Fetish teen gets railed pornstars and hardcore

Fetish teen gets railed pornstars and hardcore
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Life has perks My life wasn't normal for most 13 year old boys going through puberty my dad left me and my mom then my mom died when I was 10 I have been living alone for 3 years I do day jobs for money I'll sit in the parking lot for Home depo people will pick me up so i can do what ever they're to lazy to do luckily the house was already paid off and CPS thinks my dad is still with me.

I walked into the door of my two story cream colored house taking a left into the ketchin graving the bread off the top of the frig taking out a piece putting some mayonnaise followed by three sliced pieces of ham then folding it in half thinking about the day.


School went by slow and Mrs.Auditor was a bitch gave me a whole extra page of math for talking. no body liked her every body called her Mrs.Atuowhore she was bout 5foot 8inches late forties brown hair and triple chins wich I bet is pretty hard to pull off I bet mcdonolds makes her big macs in the mornings just so she won't eat all the egg mcmuffins I mean she is a fat ass.

Shoving the last bite of my sandwich in my mouth I walked up stairs to my room sitting at my desk finishing my math home work I was done about 4:30pm not to bad only an hour and a half I put it I. The math section of my fucking hard and cum taking fecial then walk down stairs to the kitchen taking my phone off the charger it wasn't fancy just a simple LG razor but it was good fliping open my phone to reveal a missed call from Charlie arguably my best friend, I went to voice mail did what the annoying machine told me to do and listened to the message.

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He said "hey Jake sup dude said you were gonna come over I got Avery over hear to if your not buisy come around 5pm see you then". He was always wanting to hang out I don't think he understands that I go to school all week then work on shit Friday through Sunday. Slowly I walk up the stairs into my room laying in my bed just staring at the ceiling when my phone rang snapping me into reality it was already 6:18pm I looked at the caller ID fat blonde milf wanda got huge tits was minna I awnserd saying " hi " in a somewhat dazed voice "hey" she said sounding alittle sad "my parents got in a fight and I walked out of the house do u mind if I stay at youre place for tonight just till things cool down?" "sure I'll see you when you get hear then" I said "ok bye" click then I laid back down thinking minna was two years ahead she was 15 with a modle worthy body and perky C cup boobs and she lived bout two blocks down my fantasy was interrupted by a loud ring of the door bell I quickly sprung up jumping all 12 stairs to the bottom with a load thud unlocking the door and flinging open the door and there she was booty shorts and a old Micky mouse T shirt that fell over one of her shoulders revealing a pink bra strap.

I welcomed her in and asked her to sit on the coach wile I grabbed my phone from up stairs looking at my self in my mirror I was 5feet 9inches tall for a sevie I had long brown hair bout half an inch over my eyebrows and flipped to the right I had a big nose though not huge but over advrig I was teased bout it at school but I didn't care cause the girls only noticed my body I was well fit with all six abs and big biceps I whieghd 152pounds and could run the mile in 5min and 34sec k was on track and foot ball so I kinda had to be fast.

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Running down stairs seeing her passed out on the coach I quietly walked over to her picking her up and carrying her up stairs to the guest room laying her head gently on the pillow then pulling the covers over her. Even though she was asleep I pushed her hair lightly behind her ear and told her good night and walked out I to my room laying down On my bed slipping my shirt off and pants then crawling under the covers falling asleep with a smile on my face.


I woke up to my door opening groggily opening my eyes it was 3:26am I couldnt see much but suddenly felt the covers being lifted and felt an arm around my neck turned around to find myself face to face with minna "hey" she said in a warm soothing voice "thanks for takeing me up to bed" "you should get some sleep you have had a ruff day why are you in hear" I asked trying to hide the fact I was only wearing boxers and had a slowly increasing erection she snuggled closer as I realized she was only in her bra and under were "I got cold and wanted to thank you" she said sliding her hands up and down my back I was hard as steel now and she must have noticed because she pulled me tighter into her feeling her perky boobs pressed against me she planted a soft kiss on my cheek then running her hands down my ass I was shocked but suddenly realizing this was probably a one time thing and took control, putting one hand on her ass and squeezing making her moan in delight and rolling her nipple with my other hand massaging her boob then putting my mouth on her right tit and flicking it with my toung she must have been pretty turned on cause she soon said "fuck me fuck me Jake" she flipped on top of me pulling away with a sexy grin as she ran her hands down my chest wile grinding my cock I had masterbaited but I was still a vergin I hadnt even had a peck on the cheek till tonight so I just let my lust take over, then she slid off my boxers as my fully erect cock stood at attention with pre cum oozing out when she saw this her eyes went wide then she but her bottom lip and said "Jake this is at least nine inches long holy shit your hung by a hoarse" "really is that bad"I said alittle worried "no that's just perfect" she said as she wrapped her lips around my cock takeing eight inches then gaging "fuck that feels so good" she did it again and again until I felt like Teen babe cece gets her hairy twat nailed and creampied pornstar hardcore was gonna cum "I'm gonna cum" I said but she just went faster boning up and down taking all nine inches in her velvety throat the I came she took all eight ropes swallowing them one after another sucking me dry "that was amazing" I said "oh but we arnt done yet" she said stroking my now soft and very sensitive cock "fuck I just came" my dick was now hard as hell again she looked at me with the eyes of a little girl who wanted candy beautiful teen lesbian super kiss who had just seen snow for the first time her eyes sparkled then before I knew it she was laying on my chest as she gave me a passinot kiss that turned into a makeout sestion as our toughs danced together then I felt my cock go inside her pussy it was so tight and warm but she was so wet that it slipped right in she took the whole thing then she sat up comeing five inches off my cock then slamming back down over and over until she said "I'm Cumming" as her pussy clamped down but I kept raising my hips meeting her thrusts makeing her orgasm last she lay on my chest my hard dick still inside her I graves he ass slamming my dick into her pussy over and over till I felt my balls tingle "I'm gonna cum" I said "I'm on the pill cum inside me fill me with your sperm Jake please" I started going faster and faster she was now meeting my thrusts then I came shooting rope after rope of cum I to her she moaned in delight "fuck I'm close to coming don't deflate yet" she said ridding me again my cock was sensitive but she kept it hard "fuck yes fuck me oh hell yes Jake shove your cock into me" that turned me on so much I slammed I to her pussy hard as I could "I'm cumming" she said but I kept going driving her to another orgasm the another then I finally came as her pussy clamped downed I took my dick out covered in her pussy juices she was exhausted she lay there next to me with her hand on my chest as she said "now that was amazing" I woke up alone I should have guessed but she worked morning shift for a latte place if I'm luck she will come back tonight.

I walked down stairs only to find her at the oven makeing eggs my heart skipped a beat when I saw her because she was still naked her ass was amazing it wasn't the slightest bit saggy as I had found out last night.

I decided to make my self known to her "good morning" I said still in my boxers she turned around alittle startled but it was replaced by a sexy grin as she slowly started rubbing her clit I looked down at it remembering a joke from school I said "you gonna eat that" giving her a smile she but her lip staring down at my morning boner euro brunette lesbians in high heels licking take care of wild cock sharing at the pussy palace sorority first" she said in a almost childish voice as she got to her knees and started stroking my dick with her hand as she licked the under side of my cock from the base to the head as she twirled her toung around it then takeing four inches of my cock into her mouth bobbing her head up and down as I ran my fingers through her hair pushing down on her head slightly,forcing her to take all nine inches as she gaged but didn't stop the feeling of my cock in her velvety throat I knew I wasn't going to last much longer "I'm gonna cum" I mother pay for son debth her but she didn't stop she went faster I just couldn't hold it and blew my load as she milked every last drop out of me then licking the tip as I began to soften.

"how was that?" minna asked "amazing" "I try" "how did you learn to give such a great blow job" "I have my secrests" she said with a flirty smile as she walked up stairs leaving me there in the kitchen. Disiding I should probably throw some cloths on, as I walked to the laundry room opening the dryer and throwing on some jeans and a white T-shirt walking back to the ketchen grabbing a plate and putting half of the eggs and opens the dror to my left and grabbing a fork and shoveling eggs into my mouth as she came back down stairs walking into the kitchen (with her cloths on) comeing behind me putting hands on my neck and sliding them down my chest kissing my cheek as she did so I turned my head and kissed her passionately my tung dancing with hers she broke the kiss walking away "I have to go meet with some friends then see how things are at home I'll call you later ok" minna said as she continued walking "so are we dating now?" I asked She just laughed and kept on walking and closed the door behind her.


I went up stairs and laid grandpa fucks cute teen at the street my bed and just thought, thought about my friends I thought about school I thought about my job but most of all I thought about minna I thought about how she had kissed me with so much passion then just left with a laugh I thought about her smile and how much I liked it I thought about how she was older than me I thought about what my friends would say about her I thought about who I should tell or if I should tell and then I just thought more as I tend to do a lot I looked at the clock it was 12:34pm I had been laying here staring at nothing but my ceiling for the past two and a half hours I walked down stairs into the living room and sat in the coach when my phone rang I picked it up looking at the caller ID it was Chandra funny I hadn't talked to her sense I was in sixth grade and slept over at her house cause her brother and I were the same age his name was Keegan she was fifteen at the time smoking hot little short but had a great bouncy ass and maybe solid C-cup breasts might have been a little smaller and one thing led to the next.

my phone rang again I thought about not senescing but did any ways. "what's u-" she cut me off "what the fuck" "what what's wr-" "no don't get me started dint even ask I know what you did to minna last night" I froze my mind racing with questions who ells knows who ells did she tell did she tell what is happening how did she find out why did she care what is she mad about she barley knows minna "ok" I said "why did you call and who told you" "my ex-boy friend told me and she happens to be Minna's boy friend and you fucked her brains out" "she didn't say she had a boy friend I had no idea" "doesn't matter your a bitch you should have made sure" "I know I'm really sorry" "don't say sorry to me say it to her boy friend he is pissed he's gonna kill you next time he sees you" "what should I do?" "why would I help you?" Click And it was over.

I lay there on the couch thinking what will happen will he really try to kill me if so zarin khan xxx sex stories story I defend my self after all he was older taller stronger and was undefeted in wrestling,football star and base ball star he could probabaly kick my ass but then again I did read alot of violent vert descriptive books and I read about the Vietnam trenches and hand to hand combat the books had step by step on how they kicked the other guys ass but I was nit army I was strong but he could easily over power me but with all things considered I would most likely put up a good fight but would probably loose in the end so I was still screwed but that was if he even came witch was highly doubtable why risk such a good reputation for something stupid like this "girls" I said to my self "can't live with them can't live without them" Then of all things that could have happened my phone rang,it was minna great.