was a new student, and she was Stunning. Her hair fell in large curls down to the waist of her pants, the tights that she was wearing hugged her body so close that I couldn't help but stare, as my teacher talked about the class to her, her butt was unfortunately covered by her longer jacket but her legs were enough to get my attention.

She sat down giving me a quick glance of an ass as perfect as her legs. Throughout that class I she was introduced to us as Marisa and she had just transferred from a high school not to far from us, her eyes were deep blue and she had to be a model, her cheekbones made the structure of her face sharp and beautiful, but to me she looked like she was mean, another hot chick who knew she was young indian beauty masturbates on live cam fingering big butt, from sitting behind her after the first couple of days from the conversations I'd overheard she wasn't obnoxious, or bitchy.

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I added her in Facebook a couple weeks after, to my approval she wasn't in a relationship, or at least Facebook didn't show that she was. We were partnered up for a project which required us to finish the homework after school, so we decided to meet up at her house. Her house was a decent size house and she seemed genuinely happy to see me, we sex publicagent com storys completos nudevista porno and after much procrastination we finished the project.

I don't know where her parents were but we eventually just ended up talking on the couch separated by a arm rest, we sat there and talked, looking at each other until the conversation fell silence, and I just looked into her eyes and she back into mine.

God she was beautiful, I had to try or I would regret it later, I leaned in and tried to kiss her, she didn't make any move to stop me. I took the lead, we kissed for a while as I slowly opened her mouth with Mine, and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I got closer and closer and could feel the heat of her curves under my hands which passed slowly over the arch of her back.

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I squeezed her slowly closer to me until we were entwined together I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest, I could feel her nipples get hard through her bra and ran my hands down to the waist of the back of her pants. She leaned over me and eventually was on top of me her soft body pressing against mine, I couldn't help it but as I placed my hands on her nice tight ass I developed a boner.

Slowly I placed my hands lightly moving over her nipples through her shirt I felt her adjust her body so the crotch of her jeans lined up with my growing erection, I felt her press against my dick. I just let us lay there enjoying each others body until I knew I would have to leave her parents might come home, she got off me and smiled at me her blue eyes sparkling, "not right now" we talked a little bit more and eventually after a quick kiss and time for my hard on to go down I left with plans to meet up maybe tomorrow.

That night I pulled down my boxers and played with my dick lightly touching it and thinking back to the make out session, it didn't take long to shoot ropes of stringy white globs of cum all over my abs, I knew even after I came I was going to try to meet with this girl again.

Sunday didn't work out and the whole next week of school we didn't seem anything but better friends. The next Saturday I came over and we decided to hang out in her room, we both laid on her bed just talking and flirting, I kissed her slowly and worked by hands up her legs and rubbed the inside of her thigh, she moaned into my mouth.

I brushed toronto mayoral candidate nikki benz gets banged doggy style hair away from her neck and began kissing it and working my way down to her chest. I began to message her breasts lifting them and working my way around the nipple which I could feel hard through her shirt, I couldn't resist anymore I pulled her shirt up, she took my cue and leaned up and unfastened her bra, her silky blue bra feel away to show me two perfect pink nipples, which I immediately took, one pinching softly with my left hand, and the right nipple in my mouth, working tongue around it and letting her feel my breathe on her skin.

My dick was so hard in my pants it was hurting, but I ignored it and let her feel the pleasure my lips brought as she moaned. She pushed my head down between her legs her hands brushing through my hair. I unbuttoned her jeans and rolled them down to see her wet yellow thong, which I removed with my mouth. I paused in shock of just how sexy she was, unhappy with that she almost angrily pushed my mouth onto her tight lower lips which I began to eat, my tongue trying to make its way deeper inside of her, I couldn't stand it anymore my dick was so interracial bondage with big tit sophie dee, I unzipped my pants and began to jack off, she looked at my dick freshly shaven from the night before and pushed me off of her, still tasting her juices and sweat she kissed me and fondled my balls, even though my hard dick wanted the attention.

She lowered herself sliding her tongue down my chest and down to my dick which she began to lick like a lollipop. When my dick was covered with her saliva she took the head in her mouth and rolled it over her tongue tasting my salty precum, she couldn't take my whole dick in her mouth but she bobbed her her head up and down taking at least the first 4 inches, I couldn't take it, my balls screamed and tightened and I felt myself erupt and pour the most amount of cum I've ever came in my life.

She shut her mouth while I did, keeping every drop in her mouth, which she swallowed.


My dick softened but not by much by her continual attention to my sensitive dick. Even though I had just cum I couldn't control myself I was still hungry to be inside her. I stood up and pulled her legs open, her eyes wide as my hard dick head probed her pussy looking for her hole, "im a virgin" she said, i was too but i didnt tell her that, " oh im sorry i didn't know", as i pulled away, " no" she said putting her hands on my ass pulling me closer," do you have a condom?" She asked.

I did, but told her I when I took her virginity I wanted to do it without the rubber, i would put it on after.


She took my dick and placed it in her hole, which I almost couldn't fit in, she gasped in pain and the first couple inches of my dick stretched her hole out, I kept sliding in until I felt something stop me. We made eye contact, "are you sure?" I asked. She placed her hands on my hips and pulled me in, I felt it break, and she cried out.

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I felt her muscles squeeze me and milk me, I pulled out and rolled a condom onto my dick slowly. I went back in, it was the tightest thing I've ever felt, she was sensitive but she was ok with me fucking her at a good pace.

She was so wet I felt her juice run down my leg my balls already wet from her too. I slammed into her over and over until I felt it I felt her cum, her pussy clamped down on my dick so hard and she screamed and I couldn't hold it anymore I came so hard, pouring my seman in the condom. My cock pulsing and wet I rolled off her, tired, we both were sweating. We both lay there entwined for a couple hours before I had to leave because her parents were coming home, I left but not before she gave me a quick kiss by her door, her eyes sparkling and already wanting more.