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Hd months pregnant heather deep final video pregnant before birth
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 4: The Door ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I opened my eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the sunlight shining through my window. It was July 9th, three days since Katie's track meet. Somewhat interestingly, the girls and I hadn't done anything sexual together in the last three days.

The sexual tension was growing, however, so I'd decided not to masturbate since that night with Katie, in preparation for whatever the girls had in store next. I sat up in bed, stretching. I hopped out of bed and threw a pair of shorts on. I looked out of my window to the backyard, and saw Katie laying cock fucks mature twat and tits hardcore and wife a pool chair.

Her bare feet were facing my window, and memories of my night with Katie's feet rushed back to me. The wetness of her socks, the taste of her feet, the feeling of her soles rubbing over the head of my cock.

I was hard now. I fought the urge to stand there and jerk off. I didn't have a reason to jerk off anymore, when I thought about it. I could just ask one the girls to take care of it for me. Smiling to myself, I stepped out of my room and walked to the kitchen.

Jax was in there, drinking her coffee again. She looked up when I walked in. "Hey, Matt." "Hey, Jax." I nodded, noticing that Ben was in the room. Ever since Jax had. been with Ben, he'd been her shadow. I don't know what he planned on getting from that. Did he think she'd spin around and fuck him on the spot?

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He was 16, after all, so that was unlikely. I found it somewhat amusing that Ben had a foot fetish as well. What were the chances? And it seemed like Jax found it funny, which only made me not want to tell her more. I headed past them and made my way to the back door. I slid the glass door open and stepped out onto the backyard. I walked over to Katie, who looked up when I approached. "Oh, hey Matt!" Katie said, wiggling her toes at me. Ever since she'd found out about my fetish, she'd just shove it in my face at times.

Sometimes literally. She'd shove her feet in my face, and I'd have to fight the urge to pull my cock out right there. I ignored Katie's teasing. "Hey, Katie. What's up?" She shrugged in her chair. "Just relaxing out here. Wanna join?" I nodded for a second, before realizing that I could be in the pool right now.

"Yeah, Katie. Hold on, I'll be back." I walked back into the house. A few minutes later, I returned, wearing a bathing suit. I stood next to the chair across from Katie's and took my shirt off.

Throwing it on the chair, I walked up to the side of the pool and jumped in, the water surrounding me. Surfacing, I wiped the water from my face and waved for Katie. "C'mon, Katie, join me!" She smiled and stood up from her chair. She was wearing a two piece bikini that showed off her body nicely.

The top was gripping to her tits, and the bottoms complemented her long, lean legs. Her mouthful of sperm after sucking and shagging feet slapped against the concrete as she sprinted and leapt into the pool. The resulting splash sent water through the air, hitting me in the face.

Katie laughed when she surfaced, as I wiped the water from my eyes. I splashed water at her, and she giggled, splashing me back. "So, what are you planning on doing today?" I said, leaning on the edge of the pool. Katie shrugged, floating in the middle of the pool. "I don't really know yet." She stayed silent for a few seconds before continuing.

"Jax told me what you two did yesterday, by the way." I made eye contact with her. "Oh. she did.?" I said, somewhat nervous. She laughed. "Yeah, she did." She started floating towards me.

"Hey, do you want to know something?" I squinted my eyes suspiciously. "What's that?" She smiled. "I heard we're going to the beach this weekend." I stopped squinting and nodded, amused that she changed the subject like that. "Oh, that's awesome!" She nodded. "Yeah, I'm excited." She said, leaning back and floating face up. Her legs swung up, causing her toes to poke out of the water. How it would feel to put my cock in between those amazing soles right now.

I was distracted by a loud slam. I looked over to the back door, seeing that the noise was just Ben closing it. I looked over to Katie, feeling kind of nervous now that Ben was here.

"I, uh. I think I'm done now, Katie." I said nervously, pulling myself out of the side of the pool. Katie slowly nodded. "Yeah, me too." I thought for a few seconds. Is Katie nervous about Ben, too? Did Jax tell her about what happened between them? I dried myself off and put my shirt back on, avoiding eye ramrod enters wet vagina hardcore and blowjob with my brother.

It didn't matter, anyways; Ben was avoiding contact with me, too. I walked passed him, and headed for the door. Stepping inside, I heard Katie's feet slapping on the tile floor.

We passed Jax in the living room. She looked up when we walked in. "Well, you guys didn't last very long." She said with a smirk. I was about to say something, explain that it was because of Ben, but I realized that maybe Katie didn't know about everything that'd happened with Ben. I made my way to my room, closing the door behind me. I pulled down my swim trunks and threw them aside, throwing on a pair of boxers and shorts. I grabbed my swim trunks and walked out of my room.

As I walked to the bathroom, I heard a phone ring, and realized it was Jax's. I looked over at her as she answered. "Hey, mom." She said, holding the phone to her ear. I opened the door to the bathroom. I threw the pair of swimtrunks over the railing of which couple cums faster cunnilingus small tits shower to dry and stepped back out.

Walking back to the living room, I heard Jax finishing up her conversation.

When I stepped into the room, Jax turned to me, standing up. "Fuck. I have to go to the store and get food for tonight. That's great." She said, grabbing her wallet. She wasn't the type of girl to have a purse. She shrugged. "They said I could get a movie for tonight, though, so guess that's a plus, right?" I nodded.

"Pick something good." I said, before pausing. I had an idea. "Hey, Jax—" She sighed. "You want me to take Ben, don't you?" She said, reading my mind. I smiled apologetically. "Sorry. It's getting pretty awkward here. I think we need to wait some more before talking about it." She sighed again, before smirking and looking up at me, smiling, her dimples shining.

"Alright, since you asked so nicely." She teased. She grabbed the keys to our families other car and called for Ben. She turned to me right before she walked out of the room. "You owe me." She whispered, with a serious face, before it melted back into a playful glare. We said our goodbyes and I sat down on the couch, pulling out my phone. Ben and I were silent when he passed me. I didn't bother looking up when he did, as I figured he wasn't looking at me anyways.

I watched as Ben closed the door behind him. Sighing, I stood up and started to walk back towards my own room. As I opened my door, I felt a hand on the back of my shirt, and son fuk xxxxxxxx mom italia yanked backwards. I gasped, watching myself fall backwards through the doorway to Katie's room, and saw the door slam in front of me.

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Katie was standing there, still in her bathing suit. "Hey, Matty." She said, sticking her thumbs under the straps of her bikini top. "I feel a little lonely. I don't think it's very fair how Jax got to have you and I haven't yet." She said, smiling mockingly at me. I breathed slowly. "I- I agree, Katie." I said, feeling the blood already start to rush to my cock. She smiled. "Good. so, what do you say you and I have a little fun.?" She said, dropping to her knees and pushing me onto her bed.

I obliged, leaning backwards and propping myself up, letting my legs hang over the side of the bed. Katie scooted up to me and slipped her hand down my pants, slowly sliding them down. She smiled when my cock flipped out, almost fully hard. She took it in her pretty hands and started to stroke it slowly. "Promise you won't cum so quickly this time?" She said, smirking. That made me both aroused and embarrassed at the same time. I remembered when Katie had grinded on me and I had cum almost immediately.

"Oh, uh, yeah, uh, I think. I think so." Katie giggled xxx story full length sex stories softly pushed me. "C'mon, I was just joking with you." She giggled, still stroking my cock.

I sighed in arousal, leaning my head back. Feeling Katie touch me caused me to let out a moan. Katie smiled. "You like this, huh?" She said, leaning forward. Her tongue licked the underside of my penis, up to the head. I needed to be in her as soon as possible.

"Fuck yes I do." I said, gripping the bed sheets. "Good." She said, still smiling, before wrapping her lips around the head of my cock. She started to lightly suck on it, as if it were a lollipop.

I could still feel her tongue massaging the underside, causing even more feeling to shoot through me. Katie moved her head down, slowly taking in more of my cock. Before long, she had half of me in her mouth, and had started to pull back out, sucking the whole time. Katie picked up the pace. She started to bob quickly on my cock, sucking as she did so. She placed her hands on the side of my thighs as she moved, using them as a grip.

I loved looking at her like this. Little "innocent" Katie, bobbing up and down on my penis, her beauty mark accented by the teacher and studend sexy viideo of her lips, her blue eyes piercing my own.

I couldn't take it. I felt myself about to cum. I lightly pushed Katie off of me, causing her to lower her eyebrows in confusion. "What is it?" I shook my head. "Oh, nothing, it's beauteous teen love tunnel is nailed well that I was about to cum." Katie smiled. "Wow, you just can't handle yourself with me, huh?" She said proudly.

I slowly nodded. "Yeah. yeah, I guess I can't." She giggled. "Well, it's fine. I have other things planned for you, and I think I'm ready." She said, standing up.

Katie reached behind her back and undid her bathing suit strap, letting it fall to the ground. Her perky tits were revealed once again to my eyes. They were still beautiful. Katie stuck her thumbs into the sides of her bathing suit and pulled them down, revealing her shaved pussy. She stuck her finger between the lips and started to slowly rub them. "I'm already wet, so we can have some fun now, if you want." I nodded quickly. "Yeah, yeah, of course." I said, sitting up on my elbows.

Katie put her hand on my chest, pushing me back. She stepped up onto the bed on her knees and started to crawl over me, positioning her pussy over my cock. "Lay back and relax, Matty. I'm in charge now." I raised my eyebrows, surprised by the way she'd said that, but I let it go almost immediately. Katie looked underneath her, grabbing my cock, and guiding it towards her hole. My cock rubbed it's way between her lips and I felt the head slowly push into the hole. Katie and I both let out a sigh.

She looked up at me. "You ready.?" I nodded, not saying anything. She nodded back, looking back down. Katie slowly started to lower herself down onto me. I felt my cock slowly stretch her pussy, the shaft disappearing inside of her. Katie's pussy was tight; not extremely tight, not like it was painful, but it was a snug fit.

Katie moaned softly as she lowered herself onto me. She was looking down still, but I could see she was biting her lip. I was inside of her as far as I could go now. She looked up at me, smiling. "We did it!" I couldn't help but laugh. Katie laughed with me, but was japanese teen warmed up then fucked uncesored off by a moan that was more of a gasp than anything else.

Katie slowly lifted herself up, taking my cock out of her. This time was much faster, naturally, and within seconds she was lowering herself back onto me.

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Katie continued to lower and lift herself, slowly gaining speed. I was in heaven. I was finally having sex with Katie, and it was better than anything I had ever imagined. Katie continued to bounce up and down on me, moaning as she did so. She was now leaning forward, her hands on my chest, holding herself up. Something about Katie putting her weight on me as she fucked me made it feel better.

She was thrusting her hips in a way that resembled "twerking." It felt amazing. Out of nowhere, Katie fell on top of me. For a second, I thought she had slipped, but that idea was thrown away as she planted her lips on mine. Katie continued to "twerk" on my dick while she kissed me, moaning as she did so. I could feel myself getting close. I reached around Katie, placing her ass in my palms.

I kissed her back, while squeezing her ass. Katie stopped kissing me, while continuing to fuck me. She pulled her head back. "Matt, I'm going to fucking cum!" I nodded. "I am too, Katie!" As I said that, I felt my balls tighten as I ejaculated inside of Katie.

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Waves and waves of pleasure surged through me as Katie's pussy tightened, milking my cock dry. Katie continued to moan as her own orgasm passed. Katie was laying on top of me now, her head on my chest. "That was fucking awesome, Matt." She said, slowly rubbing her hips against mine, me still inside of her. "It took us long enough to do." I said, rubbing her back. I wanted to lay there forever with her. It's too bad that the door opened. I looked over Katie's shoulder as the door opened, fear on my face.

My eyes widened as I saw a familiar face in the doorway. "What the fuck is going on in here?!" My stepmother Jill said. [To Be Continued.]