Arabic anal pov with my milf fatima

Arabic anal pov with my milf fatima
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Prior : The Do-gooder MILF The Do-gooder MILF -2 The Do-gooder MILF -3 MILF Meat All fucking smiles for the boys. Barry was next.

The bitch was shivering, quivering. She realized she was not only being raped, she was going to be gangraped. Fucked one at a time.

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Slowly. Hard. Brutally. The cunt hung wide open ready for the next cock. Barry had a gruesome mask. A Vampire mask.

The face of death. He had a little surprise. A tittie surprise. He grabbed her left breast and tied a thin rope around it, pulling it tight. It bulged out and he slapped it hard. One way and then the other. The Bitch was screaming. I thought, here is the bad news MILF, it is just starting!

He roped the other bitch tit, tieing it tight. He tied them together with a rope Pulling them close together and the pulled the rope over the same overhead bar holding her legs and arms. He pulled the rope stretching the tits up in front of her face. Without warning he smacked her pussy with his hand. It was overwhelming, the MILF was howling. In a second he was inside her. The second cock for the whore.

Swinging back and forth with his hips she was taking her second fucking, her second rape. As he fucked her he reached forward and pulled on the ropes hanging her tits, stretching them even more.

I got to say, I never been so proud of my boys. The Do-gooder MILF MEAT was taking the fucking of her life and the brasileira cavala botando mecacircnico pra chupar sua buceta was early, very early. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BASTARD'S RAPISTS BASTARD'S STOP THIS Barry stopped leaving her hang.

LET ME DOWN. LET ME DOWN NOW. He let her hang there as she yelled to be let down. She hung there helpless, screaming, while the music blared and the lights shined into her face. We all got a good laugh, listening to her rants, twisting and turning. She was OURS, absolutely nothing she could do. Tommy moved close to her side aimed his cock at her face and took a piss. The Milf turned her head away as his stream hit sunny leone hard sexamazing story in the face.

I enjoyed her sceaming but heard enough. I took a rope and tied it around her head through her mouth and pulled it tight. The rope bit into the Bitch's mouth and cut off her loud yelling. Now we could barely hear her muffled cries over the loud music.

The piss dripped from her pathetic head. Barry was ready to start up again. He took her puss lips in his fingers and twisted watching her try to scream. He twisted one way and watched her expression, her head twisting, her body trying to pull away.

Then he twisted the other way. He watched her and then plunged his dick back inside her. THUMP. The MILF lay sprawling on the floor.


Barry had fucked the hell out of her cumming in her red and sore pussy. The boys had released her tits and the let her arms loose dropping the stupid MILF to the floor. She tried to move but had lost so much circulation and was I so much pain she could only crawl. I knelt down and took the rope out of her mouth. She had a hard time talking but I could hear her beg.

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That is better. See I Let you down. Pleasee let me go now. I don't know who you are. Please.


We let her crawl, like she was going somewhere. We did want her to recover a little before her next adventure. She was on the floor crawling. I had thought so long of her. I had dreamt of having her. NOW SHE WAS MINE THE STUPID MILF WAS MINE WE COULD DO WHATEVER WE WANTED.

I knelt down and pulled her head up by the hair. Tommy held her head and I put her hood back on. We were tired of the masks by now. We took off out masks since she could not see us. NO NO please. She couldn't see a fucking thing, so I slapped the back of her head.

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It was pretty funny as she could not see anything coming. Tommy kicked her. Barry kicked her. It was neat watching her reaction. Getting her feeling back she was up on all fours trying to move away. BUT WHERE. It was too funny. WE WERE ALL LAUGHING.

Hooded, naked, fucked the desperate MILF crawled along the floor. I don't know how often I had watched her, dreamt of her, now my time was near. One more of the boys to fuck her and then…&hellip. The boys had another trick up their sleeve for her. This was simple. It was an iron rectangle bolted into the floor. They had made it fit to order for her size.

He legs would be tied to the sides, a little off the floor and she would be stretched over the bar and her hands tied on the other side half way down. Only her toes would touch the ground.

We grabbed her as she tried to crawl. Her ankles were tie to the side bars and we pulled her over the bar bent over the other side. We pulled her down until her feet were on ther toes only and then tied her wrists down. Tied to the bar she was in a perfect position.

Legs wide, ass up in the air, pussy spread. SMAAAACK. Tommy hit her with his belt across the ass. We her watched shake and pull. The best part with the hood she could not tell when the next blow would come. The chunky MILF was shaking and quivering even worse that before. I knew she had to be desperate and I was loving every minute. I had the boys go slow. Let her wait for the next belt blow.

Tommy laid the belt on her butt, dragging it across. Hooded, blinded, bound she waited helpless for the next smack. We could see beautiful young latina rides a throbbing penis nasty red mark growing where the first. We made some sounds and her body recoiled thinking another blow was coming.

We took our time again. Smack, again across the butt. We could see the flesh ripple and her muscles quiver.


The yelling was muffled under the hood. Joan was totally panicked. It was hard to think. Who were these men. As bad as it was, it seemed to get worse.

There was nothing she could do. Sweaty but with cold chills she awaited another blow. She could hear them whispering, joking laughing. Joans head twisted, she could not see when the next blow was coming. He body flinched, quivered AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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Another hit with the belt. Every part of her body hurt the way she was tied. Totally exposed to all the men. Pain. Fear, Despair.

AHHH. Her head shook. Her head had been slapped. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Another hit with the belt. The hands on her ass. A cock again inside her. Pounding against the metal rack she was tied to. He legs ached. Pounding. Smack, another hit to the head. Pounding. This was crazy. They were going to kill her. Darkness. Total PAIN again.