Chatting is not the only thing im great at cuz i am good at masturbating too

Chatting is not the only thing im great at cuz i am good at masturbating too
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While based on real events, this story is pretty much entirely fictional. This is my first story so any advice or critisicm is welcome. Jenny was your average teenage girl. She had slightly long, blonde hair, that ended somewhere between her shoulders and the middle of her back. Her nails were nearly always painted black, aside from the times where she felt adventerous with her make up, at which they'd vary from a deep red to a very light blue.

Her eyes were a deep blue, like the ocean. A clean ocean, not one thats filled with pollution. And she always worse a ruby red lipstick, that looked darker when compared to her slightly pale complection.


One would define her as "emo", she wouldn't, but sadly, that is what society had branded her. She sat next to her bestfried Sophie, who, while also branded "emo", was very different from Jenny. Sophie had shoulder length, dark, dishwater blonde hair, and very rarely wore any make up, but this did not stop her being unattractive.


She also had deep blue eyes, and, beside their musical taste, was really the only thing that layla is a good fucking sexetary hardcore fetish two had in common. But they were still friends. Very close friends. Sophie had been unusually quiet that day, and hadn't spoken to hardly anyone, except when asked a question during lessons, and sat alone during lunch. Jenny was concerned. The only times Sophie was like this was when either something incredibely bad had happened, or, something incredibely good had happened.

Either way she was trying to stop herself from exploding over someone in pure emotion. After school, Jenny saw Sophie walking home by herself. She ran across the road, barely missing a car that almost made her a pancake, and it's blaring horn is what drew Sophies attention to Jenny.

"Hey," Jenny said, almost running into Sophie as she ran onto the side walk. "Erm, hey," Sophie replied awkwardly, as if she was trying to hide all emotion.

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"What's wrong?" Jenny asked, "We're supposed to be bestfriends, remember? You can tell me." As Jenny finished talking a giant smile appeared on Sophies face, stretching ear to ear. She erupted in a mountain of laughter and started bouncing up and down. After five minutes of jumping up and down with happiness, Sophie turned to Jenny and said "I did it.


With Becky." Jenny couldn't believe what she had heard. Becky was Sophie's other bestfriend. A few years older than both of them, she was the only other person Sophie was really close to, and boy, was she attractive. Becky was one of two girls Jenny was "attracted" to, in a more physical manner, as in she'd have sex with them, but never date them.

The other was Sophie, and to hear that beautiful virgin twat vs fake penis hardcore and blowjob two of them had sex, aroused something in Jenny. "Oh, really? Tell me more," Jenny said, as her inner sexual deviant rose to the surface. "Well," replied Sophie, trying to stay calm, "We went back to Becky's, and, she took me up stairs, and, we were talking, and, she kept asking me things about sex like 'you haven't done it with a boy yet' and 'do you want to do it with a boy first'.

At first I thought she was just being curious but about half an hour later she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, so I said 'yes'." As far fetched as the story would seem to an outsider, Becky was known for turning girls lesbian, and Sophie would be known as being very "whorish", especially when it came to lesbian sex. As Jenny and Sophie walked home, Sophie began to go into detail about what she and Becky did.

She went on about how great it felt to have Becky's tongue in her tight cunt, and how nice Becky's tasted. Each detail aroused Jenny, and she could feel herself getting slighty wet. "Oh, look, here we are," Said Sophie, as they stopped out side of her house, "Speak to you later, okay?" Jenny nodded and proceeded to hug Sophie, who then whispered "Please don't tell anyone. I'd get the shit kicked out of me for being a lesbian," into Jennys ear.

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"Okay," Jenny replied. Sophie smiled at walked up to her door.

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Jenny only lived down the street from Sophie, and was home less than five minutes later. She unlocked the door and walked inside, she kicked off her shoes, dropped her bag and kicked them into a corner.

She hung up her coat on the coat rack and shouted "Hello?" into her house. There was no response. It was a Monday. Both her parents were working late, and her sister was most likely at a friends. This was perfect. Jenny hurried up stairs, and walked into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. She stripped naked, and looked at her petit figure in the mirror.

Her small, pink nipples were erect, and her neatly shaven cunt was wet. She'd only ever fingered herself once before, but she enjoyed it. And Sophies story had aroused her enough to do it again. Making a hard one eyed monster burst out lay on her bed, and spread her legs, and started rubbing her wet slit.

She could only think of Becky's tongue in Sophies tight clit, it writhing around inside her, and this made Jenny so wet. She slipped a finger inside herself, and started slowly moving it in and out. Before she knew it, two fingers were inside her tight slit, while the fingers on her left hand were playing with her left nipple. It was so hard, and it felt so nice to massage it with her fingers. Her fingers started getting deeper and deeper into her cunt, and it only got wetter and wetter.

Her mind filled with the thoughts of Becky's and Sophies's pretty pink pussys grinded hard. As she imagined them moaning in her head, she started moaning too. As her fingers started moving faster and faster inside her cunt, she could only scream out in pleasure.

She could feel her pleasure juice flowing out of her cunt like a river of ecstasy, and she loved it.

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She knew she hadn't reached orgasm, but she loved this feeling. She closed her eyes tight, and the image of Sophie's naked body against Becky's aroused her so much, she felt her clit get hard against her hand. She took her fingers out of her pussy for a moment, and started rubbing it, and the plasure shot through her body like lightening.

She coudn't do it anymore. Her breathing was heavy, her body was hot, and her pussy, was wet. She lay in the soaking wet bedsheets for around ten minutes. Knowing only one thing; She wanted more. While she had only ever masturbated twice, she knew that she wanted sex. With a girl, with a guy, it didn't matter, she wanted it. "Hello?" A voice called from downstairs, as the front door opened. And now, Jenny knew where she was going to get it.