Fat ass plumper seduces young lad big white booty and fat girlfriend

Fat ass plumper seduces young lad big white booty and fat girlfriend
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A few days have gone by since we went to the amusement park, and it's been non-stop like the last three weeks. We've done everything I could think of and then some; volleyball, drive-in, more shopping, they even slipped in some guy stuff for Chris and I like football, video games, we even went lasertagging. Through all that though, the best thing on the list will still be Fat Tuesday, there's always so much stuff to eat, and it never gets wasted. As long as that's on the list of stuff to do, I could put up with the rest of the stuff.

Even through all that though, you eventually start to wear down, and need to take a break, so yesterday I asked Ashley for a cool off day, which she protested, but with a promise by Chris and I to give all the women manicures and pedicures before we left that day, she agreed. That was yesterday we had the day off, and I know none of us did a damn thing the entire day.

Rita and I left the room a total of three times each, two bathroom breaks and a food run, and didn't answer our phones to anyone but family and Steph and Chris. Now it's the next day, and I find myself lying awake in bed at 8:07 in the morning, waiting for the call from Ashley that I know is coming. Playgirl is truly good at cock riding lay there all the way up to 8:30, and no call. She would've definitely called by now, so I took it as another day off, and happily flipped the blanket over my head, pulling it off Rita in the process.

When I woke up again it was a little chilly, mostly because Rita pulled the entire blanket back from me and was wrapped up in it. I would've stolen it back, but I was up anyway and she's been through a lot the last few days. It cute lesbian teen and her gf making out pussy rubbing and lesbians out she needed more than a day to rest. While she was still able to have sex, the friction from me pounding her non-stop for ten minutes bruised her a little.

We asked mom if anything was wrong just to be sure, and she explained away any fears by saying it was just her pussy's way of evolving with the sex, like how muscles rip when they get bigger, she was just surprised it took so long with all the sex we'd had. Mom told her she would be back to normal in a few days, and able to take almost anything with heightened pleasure.

As I thought about it, I decided to test out that theory, and I wanted to wake her up before she slept the day away, so what better way to kill two birds with one stone.

It took some effort, but I finally pulled the blanket off of her with groans of protest, and turned her so she was flat on her back with her legs spread a little. "Gimme the blanket back, its cold," Rita whined, still basically sleep.

I ignored her complaint and hooker her panties in my fingers and pulled them down and off, leaving her bare pussy right in my face. By now she was starting to wake up, but was still a little groggy, so I quickly dropped my face right in her pussy and started licking. "Oh my god! Why does it… oh my god!" Rita said now fully waking up.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but it didn't sound bad so I didn't let it distract me. I wasn't even two minutes in and she was already squeezing the sheets around her. I rubbed her soft milky thighs, which started to tremble a little as I suctioned my lips to her lips, not giving her a chance to focus on one thing.

"Randy, oh my god, it feels so good!" Rita moaned. "Keep doing that baby, don't stop!" It didn't take long for her hands to find my head and hold me in place. I looked up at the same time she looked down and we locked eyes, her biting her lip trying to hold in a loud groan she so desperately wanted to let out, and I with my nose tickling her clit while my tongue stabbed her pussy. We stayed locked for a second before I grabbed a tight hold of her thighs and went in for the kill.

The second my lips suctioned at her clit her back arched like she was possessed and her head flew back. I thought she was gonna rip the sheets she had so tight a grip on them.

"I- g- gon- cum!" Rita mumbled, words at that point hard to come by. I lifted her ass off the bed and held it in place with my hands and tickled her butthole with my thumb, then coated it with some of her juices and slid it right in, not even having to move it because with all her jerking around she was basically fucking herself with it.

that was the last straw, because she kicked her legs out which made me drop her back on the bed, but I followed her the whole way down. She tried to scoot away from me, but I was having no part of it. she backed up to the headboard until she was half leaning against it, half laying down, and threw her arms back to grab the top of it as she came violently against my tongue.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" she moaned, almost too loud. I looked at her the entire time she came, with her eyes closed, hands clenched tight to the headboard, and mouth open agape like they do in those animes as she soaked my face with squirt after squirt of pussy juice.

She looked so beautiful at that moment, even more so when her life energy drained from her body and she just sort of welted down half dazed half passed out, her pussy still right in my face. I finally got up from under and pulled her down so she was lying back on the bed again, and lay down next to her. "What the hell was that?" she said, finally able to form words. "I wanted you to get up, that seemed like the most logical way to do it." "Oh my god that was so intense!

What did you do?" "Nothing I don't usually do. Mom did say everything would be heightened on you now." "That's an understatement, as soon as you touched me I was jolted awake!" "Good to know, now if I need something from you I know how to get it." "You sound like Ashley, trying to bribe me. Speaking of Ashley did she call?

What time is it?" I looked at the clock to make sure. "10:37, I was up around eight but she never called so I went back to sleep, I guess we have another day off." "Good, I could use it after that. God I'm still so horny!" "Well we have another day off, we have all day to fix that. I'll go check and see if dad is still here then head to the bathroom." "I'm gonna lay here for a little bit, get my head together.

Don't take too long." I went downstairs to an empty kitchen, which was unusual for this house, but I thought nothing of it. I went back upstairs to mom and dad's room, I knocked then walked in, mom was in her closet rummaging around for something.

"Morning mom, dad still here?" "No, he left for work a little while ago, why, you need him for something?" "I just wanted to ask him something about the car, but it can wait till he gets back." "So what does Ashley have planned for you two today?" "Nothing, she didn't call, so I guess we have another day off.

She turned and looked at me with that grin I know all too well. "Really! No dad, no plans, there's nothing in the way of me taking advantage of you then, lucky you." "Rita and I already made plans though, we have a big day of video games and slouching around to catch up on, it looks like an all day project." "Screw video games, I'm the only project you're gonna have today.

Don't make me hunt you down Randy, you know how I get when I want something…" "I know all too well mom," I smiled as I left the room. I went to go to the bathroom but someone was already in there. I knocked (for whatever reason) and Aunt Lisa opened the door wearing a towel that was way too small for her. "Don't stare, unless you're gonna do something about it," she said.

"All the towels in here and you grab that small ass baby one?" "I like this baby towel, it compliments my figure. What? You don't think it looks good?" I held her gaze as she looked at me. "I smell ulterior motives…" She grinned and walked up to my ear.

"That's not ulterior motives you're smelling." I'm not gonna lie, when she said that, my cock twitched. She kissed my ear and walked back to her room, giving me a full view of her half covered ass, I guess that towel wasn't so bad after all.

I went back to our room and opened the door to see Rita playing with herself, one hand squeezing her tit, and the other rubbing her pussy. She saw me come in and close the door and started to rub faster.

She rubbed herself so horny girl was taken in butthole nuthouse for uninhibited therapy I thought she was gonna give herself Indian burn, then she let out this little high pitched squeak and slunk back into the bed.

"You just have an orgasm?" I asked. "Yeah a little one, not like the ones I'm used to though." "What if I was dad coming in and you're just there playing with yourself?" "Then I bet you he'd knock from now on. I had to entertain myself since you weren't here." "I was gone like five minutes!

Bunch of nymphos living here." "In girl time that's like an hour, enough time to go shopping, make dinner, have sex…" "I call bullshit on the shopping." "Smartass. Wait, why'd you say that bunch of nymphos thing? Which one of them hit on you?" "Both of them." "Figures, anytime you go somewhere alone they're not far behind." "Awww you don't have to be jealous, I know what I have," I said as I crept on the bed over her.

"And don't you forget it." She hooked her legs around me and yanked me down so I was on top of her xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 met her lips to mine, and grinds on my cock when she feels it start to get hard. "I knew you were gonna come in here and fuck her," Aunt Lisa said from the door.

"What?" I asked stupidly as both Rita and I sat up.

Mom son bsd top mm

"Honestly, why do you even have a lock on your door? You never use it," mom said. "I practically threw myself at you out there! I did everything but tell you to fuck me." "Don't be mad Aunt Lisa, he just loves me more that's all," Rita gloated.

"Yeah ok, next time I'll just be more blunt, no more trying to be cute." "What do you mean next time? Who said anything about a next time." "There's always a next time, you should know that by now dear.

You can't be around him all the time," mom smiled as they left the room. "We need to get out of here, I don't feel like fighting them off all day," Rita said. "We'll be fine in here, you can take them both by yourself." "Yeah but I don't WANT TO! They get scrappy when they're horny." "Sounds like someone else I know…" "Let's go take a shower, we can figure it out in there." "We grabbed our towels and my phone just in case and headed to the bathroom.

Since she was basically naked she ran the water and got in first. When I stepped in she already had her hair lathered up and was halfway done washing herself.

"Somewhere you gotta be? I asked. "I feel all icky, like I haven't taken a shower in days." "Probably all the dried up cum, that happens to me sometimes too." Surprisingly cocked guy fucked a lot of whores didn't try anything, we just washed up, rinsed off and got out, nothing special. Rita went back to the room and I went downstairs in my towel to grab everything we'd need for cereal and headed back upstairs.

We turned on Supernatural and ate some Cinnamon Toast Crunch while Sam and Dean killed off another demon. We were halfway through our cereal when Chris called, probably wondering if Ashley called us.

"What's up Chris." "Nothing, did Ashley call you?" "Nope, you?" "Not yet, I'm kinda hoping she doesn't. it's fun and all, but I just need a break." "Yeah same here. If she hasn't called yet she probably won't." "She could be messing with us, it is Ashley." "Don't jinx it man! Now if she calls I get to punch you in the face." "Haha yeah ok.

Do you have any plans or anything?" "Yep, kick back and do nothing, with some video games thrown in there." "Yeah I figured, gonna be a dogs day afternoon for me too." When he said that a thought clicked in my head.

"You just reminded me of something." "I'm always reminding you of something." "Yeah well I had a reason to forget this time, luckily she didn't call us today." "Well if you plan on going somewhere fun hit us up, we're not doing anything either." "Alright cool man." "HI CHRIS BYE CHRIS!" Rita yelled towards the phone as I was hanging up. "You couldn't say that at any point before I hung up?" "It was easier to do it that way." I smiled as I cheating blonde dirtbag busted sucking dick on hidden spy camera my last bite of cereal.

It was a good thing Chris called, the lady from the pet store called a week ago, the puppy was available and she was holding it for me, as long as I came to get it before the month was up, I cut it pretty close. "Still wanna get out of the house?" I asked. "Yeah, where we going?" "It's a surprise, Chris reminded me about it." "Can you at least give me a hint?" "Nope, anything I say could give it away." "You suck!" "You won't be saying that later, but you'll wanna do it," I grinned.


"Yeah we'll see." We got dressed and Rita headed down to the car. I grabbed some money out of my stash and was on the way out the door when I was cut off by mom. "Where do you two think you're going? Trying to sneak off huh?" "I'm going to get that puppy from the pet store that Rita wanted." "Did you tell your father?

You know how he feels about dogs." "I was gonna call him from the store so he could hear how excited Rita was." "He could still say no, then Rita would've gotten her hopes up." "Come on mom, you know dad can't say no to Rita, he bought her a freakin pony remember?" "That lasted all of three weeks.

Who knew it cost that much to feed a pony…" "Yeah, so a dog shouldn't be any trouble at all, if not, I have a trick up my sleeve." "Mm-hmm ok, you let me know how that turns out. In the meantime, don't take too long getting back here, I have plans and I need you to be here." I nodded and went out the door to see Rita glaring at me through the car window.

"What were you doing? You don't tell a girl you have a surprise for her and then make her wait, that's bad for your health," she said as I got in the car. "I was talking to mom about it, she was a little skeptical." "Why is she worried, it's my gift isn't it?" "Yeah she was just a little unsure that's all." "Well whatever it is she'll deal with it, now I'm even more excited!

Let's go!" We drove off down the street with Rita trying to get clues from me to find out where we were going, but I wouldn't budge, I knew she would figure it out once we got close enough to the area. We came up on the plaza and the pet shop came into view; she looked at me and saw me grin, then looked in the direction I was looking in, then it clicked in her head. "I know where we're going I know where we're going!" she said bouncing in her seat.

"You think so do you," I said trying to play it off as long as I could. "We're going to get my puppy aren't we?" I didn't say anything, just smiled, but that was enough to give it away." "Eeeehhh! Thank you Randy! I love you so much!" she said extremely giddy now. "The lady called a week ago and said the puppy was good to go, up to date on all his shots, clean bill of health, everything, we just needed to come get him." "I can't believe I get my puppy!

I love you so much, you're the best brother boyfriend ever!" "Just don't say that last part too loud." As soon as I shut the car off Rita took off into the pet store. I smiled to myself as I locked the car and went in after her, to see that she already had it out of the cage and was playing with it on the floor, the lady was laughing as she watched them both bond almost immediately.

"I think they like each other," the lady said when she saw me coming. "Yeah I think so. Is he all ready to go?" "Yep, we can take care of all the paperwork and payment over here." "Ok, let me just make one quick call and I'll be right over." She nodded and walked over to the table and I pulled out my phone and called dad.

"Hey son, you caught me right at my break." "Hey dad. I need to ask for a small favor." "Sure, what's up?" "Can Rita and I get a puppy?" I could hear him spit out whatever he was drinking.

"What? Why do you want a puppy?" "Rita really wants one, and I do too, come on dad…" "I don't know Randy, I've never had good lock with dogs." "This is different. It's a lot better than having a full grown pony…" "Don't remind me about that, I don't know what I was thinking." "And it's a puppy, so we can train him from the ground up since he's young." "I don't know…" "Come on dad, we hung out with Ashley like you wanted us to…" "Playing that card.

The difference with that is that's temporary, the dog isn't." It'll make Rita really happy…" I heard him sigh, always a good sign with dad. "Fine, but any problems she's gone, got it?" "Got it, thanks dad." "Yeah yeah. See you at home." I hung up and walked over to the lady. "We'll take him." "Great! You're getting a wonderful little guy, so happy and energetic." "She is too, they haven't stopped rolling around on the floor since we got here." I paid for the puppy and Rita scooped him up and waved goodbye with the puppy's paw as we left the store.

There was a Petco across the street so I figured might as well buy him the lot of what he'll need since we were out. Rita took him across the street while I pulled the car into the parking lot. I met her inside, she latina teen lilith shayton fuck in her sweet pussy the dog in the cart along with a turkish serpme for movies click my account amateur video of dog food, chew toys, bones, bowls, a doggie bed, and an extended leash, she went all out.

"I'll pay pretty blonde biatch takes black cocks in her fuckholes all this since you bought me him, gotta make sure my little man is happy!" "I'm sure him and all his friends will be happy with all the stuff in that cart!" "Nothing but the best for my… for my little… I don't know what to call him yet." "Don't rush it, I'm sure it'll come to you.

Do we need anything else while we're here?" "A doghouse, but I don't have enough for one…" "We can get dad to buy one, or mom, he's trained so he doesn't need one yet." I chipped in and helped pay for the stuff since it was a little more that Rita thought it would be. My stash had took a big hit today, as I knew it would, but to see her face light up when she knew she was finally getting her puppy was well worth it, besides, with mom and dad, there's plenty more where that came from.

I drove us home with Rita in the back seat wrestling with her new companion. I couldn't help but laugh at his little barks whenever she would get the best of him. "Hey you two, knock it off back there!" I joked. "Sorry DAD, he started it," Rita replied, the dog barking back to defend himself. I pulled into the driveway and we went straight into the backyard, where mom was sitting in one of her lounge chairs reading a book. "Mom look!

Isn't he so cute!" Rita said as she held him out for her to see. "Aww look at the little puppy! Your father isn't gonna like this." "He will once he gets used to him, how can you not like this little guy," I said petting him.

"I guess we'll find out once he gets here. What's in the bag?" "A whole bunch of doggie stuff, she practically bought him the whole store!" I said. "Come look see what I got, he has bones… chew things, kibbles and bits…" "I'll be right back, I'm gonna run upstairs for a minute," I said. I went upstairs to our room and checked the money I had on me with the money I had left in my stash, $234, which is hardly anything nowadays, but I'd have to make the most of it.

I put the money back and took off my shirt to change it when I saw Aunt Lisa standing at the door, still in her towel, but having applied some fruit flavored lotion that made her look almost shiny with the light hitting her.

She had that look, but I wasn't gonna get caught up in it this time. "I gotta get back downstairs to Rita, we just got a dog." "I heard. Don't worry, for once I'm not trying to seduce you." "Oh, ok then. Did you wanna come see the puppy?" "Why not, I love puppies, but there's something I gotta do first." "Ok, I'll meet you down there, everyone's in the backyard. I turned around to get another shirt out of my drawer and heard my door close, since I knew Aunt Lisa just left Asian in a fishnet outfit gets plowed didn't think anything of it, but when I heard the door lock, I knew I was in trouble.

The second I turned around Aunt Lisa was there, and she pushed me back on the bed and straddled me, holding my arms down with her hovering over me. "What the hell? I thought you had something to do!" "I'm about to do it, you, however you wanna say it, you're gonna get fucked." "You said you weren't trying to seduce me." "I'm not, I'm gonna skip all that and get straight to the sex.

Don't act like you don't want it." "Nope, you're raping me, I'm not admitting to anything, how does that make you feel…" She saw my hard-on and had the only answer she needed.

"Like a woman." She got up on her knees and stripped the towel off, bearing her huge tits and neatly trimmed landing strip to me in all its glory. As much of a fight I put up, I knew it would do no good, unless Rita came in, then I had a chance, but for now, I was at her mercy. Her pheromones slowly crept into the room and into my nostrils, cutting my will power in half, to the point where I was almost powerless to anything she did, almost.

She pulled me out of my pants and babe cherry kiss bangs hard in the backseat for free ride my cock in her right hand, when I tried to sit up she pushed me back down with her other, and when I tried again she put my cock in her mouth, I stopped trying. "I knew you would behave if I did that." sleeping0mom fucky his son uncensored xstorys you ambush me just to suck my cock?

Why?" "Because its Saturday, do I need a reason?" she asked as she put my cock back in her mouth. I tried to resist, for all the good it did, but she was just too good at it. trying to convince myself I didn't want this was wasting too much energy, and it wasn't working in the least.

She put both her hands on my thighs and started deepthroating two big booty slut and one big black cock in long, slow strokes, which is the absolute best head you could possibly get.

I looked down just as she looked up and she winked at me without breaking her concentration. I fell back onto the bed and she took my hand and put it on her head, giving me control of how fast she went. She had gotten me so relaxed and into it I almost didn't hear the door open, and I knew in a second Rita would put an end to our little sex act. Part of me was relieved, but the bigger part was kinda disappointed that it came right in the middle of some of the best head.

I lay there waiting for something to be said, but nothing came, I just heard some rummaging around or something, and when I was about to sit up to see what was going on, a bare thigh swung over my head and moms naked, clean shaven pussy came in contact with my face, literally smashed it to my face.

"What the hell Anna, how did you get in here, I locked the door!" Aunt Lisa said. "My house remember? I have keys to every lock in here." "But I… ah fuck it, I'm too horny to argue." I felt Aunt Lisa's mouth close back around my cock as mom held my head in both hands and ground her pussy all over my mouth, like she was trying to get her smell all over my face.

"That's right baby, eat mommy's pussy, eat it nice and good," mom moaned. With moms legs blocking my peripherals and her pussy directly over me, my sense of sight was gone, so I focused on the smells and noises around me. My sense of taste and touch was already being taken care of with her pussy leaking its juice into my mouth and all over my face as I held her big soft ass firmly in place over me; she always tasted so good that I would never complain, and I would never tell her.

I could hear the faint sound of Aunt Lisa fingering her wet pussy as she sucked and slurped on my cock to the point where if she kept that up I would be shooting in her mouth soon. If Rita so much as come into the house there would be no way she couldn't know something was going on, the smell of sex was so strong in the room you could smell it down the street. Suddenly though the feeling of Aunt Lisa's mouth around my cock was just a memory, but it was replaced by her straddling me and stuffing my cock into her waiting pussy.

It slid in with ease she was so wet, even though her pussy was gripping my cock tightly. "Ooh yeah that's it, that first moment it always the best," Aunt Lisa moaned. Mom got up and turned around so she faced Aunt Lisa and began making out with her as she rode my cock.

I spread moms ass cheeks apart and trailed my tongue up and down her pussy, and used my thumb to massage her asshole. "Someone's feeling a little naughty today are we?" mom asked. "I figured if I did something naughty you would let me up," I suggested.

"Mmm nah, but feel free to keep doing what you're doing." I could feel the weight of Aunt Lisa as she slammed herself down on me, each time trying to outdo her last thrust.

Mom leaned forward to she could kiss Aunt Lisa as she rode me, which made her push her ass against my face repeatedly, like she was punching me. I tried to motion for her to slow it down, but her attention was elsewhere, so I slapped her ass cheek as hard as I could, making it echo around the room as well as make her jump in place and squeal.

"What was that for?" "You were punching me with your ass, I was starting to get dizzy." "Maybe it knocked some sense into you to stop resisting." I took my finger, coated it in her juices and slid it right into her ass as far as it would go." "Oooh yeah now you're getting the picture, do some more of that!" I forgot for a split second mom like anal, so I didn't do anything but make her hornier.

She rolled off of me and held my arms down with her tits hanging over my head as Aunt Lisa leaned forward and braced herself on my chest so she could fuck me harder. "Fuck I'm gonna cum on this cock! This teenage cock!" Aunt Lisa moaned. She squeezed her tit and sucked the nipple while she kept the other hand placed firmly on my chest and ground her pussy into me. I could see her eyes closed as she tried to hold out as long as she could, that was when moms big swinging breasts weren't in the way.

I timed it so when one of her nipples dragged across my lip I caught it in my mouth and sucked on it. she moaned as I bit it and sucked on it then switched to the other and did the same thing. Aunt Lisa was now leaning back on her hands with her head thrown back slamming herself down while her huge tits swung in motion.

Mom crawled back over me and sucked on Aunt Lisa's tits, and I took the bigtits babe rides and sucks cock pussylicking and glamcore to put my finger back in moms ass. "Someones obsessed with his moms ass today," mom said as she smiled over her shoulder. I didn't say anything, I just kept shaking it and working my finger in and out as Aunt Lisa worked my cock.

I heard her moans get louder, but they were cut off by mom leaning forward and kissing her. She pinched Aunt Lisa's nipples frantically as she rode me, making sure to not break lip contact. The pressure seemed too much for Aunt Lisa because she ripped away from mom and let out a loud, straight from the lungs moan I'm sure everyone in a ten mile radius heard. "Fuck!

Oh my god don't move Randy! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Aunt Lisa screamed. Mom never let up on pinching her nipples as she came, which probably made her orgasm that much better. When she had finally went through her orgasm, she used what little control she had left to lift herself off of me, then immediately plopped down on the bed.

Mom didn't waste any time putting her face right into Aunt Lisa's pussy and licking it clean, in the process making her ass arch into the air, like an unwritten invitation to be fucked.


I slid out from under them (which took a little longer than expected) and got right behind moms ass, which had a small gape from when I fingered her earlier.

I decided to wait on fucking her in the ass and went straight into her pussy, reaching up and grabbing her shoulders to pull back on as my cock slid in stunning brunette evelin deville masturbates pussy masturbation smalltits I could get as much of it in her as possible. "You've been playing with my ass this whole time but stick it in my pussy?

Tease," mom said. I shut her up by pulling out all the way and slamming back in, making her moan repeatedly on both occasions. Out of the three of them, I swear mom has the best ass, not to put down Aunt Lisa or Rita by any means, but moms is just fuller and when I slam against it her ass cheeks jiggle to perfection, which is why I have to fuck her doggystyle anytime we have sex, I love that shit.

I watched my cock slide in and out of her pussy as her ass bounced around it, and the whole time she had her head in Aunt Lisa's crotch eating her pussy. I don't know how she was able to put up with that after just cumming, if it were Rita she would've pushed me off because she would be too sensitive to even breathe on, but Aunt Lisa just took it in stride.

I focused my attention back on fucking mom, moaning in between eating Aunt Lisa, and rubbed her ass with my thumb. I made sure it was good and wet and pulled my cock out of her pussy and put it at her asshole, I pushed the tip in then grabbed her hips and pulled her back on the rest of it. She immediately picked her head up from Aunt Lisa's crotch. "Fuck yeah baby! Fuck your mother in the ass with that big cock!" I took my hands off her hips and let mine do all the work.

She removed herself from Aunt Lisa completely and sat up on her hands to meet me thrust for thrust. Each time I pushed forward and she pushed back I was rewarded with a appreciative groan and a wave that seemed to glide across her ass each time it met my hips. Aunt Lisa crawled out from under mom and walked over behind me and ran her hands across my chest.

"You love her ass don't you? You light up whenever you fuck her doggystyle," Aunt Lisa said. I didn't say anything, and she wasn't looking at me to know I had on a shitty poker face, and mom was too busy getting fucked to care about turning around. "It's ok, you don't have to say anything, I love her ass too, especially the way it bounces when you slam that big cock of yours in it," she whispered as she kissed along my neck.

She dropped her hands to my hips and helped me fuck mom, all the while moaning and kissing my ear right behind me, which was making me really fucking hot. "You wanna cum in that ass don't you?

You wanna squirt your young cum her mature ass and watch her cum while you do it, I know you do." Her dirty talk right in my ear as she rubbed my chest was really turning me on, and when she nibbled on my ear I all but cum right there. "Come on baby, I wanna feel you jerk as you pour that hot seed in your mom's ass." "I wanna feel it too, come on baby, cum inside me, just keep looking at my ass bounce against that big cock" mom moaned as she looked at me over her shoulder.

She knew I loved her ass and used it against me, and Aunt Lisa's hands trailing down my chest as she kissed my neck didn't help either. "He's about to cum, I can feel him tensing up," Aunt Lisa said. "That's it baby, cum inside me, fill me up with that hot cum," mom groaned gripping the sheets.

She was right, I was right there on the edge, and japanese game show mon n son so many things going on I couldn't hold out any longer.

I grabbed moms hips hard and slowed down each thrust with a hard smash into her ass until I lodged my cock deep into her and sprayed my load inside her. Aunt Lisa pressed her body flat against mine and held onto me as I shuddered inside mom, who by now had dropped her arms on the bed and had her face buried in the blanket.

When I finished cumming, I dropped my hands off her hips and just stood there while moms ass slowly dropped to the bed, making my cock slip out of her leaving a small trail of cum behind.

"That was fucking hot! Did you cum Anna?" Aunt Lisa asked. "Oh yeah, right at the end, nice and hard. Sorry about the sheets." Aunt Lisa stretched around my and grabbed my softened cock and started stroking it. "He just had quite the workout, making two grown women cum isn't an easy task." "Workout my ass, you two raped me," I said still trying to keep up my act.

"I've never seen someone enjoy being raped so much, we should do it more often," mom said. "Bunch of nymphos," I mumbled under my breath. "Yes we are, don't you love that about us? Anytime. Anywhere," Aunt Lisa said as she let go of my cock. "Well its back to monica mattos aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures shower, can't walk around smelling like sex all day, or can I?" "You can, but I have an ass full of cum that'll run out all day if I don't take care of it, so I'll be sitting in a hot bath," mom said.

"That sounds like a good idea, maybe I'll take one too while Randy rests up for round two." "Yeah you hold on to that, you've had enough for three rounds," I said. "When will you ever learn Randy? We will never have enough we're just held over for a while, the sooner you learn that the better all our sex lives will be," Aunt Lisa said. "He knows, he just wants to put up a fight is all.

We all know what's going through his head. When you're ready for more, you know where to find us," mom said as she and Aunt Lisa grabbed up their stuff and left the room. I sat down on the bed somewhat exhausted, but a good exhausted. They never failed to get their point across and exit the room on a high note, damn women. They set me up, ambushed me, had their way with me, and left all in a span of a little over an hour and are going about their day like nothing is out of the ordinary, and gloating that they can do it anytime they wanted, which was most likely true.

They got exactly what they wanted without a single interruption from anyone or anything and were gone before anyone could figure out anything, which only kept sending one question through my head, where the hell was Rita? I put some clothes on and headed downstairs, I knew mom and Aunt Lisa were in the tub so no reason to check upstairs at all.

I looked through the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the basement, no Rita, so I went to the last place I saw her, and wouldn't you know it, she was still there, playing fetch and rolling around with the dog. "There you are Randy, where you been?" "Me? I was upstairs getting raped by the Desperate Housewives of America, where were you?" "I was here playing with Tibbles, oh yeah that's his name now, my little Tibbles!" "Yeah they probably knew you would stay here and took advantage of you being distracted." "It's ok, they're allowed one I guess." "What?

Before it was touch me and die, now it ok go ahead? I'm getting replaced." "You're not getting replaced, I just got him, and I'm supposed to be like this the first day." "Now every time they see you playing with him they're gonna pounce, I'm only one man Rita, I can't fight them both off, hell I can't even fight one of them off." She gave me that "you worry too much" look and threw a stick so Tibbles could chase it.

I glanced around the yard and looked up at the window to see both of them in towels looking out at me, grinning. "See! It's starting already!" I motioned to the window and Rita looked at both of them smiling at us, taunting us, showing they had the upper hand without saying a word.

Rita grabbed my hand and walked towards the kitchen where they were looking out, the yard was closed in so she left Tibbles to play with his toys, but he followed us anyway. We made our way back to the kitchen where they were both still standing, with those smug grins still on their face. "I don't know what you did, but don't try to make a habit out of it," Rita said. "We didn't do anything you wouldn't do, just had some fun with Randy is all," Aunt Lisa said.

"So you jump him while I was distracted for a quick second?" "A quick second? We were all MIA for over an hour and you didn't even budge from that spot!

You didn't even notice when I didn't come back, when any of us didn't come back! All we had to do was make sure you were still playing with the dog and we knew we had all the time in the world to play with Randy, which I'm positive he enjoyed," mom said.

"So what now? Every time I play with Tibbles you're gonna go after Randy?" "It's no different than before you got the dog, just now there's another distraction in the picture, we don't want Randy to feel neglected," Aunt Lisa said. "Its still the first day! I'm supposed to be like this! Its one day!" "A lot can happen in one day. The first time you two had sex did you just stop at that one time?

Hell no you didn't, you've barely been apart since then, fucking and doing whatnot every chance you got. You getting the dog is no different, you're gonna play with every chance you have, and when Randy wants to do something you say "I gotta feed the dog first" or "I gotta take the dog for a walk" or something along those lines, it's only a matter of time," mom said.

"Wow you guys are really piling it on, I was just joking," I said. "We're just giving her a heads up on what COULD happen, doesn't mean it have to, but it'll work out better for us if it did," Aunt Lisa said.

"Well now its definitely not gonna happen, thanks for the heads up. You guys take Tibbles, I'll take Randy, I'm sure you can figure out something to do with him," Rita said. We started to walk off and Tibbles tried to follow us, but cried when Rita held her hand up and motioned him not to.

He sat there with his sad puppy face and watched us walk off, I kinda felt bad for him, getting attached so quickly just to be put on his own because of two devious mature sex crazed nymphos who won't let a day go by without trying to get in your pants, well when you say it like that it doesn't sound so bad. We went upstairs and closed the door and locked it, and I took a chair and held it under the door for extra security. "Trust me, we need it there," I said when Rita gave me a strange look.

"They were really trying to get in your head down there, they never run out of tricks to mess with us." She sat there on the bed looking sad and sexy brunette impaled on dick hardcore and massage something at the same time, not bothering to look up, just twiddling her fingers as she sat there. "Rita what's wrong? You didn't let them get to you did you?" "You think they're right?

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That I'd push you to the side to spend more time with Tibbles?" "Its like you said, it's the first day you got him, you're supposed to be excited about stuff like that.

Remember when mom and dad bought me my first play station?" "Yeah, you didn't come out of your room for three days! If I didn't bring you something to eat and drink you'd have been dead with a controller in your hand!" "Yeah see? Its only normal that you're supposed to act like that." "But this is mature and teen enjoying facesitting lesbian and babe live dog, not a game.

You can turn a game off and not worry about it, but a dog will want all your time, he'll follow you and want you to play with him, then you have to feed him and take him for walks and all kinds of stuff, stuff that takes up time." "Ok. There's one major loophole in your scenario though…" "What's that?" "Who said you had to do all that by yourself?

Last time I checked I liked dogs too, I just gave you the first day because you wanted a dog ten times more than I did, and when you saw him I knew he was the one, it just so happens mom and Aunt Lisa saw and opportunity with you distracted and pounced, which with us isn't out of the ordinary. I don't know why they'd point it out though, something like that you'd think they'd keep to themselves and capitalize on it, unless they were genuinely concerned the dog might come between us…" "When they're horny, genuine is hard to distinguish on then," Rita laughed.

"Yeah, but why else tell us, they could've just let it happen, even help you to do more with Tibbles, but they chose to help instead." "Yeah, but it could just be a ploy to get on our good side so we wouldn't fight them as much." "Did it work?" Rita sighed.

"Yeah kinda. They have a weird way of helping." "They have a weird way of doing everything, but at least they mean well by it." "I could recall you saying you were getting raped by the Desperate Housewives of America…" "Well it wasn't all bad," I smiled. She laughed as she punched me in the arm. "I would never do that to you, I couldn't go a day without seeing you, let alone touching you, even if it's just a kiss, I'd go crazy." "Like when me, dad, Chris and his dad had that day where it was just us?" "I hated that day.

That was the first time in a long time we were ever apart for that long. I didn't know what to do with myself, if Stephanie wasn't there I probably would've stayed in bed all day until you got back. "Imagine if we'd took a week vacation…" "Don't even joke like that, I couldn't make it through the week." "Me neither, I was trying hard not to text you every hour I was with them." "Me too, but I didn't wanna be clingy, I know all guys hate that." "I know all guys hate that." "Yeah, but it's nice every once in a while, shows your girl really cares about you." "Noone comes before you, if anyone told you different, fuck em." I laughed and fell back onto the bed, Rita following and laying her head on my chest.

I put my arm around her as we lay in silence, and eventually the silence got to us and before we knew it, we nodded off. I slowly regained consciousness as wiped the sleep from my eyes and checked the clock, 7:14, we'd been asleep for a little more than two hours.

I sat up bringing Rita me who just started to wake up too, though she woke up faster than I did. "How long we been sex sunny leone xstorys com Rita asked. "A little over two hours. Chair is still on the door so we didn't get molested in kandi hart likes to get drilled hard sleep." "That's what you think…" Rita smiled as she got up.

"So what do you wanna do now?" I thought for a second, then thought of the perfect thing. "Let's take Tibbles for a walk." "Yeah that's perfect, that way we can all stretch out legs.

His stuff is still in the backyard." I took the chair off the door and we headed downstairs to see mom and Aunt Lisa on the couch gossiping about a tv show with Tibbles sitting in between their feet. When he saw us he popped up and ran towards us to be scooped up in Rita's arms. "Who's a good boy? You behaving for the two crazy ladies?" "Hey we heard that," mom said as she broke from her conversation. "Not all crazy is bad crazy, well except in your case we'll make an exception." "Says the girl who fucked her brother so hard her pussy was broken for three days," mom said.

"Yeah but it was worth it," Rita said flashing back to the day. "So what are you doing now that you're taking a break from sex?" Aunt Lisa asked. "We're gonna take Tibbles for a walk," I said. "Just remember what we said Rita, we won't hesitate to do it again." "Don't try to play all tough Aunt Lisa, we know what you two were just trying to make sure I wouldn't neglect Randy. You couldn't just come out and say it though?" "What fun would that have been?" "And did you have to fuck Randy to get your point across?" "Yes we did, it was absolutely necessary, and a lot of fun," mom jumped in.

"Well you win some you lose some, we're gonna walk around the block a few times, we shouldn't be gone that long," Rita said as we headed out the door. "Ok. We'll be here, eating each other's pussies," mom said. I whipped my head back around not sure what they said, and they just sat there smiling at me. Rita pulled me out the door away from their trap just before I got sucked in. "I don't think Tibbles needs to see that," Rita said as we turned the corner. "We should probably get him neutered so there aren't any Tibble Jr's out there." "Nooo, I can't do that to him, at least not while he's still a puppy…" "Ok, then I'll let you tell dad when he has six kids we have to take care of." "Fine, you know dad won't say no to me anyway." "About as much as mom won't take amateur blonde riding cock and cum swallow for an answer…" "With as flirty as mom is, I'm surprised she settled down." "I was thinking that too, dad must have really made an impression." "I would've liked to see mom in action when she was young, Aunt Lisa too, I bet they had every boy in the state at their door trying to get a date." "You take after both of them, how come every boy in the state isn't at our door trying to get a date with you?" "Because I wouldn't give them the time of day, you made a hell of an impression." "Doesn't stop them from trying, remember Cedar Point?

You got hella hit on." "Any girl in a bathing suit has the potential to be hit on." "Especially if she's a blonde in a hello kitty bikini." "You have a point. Maybe I should go to the beach and…" "No that's ok, whatever you were gonna say that's ok. We'd walked the next half hour in silence just watching Tibbles jump around for no apparent reason other than he was able to.

We'd paced our neighborhood and decided that was enough for the day, even though Tibbles could have walked his little legs off. "So what do you wanna do now?" I said, not really wanting to go back home.

"I don't know, we did so much lately I don't know what's left to do." "Maybe Stephanie and Chris know something, they did say call if we got bored." As I was scrolling through my contacts to find Chris' name, Ashley called, blaring that loud ringtone for all of outside to hear, which by the way makes me look like a jackass for having that attached to someone's name.

"What's up Ashley." "Party at my house, 10:00, get over here!" "10:00? Its not even 8:30 yet, why do we have to come now?" "Because we have a lot of stuff to set up." "You have Rita's number too, why don't you ever call her?" "We don't have time for twenty one questions Randy, get a move on!" She hung up and I clipped my phone back on the case.

"Well if you didn't hear Ashley's having a party and we have to go help set up." "Well it does give us something to do, and Steph and Chris will be there, why not." We walked Tibbles back home and set him up horny milfs suck and fuck their toy boy the backyard and left the door cracked so he could get in if he wanted to.

Mom and Aunt Lisa were nowhere to be found, and Aunt Lisa's car was gone, so we left a note and were in the car on the way to Ashley's. Since Rita was driving I called Chris to give him a heads up about the incoming call from Ashley. "Hey man, Ashley's about to call you to come to a party at her house." "Yeah she already did, we're on the way now. Apparently she felt like throwing a last minute party and called all of us to help set it up.

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Its ok though, I'm drinking a whole case by myself." "Yeah I'd like to see that, you'd pass out by the sixth beer." "Just for that, you gotta match me beer for beer now, loser buys lunch for a week." "You know what, deal?

My wallet could use a break." Haha alright man, see you at Ashley's." What the hell did I just do? I put my foot in my mouth big time is what I did. I'm such a lightweight drinker I have trouble getting through two beers, let alone having a contest with someone, but I couldn't let him win, it's a man pride thing, the only problem was my man pride was gonna cost me big time, literally.

We pulled up to Ashley's and saw Steph and Chris' car already there with a few others, I still don't know who drives what. We knocked on the door and were let in by Ashley who was directing everyone on how she wanted everything to go.

"Bout time you got here! How come you're always the last ones to show up?" "Because we live across town while everyone else lives like five minutes away…" I said. "Who throws a party last minute? I was playing with my new puppy," Rita added. "I do, come on we have a lot to do. Randy, you and Chris are on furniture duty, Rita and Stephanie, you go and get the utensils, pop, chips, and ice, Dana and Becky you two go get the beer and liquor, and Carina you order the pizza and wings and pick it up when it's done." "And while we're running around with our heads cut off what will you be doing?" "Supervising.

Someone has to make sure everything gets done." "In other words, get to work slaves while I sit on my throne and watch," Chris joked.

"House rules. Ok everyone get moving people will start showing up in an hour." Rita, Steph, Becky, and Dana got the money and list of stuff to get from Ashley and left while Carina called the pizza place and Chris and I were doing all the manual labor, moving couches over here, sliding tables over there, setting up coolers around the tables, moving TV's so they were away from the food and drinks but still in the room, we were doing a lot. "Ok, I got six pepperonis, six plain cheese, six meat lovers, and six supreme pizzas from Mikey's, and one hundred barbeque, one hundred hot, and one hundred garlic wings from BW3.

Mikey said you let him know earlier so the pizzas will be done in about forty-five minutes but the wings will be done by the time I get there," Carina said. "Jeez, you think that'll be enough?" Busty buffy loves anal toys in her 18yass porn story sex fairy tales flv joked.

"Ok that's one area down. We're gonna need more tables, run to the garage in the back and grab a few more foldout tables," Ashley said to us. "I'm eating a whole pizza by myself," I mumbled, which I'm sure she heard. We went to the garage and both grabbed a table each and took it in the house, then went back and grabbed one more just to be safe.

"How much is she spending on this party?" I asked Chris. "I don't know, twenty-four pizzas at about twelve bucks each, three hundred wings at seventy-five cents a wing, she'll probably spend a hundred, maybe a hundred fifty on pop, chips, and ice, at least two hundred on beer and another two, maybe three hundred on liquor?

She pulled out around $1200 for one party." "That's a down payment on a car." "Not to her, that's probably her weekly allowance as rich as her dad is." "Well as long as it doesn't go to her head," I joked as we headed back into the house. "Ok, set those tables up next to each other against that wall and bring the other over next to them.

The pizza will cameron canela in monster cock in little pussy on those two, the wings on those two, and the chips on those two, this one put over there, we can set the iPod dock on that one," Ashley said directing us with a wand that she seemed to pull out of nowhere.

"Anything else your majesty?" Chris joked as we finished the setup. "Majesty, I like that. Yeah we have nine jumbo coolers in the basement, bring them up and put two on each end of the tables and one over there by that table for the pop." We grabbed all the coolers and set them up as Rita and Steph got back with all the chips, pop, and ice and helped them bring it in, then loaded all the coolers with ice while they set up the chips and plates and stuff on the table.

We took all the lids off the coolers and stuffed as many pops as we could in the one, and waited for everyone else to get back with their stuff since there was nothing else we could do. kinky threesome action with a raven haired looker that what you two are wearing?" Ashley said to Rita and Steph.

"Yeah, what's wrong with what we have on?" Steph asked. "It's a party, come on live a little! I have some stuff perfect for both of you." "No that's ok, I'm pretty brunette babe london keys masterfully suck cock with what I have on," Rita said.

"Trust me, you're gonna look hot, come on, we have a few minutes." Ashley pulled them both upstairs, leaving Chris and I by ourselves in the big empty living room. "Don't forget the bet Randy, beer for beer," Chris reminded me. "I remember, we should change it to pizza slices." "Nope, don't chicken out now, you made your bed, now you gotta lie in it." "I got a feeling I'll be sleeping on the floor tonight…" They all came back downstairs in completely different outfits than they had on when they went upstairs.

Rita had on black yoga pants with that shirt that hangs off your arm on purpose and small black heels, Stephanie had on a denim mini skirt with a white playboy belly shirt and flip flops, and Ashley also had on a denim mini skirt but had on a tiny "Love Pink" shirt that clung to her body, also in flip flops.

Needless to say both Rita and Steph looked different, but damn good. "I don't think I have anything like this in my closet," Rita said as they walked up to us. "Neither do I, I've never worn a belly shirt in my life," Stephanie said. "You should more often, it looks good on you," Chris smiled. Before she could say anything Dana came through the door holding two big grocery bags.

"The rest is in the car, and Carina is back with the food, we could use some help." We all went outside and helped bring everything in and set it up. All the liquor and beer she bought barely managed to fit into the coolers, but we got it done, and when the pizza and wings were set up, I took a few slices of the meat lovers and some hot wings and sat down in the corner to eat while we waited for the party to start, which got me a staredown from Ashley.

"Think of it as payment for all that manual labor," I said as I stuffed my face. As I was finishing up the last of my food people started to show up, then more people, then before we knew it, the place was packed. There were wall to wall people with either a beer in their hand or a shot glass getting tipped back, and then refilled.

The music was blasting and everyone was on the floor dancing, everyone except for us. "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE WENT TO A PARTY LIKE THIS?" I yelled over the music. "NEVER! NOONE WE KNOW WOULD SPEND THEIR LIFE SAVINGS ON A PARTY!" Rita said back. Stephanie and Chris walked over to us, Chris with two beers, and Stephanie with two shot glasses, I got the beer and Rita got the shot glass of course.

"ITS CALLED INCREDIBLE HULK, EVERYONE SAYS ITS REALLY GOOD," Stephanie said. That was all Rita needed to try it, she and Stephanie tipped their heads back and emptied the glass in one go, but they still made that face you make when you kill a shot.

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YOU KNOW YOU'RE GONNA LOSE RIGHT? CHRIS CAN DRINK BEER LIKE ITS WATER," Stephanie yelled. "AS HE'S ABOUT TO FIND OUT. COME ON, DRINK UP MAN!" I took the beer from him and took a big sip of it, cringing up my face as I now remembered why I never go to drinking beer in the first place, the shit was nasty. Chris gave me that half smile like he already knew he won the bet, which ticked me off a little, but there was nothing I could do, I wasn't gonna chug that nasty ass beer and risk throwing up in the process.

The four of us stayed in that same spot the entire time the party was going on, occasionally moving to get more food or more drinks, but yeah, we were glued to that spot. Everyone around us was doing something remotely sexual, people were flirting, kissing, on the dance floor grinding on each other, we even saw a few couples disappear holding hands. Becky was among the ones kissing as she was sitting in some guys lap as he felt her up, but we couldn't tell what anyone else was doing because we couldn't find them, until we saw Ashley walking right towards us.



"I LIKE IT! SIX SHOTS OF WHATEVERS OVER THERE COMING UP!" Chris said. We walked to the drinks area and poured them each a shot of tequila, vodka, whiskey, hypnotiq, bicardi, and Hennessey, and grabbed a few beers for ourselves.


I nodded as I picked up the beer I'd been working on the whole night. The girls picked up their shots and killed them one by one, and with some strong encouragement, and will power, I matched Chris as we downed three beers back to back to back. While we were drinking the song "Shots" came on, and everyone in the party cheered and poured themselves one, Ashley had everyone hold their shot glass up and count to three, then knock it back.

I had to admit, I was having a blast, and so was everyone else around me. The four of us grabbed another shot for each hand and downed them right in front of everyone, who cheered as we were now the center of attention. I could feel the effects of all the alcohol finally start to take effect to the point where I was starting to get blurry vision, but by the looks of it everyone else seemed fine, in face, its like no one was affected at all but me.


"SHIT. NOW I'M JUST A SHOT AWAY FROM DOING SOMETHING STUPID," I said. "LIKE MAKING OUT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE?" Steph asked. I started to say something, but then I caught on to what she said just mature and teen share a bath toys she grabbed me and gave me a big wet kiss right in the middle of the floor.

My alcohol ridden body couldn't fully handle her body weight working against me and I slowly dropped to the floor, but Stephanie didn't let the whole time, she followed me the whole way down, even laid on top of me as we made out in front of everyone. "WHAT THE HELL," I heard Rita say, then a few seconds later she and Chris were right next to us on the floor.

We weren't doing anything but kissing, but everyone around us were cheering. "HELL YEAH, ORGY ON THE DANCE FLOOR!" some random guy shouted. "DO IT!

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DO IT! DO IT! DO Mother and son reap porn a crowd of people started chanting, which signaled it was time to cut our public make out session short. We got up off the floor (me taking longer than everyone else) to everyones disappointment and went back to our spot, drinks in hand, with Ashley close behind us.



"I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS, BUT ALL THAT BEER AND LIQUOR IS STARTING TO KICK IN BIG TIME, I'LL BE SLURRING MY WORDS IN A FEW MINUTES," I said. "WELL WHILE YOU STILL HAVE SOME CONTROL, LETS GET ONE MORE BEER," Chris said as he walked away from us to the table. "Don't take too long, I think I had one too many shots, I might need you to look after me," Stephanie whispered in my ear then kissed my cheek. "Hey, don't be trying to sneak and get some, I know what you're doing," Rita jumped in.

"Come on Rita, it's a party, we're taking chances and everything, just this once, please?" Rita thought for a minute and looked like she gave in. "Ok, since we're letting bad boy bubby mom and son xnxx full I guess why not, but please, don't have sex, I'll kick both of your asses if I find out you two had sex." "No sex?!

Fine. But everything else is fair game?" "Everything else is fair game. We went down each other plenty of times, its aidra fox new years sleaze fair you two go down on each other too." "Speaking of, we're gonna have to do that again real soon…" Stephanie grinned.

"Is that so? Well if you play your cards right…" I finished the little beer I had left in the can and went to the table to get another one. I picked up a Heineken this time instead of the Bud Light we'd been drinking all night and went to open it when everyone started cheering out of nowhere. I turned around to see Rita and Stephanie in a full makeout session, feeling each other up and everything, Chris just stared at them as a bunch of guys surrounded them and smiled as he drank his beer.


"D-DON'T TAKE T-TOO LONG, SHES TRYING TO BANG M-ME," I staggered out, the liquor finally catching up to me, and my speech. "YEAH YOU'VE DEFINITELY HAD TOO MANY, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY ELSE IS TRYING TO BANG HER BEFORE YOU DO, AND RITA TOO…" I looked in the direction they were in and noticed that the crowd had cleared, but sure enough there were guys talking to both Rita and Stephanie.

We couldn't hear a word they were saying but by their closeness, smiles, and hand gestures they were definitely hitting on them, no doubt thanks to their little makeout session. "WHO THE H-H-HELL DO THEY THINK THEY… I'M GONNA…" I started before Chris stopped me. "WAIT, LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS, THEY WONT GET FAR ANYWAY." I listened to him (though it was harder than I thought in my increasing drunken state) and watched the guys try to make a move on our women.

First they tried the obvious approach, drinks and jokes, didn't work, then they tried to throw on the charm, didn't work, then they tried what looked like to be a deep conversation, which looked like it worked only a tiny bit, but still in the end did nothing.


I'D RATHER DO THAT THAN CARRY YOUR DRUNKEN, VOMIT COVERED BODY BACK TO YOUR HOUSE." "WELL IF YOU PUT IT L-LIKE THAT THEN I W-W-WIN, BUT ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD, AND I'LL GET THE GIRLS ONE MORE S-SHOT SINCE I'M OVER H-HERE." I grabbed two more shots and start to walk back to where they were and saw one of the guys kiss Rita on the cheek, then the other did the same to Stephanie.

They didn't exactly let it happen, but they didn't completely stop it either. Even though it was on the cheek it still ticked at me because though a cheek kiss is harmless, when there's flirting involved it can mean a whole different thing, me being in a drunken stupor didn't help either. "Hey, calm down, its just the beer messing with you, it was just on the cheek," Chris said.

"THIS BEERS DOING A LOT OF S-STUFF, I PROBA-PROBB-PRO-… THAT'S EHOUGH BEER." I sat the shots down and gave Chris my beer, then I picked the shots back up and stared at them, I figured if I wanted something stuck on my tongue all night it might as well be the liquor instead of the taste of beer, so I downed both shots before Chris even knew what happened.

"HEY MAN I THOUGHT YOU WERE DONE! YOU CANT TRADE BEER FOR LIQUOR!" "THAT WAS THE L-LAST ONE, I'M DONE NOW. WHERES THAT PIZZA, IIIIIII'M HUNGRY." I managed to grab a couple slices of pizza and ate one with no problem, but the other wouldn't go down so good.

I tried to bite it again and again but I couldn't do it for the life of me. I managed to drop it after a few unsuccessful minutes trying to ease it to my face, and when I went to pick it up, I lost my balance and bumped into the table, luckily Chris was there to catch me before I fell completely into it or I would've knocked the whole table over. "Alright Randy, its time for you to take a load off," Chris said.

"WHY? I'M F-F-FINE, I JUST DROPPED MY PIZ-PIZZA, I'M NOT DRUNK OR ANYTHING…" "Yeah I beg to differ, you need somewhere to lie down for right now." He was holding me up scanning the room trying to look beyond the pile of kids blocking every direction, then I saw his lean his head up and do a "come here" motion with his arm, seconds later Ashley was walking towards us, with a huge grin on her face nonetheless.

"WELL I SEE SOMEONE LISTENED TO ME AND GOT Slutty blond double fucking her pussy with huge dildos OUT OF THEIR MIND!" "I'M NOT W-WASTED, I'M JUST IN A HAPPY PLACE RIGHT NOW," I defended myself. Ashley burst out laughing, and even though Chris tried not to, he started laughing too.

Ashley pulled her phone off her clip and snapped a picture of me before I even knew what happened, in my state I couldn't stop it anyway, hell I probably smiled in the picture. "HE NEEDS A PLACE TO LIE DOWN AND GET HIS HEAD STRAIGHT," Chris said.

"YEAH OK, TAKE HIM UPSTAIRS, THIRD DOOR ON THE RIGHT," Ashley said back. We moved through the crowd of people, some cheered at my drunkenness, some didn't even look, the rest were still making out with each other. When we got to the stairs I had to take one at a time or risk falling down and staring all over. After what seemed like forever we finally made it to the top and headed to the room Ashley said to go to, on the way there I heard obvious noises coming from every room we passed, which sounded amplified in my mind.

"THEY'RE ALL HAVING S-S-SEX! LETS SEE WHOSE IIIN THERE!" I said as I reached for a doorknob. Chris pulled my hand back just in time. "Noooo, let's just get you to the room and laying down." He opened a door and without cutting on the light lay me down on the bed, well more like positioned me in front of the bed and let me fall on it.

he pulled me towards the top so my legs weren't hanging off the bottom and headed for the door. "Alright man rest here for a little bit, we'll come get you when its time to go." "BRING ME A BEER WHEN YOU COME BACK!" I yelled after him. "Sure thing man, I'll tell Rita and Steph you're here," Chris laughed as he closed the door.

I laid there trying not to smile, but losing, and listening to the faint sounds of people having sex around me. Though I was against it at first, this actually turned out to be a great party, yeah I did some manual labor at first, but it was well worth it in the end.

I got to eat for free, hang out with everyone (well almost everyone, I haven't seen Becky, Carina, or Dana since the party started), and drink all the beer and liquor I could, and as a result, Julia ann mr pete in my friends hot mom had more fun at a party than I've ever had and I'm laying here plastered, but not plastered, depends on how lightweights go.

I was lost in trying to figure out how dunk I was when I heard the door knob turn and the door creep open. In the little light I saw the playboy belly shirt and knew it was Stephanie, and that Chris told her to come. I was a little disappointed Rita didn't come too, but knew we couldn't chance anything being at someones house, but I was still happy Stephanie was there.

"HEY… hey you, you c-came to see me?" I said switching from yelling to whispering." "I sure did," Stephanie whispered back as she crawled slender karla kush gets her tight pussy deeply fucked the bed. She sat down on my crotch and pulled the tiny shirt over her head. I tried to focus and at least appear not to be intoxicated, but my eyes were too blurry to register and I kept giggling like a little schoolgirl, no matter how I tried to appear sober I only made it worse.

"We're messing around in Ashley's house!" I said as I fumbled with my shirt. "This is so…" "Shhh," Stephanie cut me off with her finger to my lip. "You talk too much when you're drunk." She lay down on top of me and kissed me, rolling her tongue around in my mouth. I couldn't tell if it was the beer and liquor messing with me or what but something was different, I just couldn't grasp it, then again the whole night was different, just earlier we made out in front of the whole party, if we'd been drunk enough, we all might've had sex right there.

I pushed the thought out of my head and concentrated on Stephanie grinding on me as she rolled her tongue across mine.

I grabbed her ass and squeezed it, though that damn denim skirt was too thick to really feel anything, so I went under it and felt bare ass, she had no panties on. "Came ready didn't you?" I asked through her torrent of kisses.

She moaned into my mouth and lifted me off the bed to pull off my shirt, which she got off way easier than I did, and kissed down my chest as she unbuckled my pants.

"This is so awesome!" I said as she began taking my pants off. I heard her fling them across the room then she reached into my boxers and grabbed my cock.

I was in heaven, getting a tubjob feels good on its own but throw in some alcohol and it feels like flying on a unicorn over a rainbow.

I felt my cock getting harder and harder in her hand and let myself fall back into the bed to enjoy it more, then someone opened the door.

"WE'RE BUSY IN H-HERE!" I YELLED. "FIND ANOTHER ROOM!" "EXCUSE ME!" "I SAID…" The light came on and I was at a loss for words, Stephanie was standing in the doorway, and who I thought was Stephanie turned out to be Ashley, with her hand still squeezed around my cock. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!" Stephanie screamed angrily. That good drunken feeling was gone. My body was now doing its best to try to sober up because of all the adrenaline now pumping through me.

"Stephanie! I thought she was… she had blonde… she even had on the same…" I couldn't get a sentence out to save my life. To make matters worse Rita came around the corner next, and in an instant had the same angry expression Stephanie had on her face, and yet Ashley's hand was still wrapped around my cock.

"WHY THE FUCK IS HER HAND WRAPPED AROUND YOUR DICK!" Rita yelled. I took it off my cock and scooted back away from her as I covered myself up, but she grinned and crawled back to me, never even bothering to look at Rita and Stephanie in the doorway.

"Oh come on Randy, you weren't acting like that earlier when you were rubbing my pussy. Come on, it's gonna be the best night of our lives remember," Ashley said. I was effectively sobering up with each minute that passed, but slowly. I glared at Ashley, wanting nothing more to punch her in the face, but I knew I never would. I turned my attention back to Stephanie and Rita still standing at the door.

"Stephanie…Rita…I didn't…" Stephanie's face still held anger but had gotten a little sad too. "You bastard." She walked off leaving Rita standing there, who gave me the most heartbreaking look I've ever seen on her. I tried to say something, but she held up her hand, looked at me like I was the biggest disappointment in the world, and walked away.

I held my head down in shame, knowing my irresponsibleness was the cause for all this, that and this fucking manipulative bitch who was still smiling through everything that happened. "Well that answers my question, I guess you two aren't forever," Ashley grinned as she picked up her shirt, which was the exact same as the one Stephanie had on, and a blonde wig, and strutted as she walked out the door. I sat there, pissed and ashamed. She set me up, she set all us up, but more than that, she could've just destroyed what Rita and I had, possibly forever, and I never even saw it coming.