Teen daughter fucked by her step dad

Teen daughter fucked by her step dad
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Moms Joins the 10+ Club Pam was an average housewife, 41 years old dirty blond shoulder length hair. She had 42D breasts with large nipples which were super sensitive. Her ass was still tight even if she had put on 15 extra pounds. She still could turn heads at 135 lbs. She was in the market, as she turned the corner she saw her neighbor Judy talking to a large black man; she saw Pam and waved her over. She introduced Pam to Ray the store manager, the three talked for a few minutes then over the PA system Ray was being paged.

He excused himself and walked away.


Judy looked at Pam, "I wonder if his cock is a big as his feet?" "Judy you're terrible, but I'd sure like to know too." Both women laughed but Pam sensed Judy wasn't kidding. After a brief chat about their kids, husbands and lack of sex they parted for opposite ends big lips big tits big ass tube porn the store. Thirty minutes later as she turned for the checkout she saw Judy paying.

They waved and Judy left the store. As Pam headed out the store for her car Ray approached her, she got to the rear of the car and he walked up. "Hi Pam can I help you?" "No thanks Ray I can manage." "Well truth is I want your phone number, some time before the weekend we'll get together for coffee or something." She gave him her number and he plugged it into his cell, as she now had his as welll.

"Can you get out after 7 PM as that's the time I usually get off?" She smiled at him, "if I have a little notice I can." "Good I'll be calling you soon." He put a bag in her car and grabbed her tit, "very nice they feel great and natural." She responded, "They are all real, and very sensitive." Ray smiled and walked away, she stood their realizing this stranger had just felt her up and not only did she allow it but she actually enjoyed it.

She got behind the wheel and thought what the hell am I doing, I just gave him my cell number and agreed to meet him after work for coffee. That and he felt me up and I enjoyed it, I must be loosing my mind. She drove home wondering if he would call and if he did would she meet him?

The comment Judy had made in the store kept going through her mind, did he really have a giant cock? As she arrived home her three sons were just getting home from school so she had plenty of help unloading the car.

The rest of the evening was uneventful as her husband was late getting home from work, so she and the kids ate they put his dinner in the microwave. She was asleep before he got home. The next two day were pretty much the same as usual, then Thursday night at dinner her husband told her he was asked to participate in the convention the company was attending in California this weekend.

He would leave Sunday and be gone till Thursday or Friday. Friday morning she was doing laundry when her cell phone rang, it was Ray. She let it ring three times before she answered. "Hi Ray what's up?" "My cock but you probably already suspected that right?" She giggled, "I guess I'm busted on that one." Now Ray asked her if she was free tonight, she explained no because her husband and the boys were all having activities.

Before he could react to that news she cooed into the phone, "But my husband leaves for the coast Sunday on business so I'm friend blackmailing friends wife tfuck Sunday and most of next week." There was a brief silence then he spoke, "Good I'll meet you Sunday at 11 am in the parking lot at the store.

When you show up make sure you have very sexy underwear on, can you do that?" She was shocked at the request but rather then asking him why she just asked "any particular color and style?" "Yes very tight boy shorts with a half bra, in light green, blue or red." "I can do that." "Good I'll see you at 11 on Sunday.

She stood their in the laundry room wondering, what the hell am I doing, if he wants sexy underwear that would indicate he plans on seeing me in it. If Sarah banks sami parker danni rivers in intern affairs in british blonde amateur xxx horny step mom gets slammed underwear with him he may be planning to fuck me.

My god I could get pregnant, no way that's happening. What am I thinking, I'm just not going to show up and that's that. If I do show up I'd have to go to the mall and get an outfit Saturday. I'm not going screw him. Saturday as her family was doing their normal things she asked her husband if he had everything he needed for his trip. "I could use some new underwear if you've got time to go get them for me." Twenty minutes later she was on her way to the mall.

She got his underwear in five minutes then headed for Fredrick's. Once inside she quickly found the outfits he requested. As she stood their examining the shorts she realized wearing these would leave nothing to the imagination, her pussy would be on full display. The bra was basically just to keep her tits up and her nipples pointing straight.

She bought a green outfit and a blue one. Walking to her car she thought well a girl needs to be prepared just in case. Sunday morning her husband left at 6 am so he let her sleep. She was up by 7 and by 8:30 the boys had finished breakfast and were all gone. She went up to her oldest boy's room and ratchet through his sock draw. Bingo, there were the French ticklers she had seen a month ago.

She thought if he's not using them I'll take two just in case if I use them I'll replace them before he figures it out. She took a shower and did her hair and makeup.

She put on the blue outfit with blue heels and stockings. She next put on a tight pair of jeans and a white light sweater. Sitting in her kitchen at 10:30 she was ready, but for what? My goodness what am I doing, I'm a married women with three children, I'm sexed up and in a half hour I'm going to meet a black man who probably wants to fuck me.

Pam you are just plain nuts, stop this shit, call him and tell him you will not be their. At 10:45 she left the boys a note she'd be out for several hours, she'd see them at dinner and headed for the store parking lot. She pulled in and saw Ray standing by his truck; she pulled up along side and rolled down the window. "Hi Ray I," "Shut up, follow me, got it?" "I can do that, where are we going?" "Just follow me." He got in the truck and they pulled out, ten minutes later they were pulling into a very expensive condo complex, there was a guard as the stopped at the gate, Ray said something to him and both cars drove through.

He pulled around the back of the complex where there was man made lake, they parked. She got out he came up to her, he put his arm around her waist and stuck his tongue down her throat. Their tongues danced in each others mouth for 30 seconds. He pulled back, "you taste good, lets go in." They got on the elevator and went to the top floor, they exited and he headed her for 6D.

He unlocked the door and they entered. Once inside he grabbed her and once again his tongue was down her throat, his hand was pinching her nipple while his other free hand had found her crotch. After several minutes of groping they moved apart. Her chest was heaving up made down as he had made her extremely hot and wet.

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He walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. "I'd like to see the outfit you chose to wear now!" She didn't hesitate and immediately started to strip.


In a few seconds she was stand in front of him with her nipples sticking out which were as hard as stones. The boys short were damp you could see the outline of her pussy lips and bush clearly. "Very nice, very nice indeed now I have few questions." She looked at him with puzzlement. "First do you enjoy sucking cock and swallowing cum?" She looked puzzled, "well I suck cock but as a rule I'm not all that crazy about cum I." He raised his hand "I'd suggest you get very accustom to cock sucking and cum swallowing as you're going to be doing an awful lot of it.

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Have you done much anal sex?" "My ass is virgin." He just smiled and shook his head. "Is your pussy as tight as it looks?" She gazed at him as no man had ever asked questions like this before of her, "well if you must need to know after my last kid the doctor put in two extra stitched in so yes I think it's nice and tight." Ray motioned her over to the sofa, as she did he pulled her across his lap from under a cushion he took a paddle out and gave her ass cheeks several really hard smacks.

She yelled and started crying it really hurt. Ray smiled at her as he sat her next to him, "how did you like that?" "I didn't it hurt, my ass is burning." Ray didn't say anything he started sucking her nipples while at the same time with his hand he very gently started tracing the outline of her pussy lips and clit.

The sensation of her clit being touched through the silk fabric and the burning in her ass cheeks was exhilarating. It didn't take long for her to start moaning and squirming as he never changed what he was doing. She clenched his arm as she started to spasm, for the first time in her life she squirted. She continued to shudder for a minute before the orgasm subsided.

Ray leaned close to her ear, "if you ask very nicely I will fuck you." She looked into his eyes, without any hesitation she spoke. "Baby would you please fuck me?" A boy fuk his mother smiled, "I'm not sure you really want cock." "Oh my goodness darling please I need your cock in me now, please don't make me beg because I will.

I'm begging you I need to be fucked." Ray took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom, "take off your panties and bra." Without hesitation she stripped and climbed on the bed, she was on her back legs spread. Her moist pussy lips were swollen and ready, he mounted her.

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She felt the head of his cock part her pussy lips as it slid in. He pushed it in slowly, she looked up at him. "Your cock is bigger then my husband cock, please go slow until I'm accustomed to you." Ray took a slow steady rhythm as she got accustom to his cock size.

As his cock pushed past her cervix she realized there was a naked cock deep inside her pussy. The problem was at that moment she really didn't care. She had several small orgasms as he continued to pump her pussy with long strokes. She raised her pubic mound to meet every downward thrust, she was in ecstasy. His rhythm started to gain momentum; she felt a deep rumbling from deep in her pussy she was going to have a violent orgasm.

"Oh Ray fuck me hard and deep baby please do it now." Ray was pounding her pussy the orgasm reached her, she moaned and screamed with delight as she convulsed, orgasm after orgasm flooded her pussy. Suddenly she realized he has pushed deep into her, her pussy was milking his cock as she felt him spurt hot cum deep in her womb.

As he pumped cum deep into her pussy she milked his cock for every drop of cum he had. Xxx story full length sex stories caused her to continue to orgasm.

It took a couple of minutes for her big boobs auntys fucking storys catch her breath. He rolled off her and lay on his back. "Pam I want you to lick the cum off my cock and balls, then dry it with your hair." She just smiled and went to work licking cum off his cock and balls and swallowing it.

It seemed strange to her that no matter what he told her to do she did it without question but she hadn't felt as good as she did at that moment in forever. She looked into his eyes, "Your cock is hard again darling." "I realize that, I'm thinking I'm going to get some virgin ass, now roll over and stick it up in the air." As she rolled over she asked him, "Ray I'm scared your cock is bigger then my husbands." "Pam stop the shit, I'm not a porn star.

My cock is only 8 inches and you've got a great ass which I'm making all mine." "Ok babe I'm just concerned." "Trust me I'm sure you'll love it, my guess is after a while you'll be asking for it." She looked at him as she rolled over. He lubed michelle fast times at deep crack high with nautica thorn fingers and slowly worked two fingers in her ass.

She groaned but it wasn't unpleasant just different. She felt pressure as the head of his cock pushed in; as soon as he was in he stopped to let her adjust to him. After a few seconds she told him to keep going. Now he proceeds to start the slow rhythm of in and out.

To her amazement it was a pleasant feeling, as he pushed deep into her ass her clit rubbed the sheets, she realized if he continued the way he was going she was going to have another orgasm. Sure enough in five minutes she felt the jolts from deep in her pussy, his rhythm had increased and as she exploded into an orgasm she felt him blast cum deep in her bowels. The both lay there for several minutes until finally he pulled his cock out.

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He told her to lick the cum from his cock and balls, she hesitated for a split second black guys taking turns f passed out team then began the task she had been given.

After his cock was clean she leaned on her arm, "I see what you meant by I'd better get use to the taste of cum. The funny thing is I'm beginning to really enjoy its taste already." "Good because now I want a sloppy blow job." Without any hesitation she kissed his cock and proceeds to suck his cock. Since he had cum twice in a little over an hour it took a lot of sucking before he was ready to blow another load. He grabbed her head and held his cock in her mouth as he dumped hot sperm in her mouth.

He still managed to fill her mouth after having cum twice which surprised her, but once he was finished he looked into her eyes. She opened her mouth to show him the mouthful he had given her, then she closed her lips and akshay kumar ki sexy story sex stories every drop. They both lay there for a little while before he asked her "does your pussy feel up to another fucking?" She cooed "It's your pussy now baby you can and should fuck it all you want." After they had fucked again she was lying with her head close to his cock, she would give the head little kissed or give the head a lick occasionally.

"Pam Tuesday morning I'd like you to be here at 11 AM I have a couple of friends who need their nut sacks drained and I know just the pussy for them." "I've never had three men fuck me at the same time darling it sounds like fun." "Pam once you get here I have to work my friends will be fucking you all afternoon. Just so you know they are from club 10+." "What is club 10+?" "It's a club of men who have cocks at least 10 inches, they only fuck wives and mothers who want to be fucked." She looked at him for a moment "you want me to fuck them while you're working?" "Yes that's exactly what I want now put on your panties you're leaking all over my bed." She giggled and slipped on her panties.

"Wow it's 3:30 I've got shit I've got to do you'll have to go now." Pam got out of bed and bent over to pickup her bra; she felt his arm go around her waist. The next thing she felt was two very hard smacks on her butt cheeks, the force was intense she started crying immediately.

He stood her up and gave her a passionate kiss. "Why did you hit me?" "Because you wanted me too, as you drive home your ass cheeks will help keep your sloppy pussy and ass hole reminded of me and my cock." She smiled as she knew the smell of cum in her hair on her face and the taste in her mouth would do that.

But the stinging in her butt was a definite help and frankly it felt good afterwards. "Can I have a rag to wipe my face and tits?" "No get dressed the way you are and get going I'm late already." She was dressed and ready to leave when Ray walked up to her, "Pam would you like a kiss or another hard smack on your butt?" Without hesitation she pulled her jeans down, placed her hands on her knees and stuck her ass out.

POW, POW two very hard smacks hit her butt, tears welled in her eyes. She pulled her jeans up grabbed her bag and headed for the door; she turned to blow him a kiss.

"Pam by the way I want you to start working on your friend Judy, I'd like to have both of you sucking my cock by this time next month." Pam smiled I'll get to work on it today darling," she was out the door and in her car in less then five minutes. Chapter 2 Tuesday at 11 she pulled up to the gate at Ray's condo complex, the guard smiled and logged her in.

She drove to the back and parked and headed for the elevator. As she got to his door it opened, Ray was standing their smiling, sitting on the couch in only their underwear were two men one Black on Hispanic. It was apparent they had large bulges and they weren't even excited yet. Ray made the introductions, they were Juan and Felix. Both men grinned at her, Ray told her to strip down for the guys. As she did both men stood up, Felix pulled her down so she was over the back of the sofa her butt was sticking out with only her panties coving her butt.

Then she felt a sting as a hard wood paddle hit her ass, twice she felt the sting. Juan came around and Felix got behind her, twice more she felt the sting of the paddle.

She was crying as they helped her up and removed her bra. All three laughed a little as she realized although she was crying her nipples were hard a stones and her pussy was soaking wet. Ray looked at both guys, "she will drain your nut sacks today and hopefully become a girl of the 10+ club. Pam before I go, you are working on Judy right?" "Yes babe I'm hoping by next week to bring her over with me." Ray smiled and walked out.

Juan grinned "have you ever had a very big cock?" "No not as of yet but I'm looking forward trying it." The men took her by the hand and all three went into the bedroom.

Felix explained that many of the women they try out just can't handle large cock so they are disqualified immediately.

Both men pulled their shorts down, her eyes bugged out.


They both saw the look and laughed, "How big are your cocks anyway?" Juan spoke "mine is 10 and a half inches and over an inch and a half round, Felix is a horse 12 inches but he's only about as round as me." "Do I get to pick the one I want to try first?" Both guys smiles "you sure do babe." She grabbed each cock and fondled them; she bent down and kissed both cock heads.

Standing up she smiled on holiday time fucking stepmum like to try the 10 and a half first if its ok?" Juan led her to the bed and she quickly removed her panties, her pussy was soaking wet. Laying on her back she spread her legs, "Juan please go slow I've never had anything that big go in me, I'm sure I'll be able to take it for you just give me some time to get accustom to it ok?" His cock head parted her moist pussy lips and he was in, she smiles up at him.

"My pussy feels really full already baby just go slowly, please." Juan pushed his cock slowly over half way into her; she was moaning and wiggling her ass to accommodate the large cock. He stopped pushing in and looked down at her, "you ok honey?" "Oh goodness yes just hold it there for a minute please." She was breathing heavily and it was apparent she was enjoying this.

"Pam I'm going in," with one motion he went balls deep.

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Her eye shot open as it was the most sexual feeling she had ever had in her life. She instantly had an enormous climax, she was moaning in complete ecstasy.

Her pussy was milking the enormous cock which added to the sexual feeling. Every time he would move it in and out it caused her to orgasm. He had built a good rhythm, she was pushing he pubic mound up with each of his downward strokes.

His body stiffened the next thing she felt was hot cum flooding her womb. This caused her to climax continually for thirty seconds. Never in her life had she ever had a cock spew cum that deep into her, it was a glorious sexual feeling. Juan smiles at her as he rolled off, "babe you can be a member if you want, that was one of the best fucks I've ever had." She looked into his eyes with the look of a woman who had just gotten an extraordinary great fucking.

"As long as I can get fucked like this on a weekly basis I'm yours." Felix who was sitting at the edge of the bed the whole time smiled, "you think you can handle an extra inch and a half?" "I sure hope I can, lets try." Felix mounted her and since she was leaking cum like a bad faucet his cock went right in, all the way in. She looked up at him, "My god I hope my pussy feels good honey, it is a bit sloppy." Felix started pounding her and in a short time she screamed as an orgasm overtook her, at the same moment he pushed deep and it felt like hot cum was pouring into her, she moaned in complete ecstasy.

As they lay their Pam smiled at Juan "darling your cock is hard again." "I know Ray says your ass is wonderful I'd like to see for myself." "Ok just go slow that big boy could rip me apart." Pam stuck her ass up in the air for him; he lubed two fingers and slowly worked them in her. She felt the big cock head pushing at her ass hole, and then plop in it went. He stopped as to let her get accustom to the size.

"You good with this honey?" "Oh yes doll just keep going slow but the feeling is wonderful." He continued a steady in and out motion until he was balls deep, by now they were both grunting loudly. As a climax overtook her she screamed with pleasure, he grabbed her hips and pulled her tight she knew what was coming, hot cum poured into her bowels.

She was still breathing heavily as she felt his cock plop out. It was immediately replaced by Felix's cock which slid completely in all the way. She turned to look behind her with a big smile "cum is a great lubricant guys." Ten minutes later she was once again climaxing and being filled with cum.

After a short recess they told her to clean their cocks with her mouth and then give them both blow jobs. She happily did as she was told. The three lay in bed, "Pam put on your panties there is already cum everywhere." She got off the bed found her panties and quickly put them on. "Guys I feel wonderful, I've never been fucked like this ever in my life. If this is what being a member of the 10+ club is all about I'm in if you want me." "Honey after I first fucked you I was sure you were one of our girls.

There are a few issues we should talk about." "Like what?" "Well first you pussy is going to get stretched to accommodate our cocks, unless your husband is a member of the club he's going to notice sooner or later. She looked at both of them for a short second "fuck him, I really don't care." "You ass is very sexual but again unless he's a member of the club he will realize very quickly." She gave them a cute smile, "he doesn't know I've developed a taste for warm cum so since he never asks for a blow job or wants to fuck my ass he can go fuck himself.

Will the guys in the club like me?" Both guys chuckled with tits like those a pussy who knows how to milk a cock an ass who loves being filled with cum and a thrust for warm cum in her mouth I'm sure they'll love you." "Well in that case would you both please fuck my pussy for me at least once more?" At 3:30 they were drained, she had cum literally all over her; they all started to get dressed.

She turned office babes raven bay and kenna lesbian in the breakroom Felix "honey my ass cheeks don't burn anymore and I was sort of hoping for the ride home they would, the better they burn the hotter my pussy stays." She undid her jeans and stuck out her ass, Juan took the paddle and smacked her so hard it almost lifted her off the ground twice; she was crying before Felix got behind her, two more very hard smacks were given to her.

She was crying as she kissed them and walked out to veronica avluvs pussy injected by dr danny d uniform and blowjob car. On the drive home after a long talk to Judy she called Ray. "Baby I've got some great news, Judy wants to come with me the next time we get together. I'm hoping it will be very soon." Without hesitation Ray said Friday at 11 good for both of you?" "I'll be sure it is, see you then, and by the way I'm a official member of the 10+ club.