Brunette whore nicolette noirett enjoys fake agent

Brunette whore nicolette noirett enjoys fake agent
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This story has been re-written and formatted for easier reading following suggestions by readers of the first version which was posted in the " True Stories " genre. Seeing as the story is more about the seduction of a very young virgin, it is being re-posted into the "Young" genre. It is still however a true story.

Hope you enjoy THE CRUISE Chapter 1 …&hellip. Meeting my little Italian We boarded the huge cruise liner in Venice, Italy for a seven new sanny liyon xnxx story 2019 trip up into the Black Sea, with stops in Athens and Istanbul, then on to Yalta and Odessa before returning to Italy via Kotor and Split.

The day of embarkation was chaotic as it always is on foreign ships. There were 600 passengers boarding and unlike U.S. cruises, where there is some semblance of order, everyone was pushing and shoving and shouting at the top of their lungs.

Europeans tend to be a little obnoxious in crowds and don't seem to understand that their cabin is reserved for them alone and will still be there no matter how much they try to cut in line at boarding. There were GermansFrench, Italians, British and Russians as well as a few Americans such as ourselves.

The Russians were probably the rudest of all but despite the chaos we all managed to get aboard and set sail at 5:00 pm, the designated departure time. The stevedores cast off the mooring lines fore and aft and with two deafening blasts on the ship' horn we were underway.

Standing on deck in the warm Summer sun, watching the sights of Venice glide by as we sailed down the Grand Canal girl fucking tow guys in somewhere outdoors fantastic.

Even more interesting ( to me ) was a group of about 10 young girls aged between 13 and 15 accompanied by a couple who seemed to be their tour guides. Turns out they were on a guided history tour without their parents, … just the guides as chaperones.

They were all gorgeous little things, dressed in tight little ass hugging shorts and skimpy tops which showed off their taut little developing breasts.

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My dick was hard as a rock just looking at them. Even though my wife was standing right next to me and not noticing anything except the passing scenery, one of the girls, a cute little redhead who was probably barely 13, but with an ass to die for, smiled openly at me and pouted her sexy little lips. I smiled back and winked at her and was rewarded with a return wink.

I thought to myself, " you sexy little bitch ", I'd like to show you a thing or two. At that moment, I decided I was going to try and find a way sometime on the cruise to get to know that little temptress better. Thinking about that cute little ass made me really horny and after dinner when we retired to our cabin, I could hardly wait to strip my wife naked and fuck her silly while thinking about the little redhead.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my wife but there are lots of sex things she's not into. She doesn't particularly like kissing and getting her to swallow my cum after she sucks me off ( she doesn't do deep throat either ) is like pulling teeth and anal sex is out of the question.

All of these things can be done to a young girl if you are patient and train her correctly. I've been fortunate enough to have seduced two very young things in the past and the experiences were truly memorable. After you teach them how to fuck, they can't get enough of it and there are no such things as " headaches " or sexual taboos. They enjoy being fucked by more experienced older guys and will fuck you to death if you can keep up with them.

Fortunately for me, giving my wife $50 to go gamble in the casino gets rid of her for at least 4 hours and gives me time to look around on my own. I figured I would find out where the teen areas were on the ship and maybe I would be lucky enough to see one of those girls again.

The teen game room was up on the aft end of the prom deck and was packed with European kids, all just " hanging out " with their I-Pods and Game-Boys, all trying to look cool. I just stayed back aways and watched the ritual of the young guys trying to hit on the little girls who were flirting outrageously. Damn, I did a double take and could hardly believe my luck as the little redhead came out of the game room with another girl and started to walk by me.

At the last minute she looked up and recognized me and taking a big cock in the sex shop openly.

" Well fancy seeing you again " I said, trying to sound casual and hide my excitement. " How are you enjoying the cruise so far ? " I asked, as she came closer. " Is this your sister ", I probed further as the second girl looked at her friend questioningly, as if to say, who is this man.

" Scuzi SignoriI Italiano, mi English no very good " she replied questioningly. " I'm sorry, " I said and repeated my questions very slowly. She answered in halting English" Oh no, " she's my friend Angelliniwe are traveling together and we go to the same school in Verona " " That's nice but what's your name and are you both traveling with your parents ?

" " Oh, my name is Gina and no, we are with a school group on a tour with our chaperones. We are old enough to travel on our own but our parents insisted on chaperones. What's your name signori ?

" Wow, talk about precocious. In the U.S. if you just up and started talking to young teen girls they would scream and run away. " Hi Gina and Angellini, my name is Dave and I'm from America. Have you ever been there ? " " No, this is our first trip abroad " the redhead replied, " and we're doing it on a shoestring because we had to save for almost a year to afford it. Kind of a bummer because we don't have much spending money " " Yeah, that's kinda rough for 16 year olds " I tossed out.

" You guys are 16 or 17, right ? " Oh yes, were both 16 "they lied simultaneously, looking really impressed thinking they had fooled me with their age. Right ! I was willing to bet they were 13 or 14 at the most, but that's o.k., that's the perfect age I like them to be. " Well if you two were a few years older I could buy you a drink at the bar but can I at least buy you a couple of sodas ? " I asked. Angellini looked a little nervous and said " I think I should go back and join the group " but Gina said " sure, I would like a Coke " I quickly went to the bar and bought two Cokes and gave her one, saying " let's go to the back of the ship and drink our Cokes.

" By this time Angellini had disappeared and I gently guided Gina towards the rear of the ship, abigail toyne and kelle marie are two beautiful bl her tight little ass as she walked with me.

Her little cotton t-shirt did little to hide her lovely young tits and her hard little nipples were adorable as they poked out from under the flimsy material.

I figured I should go for broke and see just how far I could push my luck without scaring her off, so I said, " You know when I first saw you with your friends the day we sailed and you smiled at me, I thought you were by far the most gorgeous girl in the whole group " Gina blushed and said " do you really think so ?

" "Oh yes, definitely " I said, " I bet with your cute figure you must have all the boys at home drooling over you " bridgette kerkove is no stranger to cosmetic surgery Gina blushed even deeper and I swear she pushed her little titties out even further as she said " Do you really think so?

The boys in my school like me but they are first time virgin sex porning storys young and immature for me. I like older boys but they are only interested in the older girls " This conversation was going well so I decided to push a little harder.

I gently touched her arm and said " Those older boys are still too young for you. They don't realize how mature you are. It takes a man to appreciate you ". I could actually feel her tremble with delight as I lied to her and she moved closer to me as we stood at the rail.

I made no effort to avert my gaze as my eyes openly admired her tits and then shifted to her crotch. I touched her back with one hand and softly stroked her arm and whispered to her. " You really are a beautiful girl and you are making me really excited ." Gina moved even closer and her leg touched mine sending hot flashes up my body. There was no one close by and I thought … go for broke. I tipped her chin upwards and leaned in daddy fucking my princess parts pussyplaying pussyfucking kissed her.

I expected her to pull away but instead she opened her mouth and kissed me back, pushing in tight up against me as we kissed. My tongue slipped into her mouth and briefly found hers before she quickly pulled away saying, " someone will see ". " There's no one here " I assured her, as I pulled her back and kissed her again, this time bringing my hand up to feel her hard little breast through her shirt. She melted into me and I fondled her breasts one by one and forced my tongue into her mouth.

This time she kissed me back with her tongue and I could feel her body heat rising as I continued to fondle her breasts and squeeze the nipples. I couldn't believe my luck. She was probably only 13 but she had obviously been kissed and felt up at least a few time before because her nipples had definitely hardened with desire and she had started to breathe raggedly.

Finally she pulled back and sputtered " You're too old for me Dave. I like you but I'm scared and somebody might see us," " I like you too Gina and I could teach you lots of things. Maybe we could meet here again tonight, say about 9 when it's darker and more private. Would you like that ? " " I don't know. Maybe " she replied and then she took off and ran back towards the teen game room. Damn ! my dick was hard as a rock and I had almost cum in my pants feeling up her little titties.

I sure hoped I hadn't scared her follando con mi cuntildeado parte me folla de nuevo and that she would show up tonight. It had really aroused me feeling up her tight little body pressed against me and her halting Italian flavored English was a real turn on.

Chapter 2 ………&hellip. The Seduction I could barely taste my food that evening as the anticipation of seeing her again was pre-occupying my thoughts. Fortunately her group must have been at the earlier dinner setting because they were nowhere to be seen in the dining room. My wife had done well in the casino and had won over $100 so I didn't even have to give her any more money and she could hardly wait to get back to the machines. She would be gone until at least 11 p.m.

At 9 sharp I was back on the prom deck near the teen game room waiting for Gina to show. It was a pitch dark night but you could see the lights on shore of the coast of Montenegro as the ship steamed steadily south down the Adriatic towards Athens where we would dock in the morning. By 9:30 she had not showed up and although my headmaster sleep with students story was swollen with anticipation, my mind was despondent thinking I had maybe scared her off with my earlier boldness.

Almost 10 o' clock and still nothing. I turned to look one last time at the coastline before giving up and then suddenly she was there touching my arm and whispering, " Bona notte Mr David, scuzi for being late but it was hard to get away from my friends." Her touch had electrified me and I just stared in amazement at the tiny little short skirt and halter top she was wearing before I pulled her to me and found her lips.

This time there was no hesitation and her little tongue danced circles in my mouth as she crushed her hot little body tightly against me. My hardness was obvious but she just kept squirming her body into mine as my hands once again sought her lovely little breasts. The material of her halter was just a minor inconvenience as my hands wormed under the material and found the softness of the bare flesh of her delicious little orbs. My hard penis was pushing up against her lower belly and she was pushing back against it as she made soft little moaning sounds deep in her throat.

I began to kiss her harder and one of my hands slipped from her breasts and slid down her almost naked back until I felt her tight little ass through the flimsy material of her skirt and panties. As I squeezed the wonderfully soft yet taught little globe of her butt, I gently lifted her skirt and slipped my hand under the elastic of her panties until I had bare naked ass flesh in my palm.

Oh shit, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. One hand caressing her naked breast and the other fondling her ass and my lovely little 13 year old Italian girl grinding her pelvis up against me and virtually fucking me through the material of our clothes.

I briefly pulled my mouth away from her lips and whispered hoarsely to her. " Gina. You are amazing. You are kissing me like a woman and your body is beautiful beyond your years. Such wonderful breasts. You are adorable.


" these pretty party girls look so sweet and nice but see how dirtyminded and insatiable they really a teen table and monster white first time older gentleman and his princess I could almost feel her glow with pride as I praised her. She pushed herself harder against me and whispered in return.

" I almost didn't come because I was scared you are so much older than me but I know you will be gentle with me. I like you and you are the first man I have allowed to touch me like this. " Obviously a lie as far as playing with her titties but feeling up her ass, maybe true. Anyway I didn't care, she was here now and as my hand continued to softly squeeze her ass I told her.

" I am so proud that I am the first you allow to touch you and I will be very careful with you. Tell me little Gina, are you still a virgin ? " " Yes Mr. David, I am still virgin, but I am not afraid with you " Unbelievable !! I had actually found the often joked about, elusive 13 year old Italian virgin. Gently I moved her down the deck into a dark alcove near one of the lifejacket storage bins and sat her up on it and began kissing her again.

She came to me eagerly and again my hands found her breasts as I forced my tongue into her mouth. Carefully I reached around and undid the clasp of her halter and let her breasts fall out into full view. Even in the semi-darkness her small tits were gorgeous. Nice firm little handfuls with unusually large brown aureole for a girl her age capped with dusty stiff and perky little nipples. " " Gina your tits are beautiful " I told her as I gently massaged the soft flesh and rubbed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

The little red tips soon became rock hard as I continued to methodically squeeze them. Gina whimpered softly as I teased her young tits while still softly kissing her.

" Bellisimo " I again whispered as I drew my lips away from hers and lowered my head to her young breasts, taking one gently into my mouth and beginning to suck firmly on the engorged nipple. Gina cried out and gripped the back of my neck firmly, pulling my mouth harder onto her swollen breast. Her neck arched backwards and soft little mewling sounds escaped from her throat as I greedily sucked on first one breast and then the other.

" Oh it feels so wonderful Signori David. I have never felt like this before. Your lips feel so good on me " she throatily murmured. With my free hands, I reached behind her, gently cupping both cheeks of her ass and pulling her to the edge of the life jacket box. My fingers slipped under the elastic of her panties and gently slid them down over her butt until her ass cheeks were completely free and naked.

My large hands completely covered her little ass cheeks as I began to fondle and massage them while at the same time continuing to suck on her magnificent little teenage tits. Reluctantly my mouth released her nipples and I returned to kissing her young lips. Her little skirt had slid up around her stomach revealing her little panty clad pussy to my gaze.

I squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled her towards me, forcing her crotch tight up against my now rock hard erection. I could feel the heat of her pussy through her panties as my cock pushed hard against her sex through the lacy thin material. She was going wild and pushing back against my stiff penis as never before experienced feelings rushed through her young body while she was kissing me passionately with her hands wrapped around my neck as I dry fucked her.

It was all I could do to keep from ripping her underwear off and forcing my desperately hard cock into her cunt. I was getting dangerously close to cumming but we were too close to lit up areas to try and fuck her right there.

She cried out softly as I reluctantly pulled away from her and stood her up next to the locker. " There are too many people nearby baby " I whispered.

" Someone may see us. We need to find somewhere more private " " But it feels so good Signorri Dave, I don't want to stop. I want you to keep touching me and making me feel good. I have never had feelings like these before and my private parts are on fire " " I promise I will make you feel even better my lovely Gina but for now we must stop and I will try to find somewhere private for us to meet tomorrow ," I said as I pulled her panties back up over her ass. " Please " she begged. " Kiss me again, touch me again ".

I couldn't resist. Making sure no one was near, I pulled her to me and kissed her hard and at the same time slipping my hand up under her skirt until I found the warm folds of her vagina through her now very moist panties. I cupped it in my hand and ran my fingers up and down the length of her sex while I pushed my hardness up against teen fucks her stud at her private party for two leg.

Gina pushed her sex against my hand and just about swallowed my tongue in her eagerness. I pulled away to avoid shooting my load right then and there and told her to meet me tomorrow night at 9 o'clock after we sailed from Athens. I could not believe how this was working out. Little Gina had discovered sex and was putty in my hands. All I had to do was find somewhere private and I would take her virginity. Amazing. At 13, she would be the youngest little girl I had ever deflowered and she was definitely willing and ready.

I went back to our cabin to find that my wife was in bed reading and quite content as she had won again. She never even asked where I had been and even consented to suck me off. This was my lucky night. For some reason she was horny and actually swallowed my load without spitting it out like usual. It was a really good blow job because I fantasized that it was my little 13 year old Italian virgin sucking me off.

Chapter 3 ………&hellip. Taking her Virginity The next morning the ship docked in Athens. Well actually the port of Piraeus and we took the streetcar into Athens and toured all the sights, including the Parthenon and Hadrian's Gate and watched the palace guards goose stepping as they did the changing of the dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion ritual.

It was good day and I enjoyed my wife's company as we took in the sights but my mind was definitely thinking about little Gina. I had been thinking all day about how to find somewhere to get Gina alone when by sheer accident, an opportunity presented itself. That night back aboard ship my wife had left a few minutes early to go down to dinner and I was still in the cabin, when the room steward Guido knocked on the door wanting to know if he could clean the room while we were at dinner.

We struck up a conversation and he told me that he was having an easy trip because there were lots of empty cabins. Wow ! … a brainstorm hit me and I asked him what would be the chances that he could get me the key to an empty cabin that I could use for the rest of the trip.

I told him I had found a young girl and needed somewhere to take her so my wife wouldn't find out. He was Italian and he understood completely and of course he could arrange this ( for a small fee naturally kiley jay got her sweet pussy milf lick by her step mom. He knew of a cabin that was two decks up so there was no chance of accidentally bumping into someone who might recognize me.

He said for $50 he could get me the key and no one would know anything. I offered him $75 and he also agreed to see that there were snacks there every night and that the cabin was cleaned each day. Five minutes later he came back with the key … some money changed hands and the deal was made. As usual, after dinner, the wife headed for the casino and I told her I might take in a movie or just hang out in one of the bars for two or three hours.

I could hardly wait for 9 o'clock and this time Gina was already waiting on the prom deck. I told her the cabin number and had her go ahead of me to make sure no one saw us together. We found the right deck and she walked slowly past the cabin while I walked a little behind her. I slipped the card into the door and left it open, motioning for her to walk back to me. No one was in the companionway and I quickly pulled her into the cabin and closed the door. She was wearing the same halter top as the night before but this time coupled with a little pair of really short shorts that barely covered those cute little ass cheeks.

There was nothing said this time. She just came into my arms, her lips sex stories six big cock storys seeking mine as we sank onto the bed pushing up against each other.

Without ceremony I tore off her halter top and buried my face into those soft little titties, nibbling and squeezing and fondling those delicious little orbs. In no time her nipples were hard and she was breathing heavily as I sucked and squeezed her into a heated state of passion.

We continued to kiss as I rolled over onto my back and pulled her on top of me. She was laying prone on my stomach and I reached around behind her until I once again I was squeezing those sweet little ass cheeks. My hands easily slipped under her shorts and panties and soon I was fondling the softness of her naked butt.

My cock was hard as a rock as I pulled her on top of my erection and humped her pussy tight against my straining dick. I held her tight and fondled her ass as I continued to hump her.

Gina was moaning and pushing back against me, saying silly little nothings in Italian into my ear. I kept kissing her as I gently rolled her onto her back and climbed on top of her until my cock was nestled tightly between her legs and was hard up against her pussy through the thin material of her shorts. I held my weight on my elbows and began to steadily and forcefully dry fuck her through her shorts while I continued to tenderly kiss her trembling lips.

" Does that feel good my love. Do you like feeling me up against you" ? I asked her as I held my weight on one hand and squeezed her breast as I continued to slowly and deliberately dry fuck her. " " It feels amazing my love Mr. David. My insides are on fire and I love what you are doing but please tell me how to love you back.

I want to learn how to make love to a man "Gina answered with moist little tears in her eyes. She was adorable laying there half naked with my hardness pressing into the vee between her legs.

" You are beautiful Gina " I said, " but I want to see you naked " and without waiting for an answer I moved off her and quickly undid the clasp on her little shorts and in one fluid movement I slid her shorts and panties down her legs and completely removed them.

Gina looked a little startled and initially tried to cover up her nakedness but I gently pulled her hands away and said " No you are beautiful. I want to see your private parts. Her little pink slit was amazing.

It was partially open and I could see the dewy moisture around the soft outer lips as well as the partially covered little nubbin of her clitoris. There was just a trace of auburn hair on her mons but otherwise her lovely pussy was bald. I reached over and gently opened the lips a little further, running my finger up the moist slit until I was touching her little clit. " What do you call your private parts in Italian Gina " I asked.

" In English we call it a pussy and yours is the most beautiful one I have ever seen." Amazingly after the initial shock of my seeing her naked, she seemed not in the least bit embarrassed as I gently rubbed the soft crease of her young cunt. Maybe it's just European culture but their women and girls just seem so much more uninhibited than their American counterparts.

Even though she was only 13 and still a virgin she seemed quite at ease being touched and admired naked by a man older than even her father. " In Italian we call the sex place between my legs a gatita or little kitty and we call the boy's thing a cazzo " " That's a nice name for your sex place.

In English we call it a pussy, which also means little kitty and a boys thing we call a cock " I told her. " Signorri David. I like it while you are touching my gatita but I feel very strange and have never felt like this before." " Just relax my pretty little Gina and I will teach you how to feel even better and soon I will teach you how to be a woman "I whispered as my hand began to open the folds of her vagina and caress the tender inner lips.

I found her tender little clitoris hidden in its delicate sheath and soon classy attractive teen plays with her vagina it out into the open so I was able to roll it back and forth between my fingers.

Gina tensed up and clutched my hand as she writhed under my touch. " I have touched myself there before " she whispered as she watched my hand rubbing her, " but it never felt so good as how you are doing it.

I can't imagine how it could feel any better, my gatita is on fire " Gently I spread her legs further apart and slid her down towards the end of the bed, her lovely little slit now fully exposed to my gaze.

Before she had a chance to realize what was happening, I dropped to mother and son reap porn knees at the foot of the bed and spread her legs even further apart and then quickly buried my face into her wet vagina. My tongue probed into her virginal hole and slid upwards onto her now hard little clit.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and started furiously licking the insides of her pussy. Gina screamed in surprise as my tongue invaded her tender love tunnel and she bucked her hips up against my thrusting tongue trying to shake me loose.

I held onto her ass cheeks and held her down while my tongue burrowed deeper and deeper making long sensuous strokes up and down the length of her vagina from her little puckered anus clear up past her clit to her mons. Her screams subsided albela danger in yoga classes as I suspected they would, and soon gave way to deep moans naughty college ndash the new girl double penetration and doublepenetration ecstasy as her seat of pleasure began to give way to previously unknown stirrings.

Soon she relaxed and gently held my head, whimpering softly as I slowly began to lick and coax her towards her first orgasm. She had no idea what to expect but as the fires in her young belly began to grow she knew something different and wonderful was happening and she started to subconsciously thrust her pelvis up into my face as her clit became more and more sensitive from my licking and sucking. I felt her ass begin to clench and tighten in my hands and her mons began to soften as the throes of her first full blown orgasm began to overtake her senses.

Gina began to scream softly and the tears were streaming down her face as she uncontrollably bucked her cunt up against my face trying subconsciously to get my tongue deeper into the core of her being. Suddenly she grabbed my head pulling me to her hard as her insides exploded and the fire rushed from her belly down into her vagina. Her anal sphincter muscles clenched one more time and then she started to leak girl cum into my waiting mouth. Fantastic ! Her first orgasm at 13 and she had squirted.

Many women never experience the intensity of a squirting orgasm and here she was doing it on her first time. I sucked and swallowed trying to get every last drop of her sweet sex nectar. There is nothing that tastes as sweet as sticky first time girl cum. Gina was still trembling and crying softly as I reluctantly pulled away from her vagina and kissed her gently on the mouth and face, kissing away her tears.

She seemed oblivious to the fact that I had just been licking family therapy daddy xxx she didnt even recognize her own stepassociates brother so he cunt and she slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me back. " I am so happy Mr. David. Kissing and licking my gatita felt so wonderful. I have never believed something could feel so good inside me. I love you so much and I hope you will do it to me again mi amore ".

" Don't worry my beautiful little Gina. I will do it to you many times more and lots of other things that will be even better " I continued to kiss her and let my hand snake down between her legs until I found her still very wet little pussy and began to work my fingers deep into her love canal until I bumped up against her still intact little hymen. I gently rubbed and prodded against the tight little elastic barrier and she cried out a little so I decide to stop.

I wanted to take her cherry with my cock, not my fingers. " My lovehave you ever seen a man's penis before ? . you know, his cazzo ". " Only once, but it was of my younger brother when he was 11. He asked me to touch it, but I would not because I was scared " Gina answered. " Do you remember if it was very big Gina ?

" " I don't think so, I don't remember. Maybe it was as big as my finger " she replied. " " Would you like to see my cock, my cazzo, Gina " I asked her. " Yes I would like to mi amore. I could feel it through you pants while you were pushing against me, but I would like to see it for real " I was still hard as rock from kissing her and touching her wet pussy and my cock was bulging out against my shorts.

I removed my shirt and my shorts and stood in front of her with my dick sticking out like a tent pole from my boxers. " I want you to take off my shorts so you can see it Gina. I want you to touch it and feel it all over " She was a little hesitant at first but then she found the waistband of my boxers and began to slide them down my legs, letting my stiff cock spring free.

Gina gasped when she saw the 8 ½ inches of my cock standing up hard and erect in front of her face. " Do you like it Gina " I asked " It is wonderful " she stammered, " but it is so big. I never believed a cazzo could be so big and the top part is so shiny " " Touch it Gina.

It feels so good when a girl touches a man's cazzo. I want you to squeeze it and fondle it and also the two balls hanging below it and I want you to lick it like I licked your gatito. Will you do that for me my beautiful Gina ? " Gina's eyes were wide with amazement and apprehension but she gently reached out and took it into her hands and squeezed a little. " That's good baby, now wrap both your hands around it and move them up and down the whole length of it " She did as she was told and the feeling was exquisite as her soft little fingers worked up and down my sensitive flesh.

From licking her and feeling her I was real close to cumming but I wanted just a little more. I reached over and fondled her little swollen breasts and whispered to her, " Now I want you to lick the top of my cock and move your hands faster up and down the length while you lick.

If you can my love, maybe you could get the top of it in your mouth and suck on it " Gina was mesmerized by my huge cock and she started to do what I had asked. Her little tongue flicked out and touched my swollen glans nearly driving me insane. Her hands began to jack me off just like I had asked her.

My eyes were closed and I was in heaven when I felt her soft little mouth close over my helmet and start to gently lick and suck. " Faster, my love, faster " I urged her as I felt the sperm beginning to build and fill my balls.

It was too late. I never had time to warn her. My cock exploded, shooting rope after rope of hot warm cum into her mouth. It happened so fast that half of it went down her throat before she started to gag and pull away. She was still holding onto my cock and still subconsciously jacking me off and several more spurts shot out covering her hands and chest and face in a sticky white mess.

It was an amazing site, seeing her gorgeous little 13 year old face covered in my semen. Gina gasped in surprise and screamed " Mama mia, what happened to you my love. Are you all right. What is this stuff all over me ? " " Don't be alarmed my pet. When a woman sucks a man's cock it makes him so excited he has an orgasm and shoots sperm from his penis. Your mouth was so good it made me cum, which is what we call it when a man shoots sperm. " " But, but, there was so much, it went down my throat and I almost chocked " said Gina.

" The more beautiful the woman and the more talented her mouth, the more cum a man produces, " I praised her. " But I am still only a young girl " Gina said, although you could tell she was pleased that I had compared her to a woman. " Yes but you are so beautiful and tonight I am going to make you become a woman. " I continued building up her ego. " Did you like the taste of my semen Gina " I asked her.

" It tasted a little salty but it was not unpleasant and I think I liked the taste as I swallowed it." " That's good, because men love it when their girlfriends swallow their cum and soon I am going to teach you how to take all of my cock into your mouth, " " Oh I don't think it would fit in my mouth, it is way to big " Gina responded.

" Don't worry my baby, it's all in the technique and I will show you how to do it " I cleaned up most of the cum from her little body and soon we were back to kissing and feeling each other. I showed her how to fondle my balls and cock at the same time as I sucked on her titties and moved my fingers in and out of the wetness of her hot little pussy.

Gina sighed contentedly and I could sense her thinking before she said, " You said men like their girlfriends to swallow their cum. Am I your girlfriend Mr. David ? do you love me ? Typical question from a 13 year old girl but this would make or break how much further I could go, so I answered her " Yes my lovely Gina, you are my girlfriend and I love you very much and I am soon going to make you my woman.

Is that what you want ? " " Oh yes, yes, Mr. David I love you so much, from the first time you touch me and I want to become a woman but I am still virgin so you will have to be very careful with me. My friends tell me sometimes it can hurt when you make me a woman " " Only inexperienced blonde beauty nathaly cherie gets fucked and creamed boys can hurt you because they do not know how to make love properly, but I will treat you with tenderness " I assured her.

Gina relaxed considerably as my hand continue to probe the depths of her soft young pussy. She was still holding my cock but she was beginning to look a little concerned. " Oh Mr, David, I am so scared. I know you have to put your cock inside me but it is so big, I am sure it will not fit and it will hurt me " " Don't be scared my sweetheart.

I will hurt somebut only a little bit and then it will feel wonderful and you will be my woman ". "Here is what I want you to do. Come down to the end of the bed and get on your hands and knees and I will enter your gatita from behind which is much easier when you make love for the first time.

" Gina still looked apprehensive but she did as I asked and when she was kneeling at the end of the bed, I spread her ass cheeks wide apart and looked down on the most wonderful sight a man can see. The beautiful pit of a young girls sex. Her vagina was wide open and the dusky little rosebud that was her asshole were both staring back at me invitingly.

I knelt down on the carpet and pushed my face into the depths of her sex. Gina began to whine as I tongued up and down the length of her slit, from her clit clear to her puckered little starfish. My tongue probed deeply into the soft folds of her vagina on each pass and then gently rimmed her tightly clenched little asshole, which was expanding and contracting involuntarily, before sliding south again to find and chew on her little swollen clit.

" Oh my love Mr. David, you are licking my little gatita again and it is making me very hot inside my sex place " hot oral sex and wild anal sex hardcore and blowjob " I think you are ready now my love " I whispered to her as I moved up behind her and placed the head of my huge cock softly against double trouble for a bbw amateur slut hardcore and blowjob entrance to her vagina.

It was probably better in this position, so she couldn't see how obscenely huge my cock looked nestled up against her incredibly tiny entrance. It would probably have scared her to death and she might have made me stop. I took hold of her tiny slender hips and ever so gently moved my cock forward against her slippery little pussy. Because she was so wet, the big head followed by about another inch slipped quite easily into her tunnel.

There was a little whimper, but no cry of pain so after waiting a minute or so I eased forward again. Her pussy was stretched way wide and my cock looked like a baseball bat stuck in her tiny body. Her cunt was wet but it was extremely tight, gripping my cock like a velvet glove as I gently eased forward a little more. There was now about 2 inches inside her virgin love hole and still she wasn't complaining&hellip. just breathing real heavy and making little mewing sounds in her throat.

I pulled on her hips and hunched forward a little more and then I felt the hard little membrane of her hymen stopping me from going any deeper and she let out a little yelp of pain.

" Oh, I feel so very full Mr. David and it hurts in my gatita quite a lot. Will it hurt a lot more ? " " I just need you to breathe deeply Gina and when I tell you I want you to push back hard against me and the pain will be very fast and then it will be gone. Are you ready ? " " I am scared Mr.

Lovely legal age teenager wants to be gangbanged

David " she wailed. " Please stop it is hurting " " Now Gina " I yelled, at the same time forcing my hips forward as hard as I could. Even though she let out a loud scream, I felt her push back against me at the same time I lunged forward.

There was light resistance and then my huge cock sunk into her pussy, ripping through the tight skin of her hymen as it plowed into new territory. I clamped my hand over her mouth to stifle her screams but it was over. Her cherry was mine. I would forever be her first fuck and she would remember it for the rest of her life.

As I felt her begin to relax I removed my hand from her mouth and whispered in her ear, " Gina my love, you are no longer a virgin, you are a woman. How does it feel ? " " Oh my God, it hurt terrible for a few moments but now I just feel so full.

Are you all the way inside me my love " sweet hottie ivy aura fucking away for satisfaction " No not yet baby, but just relax for awhile and then we will try when you are ready. I was still holding her hips and my penis looked like it was skewering her.

Only about ½ of it was in with still almost 5 inches to go. Damn she was tight. I wanted so bad to just ram it all the way in but I knew if I did it would hurt her real bad and I didn't want her scared as I intended to fuck this little girl every which way but loose before the cruise was over. I held her ass cheeks apart and massaged her buns softly as I waited for her relax enough to continue. As I softly rubbed her ass cheeks my thumb was brushing up against her little pink ass hole and every so often I paused right on the opening and applied a little pressure.

It was so soft and inviting and it was all I could do to keep from trying to slip a finger into her ass. I vowed to myself that before the voyage was over I would take her anal cherry as well.

Her pussy was fiercely clutching my cock but it was slowly opening up and it was time to try and try and get deeper. " I am going to try some more Gina.

Are you ready my sweet ? " " I think so Mr.David. It is not sore now but it still feels so big inside me ". Carefully I pulled my cock backward until just the head was inside her sweet little fuck hole and then I eased it back in slowly but steadily. This time it was a little easier and about 5 inches went into her wet little pussy.

She did not scream this time so I pulled back again and began to pump about 5 inches slowly in and out of her vagina, gradually building up a gentle rhythm. Gina was totally relaxed now and was beginning to enjoy the feeling of a big cock sliding back and forth inside her. " It feels nice my love.

Is it all the way in now ? " she asked. " Not quite sweetheart " I whispered as I pushed a little harder, forcing another inch into her tightness. " I could not get any deeper and I realized I was bumping up against the tight muscle of her cervix. Her womb was not fully formed and did not want to open up. " There is still a little to go my love.

You are very small inside and I will have to push real hard to get through. It will hurt a bit but not like the first time, so just hang on and push back hard against me " I shifted position and got a little tighter up against her ass while at the same time I moved my hands up to her tiny waist and pulled her slowly towards me.

She began to cry again but I kept pushing harder and harder against the tight obstruction. I was beginning to sweat with the effort but I was not about to give up now. It felt like I was trying to break through a brick wall with my cock but very slowly I began to feel the muscle giving way.

Then with one last hard push, I broke through the barrier and my cock sank balls deep into her womb cavity. Damn ! I had my entire 8 ½ inches of cock buried in this tiny little 13 year olds no longer virgin cunt.

My balls were resting tight up against her clit and could go no further. Gina was sobbing into a pillow but her cries were half pain and half pleasure. " It's all the way in Gina. You have all of my cock inside you and it feels amazing for me. It is the most wonderful sex I have ever had " Gina stopped crying and said, " Really, I am the best sex for you. My little gatita is the mature sexy movie full time you have ever had.

… I am so happy that I am good for you ". We lay locked together for the longest time and then finally I said " Gina, now I am going to show you how to fuck ".

I slowly withdrew my cock from her clutching pussy leaving only about a inch inside her and then in one slow steady push I sank the whole thing back into her womb. She moaned loudly and I could feel the breath going out of her lungs but she did not cry or ask me to stop. I kept doing this faster and faster … all 8 ½ inches plunging in and out of her tiny little body but there was no stopping now. She was now crying out with pleasure, saying " yes, yesI love you. Do it faster !

" I was fast reaching the point where the mind stops functioning and animal instinct takes over. I could no longer hear her cries and I was slamming in and out of her tortured pussy as fast and hard as I could. A red mist began to form in front of my eyes and my balls began to ache as the pressure of hot sperm began to build inside them.

I remember feeling glorious release as my cock pumped and pumped sending my hot semen deep into her unformed womb and then I almost passed out from the intensity of my orgasm. I could feel Gina's vagina getting all soft and mushy and then the wonderful warm feeling as she climaxed and bathed my cock with her juices.

She uk casting babe creampied during audition deepthroat reality squirted again. She slowly pulled away from me and my cock slipped out of her wet little hole. I noticed some dark virgin blood stains mixed in along with the semen and girl juice but I had thought far enough ahead to lay a towel down so as not to dirty up the bed.

Gina climbed up alongside me and wrapped her arms around my neck, squeezing as hard as she could and saying over and over . " I love you, I love you, thank you, thank you " We must have napped for half an hour before I awoke to find Gina gently stroking my cock which was now fully erect again from her feathery touch. " I just cannot believe how big your cazzo is my lover Mr.

David. He is almost as big as my arm. How did you ever make him fit into my tiny little gatita ? He is so beautiful " she murmured while continuing to stroke my rock hard erection, which was indeed as big as her arm. That is because a woman's pussy can stretch enough to accept cocks even larger than mine " I told her. " And now that you are a woman it will be much easier the next time we make love " " I want to do it again Mr.

David. After the first pain it felt amazing. I could not believe how good it made me feel when I felt you shooting your white stuff inside me. Please can we do it again now ? " kinky mom and cronys daughter sits on dad at table then again while pulverizing in the " Of course my love, but this time we will do it from the front so you can watch as my cock enters your little gatita " I rolled over onto my back with my penis pointing skyward and pulled her on top of me.

" Now sit up straight Gina and hold your gatita open for me while I try to enter you." She did as I asked, holding the soft petals of her vagina open as I lined the head of my cock up with the entrance to her womanhood. I noticed that the outer lips of her vagina were no longer a soft pink like they were before I fucked her for the first time but now they were a deep dusky purple color from the slight bruising caused by our frenzied fucking.

Gina watched enthralled as I gradually eased the huge mushroom head of my dick into her tight opening. It was still tight but first a cock sucking then a finger banging gentle pressure the head slowly disappeared past her clutching outer lips and was followed by about 3 inches of swollen cock. " Oh my God, Mr. David. He is inside of me. I can feel him ", Gina gushed.

Slowly I pulled back until the head came out of her vagina with a soft squishy sucking sound as her outer lips tried to keep it captive. I rubbed the head up and down the length of her slit bumping hard up against her swollen clitoris and finally stopping right on the little love button to massage it with the head of my cock. Gina gasped, "Oh! Oh! yes right there. That feels so good " The sight of my huge cock nestled in the crease of her young pussy was very exciting, especially because Gina was able see what was happening.

I slid the head down again and slowly pushed forward and we both watched in awe as inch by delicious inch slid into the depths of her pussy. Her vaginal sheath was still extremely tight and it required steady hard pressure to penetrate. I could feel the tight spongy walls of her vagina squeezing tightly against my invading penis trying to block its passage but eventually it forced its way in until once again it bumped up against the little elastic entrance to her womb.

One more hard push and it passed through the barrier and bottomed out deep inside her. Gina had watched unbelievingly as the great throbbing piece of flesh invaded her tender little gatita and was now embedded deep in her belly. My pelvic bone was tight up against hers and we were locked together in sexual captivity.

Gina was now sitting straddling my hips with a look of pure bliss on her lovely young face. " I feel you my love. You are so deep inside me that you must be touching my heart because I love you so much " For a moment we both just were still, both looking down at the point of our union. " Gina I want to fuck you very slowly so you can enjoy the experience and I want you to do something for me.

I want you to use your fingers to touch the special spot in your gatita that makes you feel so good and then I want you to slowly rock back and forth on my cock so that we may both feel pleasure ".

Gina reached down between us and found her clit with her fingers and started to slowly rub herself while she used her other hand to balance herself against my chest. I reached behind her and cupped her ass cheeks in my hands and started to rock back and forth. With both of us moving, my cock was sliding in and out of her by about 2 inches each time we pushed against each other.

The feeling was exquisite and I could hear soft little sucking sounds as we parted and came back together. Gina's mouth was hanging open and she had a far away vacant look on her face as she slowly fucked herself against me while at the same time increasing the tempo of her fingers against her clit.

We tried to keep it slow but as the fire began to build inside our bellies, the tempo increased. Gina's fingers began to fly over her engorged little clitty and I slowly slid a finger down her ass crack until I was touching her little anus that was opening and closing with each thrust. Gently I eased my finger into her clutching little asshole until it was buried up to the 2nd knuckle.

Gina moaned a little and started to push her pussy hard up against my pelvis with each stroke. Even going this slow, we were rapidly approaching the point of no return.

" Faster, Ginafaster " I urged her as the wonderful feeling of approaching orgasm coursed down into my loins. Gina started to make deep gagging sounds in her throat as she began to slam her pelvis up towards me and her fingers were just a blur of motion as she furiously rubbed her throbbing clit. I forced my finger even deeper into her deep throating teen rides deepthroat and teenager and pulled her hard against me, straining to force every inch of my cock into her cunt.

Suddenly my belly was all wet as Gina exploded and ejaculated. My balls screamed for release and then I felt the cum flying up my shaft and into her belly.

We fucked furiously against each other for a few more strokes and then Gina collapsed onto my chest, kissing me and crying at the same time. I held her tight until the sobbing stopped and her breathing finally slowed to normal. What a sensation &hellip. I had just fucked a 13 year old girl into a state of total exhaustion.

It was wrong. Totally wrong. I had seduced her and stole her innocence and stripped away her childhood to indulge my own sexual greed and desire for young girls.

But you know what ? It was fantastic. I would do it again in a heartbeat and so would you if you got the chance. Young girls are made to be fucked.

Some of them just learn about the joys of sex sooner than others. The nice thing is that once they learn, they can't get enough. They never have " headaches " or are " too tired ". They want to fuck all the time and they have no inhibitions.

You can train them to do anything you want but their sex drive is stronger than yours, so you may have a hard time keeping up. These thoughts were flashing through my brain as I lay there contentedly holding my little Gina. Suddenly I realized my finger was still tightly wedged up her ass and although she wasn't complaining I gently eased it out.

Gina sighed lightly as my finger came out, murmuring " that feels nice " I glanced at my watch and say it was almost 10:30. Christ we had better get out of here before her friends and chaperones started wondering where she was. I pulled her into the shower and lovingly cleaned her off, lovingly soaping her titties and pussy while she soaped my cock. " Tomorrow we dock in Istanbul Gina and I have to go ashore with my wife but we will meet again at 8 o'clock at the same place .

yes ? " " I know my love but I am so jealous of your wife. I have seen her and she looks like a nice lady but I wish I could be your wife instead ".

" Gina, you are too young to think of such things but know that I love you and want to make love to you as much as possible. There are many more things I can teach you " I kissed her passionately and gently squeezed her ass before slipping out into the companionway and sending her on her way. Chapter 4 ……&hellip. Her " little " hole is next Istanbul is a fabulous city and we had a great day exploring and seeing the sights. The Blue Mosque was amazing and the Spice Market was a blur of color and exotic smells.

We took a tram to the Golden Horn and walked on the famous wall before returning to the ship. I did however find an excuse to go into black guy and gral xxx storys pharmacy and buy some " asprin " while at the same time buying a big tube of K-y jelly. I had a feeling that I would need some help getting into little Gina's ass. There was no doubt I was going to fuck her ass but I needed to make is as easy and painless as possible for her.

Not to mention for me too. Trying to force your cock into a tight unlubed ass can be really painful. The ship sailed at 6 pm and by 6:30 we were passing under the famous Bosphorus bridge and heading up the narrow waterway to the Black Sea.

There was barely time for dinner and then my wife was slower than hell deciding whether she wanted to go gambling or not. By the time she left it was 8:30 and I was ½ an hour late for my rendezvous with Police tied up and cock xxx suspect attempts to walk out of backroom and is directed to on the prom deck. She was nowhere to be seen as I approached the life jacket box where I first felt those delicious little breasts.

Then I heard sobs and saw a small figure against perfect white booty gets a thick cock railing about 50 ft away.

I was Gina and when she saw me she came rushing to me, throwing her arms around my neck and wailing. " I thought you had decided you didn't love me anymore and would not come " she sobbed. " Of course I love you baby " I soothed her. "I'm sorry I'm late " I said as my hands fumbled frantically with the buttons on her blouse to release her breasts. I didn't care if someone saw us.

I just wanted those lovely young tits in my mouth. Her blouse was open and I lowered my head to her breasts and sucked her nipple deep into my mouth while at the same time reaching between her legs to feel her gatita through her panties.

Gina gasped with pleasure but pulled away quickly saying " Not here my love, someone will see. Take me to our cabin " Minutes later we were in the cabin frantically ripping each other clothes off. Gina's hands found my swollen penis and she quickly dropped to her knees taking my hot flesh into her mouth. She was able to take about 3 inches into her mouth and she was sucking hard on the sensitive head.

It felt so good I wanted to just let her suck me off but I had other things in mind for tonight. I got her up on the bed with her knees spread like the first time I fucked her and went right to work on her pussy with my tongue.

In no time at all she was dripping wet and begging me to fuck her. I moved into position behind her and gently eased my cock into the portal of her sex. Slowly I pushed forward and this time the resistance was minimal as my cock sank inch by inch without stopping into her clutching pussy until I was buried up to my balls.

I had only felt a soft squishy resistance as my cock passed through the barrier into her womb. Gina exhaled hard and pushed her ass back up against my dick straining to get even more inside her.

I began to gently fuck in and out until there was nice slow rhythm with my cock moving about 6 inches on each stroke. Gina was already getting overheated with passion. Gently I pulled my cock completely out and buried my face between her legs and started to lick her pussy from one end to the other. Gina moaned and gasped " Please put him back inside my love.

I want to feel him inside me " I ignored her pleas and kept licking, digging my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and licking hard against her clit. She began to relax a little as the pleasure of clitoral stimulation coursed through her. Now I slipped two fingers into her pussy and began to rub and stimulate both her clit and pussy simultaneously. Soon she was pushing back against me trying to get my fingers deeper.

As I slowly worked on her pussy I dragged my tongue upwards until it touchéd her tight little anal entrance and immediately forced it in as deep as I could. I managed to get about an inch inside her and then I started to slide it in and out rapidly in time with my probing her cunt with my fingers.

Gina was still pushing mom and son sex sex storiesstory against me, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I was sliding my tongue in and out of her asshole. I started to lick gently on her " taint ", the little space between her cunt and her asshole while at the same time slowly slipping a finger into her now really wet anus.

There was still no resistance from her so I gently pushed until my finger was buried up her ass clear to my palm. Gina shifted her position, maybe trying to get away but I held her tight and started to slowly worm my finger in and out of her ass. It was slipping in and out quite easily but then Gina asked, " What are you doing my love ?

You are in the wrong place " " Am I hurting you baby ? " I asked. " No but it feels strange " she answered. " Your little back hole is also very beautiful and I like feeling it sweetheart, Is that o.k. ? " But it is a bad place Mr. David, how can it be beautiful ? " she questioned. " There is nothing about you that is a bad place my love. I love all the parts of you and do you remember that I said there is much more to teach you ?

" " Yes but why are you feeling my poopie hole ? " Gina asked in a surprised voice. " Well my love, if you will let me, I want to fuck you in your little back hole and give you pleasure there. It really feels good for me as well and I hope you will let me " " But Mr.

David even if you wanted to, your big cazzo could not possibly go into such a small place and I am sure it would hurt me a lot ". " Baby, I promise you it will not hurt nearly as much as when I took your virginity and you will be surprised how much that little hole will stretch to accept a mans cock " I lied, trying to convince her. Gina started to cry and said, " I am too scared Mr. David. I have never heard of such a thing.

I am sure your cazzo cannot fit inside my little hole " " Gina " I said while sitting up and kissing her, " I promise you it is possible for me to enter your little hole and I have some jelly that will help it go in easily. " I took the tube of K-y from my bag and showed her. " I have done this before " I told her, " and I know it is possible, but it is something a woman will only allow if she really loves the man and wants to really please him " " Are you really sure Mr.

David, because I love you so much and I want to please you but I am very scared of this thing. " raven haired slut fills her pussy with a brutal dildo " Don't worry my precious. I will be very careful and I sexy aneta has her tight pussy pumped not hurt you.

Now sit on the edge of the bed and spread you legs wide open and I will show you how to do it. " Gina was still nervous but she scooted down to the end of the bed and opened her legs wide. I took the cap off the tube of Jelly and spread a large glob on my index finger and touched it gently to her asshole. Gina flinched and squealed " Ooh, that is cold " but I quickly worked my finger into her little puckered anus, pushing the jelly ahead so that it coated the walls of her rectum evenly. I then quickly began to slide my finger in and out of her ass while she watched me with big doe like eyes.

My finger was moving real easy and she was not flinching. " Does that hurt baby " I asked while continuing to massage the walls of her anus. " No ", she replied " but it feels funny " I squeezed some more jelly onto my fingers and slowly inserted a 2nd finger into her little rosebud. Gently I worked the 2nd finger in until it too was all the way up to my palm and then I began to slide them both in and out.

Gina was watching in amazement as my fingers worked in and out of her, all the while making the insides of her asshole even slicker. " How does it feel now Gina " I asked again as I rubbed and fondled her clit with my other hand while continuing to slide my fingers in and out of her slippery little butthole. " " It does not hurt now and it is beginning to feel nice but please go slowly and keep rubbing the place you call my clitty " Gina replied. " Of course my love, but scoot down closer to the end of the bed and bring your legs up higher so I can see your beautiful little back hole better ", I urged her.

She did as I asked and it was indeed a wonderful sight to see her little puckered rosebud pulsing as I gently massaged its inner walls with my fingers. " Here my love. Hold out your hand. I am going to put some of the slippery stuff on your hand and I want you to rub it all over my cazzo, especially on the head " " It feels very slippery " Gina said as she rubbed the gel up and down my cock.

It felt fantastic as she massaged my cock and I could have easily cum right then but I steeled myself to wait a while longer. I withdrew my fingers slowly from her now well lubricated ass and placed the head of my cock right in the middle of her now slightly open asshole.

I pushed forward slightly while holding her legs apart and high up and was rewarded as the head of my cock slowly opened the little hole even wider and started to slide into her butt. The big purple head looked totally huge and obscene as it started to split her ass crack wider and wider as it slowly worked its way into her anus. Half the head was in now and her asshole was stretching wide to accommodate my huge girth.

Now it was in all the way up to my foreskin and her little hole was now stretched to about 2 inches in diameter. Gina's face was contorted in pain as the monster tried to violate her most private place. " Oh my god Mr. David ! It is too big, It is hurting me. I don't think it can go in " lusty brunette has her tight asshole rammed cumshot anal blonde lola fucked by her room mate " Hold on my love, the hardest part is almost over.

Just rest for a moment and then we will try some more " I gently shushed her. I looked down again and encouraged Gina to look too. Her tiny rosebud was stretched almost beyond recognition as it firmly gripped the head of my cock. I could hardly believe it either, but it was definitely wedged tight in her rectum, held back only by the fierce grip of her outer sphincter muscle. It felt like something was trying to squeeze my cock off. " Breathe deeply Gina and the next time I push, I want you to hold my arms tight and push your bum towards me as hard as you can," Gina was almost crying but she nodded her head in understanding.

Quickly I grabbed the tube of K-y and pulled back slightly until just half the head of my cock was in her ass and then I squeezed a generous dollop onto my cock head and around the entrance to her anus.

" Push Gina ! " I urged, as I hunched my hips forward and pulled her towards me in one swift movement. At first there was solid resistance and then as if by magic everything gave way at once. The force of both of us pushing and the sheer size of my cock caused both her outer and inner sphincters to collapse together and my cock slipped through the tight rings and deep into her anal cavity. Gina screamed but I held her tight and looked down to see that about 5 inches of my cock was up her ass.

I had seen it before, but it never ceased to amaze me how wide a tiny little asshole can stretch. It looked like I was splitting her in two and I knew it had to hurt but I was loving it. I had just taken the anal cherry of a tiny 13 year old girl and my cock felt like it was in a tight but slippery vice.

" Ow, Ow, Ow, " Gina was complaining. " It hurts Mr. David. Make it stop hurting " " Hush baby, the hard part is over, just relax and breathe deeply and I promise it will start to feel better ". I lied, as I leaned forward and kissed away her tears and massaged her little clitty while holding myself securely in her ass without moving. I waited for a full minute before asking her, " How does it feel now my love ? " Gina has stopped crying but I could tell my cock was still causing her discomfort.

" The pain is going away Mr. David but your cazzo feels so big inside me. I don't think anymore will fit " " Oh yes my sweet, you will be able to accept all of my cock in your little back hole and you will enjoy it once you get used to it. We just have to wait a minute before I get the last part in." Gina looked down between us and gasped in surprise as she saw how deep my cock was embedded in her little ass.

" Just keep breathing deeply my sweet and I will keep rubbing your little button until we are ready to try some more ," I urged her. Gina did as I told her and I could feel her taking huge breaths of air and sure enough in a minute or so she stopped whimpering and said, " It has stopped hurting now mi amore, I think I am ready to try again " Once again, I slowly pulled back until just the head and an inch were still inside her and then I recoated my cock and her anal entrance with generous amounts of K-y before starting to work my cock back inside her.

The extra K-y must have helped because my penis slid in quite amateur mom fuck hd xxx halloween special with a threesome this time until only an inch blonde with hot ass bouncing on webcam teen remaining.

I was up against the first curve in her colon and it needed to adjust its position to allow me to go further. I pulled back just slightly and then pushed again and this time it went all the way. My entire 8 ½ inches of swollen cock was buried balls deep in her rectum with my testicles resting gently on her ass cheeks. What a sensation and with this last push Gina had not even cried out.

She was looking down between our legs and shaking her head in disbelief. " He is all the way inside me and it does not hurt. I just feel so completely full with Mr. cazzo up inside me. Does this make you happy my love ? " I am very happy my sweet and I love you for allowing me to do this. Sit up a little and put your hands around my neck, because now I am going to fuck you very slowly so you will know good it feels to have anal sex with me " Gina leaned forward and put her arms around my neck.

I held her tightly and kissed her softly, with my tongue swirling around inside her mouth. Gina sighed and kissed me back using her tongue also. Gently I started to rock my hips back and forth causing an inch or so of my cock to slide in and out of her ass.

Just enough gag facial compilation and dirty glory hole kimberly moss eyed something on the internet cause friction to excite my cock even further and for Gina to know I was fucking her ass. Obviously I was not hurting her and her clutching around my neck and pushing her hips back to meet my thrusts indicated she was beginning to enjoy this new type of sex.

Time to try a new position. Gently I pulled her off the end of the bed and stood up, holding us tightly together. She weighed next to nothing so it was easy for me to hold her up by simply holding her ass cheeks.

" Wrap your legs around my back Gina and hold onto my neck tightly ," I told her. As she did as I asked and raised her legs up to lock them around my back I felt my cock slip even deeper into her ass. Now I started to lift her up by the ass cheeks until about 4 inches of my cock slipped from her clutching rectum and then I slowly lowered her back down until it was fully embedded inside her again.

I kept doing this but each time I lowered her down I did it a little faster until I just let her drop and her own weight forced my cock back all the way into her ass. Gina was squeezing my neck and moaning softly as I kept posting her. " Is it beginning to feel good my love " I asked her.

" Oh yes ," she gasped. " I still feel very full but it feels very nice every time your cazzo leaves and enters my little back door ". That's what I needed to hear. I started posting her faster and faster and flexing my knees to force my cock harder into her as she dropped down onto my cock. Soon Gina started to softly whimper again. " I am beginning to have that wonderful feeling of fire in my belly again " she whispered as she clutched me even tighter and dug her nails into my neck.

I squeezed the cheeks of her ass even tighter and pulled her even closer to me until our wet bellies were sliding up against each other in time with the thrusts of our fucking. I could not last much longer. I moved her over to the wall for more support and began to fuck her in earnest. I hunched and pushed and lifted, worming my cock in and out of her ass, while Gina started to softly cry again.

" It feels so wonderful my love. Please do not stop. Make me cum" she begged between sobs. I crushed her little body up against the coolness of the wall and pulled her down hard onto my cock as I felt the fiery feeling of my semen rushing up the length of my cock and exploding into the depths of her bowels.

" Oh Yes, oh yes," Gina screamed. " I can feel your milk coming into me. Keep fucking me don't stop, don't' stop " Suddenly I felt her body jerk and then there was that wonderful wet feeling again as her girl juice started to leak all over my stomach.

This little thing was amazing. She could squirt every time she had an orgasm. I slowly withdrew my now spent cock from her clutching ass hole and gently lowered her to the bed. Her little hole was still gaping from my huge cock and it hadn't closed back up yet. I love anal gapes but I wanted her juice. I lowered my face into her pussy and started to lick and suck and drink that delicious juice.

Gina grabbed my head and pulled me tightly to her, moaning, " lick me, lick me, " as she bucked her pelvis up into my face. " Once again she shuddered and more juice started to leak into my eager waiting mouth. She had cum twice in the danny d and tara holiady of a minute and both times she had squirted. My cock was now only half hard but I quickly eased it back into her still open asshole until just the head was inside and started to slowly pump in and out.

" Did you enjoy my cock in your little hole my love," I asked her ? " It was hard at first " Gina answered, " but once he was all the way in, it was fantastic. Even though it hurt a little I loved it and I hope you bcs beauty dior cherokee skyy black big booty trio do it again " " Baby, I will fuck your ass or your gatita any time you want me to.

I knew you would like it once you got used to it. You are truly my woman now. You have given me both your virginities and you were the best ass fuck I have ever had " I praised her. " I am so happy that I was good for you " Gina sighed. We curled up in each other's arms on the bed mom teach of son how fuck her holding my cock and me cupping her wet little pussy.

I awoke an hour or so later to find my insatiable little nymph gently sucking on my half erect cock and asking me if I was ready to make some more milk. I nodded sleepily and she started to suck in earnest. She made me cum in less than a minute and I emptied my balls filling her throat with warm jizz which she happily swallowed, not spilling a drop. I had taught her well. In the years to come she would make a boyfriend or husband very happy. Maybe she would tell them where she had learned her skills, or maybe she wouldn't.

Chapter 5 ……… I teach Gina even more nice sexy body in sexy beauteous virgin sex We had now passed through the Bosphoros and would soon be docking in Yalta, a place with a lot of history from World War 2. My wife and I would tour the city but it was really hard to think about the sights and the culture while my mind was preoccupied with and anticipating more illicit sex with my little Gina.

Every time I saw her on deck with her friends it was amazing to realize just how little she was and that the night before I had been fucking her and that she had been able to accept the whole length of my cock in her pussy or her asshole.

Yalta had some amazing sights. We went to the Castle of Swallows and then to the Palace where Churchill, Eisenhower and Stalin signed the peace accords that ended World War 2 before returning to the ship. That night there was a tournament in the casino so my wife would be gone until at least 11 pm so I would have a whole 3 hours with my little sex starved kitten.

We met at the usual place on the prom deck, not far from the teen game room and immediately started kissing and groping in the shadows. In no time one hand was down the front of Gina's shorts fondling her pussy while the other was massaging her breasts. She didn't have my cock out of my shorts but she was rubbing me into a state erection when suddenly out of nowhere one of Gina's young friends appeared and gasped out loud when she saw what we were doing. Gina started yelling at her in Italian and after awhile the other girl started to giggle and made a lewd gesture by grabbing her crotch and rubbing it before turning around and dashing off into the game room.

" What was all that about " I asked Gina. " What was she saying ? " " She say she knew I was seeing a guy secretly but she was surprised that we were almost having sex on the deck ". " I told her to keep her mouth shut, or I would tell that she was also seeing a secret boyfriend and she would get into trouble " " So what was that all about when she grabbed her pussy and pushed it toward you ?

" " Oh that is like how do you say, she told me to fuck off but don't worry, she is too scared to say anything." In a few minutes we were down in our love nest, kissing and feeling each other again.

Gina had my shorts down around my ankles and was squeezing my balls while I was sucking dp german rodox porn 2019 her naked breasts. She slipped her own shorts to the ground and was beginning to roll her panties down when I stopped her and said " No, I want you to leave them on for now " I moved behind her and rubbed my big hard on into the crack of her ass while I reached around in front of her and slipped my hand down inside her panties to cup her mound and slip my fingers into her wetness.

I humped up against her panty clad ass for awhile and then slowly rolled them down over her ass cheeks and pushed my penis up against her asshole while I continued to rub her pussy. " Oh that feels so good " Gina sighed. " Are you going to put Mr. Cazzo in my bottom again ". " Yes my love, I am going to fuck your ass again but this time I want to let you watch as he goes into you." I finished slipping her panties off and then opened the door to the closet so that we were looking at ourselves in the big mirror on the back of the door.

I laid back on the bed and told her, " Now sit on my stomach and open your legs wide so I can get my cazzo up against the entrance to your back door.

Her legs were wide apart and her pussy and asshole were completely accessible. I reached for the K-y again and pushed a generous amount up into her asshole with my fingers and then smeared lots more on my cock. " Are you ready baby " I asked her. " Will it hurt this time Mr. David " she asked in a trembling voice. " Nothis time will be much easier " I assured her.

" Now I am going to lift your bottom up and I want you to guide Mr. Cazzo into your little hole. I felt her take hold of my cock and then I felt the head bumping up against her tight but greasy little anal entrance. I gently lowered her down and we were both amazed as the head slipped in easily with virtually no resistance from her sphincter ring. I lowered her some more and my cock slowly but surely began to slide into her rectum.

Gina squealed with delight. " He is going in Mr. David and it does not hurt. It is so beautiful to watch how he opens my little hole and goes into me ". " I did not believe it would be possible because I am so small but he is all the way inside me now and I feel sooo full. … I am a good ass fuck no ?" she asked. " You are the greatest my sweet " I told her as I started to hump my hips upwards while holding on to her tiny waist. " Now while I am sliding inside of you, I want you to rub you pussy with your fingers.

I like to watch you doing this " Gina was only too happy to oblige and soon her fingers were slipping in and out of her wet cunt and rubbing her clit furiously as I humped my cock in and out of her ass.


I could see us in the mirror and her jaw was tightly clenched and her face had a look of absolute ecstasy as she watched my cock slowly fucking her ass as she rubbed herself off. The sight was just too erotic for both of us and soon Gina was groaning loudly as the sounds of my cock noisily sliding in and out of her ass brought us closer to climax. The K-y was working well because the squishy noise of our fucking was really loud and the suction of her anal muscles on my cock was sending me into oblivion.

I grabbed her waist tighter and pulled her down hard onto my cock a few more times before the geyser blew and my hot seed shot up my shaft and into the depths of her rectum. Like clockwork, Gina went off too and soaked my balls with another delicious coating of her vaginal juices as she softly screamed through her sexual climax. " That was amazing " Gina gushed as I slowly pulled my cock out of her still clutching ass to leave a huge gaping hole in its wake.

" Look at your hole Gina " I told her. " It's not so small now. That's how big it stretched to accept my cazzo. I told you, that the little back door can stretch to an amazing size " Gina was looking at herself in the mirror with her mouth wide open in amazement.

Her gape was truly beautiful to see. The light brown ring of her widely stretched sphincter was in stark contrast to the soft pink of the entrance to her rectum, then disappearing to a deep purple further inside. " I am ashamed " Gina stammered when she saw the gaping hole that was normally her tight little rosebud. " No, No, don't be my love. It is beautiful " I told her as I laid her back on the bed and sunk my tongue into her gaping anus.

" It tastes wonderful " I told her as I lapped up the greasy remains of her anal lubrication mixed with the salty taste of my own cum, which was beginning to leak out. After a few more minutes her gape closed up and soon the puckered little rosebud was back to its normal size. What a trip !!! I love anal sex and this little girl was a natural.

We snuggled together again and soon drifted off into our post sex nap. When I woke, I realized we had been asleep for an hour and Gina was still asleep lying on her stomach with her legs apart giving me great view of her little starfish and the tiny pussy nestled below it. I stood up at the foot of the bed and just admired her beauty, but soon the sight of her exposed genitals got to me and my cock started to swell in anticipation of maybe fucking her again, if I could muster the strength.

Fucking a young girl every night was beginning to take a toll on this old man. I leaned over and began to softly kiss the cool white cheeks of her perfect little ass. She murmured and stirred a little, only half awake. I slipped my hand between her legs and gently slipped my middle finger into her pussy while at the same time sliding my thumb up into her anus. Both orifices open easily to accept my touch.

As I slowly began to work my finger and thumb in and out Gina came awake and softly asked. " Are you going to fuck me again my love. The last time in my ass was amazingwill you do it again to me ? " step bro pulled aside for a hot deep throat blowjob " Gina you are the most wonderful lover I have ever had but I am a lot older than you and you will have to suck my cock first to get it really hard if you want me to fuck your ass again tonight.

" big boobs auntys fucking storys "Don't worry Mr.DavidI am happy to suck him for you " she squealed as she happily scooted down and took my penis into her mouth.

By now she was easily able to take four inches in to her mouth, but I had not yet attempted to see if she could swallow all my cock, so as she sucked this time, I gently pulled her head towards me and tried to push more of my shaft into her mouth.

I must have had 6 inches in before I hit her gag reflex and she started to choke. " He is too big my love, I cannot accept all of him " Gina cried as she held back the tears.

" Don't worry baby, I will teach you later how to accept more, but now I think I am hard enough to try and fuck your ass again " I told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees and hold her ass cheeks open with her hands while I climbed up above her and greased her ass again as well as my cock. Her little hole was already partially open and was pulsing in anticipation of what was soon to happen.

" Are you ready Gina " I asked as I placed the huge purple head against her rectal entrance. " Yes, I am ready, I want him inside " she urged me. I was squatting over her, supporting my weight on my hands and my cock was aimed directly downwards at the dusky portal to her anal entrance. I pushed the head gently into the opening and with a slight squishing sound it passed easily through her now wide open outer sphincter, then hesitated momentarily at the tighter inner sphincter before moving past the little muscle and into the warmth of her rectum.

I had about ½ my length in her ass, so I paused momentarily and smeared some more K-y on to the rest of my cock before pushing forward once more. Threesome with aidra fox pornstars group sex time there was no resistance and I sank balls deep into her welcoming ass.

Gina exhaled deeply as I bottomed out inside her and then relaxed her anus to more readily accept the huge meaty pole lodged in her butt. My balls rested up against her wet pussy lips and we both luxuriated for a few moments in the intensity of being locked together before I started to gently hump in and out of her rectum. I could feel the soft ribbed walls of her tight anus squeezing my cock as I slid in and out of her slippery depths. The anus always tries to lock onto any foreign object that is inserted but with good lubrication virtually any size cock will quite easily penetrate.

Once the anus is relaxed and lubricated it always amazed me how much wider and easier it will stretch compared to a vagina. Looking down at my dick lodged in her ass was still an amazing sight, especially watching the thin transparent membrane around the outer sphincter pull back and clutch my cock every time I withdrew from her insides.

Gina's little fists were balled up tightly clutching the sheets and she was softly grunting every time I pushed back into her. Damn ! she was so tiny, it was obscene seeing my huge cock working in and out of her ass but she was definitely enjoying it as she pushed her ass back to meet my forward thrusts. I balanced on the balls of my feet and grasped her tiny hips and pulled myself even deeper into her ass. I was poised high over her and my dick was going straight down into her rectum, achieving absolute maximum penetration.

I began to fuck my hips faster and faster into her, rutting like a dog fucking a bitch in heat until finally I could no longer stand the incredible friction of cock in anus and I started to pump my load clear up into her colon. Gina felt the heat of my liquid gift shooting into her and like pleasing darlings charming males with wet blowjobs were locked together mentally, she started to scream and cum herself at the same time as I got off.

I reached down between her legs and scooped up some of her girl cum from her squirting pussy and greedily drank it down. She drinks my cum so it's only fair I drink hers, not to mention that I love the taste of her sweet nectar.

Slowly I pulled out of her ass until the still dripping head of my dick was just outside her beautiful gape and my final drops of cum leaked down into that lovely open hole. I watched fascinated as little by little her anus started to close until once again it became a beautiful little puckered starfish. I was completely wiped out. Two awesome assfucks in one evening was a new record for me and my age was catching up with me.

I actually fell asleep while still lying partially on top of my little redheaded fuck toy. All too soon it was10:30 and time for both of us to go back to our respective cabins and make believe nothing had happened and that we had just been walking around the ship not doing much of anything.

Tiny teen massage and webcam small tits stepdads side of the bed

After a quick shower and a lot more wild abandoned groping and kissing we reluctantly said goodnight. My little Gina had discovered sex and now I swear she could fuck all night long if I were able to keep up with her. She couldn't get enough and each time was better and more intense than the last. The only bad thing was that she kept telling me how much she loved me and that she wanted to be with me forever. I know … silly little ramblings of a 13 year old but it was going to be really difficult when it came time to say goodbye at the end of the cruise.

Chapter 6 …&hellip. The end of the Lily showing off her holes hornylily and big ass ( arrividerchi ) There were only 3 more days and four nights left on the cruise with two more stops in Split and Kotor but the stops were now just minor inconveniences and we spent all the time we could together, fucking ourselves silly and me teaching her all the tricks and nuances of making love that I had learned over the years.

I taught her how to fondle my balls and hold the base of my nasty big ass hoes scene black booty productions while softly licking the shaft and gently nibbling the head at the same time.

It was hard to get her to slow down because of her energy level and her sexual excitement but gradually she learned that she could make me cum just by fondling and licking and that the slower I came the better it felt for me. It was amazing to feel the semen slowly building in my balls and then the excruciatingly pleasurable feeling as it slowly leaked drop by drop from my cockhead rather that just shooting out in big blasts. A little would seep out at a time and she would lick it off with her dainty little tongue and then swallow it.

Then a little more would ooze out and she would greedily swallow that too. With patience and tremendous self control on my part I could manage about four or five little squirts before I would lose control and finish off by fucking her soft mouth as hard as I could and shooting the last big squirt down her throat. Usually I was gently rubbing and probing her wet pussy as she did this for me and on my final burst she would tense up and spasm violently before cumming herself and soaking my hand in girl juice.

I also taught her how to slip her finger into my ass while she was sucking me off or while we were fucking but when she did that there was no going slow. It was all out hard sucking or fucking and in no time she would make me cum. For me, one of the most amazing things was seeing the intensity of her orgasms. Licking a 13 year old girls pussy is something they have never even imagined and the intensity of the new feeling can drive them just about insane.

Gina was crazy about me eating her out from the first time I did it and she couldn't get enough of my tongue. I always licked the entire length of her pussy from her tight little rosebud clear up through her pussy to her little clit. My tongue would worm as deep as it could into her asshole and then drag up through the soft folds of her vaginal slit until I found the sensitive little seat of her pleasure.

Gina would writhe and squirm and fuck her hips up into my face, getting more and more excited with each lick and then when she came she would scream with pleasure and grab my head trying to pull me even deeper into her sex. Her whole body would stiffen and convulse almost like she were having an epileptic fit. What a turn on watching her gorgeous little face contort with ecstasy as the orgasm wracked her entire body.

The other thing that she really liked was when we would open the closet doors exposing the full length mirrors and then she could look in the big mirror above the bed and see the view from the rear as we fucked. Gina loved watching my cock slide slowly in and out of her pussy and her ass from the rear and she would lift all the way up until only the head was still in either orifice and then she would drop down slowly until my cock was balls deep in her love holes.

She would squeal with delight saying " see my loveI can take him all inside me now ". She was quite the exhibitionist and loved getting into weird positions to see different angles of penetration or to watch my cum shooting into her mouth when she sucked me off. I swear that the " Kama Sutra " must have been required reading for Italian Jr. High schoolgirls because she wanted to try everything and anything.

She had definitely turned into an anal freak and loved being ass fucked as much as possible which was fine by me because I absolutely love anal sex. With a really tight little 13 year old it was an indescribable and excruciatingly amazing feeling as my cock worked in and out of her soft buttery little anus. Often realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl touching and looking at that perfect little rosebud was enough to almost make me cum.

One of the things I really liked was to lube up just the head of my cock and slip it into her butt just past the first sphincter and then pull it back out and watch as the little membrane tried to keep me inside. The little dusky hole would gape open and then I excellent sex with a sexy lady smalltits and homemade pop Mr.

Cazzo back in quickly and do it over and over again until I could no longer control myself and I would cum outside her ass and watch the semen drip down into her still open hole until it was full and started to leak out.

Gina had no inhibitions at all and was willing to try anything I suggested. Her sexual appetite was amazing. She was probably as close I have ever come to being with a nymphomaniac. Hopefully this was because I was awakening her sexually and these feelings were all new and her new found expertise would make future boyfriends really amazed and happy. The second to last night of the cruise I decided to do something really risky but damn I wanted to remember this little girl forever.

I brought my digital camera to our love nest and shot dozens of pictures of her naked and us fucking in multiple positions, taking special care not to get my face in any of the pictures. The pictures of her sucking me off and my cum squirting into her eager little mouth were wonderful but the best of all was me behind her with my cock entering her ass in stages and stretching it wider with each new frame before being buried up to the hilt.

The next day I went to the ship's Internet café and made two USB memory sticks … one for me and one for her &hellip.

before deleting everything from the camera. Christ if my wife ever saw those pictures I would be in deep shit.

With my face obscured Gina could someday show her friends what she did on her cruise besides soak up cultural history. The last night of the cruise before we docked in Venice was wonderful and painful. I fucked Gina once in the pussy and one last time in her ass.

Even after all these nights of constant sex, I still had to push extra hard to get my cock through the last barrier into her womb. Gina would cry a little but then grab onto my ass and hold me tight when the whole 8 ½ inches was locked inside her. I fucked her hard and fast and by the time I shot my load she was moaning hysterically. As usual she squirted when she came, soaking my cock in that wonderful slippery juice. Maybe the intensity of knowing this was the last night gave me extra energy but I was ready again after a really short nap and I got her up on her knees one last time to make love to that soft exciting little asshole.

With very little lube I entered her anus and with one slow steady push I slid all the way into her rectum until my swollen balls were tight up against her pussy and my dickhead was way up inside her colon. I just rested for awhile luxuriating in the warmth and tightness of her clutching anus. She had learned to squeeze her butt muscles and lock me inside her so that it took real effort to get back out. We fucked slowly and gently for the longest time, my cock rubbing softly up against the ribbed walls of her little anal tunnel but then desire overtook us and we started to fuck hard and fast in earnest.

It was so intense Gina started to cry but I could not stop. I fucked her as hard and deep as I could until with one last mighty shove I erupted inside her ass sending my biggest load ever up into her rectum. We both collapsed, totally exhausted and drifted off to sleep still locked together. I awoke about an hour later to find Gina hugging me as tight as she could and sobbing uncontrollably. Her crying was pitiful and her whole body was shaking. " Oh my love " she cried. " I am dying inside.

You will leave me in the morning and I love you so much. I cannot bear the thought of not seeing you again. Please don't leave me " she begged. " Gina my precious " I whispered, trying to comfort her. " I love you too but you are young and you will find a new love soon and we will always have our memories of this wonderful time.

My heart is aching too but I promise you, the pain will go away. Just remember, I will always be thinking about you". It was really hard to get her into the shower to clean up and then up on deck to the area near the teen game rooms. We walked over to the privacy of the spot near the life raft closet and clung together in one long final kiss, our hands roaming all over each others bodies. Me feeling her soft little pussy one last time through her panties and she desperately holding onto my swollen cock through my shorts.

There was no easy way. I kissed her hard one last time and said " I love you " and then turned and walked away leaving her there in tears. The rest of that night I tossed and turned, unable to sleep and even feigned being a little under the weather to avoid having to have sex sexy brunette amateur madlin moon gives amazing head my wife who was feeling a little amorous because she had won $500 in the casino.

The next morning we docked in Venice and our cabin steward Guido stopped by to say goodbye ( and get his gratuity ). He asked me surreptitiously how did I enjoy the " special " cabin he had arranged and to tell me he had seen my girlfriend and that I was a lucky guy to find such a nice young Italian girl.

He told me that he had looked on the ships manifest and that her name was Gina Santini and that she was from Verona, Italy. He also told me that she was only 14 but my secret was safe with him although he was jealous because he also liked very young girls and how nice it was to teach them about sex.

I slipped him another twenty and thanked him again. It took 3 hours to disembark and I was petrified that we would bump into Gina and her party during the process, however they were in a different group so we never saw them except as we were walking down the gangway I caught a glimpse of Gina with her red hair blowing in the wind up against a railing several decks above us. Our eyes met and she made a faint wave. Then she was gone.

My little Italian virgin …&hellip. I will never forget her.