Hot latina mariah gets cash for a pussy pounding

Hot latina mariah gets cash for a pussy pounding
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Hi. My name is Lizzie. I am 15 and a a brunette and very slim and toned I have medium sized breasts 34 C, and no im not a virgin, Anyways I live with my mum and stepdad.My stepdad has a son, Granny with big tits gets finger fucked by photographer who is 17, but this story is'nt about them. its about the 17 yr old boy that lives next door to me, Jacob, he is tall he has longish brown hair and has a hot,fit body and face.

I sometimes stare at him from my bedroom window at his 6 pack when he's around his pool,and play myself over him because he just gets me all hot and bothered and I use my vibrater so I orgasm. Luckily he is my stepbrothers friend. So lets get on with the story then. It was a hot friday afternoon and my stepbrother was stopping for the weekend to 'babysit' me, which he did'nt need to do, because my mum and stepdad were going on a weekend trip.

so it gave me time to laze around the pool in my back yard. i was walking in from swimming, in my blue bikini, as i walked past the front room, I glanced in and there was my stepbrother and.

Jacob. i went all jellow in my legs and my pussy tingled. liam looked at me and so did Jacob . "Its pizza tonight lizzie" said Liam. "Hey lizzie. I like ur bikini" said Jacob with a sexual grin on his face.

I was just imagening him naked. I bet he would like me outa this bikini. "ok Liam. hey Jacob. haha thanks for the compliment" I blushed . it was easily visible. I walked up the stairs to look back at Jacob checking me out, I gave a cheeky smile and winked. after my shower I slipped into my black mayching underwear and into my extremely short skirt and tank top.

I made my way into the living room where my stepbrother and Jacob was, I sat down on a pillow on the floor, Liam walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

"Im going to get some drinks and snacks. were watching a film" explained Liam. As Liam left the room I lay on my flat toned stomach infront of Jacob so he could get a good look up my short skirt. I spread my legs out a little to emphasise my pussy. as I turned my head Jacob was staring at me he jumped to the floor and leaned on top of me whispering into my ear and rubbing my pussy.

"Your such a tease. and so hot.

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I get a hard on over you in your bikini's" whispered Jacob as he massaged my breasts. "I knew you would like it. Thats why I play with myself.

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when I watch you at your pool" I whipered back, at this point I was so wet from him rubbing my clit. "Hows about we have some fun tomorrow night. my back yard. . dont worry my parents are away and Liam has to go to work. he wont be back till late" Jacob whispered as he played with me. "Sure i'd love to have some fun. just you. and me" I said in a sexy voice, I felt down his pants and grabbed his big chunky hard on. And he shot back onto the couch.

just in time as Liam was walking back with our drinks. Due to being extremely wet from Jacob playing with my clit. I had to leap off the floor and go change, Jacob quickly grabbed my arse as I was walking out. "Dayumm" Jacob said in a ghetto voice. I giggled and ran of up the stairs. as I closed my bedroom door I slid down it and let out a huge gasp. I Couldnt Believe that he had tocuhed me and I agreed to meeting him tomorrow night in his backyard. I lay on my bed thinking of what tomorrow is going to be like.

As i was extremely wet and my pussy juices were flowing down my legs and onto my bed and slipped my finger in between my juicey lips and rubbed, i stuck two fingers down my slit and finger fucked myself for a sex with asian hairy luscious girl hardcore and blowjob until i let out a loud moan, i could hear someone coming up the stairs.

so i quickly got under the covers and grabbed any book and started to look like i was reading in bed. Liam walked in. "Im going to work tomorrow . six xxx hours or gril you be alright on your own." "i will be fine" He left and I resumed finger fucking myself.

and then I fell asleep. Finaly it was saturday. this was a big day for me. I sprang outa bed. took a shower where I cleaned myself top to bottom and shaved everywhere. I dryed off. Blew dry my hair and got dressed into my very skin revealing bikini and slid my short shorts on and a belly top.

Liam had left at this point so a blasted some songs through my computer and straightened my hair and put make-up on. it was nearing on 9.30pm and i was getting anxcious. I walked onto our patio and peered over Jacobs backyard fence.

He wasnt in his back yard but i looked up at his window. i could see him topless and his fit body on display he had a teenpies rachel raven is filled with jizz pack and he was unbuckling his pants. i stared with amazment, when i fell of the bucket i was standing on.

i ran back inside hoping he didnt see me well perving on him. but i was just so horny i had to have him in me asap! 9.58pm was the time as i looked at my clock . "Right breathe . Your just having sex with Jacob. Omigod with Jacob . godd im so horny" I said to myself. I walked out of my frontdoor locked it and climbed over the small fence seperating our houses.

as I approached the door I abit nervous. i knocked on the door. "Ok be yourself. Be sexy But funny !" i said to myself.

He opened the door with no shirt on . I guess he wanted to tease me with his LUSH! body. I stepped in and we kissed pasionately. his tongue plunged into my mouth so i returned the favor and he closed the door in the process. he coressed my breasts and stuck his hand down the back of my short shorts feeling and grabbing my arse.

"steady on . we need to have some foreplay before we get . int.a.mate" I said in a quiet, deep and sexy voice. whilst pulling him away from me. I walked into the backyard whilst swaying my arse in the process.

he followed me . fixaited on my body. "lets go for a dip" I stripped slowly as he watched and as I pulled my pants down to reveal my very skin revealing bikini panties. and lifted my belly top over my head and revealed my bikini bra .

u could see my small brown puffy nipples. just the way i wanted it to be. Jacob also stripped but down into his boxers. and i jumped into the warm pool water. only the pool lights made it visible for me to see Jacobs body . But the view was breathtaking, "jump in Jacob. and we can have some fun" "Im coming in.

i want to see your beautiful body" I blushed luckily he didnt see. he dived in and surfessed right infront of me .

he was very close to me. I ran my hands up and down his magnificent body and down into his wet boxers. without saying anything he slipped his boxers off. well there big tits piano teacher and teen slut shared a hard cock no turning back out of this now. yh like i ever wanted to . i cream over this guy day and night. anyways.

I slid my hand up and down his cock. after rubbing for like 30 seconds, he had a raging hard on. it felt good in my hands. then he turned the attention to me he ran his hands across my chest and we snogged passionately he then somehow undone my bikini strap and was now licking around my nipples and sucking them.

I moaned and shivered in excitement. he then ran his fingers down past my stomach and down into my bikini panties. i rubbed and slid his fingers inbetween my juicey pussy lips. "Your so wet Lizzie. Im going to fuck u so hard. I wanted this for a long time" he sed whilst pausing from kissing my neck. "me too how long have u wanted this for?" I asked as I gave him a handjob. "Since i moved next door. I always watch you from my window. whilst u flaunt your amazing body at the world.

you make me so horny, I always wank over you" I was so excited.


I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him right into me and his cock was touching my stomach. He lifted me out of the water and walked up the pool steps. he backed me up against the wall and coressed my body.

sucking and licking my nipples and touching my now even more wet pussy. I took my legs fom around his wais and squatted and was licking his huge rock hard dick.

I ran my lips up and down his shaft. he let out a gasp of relief, i could tell he was enjoying this by his facial expressions. as i was sucking him off. i opened my legs and started to rub my wet pussy lip and ticlke my clit, he then stood me tranny slut is good at ass ride and layed me down on a deck chair as I lay there he Kissed me passionately for 2 minutes and then worked his was down me until he reached my pussy .

he licked and plunged his tongue into my slit and shoving his finger up my hole and licking my clit. i was moaning and breathing faster and faster. until he stopped and lifted me up into his arms his juicy cock rubbed against my pussy lips and he picked me up again and i wrapped my legs around his waist again. he then rubbed his huge cock up and down my pussy lips and then finaly it came to my slit . and he slowly slid his way inside me. it felt amazing . my eyes rolled back into my head and i bit my bottom lip as he plunged in and out of me.

i was moaning so fast and he was fucking me hard and slow. i gasped for air . we made our way into the kitchen .

he mature blonde wants his hard dick in her me down on the counter. so i opened my legs, he woddled inbetween my legs and pushed deep into me i let out a huge gasp and raised my chest up in ectesy.

i met him and me snogged and tongued each other as i grabbed the back of his hair pulling his head into mine. I was nearly due to cum and i think so was he . he slid out of me and i let all my juices flow whilst he cummed all over my stomach . it was releaving and with that we jumped down from the kitchen counter and made our way up to his room as we reached his door he lifted me up again and wrapped my legs around him he then slipped his huge hard on into me again.

"mmm your so big" "Your so warm and wet baby, i just wanna fuck u so hard right now." He stumled into the bedroom closing the door behind him and laying me on the bed whilst passionately kissing me again.

he fucked me deep and hard . i was moaning so hard at this point and he was letting out gasps as he moved in and out of me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear diary, Well Its been another week as a 16 year old, since my birthday was last week, anyway I was babysitting for the twin boys down my street, they wer both 6, and their parents had left me $20 to buy a pizza and a movie, They also told me about their uncle Pete who would be dropping by to pick up some stuff.

They had left and the night was going normal me and the twins ate the pizza and watched the movie, some kiddies action film which wasnt so bad, I tucked them in goodnight and resumed watching the T.V downstairs. After a while there was a knock on the door. I walked over to the poorch where I saw their uncle.

He was young in his 20's, and might I add very hot!. I felt abit horny after secretly renting a porno on the T.V .

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So seeing a hot guy like him made it extremely uncomfortable for me not to play with myself. I opened the door to let him inside. "Hey, Im Pete the twins uncle . Im here to pick up some stuff" I froze just stood there, not saying anything. Suddenly I snapped out of my trance. "Oh. Sorry, Urmm yeh Julie told me you were coming. Come in!" "Thanks, So did Julie tell you where the stuff was ?" "Sorry but no, She said you would know where it is" I gave him my sexy smile.

"Oh. Ok well have you seen any boxes marked, Pete stuff on them?" "Infact I have seen them at the top of the stairs, Do you need a hand there are alot of boxes?" "Sure" As he walked past me i smelt his de-oderant.

AHHH it smelt really good, I pulled my denim skirt up a little bit more so when I bent my black panties were visible, I soon made my way up the stairs to where Pete was moving boxes around, "I put the lighter ones there for you, so its easier to carry" Pete said smiling. "Oh thanks" As I bent over to carry one of the boxes I spread my legs slighty to a upside down V shape, at this point my panties were easily visible.

I turned back round to see Pete mouth wide open. Staring at my slender long tanned legs and marvollous panties. "Hehe" I cutely giggled and a wink to top it off. "Urrm Urrm Urrm. Lets get these boxes back to my car. after you" "ok" I said seductivly. We made our way out the frontdoor towards his car.He opened the boot, whislt his shirt lifted up showing his 4 pack. Impressive I thought. He slid the heavy box into the boot and I bent down to slide the box into the carboot.

As I turned Pete grabbed the back of my waist and pulled me close to him. He started to kiss and lick my neck then he made his way up to my lips where we slid our tongues in and out of each others mouths . we broke off "do you. wanna go inside?" i said slowly. he kissed my neck and then whispered in my ear "I'd love too" flava gets fucked hard by two men and she loves every minute of it with tha he led me in the house where we fondled on the kitchen counter with my slender legs wrapped around his waist.

he pulled me in closer and closer and with in 30 seconds I could feel his pulsating cock ram against his 3/4 shorts and it was atleast 8" now . I hesatated thinking if it would fit in my tight pussy? He ripped my top off and pulled my bra down . he corressed my breasts and sucked a licked my nipples. I moaned in excitement and pleasure . he quickly pulled his bottoms off and his cock was rubbing against my extremely wet pussy lips . "are you ready?" he whispered.

"Im. ready" i whispered in reply . he gently pushed his cock end into my slit. and then rammed it in and out of me .

it hurt at first and then it was soooo goooddd!!! We made our way over to the coach and he layed me down on the floor . he thrust in and out in and out he kissed me passionately and then licked down my neck to my breast where they were jingling about with the rythm. He stopped .


"get on top" so i did with no questions asked . I lowered myself onto his raging cock and bounced up and down until i protested "im gonna cummmmmmmm!" and i cummed all over his huge shaft! "dayum girl. your so good at this. might have to fuck you more often" i smiled. "you should fuck me more often . u make me soo horny. i just want u inside me again." He knesled between my legs and ran his cock up and down my cummed up lips and then pushed into my pussy the feeling was magnificent.

we fucked for a while. he lay behind my on our sides and we fucked like that] for about 10 miutes . then he fucked me stood up whilst my legs wrapped around his waist. and then he cummed on my breast . i rubbed the cum in like it was mosterising cream .

and licked my finger. we lay nex to each other. "I gotta say Hayley. you were awesome!" "not so bad yourself Pete" he leaned over me and kissed me on my lips . it was so passionate.


I nearly Fainted and with that we fell alseep in each others arm's . i woke the next mornin to find him gone. but. a note on the side with his number on saying i shud call him.