Extra small teen gets stuffed deepthroat destroyed

Extra small teen gets stuffed deepthroat destroyed
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They writings below are not for everybody, the author does not condone any form of non-consensual BDSM or violence to any persons so if you don't like it do not read on, if you do read on, understand it is not 100% real and please enjoy and let me know.

Matt and Karen Karen volunteered herself for the treatment that she saw her friends get several weeks amazing babe with natural tits blows dick and fucks hard. Feel free to read "Beth Pony Girl #1, #2 #3" but this story will stand on its own. This story will tell the tale of a higher level of dominance than in the past stories.

Up until a few weeks ago Karen displayed the persona of a quiet and reserved young woman, there never appeared to be any hint of an interest in unusual sex and in fact for the short time I had known her prior to that weekend I was not sure she had even been fucked. The old western town was a disused movie set, the pony club held one of their regular meetings there three weeks ago where many forms of people pony, bondage, discipline and nakedness were enacted and displayed over the weekend.

There, I had enslaved Karen's two best friends in a three day, mostly consensual game of sexual domination and humiliation. Karen merely watched on and occasionally took a gentle soothing role on to pamper those being abused.

In the final hours she did display her naked body, a superb specimen of the female form. Beautiful soft unmarked skin, more than generous breasts with long rigid nipples, thin waist and hips to die for as they gently roll over to firm thighs which enclose a cunt covered in a light wisp of exy hot chick abella danger loves to fuck hard dick hair.

Long legs and long flowing hair covering her shoulders finish off the perfect body. At the departure time of that weekend when we were all dressed and ready to go Karen presented herself naked, with hands cuffed behind her back, asking to be gagged and left with the resident slave/pony trainer (Joe) until next time we meet.

As shocked as we were we obliged and here I am today, three weeks later to see what she has learnt in those last few weeks and to test her resolve. I make my way down to the stables and find Joe the blacksmith there as usual. We exchange the obligatory greetings and then discuss Karen.

"She has been relatively well behaved" he says, "but there have been times I have had to give her a little encouragement" as he slaps a riding crop against his boot, "she does have a tight cunt and now she can give full deep throat without gaging, this took a lot of training on my part", Joe snickers as continues talking, "We haven't done any of the usual modifications yet but we are ready when you are","Ok" I respond, "bring her out please Joe".

Joe disappears into the stables and returns a few minutes later with a very naked Karen. She has her arms tightly locked behind her back although I cannot see how just yet but what I can see is her shoulders straining against her missing arms and her beautiful big tits standing very proud from her chest.

She is gagged with an oversized ball gag and Joe is roughly pulling her along by a leash attached to a choker collar. I approach her, her eyes are pleading me to help.

I run my hands over her body feeling the firmness in her tits I stop at her nipples grabbing then both between each of my thumb and index fingers. I give them a good pinch and twist them until she is on her toes trying to relieve the pain.

I look into her tear soaked eyes and say "you asked for this and now I will take total control over your body, you have no further say in your life" I say as I pull her nipples even higher, maybe I could almost lift her off the ground, she is screaming into the gag. I pull them down sharply and as they reach the limit that they can stretch down my fingers slip off even though I do not release the clamping pressure.

She screams again as I feel the nipple tips slip though the extremities of my fingers the last bit of each nub gives a little click as they slip through. I run my hand down to her cunt and probe deep within, this is the first time I have felt this piece of meat and she feels tight I can't wait to get my cock buried deep within her. As I play there I see that she is one of the lucky women who have a clit that cannot be missed, it is standing proud like a nipple jutting out of a small shroud.

Like her tit nipples I give her clit a pinch and lift upwards, she reacts the same way as before standing on her toes in an attempt to relieve the pain and grunting loudly behind the gag, I just love gags aren't they wonderful to keep a slut like this quiet. "OK joe", I say as I release her clit, "I can see she has been well looked after, I think it is time to give her the same treatment as we gave Beth a few weeks ago but Joe I want my cock in her when you do it." Joe says "bring her over here" as he moves towards an "X" shaped cross of wood, the centre of which is attached to a rail which supports it at about a forty five degree angle.

The structure has leather straps at the extremities and one longer one in centre. I pull on her leash which tightens the choker chain around her neck, the corners pinch her delicate skin so she has no choice but to follow. I reverse her to the frame and hold her upright, Joe bends down and grabs one ankle spreads it to one leg of the frame, she struggles to maintain balance as Joe straps the ankle to this lower corner.

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Joe then roughly grabs the other ankle and spreads it wide to the other corner of the frame, he has to apply a fair amount of force to get her legs that far apart to successfully strap the second wild sex with nasty slut hardcore blowjob to the frame. She is now standing with legs spread wide, her cunt footjob babe tugs cock pornstars and hardcore on full display wide open and pink, I think I detect a slight wisp of moisture as I place my palm over this gaping slit, I give it a firm rub up and down allowing my middle finger to probe deep.

Next Joe reaches behind her and after some effort he releases her arms and as soon as in the office with blonde gigi allens does she tries to swing out hitting us both.

Joe grabs one hand and I hold the other, we each pull a hand to the upper extremity of the frame as she continues to put up a feeble fight.

Both hands are now locked off with leather cuffs and Joe fits the waist belt and tightens it, all she has is minor movement to her upper and lower torso. "We can fix that if you like" Joe says, but I suggest to Joe that we leave her a little movement for now, I love to watch a naked woman struggle. In the position she is in her cunt is just at the right height for fucking and I have latina babes ass destroyed by a huge black monster cock access but I do not like pussy hair so while Joe is preparing other things I grab a pair of his plyers and begin to pluck her cunt bald.

Some hairs I yank hard others I pull slowly. Now she is screaming and bucking like a tied up bronco, time after time I use son ripe mom italian sleeping plyers to grab a few hairs and as I pull hard you can see the skin pull away from her crotch before the tension is too great for the hair roots and they give way.

Each time I do this she give the same reaction, screams into the gag, she is starting to spray spit out the corners of the mouth. I am enjoying this so much now have a raging "Viagra" hard on which will last for hours, it is always handy to be prepared for a long day. I totally strip all my clothes off and continue the pussy hair onslaught, precum dribbles from the end of my cock.

By the time I've got all the hairs that are big enough for the plyers to hold she is exhausted and her crotch is red, again I think I see a little moisture in her cunt.

I lean over and rub my body against hers, chest to chest, she is still whimpering, tears have mixed with the dust and stained her face. Her soft body feel so good against my nakedness, my cock nudges the gash between her legs. Joe comes back. "Ok, I see you are well prepared" he says, "let's do the nipple piercing first" as he holds up a couple of thick piercing needles, they must be 14 gauge or bigger.

Karen does not like what she sees and begins to thrash about with the little movement she has. I position my cock at the entrance to her cunt and then thrust in hard and hold it there, she is tight, she obviously hasn't been fucked much in her short life.

As I am buried deep in her cunt Joe uses the plyers and grabs one nipple and pulls it out stretching it elongating it, the roundness of her supple mound barely distorts, I can see she is in great pain as the muffled screaming continues. Joe touches the needle on the side of her nipple and slowly pushes it through the tender flesh twisting the needle a few times on the way through.

Joe has little regard for her discomfort in fact I think quite the opposite, he is enjoying her pain and me, well I am not even moving and I can feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock as she screams, it is almost like a hand job. Joe finishes the first nipple and moves to the next one. I give a couple of pumps with my hips to drive my cock deep in her cunt ensuring it is buried up to the hilt. As Joe grabs the other nipple I have one hand grasping the base of that tit squeezing so hard my knuckles are white, finger nails buried deep into the firm flesh.

My other hand is busy holding the first nipple with my thumb and index finger rolling it against the needle which is still in there. Karen is bucking so hard I am having trouble slowing down my climax. Joe touches the needle against the side of the nipple he is now stretching and then slowly puts pressure on it causing the needle to break the skin. Karen lets out an unbelievable "Arhhhhhh", her eyes are closed but wet from the tears, her mouth is full with the ball gag but spittle sprays out all small openings, her nose is spewing saliva that can't get out of her mouth, she is pulling at all of her restraints but best of all her cunt has clamped hard on my cock.

I spew my load into her as Joe's needle exits the other side of the nipple, "Fuck that feels good" I say. I give it a few seconds until she has settled down and then I pull my cock out and back away. "We haven't finished yet my dear" I say to her, "just have a breather for a minute and we will continue".

There is fear in her eyes. Joe and I discuss the usefulness of this cross she is strapped to and he comments "we may have to strap her down a bit tighter when we brand her" he says as he moves away. When he returns he has a thin board about three inches wide and about three feet long. He slips it under her back behind her tits and screws the board to each upper arm of the cross. He then proceeds to tie her to this new board in a pattern that crosses between her tits and over her rib cage, back up just below her armpits across her chest and again a figure eight between her tits until her upper torso is tightly bound.

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Every now and then he accidently bumps the needles sticking out of her nipples and she groans in pain. Joe gets more rope and binds her arms to each of the crosses upper boards lacing them from shoulder joint to wrist. Apart from her head her whole upper body is all but immobilised from the waist to the fingers. Joe grabs one of the needles and, as he gives the nipple a twist like the hands of a clock he says, "We will have to finish this off first before we do the branding or they will be in the way".

Karen makes some sounds groaning in pain but mixed with words which cannot be interpreted although I am sure she is telling us to fuck off and leave her alone. The shaking of her head obviously means, "No, No, No" when she hears us discussing the branding. My cum is dripping from her cunt, I run my hand between her legs, two fingers go deep inside to get as much cum as I can and then I wipe it across her eyes and nose. Joe comes back with a couple of stainless steel rings which are slightly open, they appear thicker than the needles.

Joe just roughly pulls one of the needles out and forces a ring through in its place. Karen screams again as the blunt end euro floozy is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex the ring scrapes the sides of the smaller hole it is being pushed through and the noise continues as Joe repeats the process with the second nipple.

He then has a special pair of plyers shaped to hold the rings firmly while he applies enough force to close the gap. These rings are not coming off without cutting them. I am still naked and getting horny again, I lay across her body feeling the new nipple rings sitting on top of her firm tits pressing against my chest, I look her in the eyes so close I can see deep behind the blue tint of her pupils, the whites of her eyes are red from crying and the corners stained from dried tears.

Joe calls me over to his bench, I can see he is preparing a branding iron, he has a long rod with a perfect circle attached to the end at right angles, the circle is about three inches across and office pussy pleasing for a hot chick quarter inch thick. Joe says "this is a plan looking brand" as he prods it into the small furnace, "but one of our best are you OK if we use this one".

I am a bit concerned the brand is only a circle, Joe says "we will brand her twice, I now you will like the result shall we proceed". I seal Karen's fate and agree. Joe offers me the opportunity to go and get ready, again I approach Karen with my member standing proud. I give it just a little rub to ensure it is fully hard and then I slip it into her cunt and start gently pumping in and out.

Joe approaches with the branding iron and waves it in front of Karen's face, now she is struggling, screaming obscenities behind her gag, all I feel is her cunt muscles around my cock involuntarily trying to milk it.

Joe asks me to lean back as he carefully aims the super-heated circle at Karen's right tit, he is careful to pass it over her nipple without touching the dark skin and then press the burning metal ring against her tit behind the areola. Karen's muffled screams get louder, she pulls at her arms trying to get away but they barely move against the ropes, her lower body is jerking so hard I only have to stand still and I am getting fucked.

After a few seconds Joe removes the branding iron and stands back to survey his work. Karen is still making unbelievable sounds, there is now a complete ring of burnt flesh around her exposed tit. I can't wait for the second mound of woman flesh to get done. Joe suggests we take her gag out for the second branding, "don't worry about the noise" he says "nobody is around to hear and even if they were they are used to such sounds".

I agree with Joe and he takes the branding iron back to his furnace and returns and starts to remove the gag. I am still buried deep within her cunt and am taking the opportunity to finger the first brand, a near perfect circle about an inch behind her areola, it is very tender she closes her eyes hard and grunts as I touch the damaged skin.

As Joe pulls the gag from Karen's mouth she lets out a volley of abuse, "you fucking arseholes, what the fuck are you doing, Cunts let me go" as she struggles. Man does she have some fire, I have never seen her like this, wow how sexy. I stroke the side of her face as my cock is still gently pumping deep in her cunt. "Now, now" I say, "settle down a bit you asked for this". "Fucking bullshit I did" she replies "never did I say you could brand me".

Then she sees Joe return with the branding iron. "No, No, No" she says, "I will do anything just don't touch that thing on me again".

Joe gives me the tool, I hold it in front of her face so she can see it clearly and smell the heat. I slowly position it in front of her left nipple, she is screaming at me to stop, straining at all her bonds but can only move her hips and then only a small amount, of course this is good for me, she is actually fucking my cock I just have to keep it deep in her cunt and she is doing the rest.

I get the ring past her nipple without touching her skin and then give it a good push to copy the brand on her right tit. She screams, she screams so loud I bet they could hear her in the next town, her mouth wide open her eyes tightly closed, coughing and spluttering, tears rolling down her face.

Then, I am coming siter fucks brother small cock her cunt, several spurts of juice eject from cock and I feel every one of them. I pull the iron away and give it to Joe as Karen begins to curse me. "Arghhh my tits, my tits you FUCKING cunt" she screams, "What the fuck do you think you are doing, FUCK you". I grab her tits with both hands and squeeze hard, "Arghhhh" she grunts, I now pump hard to finish off the fuck I am having, I am not ignoring her complaints more so I am taking further enjoyment from them.

When I finish spewing into her I back away, my cock pops out with a "Splut" and starts to relax, she lays her head back sobbing. Joe has been watching all this time and has an obvious bulge in his pants, I shove several fingers into her cunt and scoop out my cum then I rub it into her face again ensuring as much as possible ends up in her mouth, two more scoops and I have removed all I can reach easily. Karen is complaining but I order her to shut up or I will gag her again.

I motion Joe over and tell him to fuck her but he doesn't want sloops, he picks up the lower end of the cross and lifts it, the cross pivots around the rail and a prop unfolds under each lower leg to hold it at an almost horizontal position. Karen is sobbing. Joe drops his pants and shows his long thick cock, he moves in between Karen's widely spread legs and aims his cock at her arse. This sets Karen's cursing off again but neither of us care. As he shoves hard against her anal opening she resists, he grabs her right nipple ring and pulls hard and tells her to let his cock in her arse or he will rip her nipple apart.

He gets his wish, I know he is in because Karen is grunting deep within her chest, Joe pumps hard all the time abusing her tits, Karen is sobbing continually now, her screaming has just about dried up. Joe lets out a moan, he is climaxing his face has that, I'm filling her arse with cum, look. Karen has all but given up as Joe reverses his cock out and pulls his pants up, she is just lying there head hanging back staring at the wall. 'Ok Joe", I say, "let's finish her off before we take her to her pony ride.

Joe goes to his bench and comes back with a small box. "Now Karen" I warn, "we have just one little procedure to do and we will untie you, now hold as still as you can". I think she has given in, she hardly acknowledges my conversation.

I move between her legs where Joe has pulled up a small chair for me to sit on. Her cunt is at my chest level, I have a good view and no obstructions so I play with her pussy lips a bit reaching inside looking for her G Spot, I get a bit of positive reaction, I can see her clit starting to go firm and a little of her short haired brunette decided play with her pussy after work day is starting to mix with the otherwise sloppy cunt, cum is dripping out of her expanded arse hole.

She is unconsciously moving her hip towards my fingers as I play with her clit, "Joe can you get me a vibrator", I ask. Joe is quick to comply and in under a minute he hands me a rather large dildo type vibrator. I turn it on and rest it on her clit, now that got a reaction, now she is squirming moving the only part of her body she can, her hips. "Joe get my phone and film this", I ask.

Again he complies. When he is ready I make sure he films her whole body showing her well bound, showing her modified tits, and then as I vibrate her clit directly and as she starts to cum I back off so she has no release. I do this a number of times and regardless of her predicament she is getting frustrated. I wave to Joe to pause the recording and then stand and look Karen in the face and say "beg me for release, beg me hard".

Joe restarts the recording and films Karen shouting, "I love it give me more, I need more, more, I'll do anything just give me more".

I touch the vibrator on her clit while my fingers go deep inside to fiddle her G Spot. It doesn't take long before she is climaxing, she has forgotten all the pain "Fuck that feels good, don't stop, more, I need more" she says as she explodes in a mind blowing climax. Joe continues to film. I let her settle down for a minute and then open the box. The box has a dozen stainless steel fish hooks about two inches long. Each has a length of line attached about three feet long.

I pick one and pull out one of her pussy lips, she cannot see what is happening but she sure feels the first hook as it pierces her left lip, "Argh FUCK", is all I hear.

The next hook gets the same reaction as does the third. By the time I have placed all six in her left lip she is starting to lose it, her screams of pain have turned into, "Give me the vibrator". So I get Joe to hold it against her clit while I continue to drive the remaining six hooks through her right pussy lip.

One at a time I slowly stab the outer flesh and then twist and turn the point to make it penetrate the thick layer of skin, again she screams as each piece of metal works its way through the nerve endings to exit the other side.

I can't believe what I am seeing, she appears to be coming again, by the time I have finished and give all twelve lengths of line a tug she has exploded again.

"Joe I hope you got all that on video" I ask. He replies "sure did, she is a real pain slut, who would have guessed". We let her rest for a bit and discuss the next move. "This is a pony club so time for her pony ride" Joe says. Joe stands the frame back to its original position and begins the long process of untying her.

Soon her upper body is released and she is standing with her legs spread but still attached to the lower arms of the frame. Joe handcuffs her hands behind her back and loosely hangs the ball gag around her neck. "Behave" he threatens "or you will have this stuffed back in your mouth". As Joe bends down to undo her ankles I take a few moments to take in her newly modified body. Each of her tits has two rings, one set is hanging from holes punched through the nipples and the other set can never be removed these hot adorable gals hardcore and reality are the branding burns, concentric circles a little behind the dark natural skin of the areola.

These marks have red edges as the blackened burnt skin fades into the natural unmarked skin of her large tits. Her tits will be painful for a few weeks while as her body repairs the damage but these branding marks will remain long in to the future. There are rope marks from the recent bindings which are now starting to fade and from her gorgeous cunt hang the hooks with line dangling to her knees. Her face is stained with dried tears, her eyes are red from the mixed emotions she has suffered, she looks a real sight to behold.

Joe finishes releasing her ankles and we each hold a captive arm and lead her outside the stable. When we get outside I notice a pony and sulky very similar to what we used a few weeks ago. This arrangement has a girl pony securely attached to the sulky, she is naked and stunning.

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She must be over six feet tall especially with the pony shoes she is wearing, they make her stand almost completely on the balls of her feet without her heels touching the ground.

She has a bridle which includes a multi strapped head gear, blinkers and a steel bit between her mouth and even with this covering I can see she has those college nice looking sluts hardcore reality beautiful face although it is strained in discomfort. Her arms are bent grotesquely up behind her back and attached to the back of a leather collar secured around her neck.

This makes her large frim tits stand out like perfect little mountains, there is very little sag. If these tits are natural then she comes from good genes and if they are manufactured then the surgeon needs to be complemented.

They are heavily pierced, the nipple rings have small but heavy bells pulling the tips towards the ground but only the tips are distorted, around the areola there are several shiny balls on the surface of her skin these are obviously the balls from the ends of hidden bars that are pierced at regular intervals through the tender skin.

She has a wide leather belt around her slim waist which has several rings securely attached to the outer surface, the two rings at her left and right side are locked to the sulky arms.

She is totally naked between the waist belt and the boots, her fully shaven cunt is in plain sight, the only adorning being a clit ring which also has a heavy bell attached at the end of a small length of chain. The other thing I do notice is she has been whipped, her beautiful skin has several welts of varying degrees of severity crisscrossing her body, they are mostly focused around her lower torso, front and back and her tits.

Joe explains "this is SLUT, at least that's what her master wants us to call her, she is here for pony training and she has been a hard nut to crack as you can see from the whippings she has received", he traces some of the red welts running across her tits, "She will do for today's purpose so let's get your girl on board".

Now the sulky is a not normal, the soft seat has been replaced by a short four by four wooden beam running front to back. The beam is mounted with one sharp corner facing upwards and braced to be suitable to support a person's weight.

About where a seat would normally be fitted there is a nine inch dildo protruding from the upper edge of the beam, there appears to be electrical wires coming out of the bottom and running along the beam and connected to a battery at the base of the sulky. "This is Karen's seat" Joe says.


Karen starts to complain in her usual way "don't you cunts put me on that thing, Fuck you arse holes" as she struggles to get away. Joe and I have a good hold of her, we lift her kicking form by grabbing a leg each and, keeping them spread we lower her one leg each side of the beam and inserting he tip of the dildo into her pussy.

There is a small section of floor at the base of the sulky where she can stand but this is only momentary relief. Joe grabs one ankle and pulls it hard to the left where he attaches it to a ring near the wheel of the sulky. She slips down the dildo a bit swearing as she goes. When he is finished I do the same to my side, her legs are now spread wide, her inner thighs are straining, her cunt is now resting on the sharp edge of the beam the dildo buried so deep in her it is almost completely hidden.

She is screaming obscenities "FUCK, GET EM OFF, ARGH, YOU CUNTS." Joe hands me a small steel rod only about as thick as your thumb but about twelve inches long, it has a ring on each end. I position the rod under the beam Karen is sitting on then bunch together the lines from the hooks in her right cunt lip and tie them off to the ring on one end of the rod.


Then I repeat this process with the lines on her left cunt lip as I pull them tight I reach up and with my fingers blacked beautiful blonde karla kush loves massaging bbc make sure her cunt lips are either side of the main beam then tie the line off securely.

This small rod is pulled hard up against the underside of the beam, the hooks are now stretching the individual holes they are captured in. She is not happy, she is crying out loud now, begging to be released but her cries are ignored.

Now she is a pretty sight, legs spread, muscles straining, pussy lips stretched wide open, I can see pink bits resting on the rough timber edge, there is a bulge evident where the dildo is buried, it is easy to imagine the sharp edge of the beam cutting into the soft flesh between her cunt and arse. She continues to curse us "FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, YOU CUNTS, GET ME OFF" she yells in between her cries of pain as her leg muscles strain back and forth looking for release.

If you can get the vision of a slut in a short skirt, so short her G stringed pussy is just showing below the hem and her six inch heels force her calf and thigh muscles to be taught, then multiply this vision by ten and that what I can see now. I am naked and have another raging hard on, I am enjoying this a hell of a lot more than Karen is but now for some more fun. Joe gives me the reins of the pony girl and a short bull whip. The girl is resistant but I give her a couple of flicks on her arse to get her moving and off we head up the dirt street of this town.

As the sulky starts to roll the movement is causing problems to Karen, she must struggle to maintain her balance and the rough ground is transmitting forces through the sharp edge of the beam to her cunt. "Argh" she grunts as she tries to absorb the shocks through her spread legs, "FUCK". She is squirming, swearing at me, complaining about the pain in her cunt, I just don't care. To liven her up a bit I give her arse a slash with the whip and then follow up with one across her back ensuring the tip wraps around and strikes her across the tits.

"ARGH" she screams, this appears to be her favourite sound right now as the sulky bounces down the road. I am walking beside giving the lead pony the occasional strike with the whip to keep her moving, her skin is beginning to glisten with sweat as she works hard to keep the weighted sulky rolling. After a couple of hundred yards I pull them up and approach the pony girl.

I run my hands over her tits playing with her nipples and ringing the bells attached to the rings. She resists but can do little to stop the intrusion and as she does buck a bit the jerking of the sulky causes Karen to complain. I like this so I whip the ponies tits bringing the leather tawse hard down on the top of her mounds, she instinctively pulls back and then I hit her arse and she pulls forward, Karen is swearing at me as she rides the bucking beam.

I go back to Karen and run my hands over her body, up her blowing gloryhole ho jizz interracial and creampie legs, the muscles are rock hard and I feel her cunt, I think it is actually wet, she might be enjoying this. I can see a little moisture on the wood around her stretched cunt lips, I give the bar a pull down to stretch them further. "Karen, you bitch, you pain slut, you are enjoying this" I say.

I grab her clit and give it a twist a real twist and she screams again. I know how to make things even better, I flick the battery switch which sets the dildo vibrating. Now she is moving, writhing on the dildo, her cunt moves back and forth on the sharp edge of the beam, "Ok, lets test this rig out" I say.

I turn the pony around so she is facing the stable back down the road and I climb on the back of the sulky standing behind Karen, I lean over Karen to hold the ponies reins. I order the pony to trot. I hit her arse real hard with the whip, it draws a little blood, I hit it again and she is off. Karen is riding the wooden anal fisting and pussy fisting in a double fisting session tube porn and dildo, I have to hang onto her shoulders and this puts extra pressure on her cunt.

She is complaining about the para kisling hot sek porno but is also showing signs of a building climax, I lean over her and hit her tits with the folded whip, hard, very hard.

I have a raging hard on and both girls are getting a fair share of the abuse I am dishing out. By the time we get to the stable both girls are near exhaustion, I pull them up near the water trough and get off the sulky then I tie the reins of the pony to the post.

I take the opportunity to run my hands over the pony's body being sure to feel her cunt, I push my finger inside but she doesn't like it. Joe sees us come back and comes out to help. "Thanks Joe, let's get Karen off and you can take the pony away." I say. He looks eager to help, I guess the pony will be accommodating him further very soon. Between Joe and I we unstrap Karen's feet and snip the lines to her pussy hooks.

We lift her down, she has trouble standing after her legs have been spread so long. Joe leaves her with me and leads the pony girl away. After a couple of minutes letting Karen get the strength beautiful girls get naked on the stage in her legs I bend her over the water trough, resting her tits on the rough wooden edge, she will probably pick up a splinter or two.

I kick her legs spread and push my cock against her arse. She doesn't even try to resist, she helps me enter her anal passage and I start pumping, I grab her hair and pull back hard, I am up to my balls in her arse, my free hand reaches around and grabs her tit wrenching at the nipple ring making her scream.

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Occasionally I can feel the hooks in her cunt hit my balls, sex stories litil girl sex com is bucking hard against me driving my cock deeper into her arse it is obvious she is enjoying this as much as me.

I cum hard, pulling her head back and pushing her shoulder down driving her tits into the edge of the water trough. "FUCK" I holler as I spew my load, I bend my knees to get the final few thrusts as deep as possible in her bowels. When I pull out she stands upright and turns to kiss me, arms still tight behind her back, "don't let me loose until tomorrow" she says.

Me, my cock, my whip and Karen have a great night. "who would have guessed?"