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Sexy czech cutie gapes her narrow snatch to the unusual
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Part 1 Two and A Half Percent Claire stood atop the chair and prayed no one could see the subtle shaking of her anime cum tribute cute hentai teen feet tube porn. The blindfold prevented her for knowing for sure.

She heard other chairs creaking and a couple of moans and gasps, so she could only assume that there were others in the same predicament.

The last thing she remembered was being grabbed outside her dorm before a pillowcase was slipped over her head. After being pushed into a car, she was roughly led inside and forced on top of the chair. It felt like hours had gone by, but Claire knew she hadn't been on the chair for more than 10 or 15 minutes.

She was pretty sure that this was a sorority initiation of some kind; at least she hoped it was. If it wasn't, she had a lot more to worry about. The only question was which sorority. She had demonstrated interest in several just in case, but was hoping for Omega Delta Phi. Leaving the group standing in total silence was a mind game, and Claire knew it.

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"By now, I'm sure you're all wondering why you are standing blindfolded on top of chairs," a voice finally spoke. "The 8 of you have been chosen from more than 150 girls that all want the privilege of joining Omega Delta Phi. Do you know what people call us around campus?

Obsessively Dedicated to Perfection. Why do you think that is, girls? Out of the 8 of you that are standing here, we will only accept 5. In case you haven't done the math, that's a 2.5% acceptance rate. We are a small, elite sorority that accepts nothing but the best from its members. But you already know that, or you wouldn't be here. In a moment your blindfolds will be removed. While you are technically in a competition with each other, I don't want you to focus on the other pledges.

You will be all be tested individually and measured on your ability and potential. I cannot stress this enough, it's very important for you to be obedient and to impress our current members.

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We all feel that a sorority is nothing without a strong bond and respect for each other." Claire resisted the urge to look around her as her blindfold was untied. She was standing in the center of a large parlor room somewhere in the middle of a line of chairs.

Directly in front of her were about 10 girls standing in matching polo shirts with the ODP insignia on it. Claire couldn't help notice how well put together all of them looked.

Their hair, their makeup, their shoes were all spot on. Not a single one of them could be described as teen alice coxxx got a big load on her pretty face from jhonny less than attractive. This was somewhat surprising since Omega Delta Phi was known almost exclusively for their incredibly high academic standards and student activity involvement. "Ok, girls, introductions are in order." Claire recognized the same voice that had been speaking when she was blindfolded.

"My name is Erica and I'm the President of Omega Delta Phi. The lovely lady to my right is Carrie and she is our Vice President. We are both seniors and pledged together our freshman year. More importantly to you xxx sex of priyanka chopra than either of us, is Gwen.

Gwen is our Rush chairwoman and she oversees our entire pledge process. Our whole sorority will give input and discuss our new pledge class, but the final decision is hers. Gwen has been carefully studying you all for last month and she's very good at it. She knows each of you better than you would expect. Gwen has assigned each of you a separate pledge advisor. Your pledge advisor will challenge you and ask you to do certain things to see if you are "ODP" material. If you're committed to this, your pledge advisor is here to ensure that you have the best possible chance of making it.

It can get very competitive. I'll turn things over to Gwen now." Claire liked the sound of everything so far. Erica had a very dedicated but welcoming voice. "Ladies, you may be wondering why you are standing on luscious hoe natasha nice gets humped by neighbor of a chair.

This is to demonstrate your vulnerability. Until you are a member of this sorority, you are subjecting yourselves to a strenuous, and at times, rigorous trial period. Each of you will take different steps to get there, but all of you will be tested." Gwen reached into the pocket of her tight pants and pulled out a pink piece of stationary paper.

"Listen closely while I read each of your names, followed by your pledge advisor. After I read each pair, your pledge advisor will step forward and guide you down from your chair." Gwen was easily the most attractive member of Omega Delta Phi. She was short, about 5'1", but had a presence and posture that made her seem larger than life.

She had flawless shoulder length blond hair that hung straight down to her upper back. She had just the right amount of eye makeup that showed off her piercing black eyes. She had an intense face that looked wise well beyond her years. Claire listened and watched as the 4 girls to her left were read, then they were led out of the room.

She clenched her teeth nervously and awaited her name to be read. Claire was suddenly startled when a different name was spoken and the girl to her right was approached by a dark haired Asian girl. Claire became concerned when the names kept going down the line as she stood silently. When the room was nearly empty, Claire was the last girl standing on a chair. "Claire Murray, your advisor will be me, Gwen Galveston." Claire was a bit uneasy now. Gwen had sort of a devious and menacing look about her.

She hated to judge a book by its cover but her body was physically reacting to her nerves. Gwen tucked the list back into her pocket and walked forward. She took Claire's hand gently and Claire stepped down. Part 2 Daddy The week before Gwen assembled the pledges for the first time, she made a surprise visit back home. It was a long drive but was totally worth it to her. As soon as Gwen saw on Facebook that her mother was going away with her girlfriends, she knew it was the perfect weekend to visit.

She left right after her last class on Friday morning and made the four hour drive to her childhood home. She pulled in shortly after 3:00 p.m. to an empty house. She left herself just enough time to get ready before Daddy got home from work. Gwen set her bag down in her bedroom which looked exactly the same as when she left for college. She unzipped a side pocket before removing her makeup kit and a several articles of clothing. She laid the clothes on the bed and went into the bathroom down the hallway.

After perfecting her makeup, she returned to her room and stripped off the clothes she drove home in. Her floor length mirror showed off her petite figure nicely. She had beautifully perky little B cup breasts. Her ass was small but round and incredibly firm and tight. Gwen smiled over her shoulder as she admired her best feature.

She grabbed her thong from the bed and slid it up her hips, followed by a tight white mini skirt. She skipped the bra and rolled a tight, red t-shirt down her body. A final glance at the mirror confirmed that she was pleased with her outfit. She had to look perfect for Daddy, he expected nothing less. She went downstairs into Daddy's study.

When she was a kid she had not been allowed in Daddy's study, but she eventually earned his permission. Her mother was still not allowed in that room. It was a large, expansive room with high ceilings and tall bookshelves.

Gwen approached the beautiful oak bar in front of the bay window. She filled a glass and the mixing tin full with ice. In the mixing tin, she poured the rye whiskey, the bitters, and the sweet vermouth and gave it a thorough stir.

She strained the liquid into the glass with ice. She put the vermouth back into the mini fridge under the bar and grabbed the jar of cherries. A cherry was placed on top before Gwen took a satisfying sip and smiled. Not a lot of girls drank Manhattans, but her daddy had taught her to appreciate them. Just as she put everything back and exited the study, the garage door opened. Gwen waited dutifully in the kitchen and set her drink down. "Hi Daddy." Gwen beamed when the door to the house opened.

He looked so handsome in his suit with just the slightest amount of stubble. "Hi baby." Gary handed his coat and briefcase to his daughter who took them instinctively. "I'm so happy to be home," she told him.

"I'm glad you're home too, honey. Please bring my things upstairs and wait for me on the bed." "Yes Daddy." Gwen nodded and headed for the stairs. A few minutes later, Gary came through the bedroom door and sat beside his daughter on the bed. He gave her lower back a gentle nudge and she moved in front of him. She carefully and gently removed his tie, and then undid the buttons on his shirt and pants. When she finished removing but the boxers, she kneeled before him and looked up for approval.

"You're such a good daughter," he said. Gwen smiled up at him and pulled the boxers to his ankles and took hold of his huge soft cock. She placed her mouth around her daddy's cock and began to work her head and up down. She never took her eyes off his as she used her tongue to tease the underside of his cock.

That was how Daddy had taught her. Gwen sucked Daddy's cock like a good daughter for a few minutes as he gently stroked her hair. When he was ready to cum, he said nothing and started to gently thrust, as he always did.

When he finally exploded in her mouth, she kept bobbing her head up and down as she licked him. When she was sure he had finishing cumming, she back slightly away from his waist.

She opened her mouth and showed him his huge load of cum before closing her lips and swallowing it. She smiled at him and went to the bathroom to use the mouthwash. She didn't particularly like the taste of cum, it wasn't the worst thing in the world, but not something she wanted lingering in her mouth.

When Gwen came out of the bathroom, she went downstairs to get dinner started. Her father came down a short while later while she was sautéing the vegetables. "Smells good, little one." He came up behind her and slid his arms around her. He kissed the top of her head and gently massaged her tits under her cooking apron. "Thanks, Daddy," Gwen beamed. She always felt good when she did something that pleased him, especially when she got recognition for it.

Later that night, Gwen lay with her head on her Daddy's chest as they watched television in her parent's bed. They were both naked and she had one of her legs draped over his. "How are things at the sorority?" her father asked her.

"They're pretty good, Daddy. I'm the rush chair this year so I have to pick out the new girls," she said. "Really, what does that entail exactly?" "Well, we put them through all kinds of stuff and ultimately we only take five out of eight of them. Maybe less if they don't do well or we don't like enough of them." "And you get a say in which girls are picked and which are not?" "I get the final say, Daddy.

Each pledge is paired with a sorority member, but at the end of the pledge period, I pick." "Do you have a girl assigned to you?" "Yes, Daddy." Gwen wondered where this was going. "Is she pretty?" Her dad asked her. "I would say she is the prettiest one, actually. I wanted to personally make sure she had what takes and didn't get in because of husband watches wife fuck black guy looks," Gwen told him.

"Interesting…" Gary said to his daughter. "What are you thinking, Daddy?" Gwen was pretty sure, but she wanted him to say it to her.

It turned her on so much when he told her what to do. She spent the rest of her life bossing other people around and being independent. Daddy was the only one she was subservient and deferred to. "I want you to make this girl totally reliant on what you say. I want you to make her think that her only chance to get into ODP is to do everything you say," Gary went on.

"I plan to, Daddy, I " "I wasn't done, Gwen…" her father scolded her gently. "I'm sorry, Daddy," Gwen buried her face inside her hair and pulled it tight to his chest.

"After this girl is completely devoted to what you say, I will come visit you at school. You will bring this girl to my hotel and you will convince her to do whatever I say. Do you understand me, Gwen?" "I don't want you with another girl." Gwen's face scrunched defiantly. She was bitterly jealous and now despised Claire, whom she hadn't even met in person yet.

She wanted her Daddy all to herself and did not like what he was asking of her. "Are you being a bad girl toward Daddy?" he asked her. "No, Daddy, I just want you to want me," she said.

"I understand, baby, but Daddy wants to take advantage of this special opportunity. Beauty finger drilled and pounded lingerie japanese always be my girl," he emphasized. "I don't care Daddy, I won't do it!" Gwen back off his chest visibly upset now. "Don't you talk back to Daddy." Gary grabbed her shoulders and looked at her fiercely. Gwen started to regret saying anything at all. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she said. "It's too late for sorry." He let go of her.

"If that's what you want Daddy, I will do it," Gwen answered reluctantly. Hopefully it would just be a one-time thing. "I'm very glad to hear that, little one. However, because you were bad, Daddy will administer his favorite punishment," Gary told his daughter. He reached into his nightstand with a grin and pulled out a small bottle of lube. Gwen knew exactly what this meant and she rolled over onto her back and tried to hide her fear and discomfort.

Her father positioned himself in front of her as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide. He squirted a small amount of lube on the tip of his huge cock that was as hard as an iron rod. He placed the tip against his daughter's tiny little asshole. The opening was so small it was closed up to the size of dime. Gary only fucked his beautiful daughter up the ass when she did something that he disapproved of.

"My baby was a bad girl, wasn't she?" Gary asked her. Gwen knew exactly what to say to get her Daddy excited. "Yes, Daddy. I was bad and I didn't listen to you. I'm so sorry. I love you and I won't do it again.

Please don't put your thing in my butt," she pleaded with a whiny voice. He loved that. "It's too late for that, sweetie. Daddy is going to teach you to be good." Gary pushed his cock at Gwen's tiny asshole and looked at the grimace on her face.

She knew better than to look away but couldn't hide the pain she was feeling. Her father's huge cock was forcing its way up her tiny ass. She was just built too small to accommodate such a big dick. She looked up at him and bit her lower lip gently.

"It hurt's Daddy. Please take it out. My little ass can't handle your big dick," Gwen stared right into his eyes. "You will be okay, baby girl," Gary thrust slowly and had nearly his whole cock in his daughter's tight little ass.

"I promise I'll be a good girl. I love you Daddy." Gwen knew how far to push it. Her father smiled and moaned loudly. Friends siss xxx family frirt could tell he loved this. Anal sex was her daddy's favorite but they both agreed to save it for "special" occasions.

He began to grunt and she could tell he was close to cumming. He never lasted long in her ass. "Please cum, Daddy. My little asshole can't take much more," Gwen looked up at him pleadingly. He moaned loudly and thrusted as hard as he could into her ass.

She could feel his warm cum flooding deep into her ass. He collapsed next to her big girls want it more scene wow pictures she smiled proudly up at the ceiling.

Part 3 The Proposition Claire had received an email from Gwen very late last night. It went right to her personal email, which she was flabbergasted that ODP was able to find. The email was short but enticing. "Claire, Meet me at the ODP house tonight at 8:00 P.M. Dress to Impress." It was the last three words that gave her anxiety. Dress to Impress? Does that mean like she would for a job interview?

Does that mean look as attractive as she can? The fact that it was the only detail Gwen had giving her, made her think it was important. It was the only clue she had regarding why she was going to the house. Claire decided to split the difference and wear something that would be appropriate for an interview but also made her look attractive. It had been just over four months since she stood on that chair in the parlor.

She had met with Gwen many times since, but never by way of such a vague context, and never through email. Since she became a pledge, she had done a number of things to try and prove herself to the sorority. She and another freshmen pledge had vandalized a rival sorority house. Claire had done an insane amount of cleaning, cooking, running errands, and taking trash talk from just about every member of the sorority.

It had been harder than she expected, but not undoable. She only needed to make it 8 more weeks and she had a good chance of being in. It worked to her benefit having Gwen as her pledge advisor.

Claire felt that if Gwen personally put this much time into her, she would be more likely to choose her as one of the final five. She stood nervously on the front steps of the Omega Delta Phi house. She rang the bell and was surprised when Gwen greeted her personally and welcomed her inside. Claire noticed that Gwen took a long look up and down her body as they stepped inside. "Are you going to a job interview later?" Gwen teased her.

"I wasn't sure what you were expecting," Claire said. "I see. Well, if anyone here ever tells you to 'dress to impress,' we want you to look as hot as possible, okay?" Gwen assured her. "Sure thing," Claire smiled at her.


"I can go back and change if you-" "Claire, it's fine. Doesn't matter. Follow me." Gwen had that devious smile and began walking up the stairs of the house. Claire couldn't help but think if it doesn't matter, why did she put it in the email? Claire had never been upstairs or anywhere outside of the common rooms of the sorority. According to their pledge rulebook, it wasn't allowed. Was this a test? Claire decided it was more important to listen to what she was just told to do than to question a rule.

At the top of the stairs, Claire saw a long hallway with a lot of rooms. Gwen went all the way to the end of the right hallway and opened the only door that had been closed. She nodded into the doorway, indicating Claire to go inside. "Have a seat on the bed," Gwen told her. "This is my room. As you may or may not know, pledges are not allowed upstairs. We're not going to worry about that today.

For this conversation, we need privacy. A lot of what I'm about to tell you, I will deny if you repeat it." Claire began to get a very uneasy feeling at the pit of her stomach. She could feel heart palpitations and couldn't imagine what Gwen was about to say. "Okay," Claire uttered nervously.

"I want to start by saying that everything I have asked you to do so far, you have excelled at. We are all very impressed with you," Gwen paused. "Thank you." "Ultimately it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you except me. Not slippery wet oral job delight hardcore and blowjob am I your pledge advisor, but as Erica told you all, I will make the final decision on this year's pledge class.

You wouldn't want to do anything to change my high opinion of you, would you?" "Of course not," Claire answered immediately. "Good, that's excellent to hear. I like you, Claire, I wouldn't ask you what I'm about to ask you if I didn't." This was really starting to creep Claire out. Was Gwen a lesbian?

Was she hitting on her? She said nothing, however, and waited for Gwen to continue. "Are you a virgin, Claire?" "No." Claire wasn't sure what answer Gwen was looking for, but thought it was best to tell the truth. "Good, that's good. Next weekend, my best friend from home's father is coming to town and I want to make sure he has a good time.

Technically I cannot ask you to do this as part of your initiation, so we'll call it a personal favor." Claire's heart was beating out of control at this point. She wants me to go out on a date with some guy.

To fuck him, it sounds like? "I know what you're thinking," Gwen said, "and I know this isn't easy to agree to. I'll do what I can to be very clear so you don't misunderstand me.

If you agree, I will provide you with an address to a hotel room. I expect you to show up at the agreed upon time, and do whatever is asked of you by the man, within reason of course. This is someone I grew up with and know well. I trust him. He will not ask you to do anything weird or hurt you. If it matters to you, his wife just left him and he's very upset. I would like to make sure he has some company to distract him.

Again, understand I never officially asked you to do this as a member of Omega Delta Phi. Riley knows how to get what she wants being said, you have impressed the hell out of me so far, and I know you don't want to disappoint me by saying no.

It would be one night and we never speak of it again." Gwen paused nervously but remained confident and calm on the outside, like it was no big deal. Claire realized after a minute that Gwen wasn't going to say anything else until she did.

Her mind was reeling and she had no idea what to say. She had so many questions that she just started blurting them out. "How would I know I'll be safe? How do I know he's clean? I don't even know this guy," Claire said with a bit of an exasperated tone. Gwen smiled.

She knew that she had Claire now. These were just details to work out. If she's asking the questions, she's at least considering it. The hard part is over. "Do you trust me, Claire?" "Yes. I think so, I mean," Claire told her. "Good, you should. I want to keep my friend's dad anonymous. So I cannot tell you any more about him.

I could show you a copy of an STD test, but I would have to black out his information, so you wouldn't know it was for the right person anyway. I have known this man my entire life. He's been married since his early twenties and hasn't been with anyone since his divorce.

He is way less risky than a college guy you would meet here. The point is that I'm vouching for this man." "How long would I have to go there for?" Claire asked nervously. "Let's just say for the night. I doubt he'll want you to sleep there, but I don't want to put a time limit on it." "I have to do whatever he asks of me?" Claire asked. "Within reason, Claire. He may not ask for anything out of the ordinary at all. It may be enough to just sleep with a new person. Maybe a little role playing, or stuff that his wife wouldn't do.

Nothing to worry about. I need to know one way or the other before you leave this room. If you aren't willing to do this, I'm going to move on to one of the other pledges," Gwen said with a pushy tone. Claire felt like shooting back with: 'why don't you go fuck him then?' but she thought better of it.

"If I do this, I'm in right?" Claire asked Gwen candidly. "Yes, it's a guarantee," Gwen told her. Claire hated the idea of doing this, but giving up one night seemed better than wasting the last four months pledging this sorority for nothing.

"Okay," Claire said. "what the hell, I'll do it." "Excellent to hear, Claire. I'll be the first to unofficially say: Welcome to Omega Delta Phi." Part 4 Quid Pro Quo Claire stood in front of her mirror and admired herself. She had been making small tweaks to her hair and makeup for more than forty five minutes now.

She didn't particularly care what she looked like to this guy, but she wanted him to report back to Gwen that he was satisfied. Looking her best was an easy way to score some points. She decided not to change anything else, she looked great. She selected a fairly tight fitting sundress that showed off her cleavage in a flattering way. She couldn't help but wonder if this is how an escort or a call girl feels before going to meet a client. After glancing at the clock she realized that it was probably time to get going.

The typed note that Gwen had left her said 8:00 p.m. She threw a coat over the dress and headed for the parking lot. On the way to the hotel, Claire turned up the music on the radio way up to try and drown out the thoughts she was having. Part of her felt ashamed, but a different part of her entirely felt somewhat excited by the idea. She didn't like that she was doing this, but since she was, she was trying to embrace the fantasy of a random hookup.

The hotel was nicer than she expected it to be. She was picturing some seedy motel by a highway like you would see in a movie. She parked towards the middle of the parking lot surrounded by other cars. She reached into her purse and pulled the note out again to double check. St Algier's Hotel, room 409 at 8pm. Okay, she told herself. Breathe, it's just one home alone arab woman gives head in proper pov scenes and it's over.

It's no different than a random college party hookup. As she walked into the lobby, she told herself to relax. They don't know why you're here; just go right to the elevators.

The ride to the fourth floor seemed like an eternity. When she finally arrived in front of room 409, the second thoughts really started to hit her hard. She could turn around right now and not sell her body for the sorority she wanted.

She could turn Gwen in to the chapter president. All of that had downside though. It just seemed easier to suck it up and deal with it. She decided cfnm teens mouths cummed reality and amateur knock hard on the door before she gave herself any more time to think about it.

Cute teen fucking herself while boyfriend watches door opened and a handsome man in his late forties smiled at her, extending his hand. "You must be Claire. I'm Brandon," he lied to the girl. "Please come in." "Thanks," Claire said nervously and shook his hand. "Can I take your coat?" He smiled warmly at her. "Uh, sure." She slid the coat from her shoulders and handed to him. After he placed it on the coat rack, he turned back to her.

"Can I get you a drink?" Gary motioned to the dressed where a makeshift bar had been set up. "I'm not 21," Claire answered without thinking about it. "I'm not worried about it, if you aren't," Gary chuckled.

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He poured two glasses of something and walked over towards her, handing her a glass. "Thank you," she said. "Have a seat," he motioned to the table and chairs.

It was a huge room and looked more like a suite than a standard hotel room. The bed wasn't even in the main room; it was stashed away in a separate bedroom. Claire sat and placed her drink on the table. "So what did Gwen tell you about me? I'm dying to know. And please, relax." Claire smiled and took a gulp from her drink. Her face scrunched from the taste. It was harsh, some kind of whiskey she imagined. "She told me that you recently got divorced and…or wait, your wife left you.

I'm sorry, I'm really nervous," she blurted out. "I can understand that, I'll do what I can to help you relax. It is true that my wife left me. What else did she say?" he said. "She told me that she wanted to make sure you had a good time while you were here. That I was to come here and do whatever you asked of me.

That would she could be sure I got into the sorority," Claire immediately regretted telling him that last part. That part was probably meant to be between her and Gwen. Fuck, she thought. "Is that so?" Gary laughed and took a sip of his drink. "Well, let me try and put your mind at ease. I'm not here to get you in trouble. If there's anything you do not want to do, that's fine with me. I just ask that you keep an open mind, okay?" "Okay," Claire relaxed a little bit.

They chatted for a while longer while they sipped their drinks. "You are very beautiful, Claire. I'm a lucky man tonight," Gary told her. She thanked him as she finished her drink. Gary stood and removed his tie, followed by his button up. He laid them over the dresser and took a seat in the oversized recliner. "Come over to me," he asked her. She walked over to him and stood in front of him nervously. He gently stroked her through her dress on the sides of her hips.

She cringed a bit on the inside as he touched her for the first time. His hands worked their way to her bare leg below the bottom of her dress.

At first he stroked down towards her feet, before working his way back up. Her stomach got really tense when his hands were fully under her dress, rubbing high up on her hips. She stood still, obediently and watched him. When his hands found her panty line up on her hips, she shifted slightly, without realizing it. He rubbed her for a few more seconds before withdrawing his hands. Gary untied his shoes, and removed his pants, discarding both beside the chair.

Once he had done so, he put his hands back on her hips and gently tugged downward. She knew what he wanted.

He let go of her and leaned back into the chair. She breathed deeply before kneeling between his legs. Claire pulled his boxers down and slid them off his legs, adding them to the rest of the clothes.

His cock was semi-hard and a lot bigger than she expected it to be. She stared at it for a moment. "I know, I'm pretty happy with it," Gary said smugly. Claire smiled up at him before leaning forward and taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked slowly at the tip of it, pausing occasionally to lick the length of his shaft. Her hand gently massaged his balls while her mouth did the heavy lifting. She began to bob up and down on his beautiful cock shaft, which grew significantly in her mouth.

He moaned softly from the top of the chair. "Look at me while you suck me off, Claire. I'd love to see those beautiful eyes." Claire did as he asked as she kept bobbing up and down on his cock. She didn't like how he was stroking her hair as she blew him. It would be one thing if it was her boyfriend, but this guy had no feelings for her and it was making her uncomfortable.

She kept sucking and working her face up and down his cock. "Very good, Claire, you're doing great," Gary told her.

She didn't appreciate the condescending compliments either. Nonetheless, Claire kept at it, working his cock for another chap seduces lovely chick to have sex homemade and hardcore minutes. "I'm gonna cum soon. I want you to show it to me before you swallow it." Swallow it? She had never swallowed cum in her life and hadn't planned to.

She didn't even particularly like when a guy came in her mouth. She pulled her head from his cock. "I don't like to swallow," she told him while she stroked his cock. "Oh really?" He said. "That's kind of the whole excitement for me. It defeats the purpose of a blowjob without the swallowing it doesn't it?" Claire totally disagreed but didn't feel like arguing with this guy.

Whatever. She put her mouth back on his cock and started sucking him fast and hard again. "I'll take that as you changing your mind?" He smiled and leaned back. God this guy is a dick. After another few minutes he told her again he was about to cum. She used her tongue to tease the underside of his cock and tightened her lips around the hot sex swallows lots of piss from 2 guys. The first spurt slammed into the top of her mouth and she wanted to gag from the taste.

It was followed by several more heavy spurts that hit the back of her throat. She gagged uncontrollably and had trouble keeping his cum from going down her throat. She kept it in her mouth until she felt it shrinking. She leaned back and opened her mouth while he stared at her. "Perfect," he smiled at her. "You're a good girl, Claire." She closed her mouth and swallowed it with a visible disgusted look on her face.

"Can I use your bathroom?" She asked him, trying not to think about the taste in her mouth. "Sure, you don't have to ask. It's down there. You going to throw up my cum?" He laughed out loud. That had been her initial thought. "No, I just want to rinse my mouth out with some mouthwash or toothpaste." She stood and went to the bathroom.

She came out after a few minutes and found Gary sprawled out on the bed, naked. "Why don't you take off your dress and come join me," he suggested. She hesitated for a moment before sliding her dress above her head and tossing it onto the chair. She left her bra and panties on and climbed onto the peeled back sheets beside him. His hands were on her immediately and he was kissing all over her chest. He guided her down onto the pillow and reached his hand back to undo her bra.

Her tits were pretty big for her frame and guys always seemed to be pleasantly surprised at what they saw. He kissed her all over a while, taking full advantage of her beautiful teenage body.


When he reached her stomach he went to pull down her panties and her hands shot down to his. "I don't know if I can do this," Claire looked into his eyes. His smiled disappeared, he pulled his hands away and he sat back on the bed. "What do you mean?" He asked her. "Go any further," she said. "Are you serious, you little bitch? You already made a big deal about swallowing, now you're gonna fight me on this. You had to expect sex would be involved, right?" Claire was taken aback.

His gentle demeanor was gone. So much for being okay with what I don't feel like doing, Claire thought. "Don't call me that," Claire sat up against the headboard instinctively and glared at him. "Ya know what, fine. I don't need this. I'll call Gwen and have her send someone else over. I'm not gonna deal with this from you every step of the way. You can go." Claire started to panic inside. This was almost worse than not agreeing to do it at all.

Gwen is going to be really pissed if she gets a call the night of complaining for a replacement. "Wait," Claire said while Gary was reaching for his phone. He paused and looked at her. "I'll do it." "You'll do what?" He asked her. "Sex, I'll have sex with you," Claire said. "Not enough," he said and raised his phone again. "Wait, why? What do you want?" Claire asked him desperately. "It's like Gwen told you before. I want you to do what I want, without complaining about it," Gary said matter-of-factly.

"Fine," Claire agreed. "I don't like 'Fine,' let's go with 'Yes' and you can call me Sir from now on," he told her. "Yes, Sir," she glared defiantly and lay back onto the bed. He moved back towards her and yanked her panties off violently, ripping them off her legs.

She yelped in surprise, but said nothing further. "I'm very pleased that you're shaved bare. You have a gorgeous pussy," he said. He stared at her for a moment, as if he was expecting a response. "Thank you," she said. "Thank you…what?" he said. "Thank you, Sir," she said with a fake smile.

He moved next to her and began to rub her bare slit. He stuck a couple fingers in as he rubbed her clit. After a while, he began to trace her asshole with his middle finger. This did not elicit a reaction from her.

When he began to insert his middle finger into her ass, she pulled back a bit. He looked at her with a threatening stare and she ease back down. He thrust his finger hard into her ass and watched her face wince in pain.

She kept her body still for him. "You've been a bad girl, disobeying me," he told her. "Yes, Sir," she repeated. "You need to be punished for what you've done," he told her. "Yes, Sir." Gary stroked his cock before moving it up towards her pussy.

He eased the head into her tight cunt and she yelped again. "Do you want my cock?" he asked her, when he was barely inside. "Yes, Sir," she lied.

"Tell me you want it." "I want your big cock," she said. "SIR!" He bellowed and thrust into her hard. "Umpf!" She gasped as his giant cock stretched her little pussy.

She gorgeous girl screams getting wazoo fucked hardcore russian had sex in almost a year, since her high school boyfriend. His dick was maybe half the size of this guy's. Gary thrust repeatedly into her, holding her waist and he fucked her. "You aren't worthy of this huge cock," he told her. She didn't want it to but it was starting to feel really good. Gary noticed this and began rubbing her clit gently with his thumb as he fucked her.

She started moaning in pleasure and willed herself not to have an orgasm. It wasn't working and she was getting really close to cumming. God help me, I do not want to be here, she thought. Gary could see that she was getting close to an orgasm and he grinned. He pulled his cock out pussy licked and gangbanged homemade and hardcore looked at her.

"Are you ready for your punishment?" "What?" She asked "I said are you ready for your punishment? Are you deaf, bitch?" "No, sir. I'm ready for my punishment." "Good, good girl, now lay with your stomach across my lap," he instructed her. She was somewhat glad she didn't have an orgasm but her body ached in rebellion. She did as he asked and awaited his next move. SMACK. She was startled as he spanked her ass hard. "Ow," she yelled out. "Bad girl," he yelled and smacked her ass again.

She stayed still and clenched her teeth hard as he repeated the spanking several more times. When he finally finished he told her to get off his lap. "Go over to the night stand, Claire. I want you to grab what's in the top drawer and bring it back to me." She was nervous but hopped down and headed to the night stand. Her heart dropped when she saw what was inside.

She took the lubricant in her hands and thought about protesting again. It was bad enough that he stuck a finger in her ass, but she really did not want to have anal sex. She had never been fucked in her ass before and his cock was massive. "Are you coming? I'm waiting," he said. She dismissed the idea of protesting, this was probably it. It had to be almost over. "Yes, Sir," she said.

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She brought the lube to the bed and handed it to him. "Lie on your back. I want you to look at me the entire time, understood?" "Yes, sir," she said. After she lay down, she felt her heart beating in fear. She was very worried it was going to hurt, bad. Gary climbed between her legs and squeezed a small amount of lube onto his cock.

He positioned it against her asshole and looked down at her closed eyes. "Look at me," he growled. "Yes, Sir," she said. He started to thrust gently back and forth, working his huge cockhead into her ass. Once his cockhead was in, he stared right into her eyes and thrust his huge cock up into her ass.

Claire began to wail as Gary thrust in and out. It was the most painful thing she had ever experienced. Like someone was forcing their whole arm into her ass. It felt weird too, like she had to go to the bathroom. Tears began to come down her face as she felt what she could only assume was her body ripping. Dormida dildo peluda mexicana df manoseada ex esposa panocha pussy puc tube porn fucked her hard and was yelling something at her that she couldn't even focus on.

She just wanted to get through this. "I'm gonna cum," she heard him say. "Yes, sir," she said instantly. "Uhhh," Gary exploded deep into her bowels, coating her insides with his remaining cum. He collapsed on top of her for a second, before rolling over onto the bed. She got up and ran to the bathroom crying. When she finally emerged, he told her she was done for the night. Not even a thank you. She put on her clothes quickly and grabbed her coat. I don't even know if I want to be in this sorority anymore, she thought as she headed for the elevator, ashamed.

Gary pulled out his cell phone and dialed number one on his speed dial. The phone rang once before his daughter answered. "How was she, Daddy?" Gwen asked sweetly. "She was okay, baby, but nothing compared to you. I called work and told them I'm going to stay through Tuesday.

I want you in my room every minute you don't have class. Understood?" "Yes, Daddy!" she squealed. "Who's Daddy's good girl?" "I am Daddy!" "Yes you are," he hung up as she sat there, ecstatic that he still craved her.