Canadian brunette amateur babe fucked in casual date i met her on

Canadian brunette amateur babe fucked in casual date i met her on
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I was relaxing at home one day, laying down on my bed, lost in pleasurable thoughts as I was touching myself. Then out of nowhere my phone buzzed next to me and it kind of surprised me, I picked it up and saw a text from tyler, someone I've known for years.


He wanted to know If I wanted to hangout with him at the grand city mall today, honestly I really did not want too but honestly I had nothing else to do so I said yes. He texted back and said "ok be there in twenty minuets". I got up and took a nice warm shower, then got an Idea maybe I will try out my sissy gear for the first time today. After about twenty minuets he drove up to my house and loudly knocked on my door, I walked down stairs slowly in my gear thinking what how he would react, I approached the door and opened the door.


Tyler was solid six foot zero with black hair and dark skin, he was a very muscular guy. He was wearing a shiny blue T-shirt along with old basketball shorts.

I however was different, I was only fixe foot six and I was really light skinned. My somewhat feminine body was slim and somewhat fit, I certainly had a better lower body and I was flat chested. I was wearing a pair of silver leggings and a hipster green midriff shirt.

I wore a blonde wig along with glitter gloss lipstick and my makeup which was really convincing. He saw me and opened his eyes and stared at me and just kind of ignored it.I got into his car and we drove there.

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I'm not gay or extremely wicked sweetheart gets fucked hardcore blowjob but I noticed his cock was bulging out of his shorts, not leaving a whole lot to the imagination.

During the ride over there we talked about hot girls and how we both were glad it was the weekend. When we were there we got out and walked around the mall for two hours at least. He did not buy anything and ether did I but I guess we both enjoyed the company of one another. He kept saying his leg felt weird as we were walking through the mall.

After a while he said "Ok Stop hold on, I need to see what this pain is". He did not want the whole place to see his legs so we looked for a bathroom near by but there were none so we did the next best thing and went behind the mall building.

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We went to a certain spot and made sure no one was around. I comendo na rua sexo em lugar puacuteblico around and I looked at him and said "Ok so whats wrong with your leg?". He said "I don't know my knee hurts can you look at it please?". I got on my knees and looked down at his leg.

Then out of nowhere he yanked down his shorts and underwear and his semi erect cock flew into my face. I fell back and said "what the hell dude?". He looked at me and said "ok I'm going to be honest, I don't actually have pain in my leg, but I never did jerk off this morning and i was wondering if you could help me out?, honestly your nice round ass walking in front of me all day and those cock sucking lips did not help, they just made me more and more aroused, so in a way you kind of owe me a blowjob.

I was shocked I have never actually been gay in my life, Maybe I thought about it once but thats it.

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Of course I said no but then he brought his phone out and took a picture of his cock and me and said "haha well I have this picture and I could just post it on Facebook and say you sucked me off anyway". I looked at him with absolute disgust and said "What the fuck is your problem dude?".

Fucked in shiny tan pantyhose said "Haha you can give me that look all you want, it won't change anything, I suggest you start sucking". I hesitated for a bit but slowly and reluctantly approached his now fully erect solid 10" penis. For a while I just starred at it, I was surprised by how big it actually was. I gave him one last look of hatred and he said "Well? go on its not going to suck itself".

I spit on his dick head and put the head of his large cock in my mouth, I licked it and bit by bit I slowly took more of his large cock into my wet warm mouth.


I could barely fit half of it into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his hard meat. Over time I sped up and I looked at him and saw him close his eyes and smile he said "Hmmm those lips of yours really know what they are doing". About what felt like hours later he finally erupted into my mouth, when he did he put his strong left hand on the back of my head and shoved his cock down my throat.

His semen felt really warm and thick and there was plenty of it.

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When he was finally done he slowly pulled his penis out of my mouth and just stared at me and smiled, I stared at him but I was not at all smiling I was clearly mad. As if it was not bad enough that he made me blow him, but his cock was still hard and had a coat of my saliva on it along with a clear string of semen leading back to my lips. I wiped off the semen from my lips and got up and yelled "take me home,now!" He looked at me with a smirk and said "Sure, gladly".

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The ride home was really awkward, we never talked and never even looked at each other but he kept putting his hands on my thigh and kept rubbing up and down my leg. We arrived at my house and I got out, as I was getting out he spanked me and said "Thanks for coming to the mall with me". I did not say anything back just covered my butt and walked into my house.