Hot latina babe rides big cock like a professional cowgirl

Hot latina babe rides big cock like a professional cowgirl
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This is completely unrelated to my first story but part two was taking too long.


On this particular day I woke up with a good feeling. My parents dropped me off at school and I walked into class.

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It was dark outside because of a huge storm. We got into class and started our science CST. I finished first and started day dreaming. The lights turned off and I snapped awake.

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At first I wasn't sure if my eyes were open because it was so dark. Then I realized I could see bodies. I found a girl and touched her ass. "Who the hell was that," I stayed silent because I'm not stupid, I realized it was gabby from her voice. She's pretty cute, kind of short, and very curvy. She has light skin and curly hair. With tits that were slightly bigger than my hands. I stuck my hands up her shirt and teased her nipples and kissed her collar she moaned and I kissed her so people wouldn't get to suspicious.

I went down on her and made her cum twice so she would be nice and wet so I wouldn't hurt her too bad because I knew she was a virgin. I leaned her forward over a desk and slowly slid my 8 by 3 dick in her pussy. I got about halfway in before I felt some resistance I leaned forward and said, "Are you ready?" "Yes" I pushed forward and popped her cherry I sat there for a few moments before she told me to continue.

I pulled back until only my head was in and shoved all 8in. in. I repeated this for a few minutes. sex stories six big cock storys

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"I'm going to cum," I told her "I want your baby," she whispered back. I thrusted hard one last time and came so much that there was a small puddle on the floor. I pulled out and let my dick get hard again. I spit on my dick and her ass. I forced the tip of my dick in her ass and waited for her resistance which didn't come. I pounded her ass hard for a few minutes before cumming so much that I filled her ass and had to pull out.

When I pulled out I was still cumming and came all over her back and hair. When I was done I noticed that globs of my cum was dripping from her ass to the floor. I also noticed that her pussy was still quivering. "How was that?" I asked her. No response I walked to her head and realized she was k/oed.

I decide that I wanted to cum one more time and I fucked her face. Even while sleeping she gave me the best blowjob I've ever had. I fucked her face till I left her whole face and her hair looking like it was painted she was blowing cum bubbles from her nose when she exhaled. I got dressed and went caught jerking off in yoga class go talk with my friends like nothing happened.

Then I got picked up for a doctor's appointment. The next day at school I saw gabby looked her right in the eyes and winked.

She walked over to me and said, "You know about what happened yesterday?" "Know about it?

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I was directly involved in it." She gasped "That was you?" "Sure was honey, and let me tell you. You have the best pussy I've ever fucked and give the best blowjobs." she didn't know how to react so she just blushed said an awkward thanks and finished talking with her friends.


I walked to first period and noticed the lights were still out so it was still dark the teacher walked in and said, "Class, the lights will be out until third period so for your first two periods you're free to do as you please." And with that he left.

I decided I wanted to fuck another virgin so I found Rochell her body type is similar to Gabby's only she is more developed and she's a raven not brunette. I snuck behind her and pulled her panties down through her micro skirt. "What the hell?!" she shouted. "What happened" someone asked. I quickly went to work on her pussy while I fingered her ass. "No- nothing she stuttered as she reached an orgasm.

I put her back up against the wall and lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. I slowly slid my head into her snatch and she whimpered. "God damn your tight" "I know I've never even put a finger up there she replied." I pushed on until I hit her hymn and said, "Are you ready?" she nodded.

I stepped back from the wall and let go of her ass, impaling her on my rod. She gasped and I said, "Are you alright?" "Yea, I'm fine" she took hardcore big dick gangbang big hooter latina is a whore for some cash deep breath and said, "Keep going." I slowly slid her up and down my pole.

Most girls are still in pain at this point, but she was begging for more. She kept begging until I was slamming her down as hard as possible. "I'm gonna cum," I whispered to her. She gasped and said, "Not in my pussy." Most girls just tell me to cum inside so I was caught off guard. "T- wet crack gets nailed well pornstar hardcore where?" she pulled of me and started giving me head better than Gabby's sleep blowjob.

I blew so much cum n her mouth that she choked and coughed it up on her shirt. I was still cumming so I painted her face. Then I pulled off her shirt and came on her tits.

I flipped her over and fucked her in the ass by now everyone knew what was going on and was trying to watch In the dark. I did her ass the same as Gabby's only with way more cum. "You're not done already are you?" she asked. Again she caught me off guard, Rochell was the last girl I'd expect to be a nympho. I told her to hold on and I walked away and found Gabby. I whispered something to her and fucked her face till she looked like Rochell and her cheeks were so full of cum that it was dripping out of her mouth.

Then she got down doggy style in front of Rochell and they started making out swapping my cum. Then I went and fucked them both until they were bathed in cum. As I was about to cum one final time on their faces while they were kissing the lights came on and the teacher walked in… To Be Continued Next Week