They stick toys in her pussy til she squirts and cum on her face japanese and hardcore

They stick toys in her pussy til she squirts and cum on her face japanese and hardcore
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FAMILY GUY Part 5 Father, Daughter And Daughter's Girlfriend Bonding - Take 2 Note for readers This carrys on from the end of part 3 Peter awoke later in the night to the sounds of his wife and daughter's steamy love making and the sound of the family bed creaking it was such a still and silent night you could hear a pin drop and they where getting so carried away with what they where doing that they didn't know how much noise they where making and how loud they where.

He was lying on his back but there was moonlight coming in through the living room window he didn't want to move or turning head in case they might hear him moving about and stop what they where doing as he was enjoying what he was hearing. He tried hard to hear what they were doing or saying but it was too jumbled listen through the walls and ceiling all he knew was that his his big long thick cock had come back to life and he had to stroke it Then there was a pause and he thought he heard someone at the top of the stairs or at least walking across the hall going towards the bath room.

Awesome milf is with her preferred dildo felt very vulnerable lying there naked on the couch underneath the covers with his big cock in his hand ready to let lose his hot white sticky seed But then he felt the covers being moved back from his body.

What the hell was going on as he did not know who it was as he had his eyes shut and he did not want who ever it was to know that he was awake?

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He almost bolted upright when he remembered that he was naked and holding his massive long thick cock in his hand but then he calmed himself and remembered that they thought that he was sleeping so whatever who ever where they up too.

Then before the covers where removed to expose his massive cock that familiar smell hit his nose that sweet smell of his wives cunt juices he knew from when they had just fucked. Opening his eyes he could see his naked wives well endowed breast hanging in front of his eyes as she lend over the the couch as she was removing the covers.

Their in front of her eyes was her husbands massive long thick cock in his hand ready and waiting to be serviced by her mouth "Oh my God peter your cock is massive this morning!" " is that for me or where you dreaming about your daughter and Susie?" "the next time i catch you i will cut your balls off" she said know that she was only joking as she was the one that had set it all up in the first place but did not want him to know yet as she still had to tell him about her and their son Chris.

"You Lois what happened last night with Meg and Susie was a mistake and will not happen again" he said. So she made her way around the couch and got down on her knees. She paused for a second and he felt very vulnerable lying there naked with his massive cock in his hand and his balls exposed while she looked at his long thick cock wondering if it would fit in her mouth.

Lois started running her right hand along his cock while her left hand got to work fondling his sweaty hairy balls.


"Mmmm that's nice Lois " her said looking down at her on her knees. "Why don't you suck on it?" In reply his wife ran her tongue up and down his massive thick long shaft then slid her lips around it's massive head slowly taking more and more of his cock into her wet mouth.

Her husband lay their groaning and moaning as her sweet cheery lips touched the base of his massive long thick shaft her nose nestled in his pubic hair. "Oh God Lois you sure do that well" he gasped. Lois slowly let her husband's cock slide out of her hot wet sticky mouth until just the head was nestled between her wet cheery lips. She swirled her tongue around it's massive head pushing the tip of her tounge into his piss hole before once more deep throating him. "You seems kamasutra sex with a contortion doll stretching flexidolls be enjoying yourself this morning Lois" Peter said.

Lois bent down futher and ran her tongue up along her husbands massive long thick shaft then down to the base and up again to sucked on his bulb's cock head and at the sametime as she was pleasuring his massive thick cock with their hands.

"Oh oh yeah that feels so good Lois! Here i come are you ready to get your mouth filled with my hot wet stick white seed "HERE IT COMES!!!" Lois wrapped her lips around his massive cock head just as the first spurt of cum shot out of it. Peter grunted and groaned and thrust his hips up into the air off the couch. His wife Lois sucked all his spunk down as fast as she could.

"Don't swallow it all Lois" he said. "I want you to share some of it with me." Lois didn't seem to pay any attention to her husbands word's but when he finally stopped shooting his jism in to her mouth and collapsed back onto the couch she slid her mouth slowly off of his cock careful to keep her lips tightly closed.

Lois smiled wickedly as she looked into her husbands eyes as this was the first time she had given him a blow job and had let his sticky white globs of cum into her mouth and had kept it their.

"Oooh have you got a present for me Lois?" he asked.

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Lois simply nodded as her mouth with full of what was let of his hot sticky seed in her mouth and then she leaned forward and husband and wife met in a passionate kiss. Lois opened her lips flooding her husbands mouth with his own hot white sticky sperm.

Then Lois let her husbands sperm flow back and forth between their mouths as they kissed their tongues dancing around in each other's mouths. Then they each swallowed what was in their mouths before breaking their kiss. "That was fantastic!" Lois said. "I've never done anything so nasty before!" "Oh we're just getting started honey" Peter said. Then a movement caught Peter's eye.

At the top of the stairs he saw a figure standing there it took a moment for his eyes to adjust to just what or who was there. There standing at the top of the stairs was his daughter Meg all dressed and ready for school. " Mum dad!" she cried as she reached the bottom of the stairs and headed out the door on her way to school. It had been hard day at school and all Meg could think about was her encounter with her father and her mother the previous night.

Her white cotton school pants had a soaking wet spot between her legs where she had been finger fucking her shelf between classes. Just the thought of it had re-awoke her sexual appetite and she was now looking for opportunities to experiment further with her father or mother. She knew she could and probably would have another session with her father Peter but would it be him by himself ass and pussy of slut filled by cocks in threeway could she get her mother Lois to join them but for now she wanted to taste a different cock.

She had been dreaming about getting fucked by her fathers big thick cock all day at school and as she made her way home she was now in a really horny state. Meg couldn't wait to get inside and rush up stairs to her bedroom and then bury her fingers deep inside her wet white naughty guy gets in natures garb homemade hardcore school panties and give her tight young wet cunt a furious finger fucking to get herself off.

As she opened the door Meg could hear sounds emanating from inside the house. She dropped her school bag and peered round the door into the living room. Unfortunately there was no one there yet she could still hear the moaning and grunting. She listened intently and realized the sounds were coming from upstairs in her her parents bedroom. Slowly she tiptoed up the stairs by now the moaning was getting louder and more urgent like someone on the edge of cumming.

She could make out a male and female voice but as yet she didn't know whose they were but suspected that it was her farther giving her mother a good pounding just like when she had left for school this morning and had caught her mother sucking his monster cock.

She walked slowly in the direction of the noises and walking quitely towards her parents bedroom she was now getting a little nervous.

What if it was her mother and father going at it did she really want to see that happening probably not but that is what she had been dreaming about all day at school so what the fuck.

However she was so horny she felt herself sliding her hand down her school skirt and caressing her own ass. Her fingers reached the hem of her skirt and she slowly raised it and eased her hand up under the material. Meg's fingers soon found her white cotton school panties which were already very college cocksucking teen jerking in dorm trio she began to stroke her hairless pussy mound over her soft cotton panties.

As she did so she continued to walk towards her parents bedroom door. As she got nearer she noticed the door was slightly ajar.

She looked through the gap in the door and was astonished at the sight before her. She had expected that chick gets fingered by gym buddy during work out people involved would be her mother and father. In fact it was her father inside the bedroom and her best friend Susie Swanson who was the nearly the same age as herself.

She knew they were on very friendly terms after last nights encounter but had no idea they were seeing each other much less that they were fucking each other. And here they were banging away on her parents bed. Despite the sight before her shocking her Meg found it incredibly erotic.

Susie was a beautiful girl, who always seemed to get the men she had long blond hair that cascaded down her back with big sparkling blue eyes and a figure to die for. Her body was very curvy and her tits were larger than Megs and she regularly showed off her assets in her tight cheerleader tops and very very short skirts. However at the moment she was lying naked on her back on Meg's parents bed as her father was driving his monster long thick cock deep into her tight young wet cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder Mr Griffin" Susie screamed in pleasure. "You really are a dirty slut Susie your tight wet young cunt is sucking my cock dry" Meg's father replied.


Meg was leaning on the door frame as she watched the two lovers banging away at each other. Her hand was now furiously working itself into a frenzy as she rubbed her wet cunt. Her panties were soaked with her juices as she slipped one of her fingers inside them and stroked her tight wet cunt.

Her cunt was oozing juices and her finger slipped easily into her tight wet cunt. "Oooohhh" she moaned as she gently fingered herself. Unfortunately she had moaned a little too loudly as instantly her father and Susie turned around to stare at the visitor neither knew was there previously.

Meg blushed red with embarrassment as she stood there with her hand buried deep under her skirt and with her fingers deep inside her wet cunt. Her other hand was also caressing her tits through her white school blouse. "What the fuck are you doing Meg" her father shouted. "Sorry I heard noises and was curious" "Yes right so curious you are stood there getting off on me and Susie" her father peter replied sarcastically.

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Meg was panicking wondering what to do next but something told her that even though her father and her friend Susie were surprised they weren't upset.

In fact they just went on doing what they were doing before. Her father resumed his fucking of her best friend who in turn was quickly returning back to the heights of passion brought on by Meg's fathers thrusting. "Oh yes Mr Griffen harder, harder treat me like the whore i am" Susie shouted. Suddenly Meg's father groaned loudly and announced he was about to unload his hot sticky white cum into the tight young wet cunt beneath him. His pounding increased in speed as his cock exploded inside Susies tight wet young cunt filling it up with his hot sticky white seed.

He then collapsed on top of her completely spent for the time being. He then rolled of leaving her well fucked young wet open cunt on display. Meg had returned to fingering her own wet tight cunt at this point and was also close to brining herself off. However the sight of her best friend lying spread eagled on the bed with her still open wet cunt dribbling her fathers spunk out of it was causing a strange feeling inside her.

She carefully walked over to the bed and climbed upon it. Her young friend Susie looked at her and smiled, she held out her arms and beckoned her friend towards her.

Meg leaned down and carefully let her lips meet her friends as they shared a tender kiss. They had kissed before but only in a playing around capacity. This was different, and both seemed to sense it. Their tongues began to probe each others mouth as the kissing became more passionate and frantic.

Meg's father slipped off the bed and sat on the lining basket at the bottom of the bed to watch the scene unfold. His daughters hand stroked Susie's face lightly touching her cheek. She lowered it inch by inch down her friends face onto her neck and then finally finding her tits. Meg let her fingers gently flick the big nipples of her best friend. Susie moaned and closed her eyes enjoying the sensation her friend Meg was giving her.

She began to squeeze her friends tits and was thoroughly enjoying the feeling. Meg wished she had done this before think of the fun they could have had already together.

She kissed her way down Susies face lightly licking and tasting the delicious sweetness of her skin. Lower she went following the path her hand had taken seconds before until again she reached her friends large young breasts. Meg delicately let her tongue savoring a luscious snatch pornstar and hardcore over Susies large nipples and then took her left breast deeply into her mouth and she suckled on it eagerly as if she was a baby seeking milk from it.

"Mmmmm" Susie moaned at her friends expert sucking. Meg's hand had continued to travel down Susie's body and was now finding its way to her tight wet spunk filled young cunt. Susie let out a sigh of delight as she felt Meg's fingers stroke her hot wet cunt. She was stroking and caressing the outer lips of her friends tight hot cunt eager to slip her finger inside to feel the hotness that was inside together with the contents that had been deposited by her father.

"Touch me Meg" Susie begged "Put your fingers inside me i want to feel you inside of me." Meg looked at her friend Susie and smiled and resumed her sucking of her friends tits but this time she let her fingers slightly probe the inner folds of Susie's hot tight wet cunt. God it was wet and hot!! She let her finger go deeper until it was fully inside her friend then she stated to rock it back and forth inside her friends tight wet young cunt Susie moaned in pleasure at the probing her best friend Meg was giving her.

Meg inserted a second and then a third finger into the hot young spunk fill tight cunt beneath her. She was now fucking her friend mom and son fuck bed step mom real and both of them were enjoying it.

She could feel Susie's juices squelching between her fingers she pulled her hand out and inhaled the musky hot scent and spunk that coated her fingers. Meg just couldn't resist the temptation of tasting her spunk coated fingers as she inserted them one by one into her mouth and sucked them clean.

She had licked pussy juice off her fingers before, but that had always been her own sweet juices and she was surprised how different yet sweet her friend Susie juices tasted then she remembered that not only did she have Susie's hot sweet cunt juices on her fingers but they were also coated in her fathers hot white sticky cum which he had just shot inside her tight hot cunt.


This additional realization made Meg hotter than ever before. Was hot babe gina gerson takes a mouthful of cum outside turned on because there was her fathers hot white sticky spunk inside her friends tight wet cunt or was it even dirtier because that spunk was her own fathers.

She found herself pushing her hand back under her own skirt again at this thought and immediately began to rub her hot tight wet cunt through her sopping wet white cotton school panties. This was the most turned on she had ever been she found herself instinctively edging down the bed until eventually her face was between Susie's legs.

She lowered her head down and began kissing the inside of her friend Susie's thighs. First one leg then the other rough sex machine melissa moore begs for rough sex up and over her shoulders and wrapped around her neck as Meg got closer to her ultimate goal her friend Susie's tight hot spunk filled cunt. My god she was enjoying this her white cotton panties by now were absolutely soaking wet from her own cunt juices almost to the point where it appeared she had wet herself.

Eventually she reached the promised land and found her tongue touching the lips of her friends hot wet cunt. She could smell Susie's juices now as well as the faint aroma of her fathers spunk. She extended her tongue and eased the tip of it into Susie's tight hot spunk filled cunt. Susie's sighed loudly at the touch of her friends expert tongue.

She loved having her tight wet cunt eaten out but somehow now it was her best friend Meg doing it was much more enjoyable than the boys she had let do to it in the past. "Lick me Meg taste me eat my sweet cunt juice." Susie moaned at her." Meg probed deeper and deeper and by now her tongue was firmly inside her friend Susie's hot wet spunk filled cunt eagerly licking and drinking down her juices and her fathers hot sticky spunk which was now dribbling down the back of her throat this was wonderful.

She wanted her friend to come on her tongue so she reached up and began to rub Susie's clit with her thumb, real mom and son moody could feel her juices increasing the faster she rubbed.

Susie was moaning loudly now and was thrashing about on the bed obviously enjoying her friends touch. Meg was lapping furiously at her friends tight hot wet cunt now this was definitely something that she would enjoy more of in the future irrespective whether it was Susie's pussy or someone else's cunt.

All of this hot action had gotten her father's monster cock hard again. He had been watching closely and lets face it which hot blooded male never mind it been her father is not going to find two teenage girls making out hard and horny?.

He was desperate to join in he could no longer sit there and just watch this action so he got up and walked round the side of the bed his erect monster long thick cock with it in his hands and he was stroking it fast. He was hoping to slip it into Susie's mouth as he knew she was an expert cock sucker and he wanted her to show it. He leaned forward to guide his throbbing monster cock into her mouth when suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed it.

It was Meg his own daughter that was touching his cock and fucking hell he was enjoying it and nearly shoot his spunk at her touch. Meg began to jerk her fathers long thick cock between her fingers as she simultaneously licked her friends hot wet cunt. She was being a dirty young slut and she was loving it. Just how dirty could she be? She was beginning to discover that sex was now a glorious experience that should be shared and she wasn't too bothered who it was shared with.

As long as she was having and giving pleasure was all that mattered to her at this moment. Susie screamed out and announced she was cumming.

Meg licked faster and then nibbled on her friends clit just trying to push her over the edge. Suddenly her tongue and face was sprayed with her friends hot sweet cunt juice she licked the excess off her chin and looked up at her thoroughly contented best friend Susie. She then realized she was still holding her fathers cock in her hand. She should have been shocked but instead she felt herself get hotter and even wet between her legs. Meg looked up at her father and smiled she wanted more and she guessed her father wanted some more as well.

She climbed up her friend Susie and her face was now directly in front of her fathers monster long thick cock as she looked up at him and then at his impressive cock. Once again her primely instincts took over as she lowered her head towards her fathers long thick cock. She automatically opened her mouth and let her father slip his monster cock inside mouth passed her ruby red lips. Her father couldn't believe what was happening as he had never really thought of his daughter Meg as anything other than his baby girl even though she had developed into a very attractive young teenage girl.

That however had now changed since last night when his wife had caught them fucking each others brains out. Now he was pushing his monster long thick throbbing cock into his hot young daughters mouth. He was surprised at how good she was at this where did she learn to suck cock he wondered to himself?

Her father grabbed the back of her head as he powered his long thick throbbing cock into her mouth this was so strange here he was getting a expert blow job from his young daughter while her girlfriend lay beneath them. Just the thought of that was keeping Peters cock rock hard and he guessed he was pretty close to cumming inside his young daughters mouth. He reached down and squeezed Meg's well endowed tits which were still inside her white school shirt throughout all of this she had remained fully clothed.

His daughters tits felt wonderful to the touch he now had one in each hand and was massaging them. Meg moaned her enjoyment she was engrossed in the feelings she was experiencing. Susie slid from under Meg and went round the bottom of the bed. She reached up and caressed her friends ass through her school skirt. She stroked her ass with one hand while the other was finding its way up underneath Meg's skirt to find her friends wet white cotton school panties. "Fucking hell Meg your knickers are soaked you dirty little slut." Announced Susie.

"You are either so turned on or you have pissed yourself" Susie pressed her fingers firmly against her friends wet cotton knickers and pushed them into her tight young cunt. Meg again moaned in enjoyment she was now tugging her fathers long thick monster cock furiously and sucking on it for all she was worth.

She really wanted her father to fill her mouth up with his hot white sticky seed. However her mind began to wander as she became aware that Susie had lifted up her school skirt and was now lowering wet cotton panties. She felt her friend touch her hot wet cunt with her fingertips and she shuddered at the tender touch.

Susie then parted Meg's wet cunt lips and eased two fingers deep into her friends tight hot wet cunt. "Fuck me, Susie" Meg pleaded with her taking her fathers long thick cock out of her mouth just for a second then reinserting it back into her hot wet mouth. Susie probed deeper into her friends tight wet cunt with her fingers her friends juices dripping between them as she slipped them out and sucked them clean.

"Oh you taste so fucking hot Meg. I could drink your cunt juices for ever" Susie whispered into her ear. She then returned the favour for her friend and began to eat out Meg's tight hot wet cunt. Her tongue expertly snaking inside her squirming friend as Meg continued to suck on her fathers thick cock. "Eat me Susie make me cum please, please." Meg cried. "Oh you will cum baby but not yet i want to see more" Susie replied. Susie looked up at Meg's father and smiled and then beckoned him towards her.

He looked back and suddenly realized what was going to happen. He pushed his daughter Meg away from his cock she looked up at him and almost begged to be aloud to continue sucking his cock. However before she could say anything her father had got into position behind his daughter and was now touching her hot wet cunt with his fingers. He pushed her down onto the bed still on all fours and took a firm hold of his his long thick cock.

Slowly he eased the bulbous tip of his massive cock into his teenage daughters tight wet cunt. Inch by inch it slid inside her tight wet cunt making his daughter Meg moan as it filled up her tight wet cunt. Once it was fully inside her tight wet cunt he began to rock backward and forwards to build up a steady rhythm.

His monster cock now deep inside her hot young wet cunt his big fat cum filled balls slapping on her young white ass as he fucked her for all he was worth. He grabbed his daughters hips for extra momentum and was now fucking her harder than he had ever fucked a girl before.

The fact that the girl was his own teenage daughter turned him on even more. "Oh fuck Meg you are such a gorgeous young women. " her father shouted. "We are going to have a lot of fun from now onwards I wont be able to leave your tight young wet cunt alone" Susie watched intently as her friends father vigorously fucked her best friends tight wet young cunt his own daughters tight wet young cunt and found the scene before her highly erotic.

She couldn't resist allowing her hand to drift between her own legs gently stroking her own tight skinny babe masturbates on cam watch part on ulacamcom cunt.

She eased a finger deep into her tight wet cunt and began to fuck herself. "mmmm" Susie moaned again nearing another orgasm of her own. Her fingers now a blur as she frigged herself furiously with three fingers buried deep inside her hot wet young cunt.

She looked over and could see her friends father giving his daughter the fucking of her young teenage life. Peter Griffen leaned beneath his daughter Meg to squeeze her well endowed tits as he pounded into her tight wet young cunt from behind she had a wonderful body and he could not get enough of it. His long thick monster cock was throbbing as it slammed in and out of his hot young teenage daughters tight soaking wet cunt.

He had a tit in each hand and was using them to pull hid daughter back further onto his thick shaft.

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It enabled him to bury the full 12 inch length up into her tight wet cunt making her moan on each stroke. "Fuck me dad, Fuck me harder, please dad, I want you to fill me with your hot white sticky hot seed" his daughter Meg begged him.

Her father regained mature jaroslava gyno speculum pussy checkup at gyno clinic grip on his daughters hips and if possible pistonned even faster into her tight wet young cunt.

He was nearing his orgasm now and though he thought about pulling out and firing his hot white sticky seed onto hisdaughters white ass cheeaks he was too far gone and suddenly he felt his balls spasm and then empty into his long thick cock and then erupting from the head of his bulbous cock head deep inside his teenage daughters tight hot cunt.

Meg and her father collapsed onto the family bed in a sweaty hot mass of arms and legs. Both of them completely satisfied with what had just occurred. Both seemed to sense it wouldn't be the last time they enjoyed each others body but her father didn't know he would be sharing her with his son and wife too and if Meg had anything to do with it her best friend Susie and many others beside. Her father and best friend Susie got dressed and left Meg lying naked on the family bed.

Once they were gone she was alone with her thoughts which were already taking her to other conquests. Where could she next explore her sexual desires and who with and did the other person have to be attractive or was it only the actual act of sex she was interested on. Meg would need to test this theory in future. MICHAEL.

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