Hot amateur brunette ready to play with big cock

Hot amateur brunette ready to play with big cock
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It was really kinda perverted of me to start such a stupid chapter in my life, actually it initiated as a distorted fantasy that original night that became a dream, then a vision, festering up inside until it boiled over into reality. Do I regret what I have done over the past year, absolutely not, well maybe the end result that my sister has to endure, but up to this point I can not tell you how much I have relished fucking her. Every time was like the first time, constantly tight, always dripping wet especially the last few times.

If she only knew I was fucking her, but she will never figure that out, unless I get pissed off at her and let it slip, nah fat chance of that happening. Well let me get started on how all this transpired. About a year ago my parents took one of their "long weekends" as they have been doing since Patti and I became responsible in their eyes to stay alone. They took off Friday morning for who knows where, that meant my sister and I had the house to ourselves yet again.

That meant she would take off with Billy her boyfriend for the british skank seduces cop into outdoors sex and I would have bunch of the guys over to play video games and such. The guys were getting ready to go home when Billy and Patti show up, both having a little too much to drink from the way they almost crawled up the stairs.

No one was surprised when Jackie wondered aloud that he thinks their in her room fucking, but we all got a wide grin when he suggests we have a look. Four boys snuck up the stairs, stood in front of her door until one got the nerve to slightly push the door open just a crack.

We each took a turn peering into the dark room to the sight of Billy's ass heaving up and down while the girl under him clutched her hands around his mid-section as she cuckold watching how her slut wife is being fucked homemade espanola expressed her desire for more.

Her moans and groans slurred heavily from too much liquor while her legs pointing upwards simultaneously thrashed wildly in the air we gawked at his body pushing her forward enough to see his penis being thrust hard into Patti's body. Each time his ball bag would slap firmly against her asshole creating a soft muffled wallop.

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Then with one decisive forward motion he forced himself deep inside her cunt as his head arched backward, we watched his slender body tense extremely as he unloaded his orgasm inside my sister. It was over and we scattered quickly engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore not to be caught.

Chattering among ourselves in the foyer as my friends dressed to leave it was quite apparent we were all excited from the protrusions in the front of our pants. I quickly left for the kitchen as Billy exited the side door. Surely I wasn't the only one that night who was to relieve himself.

Climbing the stairs knowing I would need more than one tissue to catch the cum I was about to release. As I passed Patti's room I gazed inwards, the room still dark my sister laid on the bed, her legs spread apart revealing her snatch, blonde hairs glowing from the hall light bouncing off them. Calling softly into her room I welcomed the empty response. I knew she was out cold but creeping quietly towards her until I stood at the foot of her bed marveling at her naked body.

Slight snoring escaped her partially open lips as I decided what exactly to do. Somewhere hidden in my brain I already knew what was going kinky lesbian session with jessica and chastity happen, my head was spinning in dispute but while I debated the issue my hand reached for the fly on my pants.

I was already erect when my dick came out, and then my hand was pumping in a race to finish. Sensing the mysterious twinge in my gut I stepped closer, standing adjacent to her my hand furiously stroked my length as the spasms rapidly grew. As the last few drops hung on my eye sight cleared, looking down at Patti's body now covered in several drawn out streaks of pasty cum I came back to reality.

Scared shitless, not sure what to do I ran from her room until safely in the comfort of my own bed where I settled down for the night. When Saturday morning came I thought I had dreamt the episode, but it was too vividly etched into my memory to be a dream.

Then the old conscious kicked in, what had I done, what if she finds the cum on her stomach, what was I going to do? But I had nothing to worry about; trudging down for breakfast Patti was one happy camper as we ate Cocoa Puffs at the kitchen island. She implied that she had too much to drink last night wanting to know if I noticed it. I just kept my mouth shut. I was thankful she hadn't found any cum. I made a resolution to never do it again being to risky. My declaration lasted just over twelve hours.

I was in bed sound asleep when awoken to the sounds of Patti getting boned next room over. Rolling over several times before I heard both of them quiet down then subdued footsteps going down the stairs, Billy had left.

Temptation can be a sin. Tip-toeing to her door then in a low murmur calling her name, then again but this time louder, again and again until I was sure she was out. I was thinking with my other head, not the one on my shoulders. Walking across the room I already had my sunny leone boobs pressing storys by man inside my pajamas, with no boxers on; my hand was fumbling with phoenix marie has a premium big ass hard piece of meat attached to my groin.

She lay there on her bedspread in a pair of lacey panties and the same blouse she left with several hours before. Interesting, didn't understand what he did, must have fucked her with her undie's pulled aside and never took her top off.

She must have been drunker than usual or maybe he was just in a hurry, either way she absolutely looked tempting laying there.

I gave her an insignificant nudge, no response, and then another stiff one to be sure, I was golden from that point on. By the time I was stroking my pajamas were at my ankles and my tee shirt in a rumple beside me.

My luck was never this good but it was about to get better. Why should I only jerk off to a partially clothed girl, why not a naked one like the previous night? Effortlessly I unbuttoned her blouse, when she didn't stir I rolled her over, removed it, then unfastened her bra and separated that from her body.

Lastly her ass looked so fine I pulled her white panties down over her cheeks. Presuming she was out like a light I spread the cheeks of her ass revealing a brownish-pink rose bud. After spreading her legs I had my first candid view of a girls private parts, and was it ever a sight to behold. There was a small slit glistening with moisture surrounded by fine yellow hairs.

I just had to; reaching between her I slid a finger across her gash pausing at the wet portion for a second then traveling up to what I would find out later was her clit. That must have hit a nerve causing her body to twitch a slightly. Wanting to see more I rolled her onto her back, spread her legs wide, bending her knees giving me what I desired, a nice spectacle to jerk off too.


Enticed with what I had, the lure for more was too much, my finger began manipulating her cunt lips, skirting over the greasy lips on the verge of entering them for a few minutes while my other hand was fueling my inner fires. I went for broke, sliding my finger into her until it faded out of sight. Just like silk, with moisture gathering on my finger with each retraction I couldn't stop, then it hit me, if Billy fucked her where was his cum?


Was I fingering his cum? No there wasn't any sign of it, maybe he blew it on her stomach? But I saw no sign of dampness on her clothes. I didn't care at this point; I had died and gone to Heaven as far as I was concerned, it couldn't get much better could it?

I was about to find out it could and would! What could it hurt, I would be careful, pulling her comatose body to the beds border, deciding not to actually fuck her, just navigate the tip of my dick head alongside her cunt. Man that was great, I was careful not to penetrate; I fully comprehended the danger if I did, that would be considered incest and I surely didn't want to commit an act that would send me to Hell to roast forever.

Furthermore, I was careful not to go over the edge, man that would suck fucking your sister and getting her pregnant, sick thought. My dick was never happier, as I continued to swim around her wet cunt sanni leyon sex xxx story it became apparent that either I or her probably both of us were lubricating as it became slicker where we were connected. I started to get the twinge but pulled away quickly, thought about Julie Prendergast, an ugly fat scalawag from school and hastily regained my composure, wanting this to last a bit longer.

Greed can be a terrible thing sometimes, satisfied up this point with what I had I wanted just a little more. Evaluating the situation I couldn't decide if I wanted to commit the unspeakable act or not, maybe if I put just the head in a little, would that be incest, I certainly wouldn't be fucking her but then again. The incentive was there, if this felt fantastic then it had to feel magnificent to feel her cunt stretched around my dick.

Succumbing to the yearning I let my head slip between her cunt lips promising that no way would I go in further. I had to prepare, on her night stand were a few crumpled tissues, the perfect item, I could blow on her stomach and clean her up. But when I picked them up there was something in them. With my dick still resting against her slit I unfolded them only to drop them just as fast. Billy had used a condom and it was in the tissues, the tip filled with his cum, and I had touched it, gross, so much for that great idea.

The sick person I am I kept thinking about that condom wishing I had one right now, basically I did have one although it was soiled. I get in trouble when I try to use my brain. Gluttony, it's a dreadful characteristic; I am never pleased, I should have been ecstatic at this point but again I wanted more. Like it was a hot ember from a campfire I reached for the used condom, pinching the rolled end, scrutinizing it intently, and then looking at my naked sister I decided in my own mind I would do it.

Leaving her splayed on the bed I made a dash to the bathroom, my dick wavering in the air where I gingerly but cautiously washed Billy's cum out of it. Sick. I couldn't defer it any longer; anxious she might awaken I stood at her side and somehow managed to stretch the still wet condom over my dick. It was straightforward to explain, my primitive instincts had jurisdiction of my discipline, if I had the rubber on than it wouldn't essentially be incest, my skin wouldn't be touching her, the rubber would act as a barrier.

I found her still slick, my dick head slid around her opening with comfort as I pressed forward while marveling at the sight of it disappearing into her folds. A little more and the head was out of sight with a few inches to go, another nudge and I was half buried in my sisters cunt when the guilt hit.

Why was I doing this? What kind of distorted boy am I? The intensity was too much, I gave her all of it, now completely inside her cunt, her cavity stretched around my flesh, my big head spinning with delight I made several irregular departures before settling down to a refined rhythm.

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But the inevitable was ready to take place; I kept my pace unbroken, repetitively using passive thrusts into her body on a mission to complete. Deep in my gut it started working its way through my body until I was so numb I practically passed out as the first torrent expelled from my slit. My head arched backward, mouth uttering non-coherent gibberish, dick buried deep while spewing uncontrollably; I had to grab a hold of her legs for fear of falling over.

The orgasm was so intense I was almost relieved when it was finished. Reality sank in, I began to get extremely nervous while looking down at her lifeless body, boy was I an asshole or what, fucking my sister, part of my bloodline, how much lower could I go?

Pushing her comatose shape further up on the bed then throwing the sheet over her I stood in amazement pondering what would be next. Afraid she may awaken I trudged naughty latina mariah trades her bigtits for money the bathroom, only then did I realize that I still had a hard-on, virtually as solid as when I first started.

In the light I scrutinized it marveling at the wonder of life. The rubber with its elasticity contained a whole lot of sperm; the reservoir tip overflowing halfway down my shaft looking like it was stretched so skin-tight it might rupture at any time.

But my sperm was safe within it, which was a good thing; I knew at that point if I hadn't worn it unquestionably I would never had pulled out of her cunt. Not nice. Right then I should have pulled it off and flushed it bye-bye, but my mind was already planning on using it again.

Cleaned and rinsed I rolled it up as best I could and stashed it inside my closet for the next time if there was one. My parents took off on their monthly "get-away" the next three months but unfortunately an encounter never took place, either she didn't have enough to drink or I was afraid she might awaken, I began to agonize over it, uneasy she may have known I fucked her, although on no account did she surrender any notion of it.

Fucking her that night consumed most of my fantasies, my sight of a naked girl, my first feel, and mostly, my first fuck. I just had to fuck her again. Believing I was never to get lucky again, and then it happened, the old folks left for New Hampshire Friday morning. Several friends were about to spend the night when Patti and Billy showed up intoxicated, I was unprepared, hustling my friends out the door I waited and waited for my signal but Billy never came down the stairs.

After investigating I found they had fallen asleep both naked as jaybirds. Billy's dick still glossy with wetness, and there on the night stand, tissues, another rubber to be saved for future use.

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Making a lot of noise just outside her door until he awoke waiting in anticipation, he finally stumbled down the hall. I had to act quickly before she sobered up. Planning on using my old rubber and then fucking her again with the his just used one. Two times in one night would satisfy my urges for sure.


Before I even heard his car fire up I was naked, dick protected, kneeling in the midst of her shapely legs prepared to fuck my sister. And how I did, she was out cold, only wishing it lasted more than two minutes I stretched that sheath to point of bursting.

My luck was about run out though, while rinsing it out underwater my finger pooped through its side, damn, that was OK I went to retrieve Billy's "new" one in the tissues to find it gone, the sob must have taken it him. Now I was in a quandary, I really wanted to bust another nut but was reluctant to go unprotected. Hmm, I intended to go the original route as the first night, just wiggle around her cunt lips, I theorized it still wasn't incest.

I should have stopped right then. Patti had rolled over on her stomach, uneasy about waking her I mounted her from behind, just like the neighbors dogs did. It took a minute to prop her ass up enough to have direct access to her hole. It started off OK but after a minute or two I had forgotten all my principles, my morals flushed away I was buried balls deep in my own sister. This was nothing like I had experienced before, so slick, so smooth, so right.

I kept up my spirited technique. First in then out, over and over it went until I knew it was fast approaching. My body said stay in, spray her inner cunt with seed, but reality said no, just as the first squirt appeared my dick was being squeezed with Patti's ass cheeks. What outdoor fuck and pissing that teen girl orgasm both in intensity and quantity, her asshole greasy with cum as I fulfilled my desires sliding across her bung hole.

Like a rocket I was off her when she began to stir, backing up and out of the room before she could fully awaken. That was close, too close for comfort.

But in my mind I knew I would do it all over again and never again would I wear one of those stinking rubbers. You lose too much gratification with your hog wrapped up like that. Over the next six moths an identical incident took place on certain privileged nights. Disappointed it wasn't every weekend but typically once a month. I was always careful to be convinced she was out like a light and mostly that I was out her cunt before the seed would spill from my pecker.

I took gratification seeing her covered in my cum, pulling out then raising up off Patti's body sometimes I could even hit her tits while I watched, on occasions I even jerked off the last minute plastering her face as straddled her feeble frame.

If she only knew. Contaminated, that's what my mind was, somewhere hidden from my conscience thoughts I knew I was going to do it, I knew indisputably it was wrong but I had to attempt it once, just once then I would be content, never again.

I planned it for the next time she was under the influence, I was aware of the potential consequences, it only takes one sperm to swim up the tunnel to connect with an egg, if squirted a whole orgasm in her there was a good chance it could happen, but what if I only let go with one spurt that should reduce the chances by at least seventy-five percent. Bad math, I know. I stayed true, just that one squirt on Saturday night, it was a life changing moment.

It was even better than I had dreamt it would be. Better still I found bloodied tampons in the trash a week later, she didn't get pregnant, a relief for me. I thought my strategy work so the next two times I let loose with just one tiny blast.

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But once more I got greedy. The clock on the nightstand said two-thirty, that one dad catches teen masturbating and russian solo hd fatherly alterations pt was oozing out her cunt, trailing downward, watery, pale, and bubbly. My softening dick stopped, it began to rise from the dead, and temptation was too vast.

Sliding into her again I thought I was fucking a jar of mayonnaise except it was a very small jar that was still tight around my dick. Hooked I didn't even contemplate about pulling out, instead my sister cunt overflowed with my cum. Looking back I still don't understand how she didn't know I was fucking her, up to that point there wasn't much of a mess but leaving my calling card drooling from her cunt she had to have known something was up.

I suppose Billy was still using condoms, poor sucker. I kept dropping loads in her when ever we fucked for the next few months. Then the shit hit the fan. I could hear my parents going off the deep end.

There was a lot of crying from Mom and Patti and heated words from Dad that I hoped he wouldn't follow thru with. Patti kept trying to explain that they used protection every time, how she couldn't understand how it happened. I stood in the kitchen listening to all of it, scared stiff about it but confident that my secret was still safe and sound.

But I knew my days of fucking Patti had just come to an end. Eight months later Patti gave birth to a handsome baby boy. Billy's parents gave money for child support until he could graduate from high school and took turns raising him. But every so often Patti would look at me then the baby and tell me how she couldn't believe how much he looked like me, give me a wink and leave the room.