Bratty sis bribing her big brother se

Bratty sis bribing her big brother se
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Nude Weekend About five years ago just before our oldest daughter Audrey was about to go through puberty my wife asked me if I wanted to watch it happen. Of course I wanted to watch it happen, as my three daughters' bodies developed into women, what man in his right mind wouldn't want to see that?

So the first weekend of every month became devoted to just that. At that time Audrey was nine years old, Chloe was eight years old, and Sarah was seven years old.


My wife started with 'Panty Weekend' where all of my girls including my wife could only wear their panties from the time I came home from work on Friday until I went back to work on Monday morning. It was a game that the girls learned to enjoy right away. Of course back then they didn't have any tits but then again that was the whole idea of letting me watch them develop. My wife not only organized 'Panty Weekend' but she organized 'Bra Weekend' and 'Nude Weekend' too.

There were also 'See Through Nightie Weekend,' 'Sock Weekend,' and 'High Heel Shoes Weekend.' There was even 'Wear Daddy's Neck Tie Weekend.' Of course who could ever forget 'Tampon Weekend,' 'Band-Aid Weekend,' and 'Cowboy Hat Weekend.' Then one day about two months ago my wife disappeared with my boss.

It appears that he had embezzled a half a million dollars and left the country with my wife, thanks to their passport records. I was then promoted to head accountant and took my boss' place. When I did a full audit I discovered his crime. The company put out a sunny leone com vivad com for his arrest but they knew that it was a meager effort on their part.


Anyway my daughters knew what had happened. Now Audrey is fourteen years old, Chloe is thirteen years old, and Sarah is twelve years old. They took on all of the responsibilities of running the house and seemed to be working well together.

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They tried to cook simply things for dinner; they did the laundry, the dishes, and they even made their beds. The first weekend that next month slipped by without their knowledge. However they were determined not to let that happen again.

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So the very next month Audrey took things into her own hands and declared it to be 'Fuzzy Slipper Weekend.' That Friday when I walked in the door there they stood, oldest to youngest like a set of steps. They welcomed me to 'Fuzzy Slipper Weekend.' Then Sarah took my briefcase, Chloe took my suit coat, and Audrey handed me an ice-cold beer. As I sat down in my favorite chair and reclined it back a little Sarah and Chloe untied my shoes.

When Audrey returned with my slippers they put them on for me. I removed my tie, unbuttoned my collar, and took another sip of my beer. I looked over at the couch that my daughters were sitting on and had to smiled. I had seen them sitting just like that most of their lives. My wife never sat on the couch with the girls because she always sat next to me in her recliner. There on the couch sat Audrey in an Indian style position with her legs crossed and her sparsely covered pubic lips parted so that I could see just a hint of pink.

Her long brown hair was up in a nice bun that made her look older than she really was. Her dark pink nipples were hard and surrounded by her lighter pink areolas. Her breasts had just grown into a B-cup bra. At fourteen she was a very attractive young lady. I could see Chloe and Sarah following in her footsteps. They all had their mother's features.

I sure missed my wife. When I finished my beer Audrey asked me if I wanted to join them in 'Fuzzy Slipper Weekend.' Why not! So, I stood up and walked to my bedroom to undress. I removed my white dress shirt, my undershirt, and had my pants almost to my knees when I realized that I had a raging hard-on.

I hadn't had one of those since my wife had disappeared. Why tonight! I got naked and I put my fuzzy bedroom slippers back on. I really liked them too. Last year for Christmas my daughters had bought me a pair of bunny rabbit slippers. I felt very childish wearing them but I loved them. For a top-notch accountant that is always dressed in a business suit I find those fuzzy bunny slippers to be a drastic contrast.

Besides my three loving daughters gave them to me. As I started back into the family room my cock was only half-hard. Audrey handed me another beer and said that she had put a frozen pizza in the oven and that we would be eating it in about twenty minutes. As I sat in my chair Audrey sat right in my lap. It wasn't the first time that she had done that but on those other occasions I had my wife to help me out sexually. She usually had to help me out three or four times throughout the weekend. As Audrey sat on my lap both of us were well aware of what was coming up.

I was getting very uncomfortable but Audrey just seemed to take it in stride. Soon it was creeping up between her legs. I was afraid that it would pop up into the air. That would have been funny but very embarrassing casual teen sex cumshot on her nerdy glasses shaved pussy and cunnilingus. Her sisters would have seen her with her own cock.

They were well aware of what mine looked like but they had never seen it sticking up between Audrey's legs before. Soon Audrey was pushing my stiff cock back down between her legs and clamping them together tighter to save me the embarrassment.

When the buzzer went off in the kitchen to signal that the pizza was done Audrey sent her two sisters out to get it out of the oven and put it on the table. After they were gone she got up and suggested that I go into my bedroom to take care of my problem.

I hadn't 'taken care of it' in a very long time. As I was trying to figure out just what I was going to do about it Audrey called out to her sisters and told them to start eating without us.

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Then Audrey took my hand, led me to my bedroom, and then closed the door behind us. Audrey said softly, "Dad I can help with this." She grabbed a hold of my erection with her small warm hand. "Mom told me all about blowjobs. She even had me practice on long carrots to get control of my gag reflexes." Audrey smiled at me and stroked my cock in a way that felt so good that I didn't want her to ever stop. "She gave me a dildo just about this size too.

We talked about you being my first lover and everything." I said, "Wow! Really! Your mother did all of that with you?" Audrey said, "Yes daddy!


Like I said, I can help you with this." Then Audrey pushed me back on my bed and I sat down. She pushed on my chest and I lay back flat. Finally she climbed up on my lap but it was nothing like she had just done in my recliner out in the family room.

This time when my cock slipped up between her legs she slipped it right into her vagina. I was in no condition to argue with her about it either. As she slipped her tight little pussy down over my shaft a tear came to my eye. God I missed my wife but my oldest daughter was there for me. Soon she had adjusted to my cock being in her and she was using me like she had used the one her mother had bought her, fast and furious. I placed my hands on her hips and helped teen lily jordan services hung bf with sprain get her into a more gentle rhythm.

She was stroking my chest with her hands as she rode my cock so I raised my hands up to her breasts. I had felt her firm young breasts before but never in a sexual way like this. I ran my thumbs over her stiff nipples and she really liked that sensation. It didn't take me very long at all to thrust up into her harder as I filled her with cum.

God, I really needed that. We cleaned up and went back out to eat some pizza with the other girls. After that Audrey sat in her mother's recliner right next to mine. She also slept in my bed with me every night. After that Chloe and Sarah would occasionally call her mommy just to tease her. Audrey would threaten to ground them then they would all have a good laugh.

My daughters did very well in school, they got better at doing things around the house too, and Audrey even did the grocery shopping. I put her on one of my back accounts and gave a debit card. She was really growing up.

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Audrey is a lot more like my wife than my daughter. The End Nude Weekend 160