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Nicolle bexley hot teen latina beach blowjob
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PART FOUR: MARA'S STORY Mara sobbed as she was ripped away from the group of girls by the threshers. Four or five of them with their hands all over her pulling her away down a dirt path. The girls reached out their hands but did not move away to help her. Soon they closed their eyes and looked away.

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She was being held up and made to walk by two larger threshers with metal rings in their ears and metal head bands. They looked slightly different than the threshers that had held the girls captive during the gathering.

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They were mostly silent, a few grunts and words like "Keep moving" and "Eyes to the ground, slave." Was all she heard for over two miles of walking. She could see a small village up ahead, looking to only house a few families.


"Welcome little slave, so many will be excited to see you!" One of the brutes laughed at her. Little did she know the colony of threshers was all underground beneath the small village. She was knocked unconscious and dragged away to the underground city. She awoke abruptly, feeling like she was falling. She looked around for a clue as to where she was but it was mostly dark and damp. She was hanging in the air, by a long thicker strip of leather under her breasts that connected with thinner rope-like lashings from her ankles and wrists, which were also tied together.

She had a strip of dirty cloth in her mouth tied around the back of her head. Her muffled cries were answered with a wave of chuckling and snorting male voices.

One of the threshers added more light to the room and she could see the ugly lizard like faces of more than a dozen threshers. She didn't dare wonder what they intended to do with her. One of them stepped forward and put his clawish hand against her cheek.

"Such a pretty little thing, you will make us such beautiful slaves. It has been a while since we have had a human female to breed with, as you can see how excited nice cutie spreads narrowed cunt and gets deflorated amateur babe friends are to meet you." He gestured to the small crowd.

They jeered and smiled in the dim light, a few of them already stroking their fat club-like cocks. Mara closed her eyes hoping they would all go away, that this was just a very bad dream she would soon wake up from.

But it wasn't a dream. The thresher that had been talking to her took right to his purpose. He was already rock hard his member swaying as he walked around behind the helpless girl, hanging down at just the right height for the tip of his cock to bump up against her uncovered pussy. Her calves tied tightly to her thighs, making her lips spread wide in front of him. He put his hand into a jar filled with some kind of herb oil, and then slathered his dick in it.

"This is special oil girl.Its going to make your muscles softer. Easier to penetrate." He whispered in her ear as he slowly pushed his cock through her lips and into her opening.


She writhed in pain, he was so large he was ripping her poor pussy with each inch he pushed it in. But he slid in quite easily due to the oil.

She started to feel waves of heat inside her, relaxing her muscles, and the brute pressed his meat onward inside her. He began to fuck in and out of her slowly, lengthening white girl getting smashed by black dick tube porn canal with each thrust until he bottomed out in her. She still felt some pain of him hitting her cervix but the muscles didn't contract, she didn't strain against his pulsing cock.

He smiled and began to fuck her harder, slamming against her as hard as he could, making her scream through the cloth tied in her mouth. She felt something inside her growing softer, wider. The oil had made its way into her womb and was unclenching her stiffened muscles, allowing more and more of the threshers cock to push into her sore little cunt. He pumped her harder still, more than halfway inside her now, her cervix being smashed wider and wider by the head of his massive cock.

He fucked her as fast as he could sending her body flailing up and elsa jean lexi lore elsa and lexi, her breasts smacking against her skin, the leather strip cutting into them with each thrust.

She could feel the tip of his member start to push through the battered opening a little more each time he sank himself deep inside her. With a few more long violent thrusts, he felt her muscles give way and he ripped right through into her womb. Her whole body spasmed and she fell limp, impaled on his cock, his balls smashed up against her clit, he still pushed further. Her stomach bulged with the full weight of his twenty inch cock buried as far inside her as possible without tearing through the walls of her womb.

He tightend his grip on her hips and clenched his teeth together as he came inside her. His cock, like a hose, spewed pint after pint of thick white hot cum straight into her womb, the pressure forcing the scalding hot semen to expand the soft inner walls. Her belly bulged downward and yet he started to push in an out of her again, cumming and fucking the spraying torrent of sperm deeper into her.

Her belly kept expanding down towards the floor filling with cum.

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It pressed tightly against the thick leather strap under her breasts cutting into her skin ever so slowly, making her gasp for air against it.

She looked as if she could be almost six months pregnant.He withdrew from her and pulled a chain that was swaying in front of the girl. It dropped the lashing that was holding her her writs above her head, and loosend the leather strap underneath her breasts.

She tipped downwards, the weight of all the cum inside her pressing her stomach into the leather strap so tight she thought she would pass out.


"Don't you dare spill a drop little slave maker" The thresher said, satisfied with his accomplishment. He had filled her up nice, she was sure to have more than a few fertilized eggs growing inside her after the night was over. "Gotta keep all this inside you for a little while, make sure it takes hold." He sneered as he reached a hand down and smacked the taught skin of her belly, then walked away.