Brunette babe craves for a big dick

Brunette babe craves for a big dick
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"Hey Mister," the incesto julia is sad and dad consoles asked as I sat propped up against a tree in the park near the highway. I had just hitched 50 miles or so that morning and was leaning against my pack in the shade resting for the hot part of the day. I looked up and two girls were standing in front of me. The taller one was a blond with shoulder length straight hair. She was pretty young and her tight t-shirt really pronounced her orange sized breasts standing high on her chest.

I noticed right away she had nice full lips stuck in a permanent pout. Wow, she was gorgeous. Her friend, standing slightly back from her was younger, real petite, with short brown hair and a very cute face. Her little button nose and small mouth gave her such an innocent young look I felt my cock twinge slightly. "Can we ask you a favor?" It was the blond who spoke.

She was obviously the leader of this little duo. I looked her up and down with a slight smile on my face. She was wearing a short skirt that came up mid-thigh and gave me a peek at two long sexy legs. I couldn't help myself but wonder what it would be like to rub my hand up those delicious thighs to find what she was hiding between.

"How can I help you ladies," I said. My eyes shifted over to the tiny brunette next to her. She was wearing tight jean shorts that that showed off just as much leg as her friend. Two skinny legs that looked so perfectly shaped my dick did another little quiver. I must of been staring hard because the younger one put her head down and smiled shyly.

I almost had to shake my head to peal my eyes back to her blond friend. She had blue eyes, piercing me, almost as if she knew what I was thinking. "We were wondering," the blond started to say as she unconsciously thrust her perfect round tits out a little, "if you could, maybe." I ebony slut monique vs black cock ncondomraw back to the brunette to check out her chest.

She was wearing a black low cut top that accentuated her small breasts perfectly. If the blond had orange sized tits this girl had lemons under her shirt. "um. could you buy us some beer?" the blond finally asked in a quiet voice. She immediately put her pouty lips to work to look as cute as possible.

"How old are you two? Arent you a little young to be drinking beer?" I asked with a smile on my face. The blond confirmed my suspicions and told me that she was the age I thought she was originally. "But my parents have let me drink since I was really young." she said. "Come on, we wont tell anyone." I pretended like i was thinking about it just to give me more time to look over these two sexy girls. They both were skinny with small builds, thin arms, and legs with just enough meat on the thighs.

I imagined how amazing it would be to hold their small bodies in my arms and move them in any position i wanted. Do whatever I wanted to them. "Well, are you gonna help us or not?" I came out of my trance and nodded. I'm sure they both knew I was looking at them inappropriately but they didn't seem to mind. "Sure, but I can't just hand it to you in public.

I could get in serious trouble getting beer for minors." "Do you see that path in the back of the park there?" I looked where she was pointing and nodded. "After you get it, walk down that path and we'll be back there." I said O.K. and the blond reached into her pocket and handed me a 10 and then they both turned and walked away towards the back of the park.

I took a minute to stare at their little asses as they walked away.

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Both of them were tight and tiny. The blond had a little more bubble to hers but oh god were they both sexy. The dark haired girls little ass was so nice I started getting a little chub watching it move back and forth. Suddenly she turned and stared right back at me. I had been busted again. She turned back forward with a little smirk and I swear she started swaying that thing a little more. I got up slowly and grabbed my pack, still peeking at their sexy bottoms, and throw it over my shoulder as they disappear down the trail.

I walk towards the street and into the store. I had just gotten a kick down of twenty bucks from my last ride so I come back out a few minutes later with a six pack of beer and a bag of wine. I slowly make my way thru the park and start heading down the trail. I get a ways down the path when i hear a "psst!" coming from the left and i see an almost hidden side trail leading into the thicker brush.


After a little ways I come around a thick set of trees and enter a little meadow with a small open area and some grass. Both of the little hotties are there waiting for me. "I got it," I say as i hold up the bag with the beer in it, "and some office new girls big tists to share too, if that's cool." They look at each other and the both shrug.

"Sure," the blond say, "we like wine, too." I set my pack down and sit on it while both of them start to sit down on the grass. "Oh, I got a blanket y'all can sit on if you like." I offer.

"Yeah, That would be sweet." The dark haired girl spoke for the first time and then blushed. I realized she was very shy about being hidden in the woods with a man she barely knew. As I got my blanket out of my pack I introduced my self to them to help ease the tension a bit and found out the blond was named Kim and the brunette was Sandy.

I spread the blanket out and plopped the beer down in the middle while the girls both sat down. "Sandy, huh? That's a cute name." I said and situated my self opposite them and leaned against my pack, "Almost cute as you are." Sandy raised her doe eyes to me and smiled shyly.

She was so cute and innocent I little babe suking the cock creamed right there. We all cracked a beer and started drinking. We talked and drank for a nit. I found out that Sandy was younger than Kim like i thought and that Kim had just started school a few days before and they were both bummed about not being in the same school.

Milf teaches teen how to keep her man happy we were sitting there and they both got more and more relaxed with the beer I was able to sneak more and more looks at their beautiful tight bodies.

Sandy was sitting Indian style and I kept glancing at her crotch and wondering what her tight pussy tasted like. Her shorts were real tight and clung tightly to her inner thighs, making it real easy to imagine what she looked like naked. Both the girls were talking about school and boys and i just nodded and stared. Kim settled back a little and her skirt opened a bit and I could almost see.yes, I could see all the way up her bare thighs to the crotch of her panties.

Oh she looked so good. "So, how about you?" Kim said. "Huh?" I said guiltily as i moved my eyes from her crotch. "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Me? No, I don't believe in monogamy. Plus, I'm always on the road so I don't really spend much time in one place." "Don't you get lonely?" said Sandy with worry in her voice.

They were both definitely buzzed now and getting comfortable with me around. "Oh, no. I meet girls all the time. "And have sex with them?" said Kim. Both girls giggled and sort of fell into each other.

Kim's legs come open and I got a clear view of her pink and white panties. They rolled back holding each other and giggling while i stared. Kim looked up at me and noticed my stare and i swear she opened her legs even further before pulling Sandy back up with her and composing herself.

I guess I was feeling a little buzzed to so I said "Yeah, sex.

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I've had lots of sex." Both girls perked up a bit, sat up and got real attentive. "What's it like?" Sandy said in a hushed with awe whisper. "I've heard. things.but never." her words trailing off as she got to shy to say more. I looked at both of them and they were both very curious.

They sat there with wide open eyes expectant.waiting. They're faces were flushed and I could see they were getting excited. To be honest I was getting excited too. Two amazingly gorgeous young hotties staring at me with un-understood lust and anticipation in they're eyes. My dick sprang to almost full attention and I had to shift positions a little bit and when I looked back I saw both of them glance and then stare at the bulge in my pants and then back up to me with wonder and awe in their eyes.

"It feels really, really good for guys but guys are easy, girls are a little bit trickier," they were hanging on my every word now, "You have to really know how to please a girl. You have to go slow and be patient to learn how to are my shiny blue pvc panties making your hard a girl cum." that got some giggles from both of them and they looked at each other. I could see the twinkle in they're eyes.

they were hooked. There was a small nod between them and they both turned back to look at me. "You know how though, right?" Kim had a look in her eye like a kid in a candy store. She scooted forward towards me. "Yeah." I said. "Would you show us?" "Wow, I don't know. I could get in a lot of trouble." "We wouldn't tell anyone, right Sandy?" Kim said and looked back at Sandy.

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I looked too. I noticed Sandy's right hand had moved to her crotch and she was idly rubbing up and down. She noticed us both staring and self-consciously stopped rubbing herself.

"Yeah, sure, I wouldn't tell anyone." Kim moved even closer and put her hand on my leg. "So what about it? I know you like us. I saw you staring." "O.K. but you two are gonna have to do whatever I say. And no backing out half way thru.

Im gonna need complete cooperation, O.K.?" I said sternly. I had to make sure they knew who was in charge here. "Yes, whatever you say." Kim said. I looked over to Sandy and she nodded. "First, you both need to come over here, closer to me." They both slide closer until all three of us made a triangle with me in the middle. I leaned forward and kissed Kim sleeping0mom fucky his son uncensored xstorys the lips.

I teased my tongue into her mouth. She kisses back with wild abandon. she obviously has done this before. Her thick lips press against mine as our tongues dance together. her hand slides up my leg and squeezes my thigh. i break off the kiss and pull Sandy closer. Soon I'm tongue to tongue with Sandy's small mouth. One hand is moving up and down Kim's leg going as far as her exposed inner thigh while my other hand is wrapped around Sandy's little waist pulling her into me.

I grab Kim around the waist and pull her closer too. I stop kissing Sandy and start pushing the two of them closer. "You two need to kiss each other now. Do you have a problem with that." "No," Kim said, "We kiss all the time." "Oh, you do, do you?" The girls start kissing, tentatively at first, but quickly it turns into deeper tongue to tongue action.

I move around until I'm behind Sandy and put one arm around her little waste while the other starts groping Kim's chest.


I scoot in until my crotch is pressed against Sandy's back and I know she can feel my hard dick pressing into her lower back. Here ends Part 1. I will write more if People like it.

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