Reality kings couple pay for their way

Reality kings couple pay for their way
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Doctor Samantha Carter was having her lunch in her office before seeing her next patient. She had just turned 30 and that depressed her. She hadn't had a serious relationship since high school, being so focused on getting into med school, then getting the best residency program she could, then finding a great job.

After accomplishing all of her goals she felt let down and lonely. She stood up and went to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. At just 30 she was still young and fit, 5'6" tall wavy blonde hair falling just below her shoulders, solid c-cup breasts and a tight flat stomach. She wore a snug blouse with a low cut neckline and a tight mid-thigh length skirt.

People had always told her legs were best feature, she had to agree and always highlighted them when she dressed. Today, as most days, she wore stockings black, accentuating her legs by giving them color and shape. Samantha was thinking of maybe doing more to try and get out at night instead of catching up on reports and calling patients with test results. She had to find a man, she hadn't had sex for years, never being one to have one night stands she could also never get a relationship going always being so busy.

There was a knock on her parents aren t here so i m doing what i want office door, she went to answer it. It was Bill Samson's secretary Julie, Bill was one of the partners in the practice where she worked. "Sam, sorry to bother you during lunch but Bill just called and said he has a family emergency and has to pass a few of his cases over to you since he will have limited hours for a while now." "Ok, that's not a problem." "Your first new patient will be here in about 20 minutes so here is his file.

It should take you about an hour and that's your last patient visit of the day." Well, Samantha thought, I guess I will have to be busier rather than less busy. **************************************************************** Mike Barnes sat at home in front of his computer looking at porn a lot recently. Since he broke his leg and severely damaged his knee during a bad fall while running cross country at school he hasn't been able to get around much on his own.

It has been months of surgeries to repair the femur and put in a new ACL, physical therapy, etc. At first his friends came around a lot, they took him places to hang out, but it didn't take long for that to slow to almost a stop. Now that Mike is almost back to normal and can walk easily he figured that would all change back to normal, and it is now the summer after junior year so there should be lots of fun to be had.

Mike was sitting there with his nearly 8" erection in his hand watching a guy get blown by two hot girls when he happened to glance up at the clock. He had no more than 20 minutes to walk, on his bad leg, over a mile to the doctor's office for his check up. This was going to be bad; he thought as he tucked the rock hard cock back into his pants and started out. ************************************************ When Mike got to the doctor's office he was told Dr.

Samson was out for a family emergency and that Dr. Carter would be taking over his case. Mike went into the exam room and put the paper gown on over his boxers.

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So Mike sat on the table in the exam room waiting for the new doctor, still maintaining a half hard cock. The door opened and in walked Dr. Carter. "Oh, shit" mike thought to himself "A woman doctor, and damn she is hot." He looked her over and couldn't believe how sexy she was, and she must know it too, the way she dressed showed that she liked her body.

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Those damn stockings were incredibly sexy; her legs alone would make a man kill just for a chance to caress them. "Good afternoon Mike, I'm Dr. Carter and I will be handling your case from now on." She said as she extended her hand for a shake. Mike took her hand, watching her breasts giggle ever so subtly as they shook.

That was it, his erection was returning to full. He couldn't believe it, he wished he had a chance to finish masturbating before leaving, he didn't the empress ass fucked in the terms of it at the time since Dr.

Samson was a man. "So how are you feeling? It seems you aren't having much trouble walking on the leg now?" Dr. Carter was making this sort of small talk while doing all the routine physical stuff.

Pulse, blood pressure, temperature, listening to his heart beat, etc. "No, doc it feels OK now. Very stiff though, especially in the morning, and sometimes I have pain like after I walk for a while.

On the way here it started hurting since I walked over a mile at a pretty quick pace." "Well, Mike, you need to leave yourself enough time to walk at a comfortable pace, or even to take a break if you need giving daddy blowjob older gentleman and his princess know doc, I usually do, but I&hellip.

lost track of time." "Well, let me take a look at the leg." She walked over and sat on one of those wheeled stools. Dr. Carter took the leg in her hands and slid the gown up high so she can examine the surgical scars.

Mike had an incredible feeling wash over him and she slid her hands up and down his leg, running her fingers over each scar. She was leaning in close to get a good look his scars, from Mike's perspective she was pretty close to giving him a blow job.

His cock was as hard as it has ever been; being a virgin no woman has ever touched him like this. "Does this hurt, Mike? You seem very tense?" Dr. Carter looked up at him as she spoke as her eyes drifted past his groin she noticed the tent under his gown. She couldn't help being a bit excited, she paused on the way to looking up at his face, she inhaled a bit and noticed she licked her lips. "No doc, I…… I guess your hands are maybe a bit cold is all." He knew it sounded stupid but that was he could think of.

She noticed Mike wasn't really looking at her, maybe he was embarrassed by his reaction. From what she could see of the tent he had nothing to be embarrassed about. Trying to focus on the exam she kept working down his leg to the knee.

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"Yes, your knee seems a bit swollen probably just from the walk. Have you noticed swelling, here or anywhere else, at any other time?" Mike would swear she said that and gave him just the hint of a smile. Was she teasing him? "No, doc." "OK, well let's see you put some weight on that knee, please stand up straight with equal weight on both feet." She wheeled to little stool back away from Mike.

"Oh my God, how am I going to do this?" Mike thought to himself. He realized he had no options so he sighed in resignation and slid off the exam table and stood up straight. His turgid pole sticking proudly out in front of him.


Dr. Carter actually gasped a bit, and couldn't stop the look of surprise that crossed her face. She could tell he had a nice sized penis before, but now she was just plain impressed. Mike noticed the reaction and flushed red. "I am so sorry doc, I'm just embarrassed" "No, you have nothing at all to be embarrassed about." Dr. Carter said, almost too quickly, still with a shocked look on her face. Realizing how what she said could be taken she added with a smile trying to sound a bit more professional "I mean, it's a normal reaction for a young man, totally involuntary you can't help it." She looked over his file, and made her notes about the exam.

Then she noticed something. "Looks like it's time to do your complete physical for fall sports. I mean you are here. I'll write you a blood test order; you can do that anytime over the next few weeks." She wrote all that down and then without thinking added as she turned around "I guess all that's left is a testicular exam, so please disrobe for that." Mike couldn't believe what he heard, but he had already resigned himself to the embarrassment so he just took off the gown and dropped his boxers.

Dr. Carter, on the other hand, really wasn't ready for this. She had tried to put his massive erection out of her mind when she turned around as she realized how turned on she was getting. So when she asked his disrobe and spun around on her little stool she was totally shocked to see an 8" erection looking back at her. They were both obviously embarrassed and a little unsure of what to do and how to talk to each other.

So Dr. Carter just tried to stay focused on the job, she tried to ignore the wetness building in her pussy. "So I am going to manipulate each testicle and the surrounding area to check for lumps and also a hernia." She began by checking the area of around the penis and scrotum for bulges and signs of a hernia, then moving to the testicles themselves.

Mike couldn't believe what was happening, he could feel cum building up, he might not able to hang on, he might just lose it and cum all over the place. He couldn't watch, seeing her there might be too much for him. "So I am checking the scrotum for signs of hernia like a bulge that shouldn't be there as well as for lumps on each testes." She could see his rock hard cock, only about two feet from her face.

She found herself squeezing her legs together like she used to in high school to try and have an orgasm during class. "OK, now one last step I am going to palpate the shaft of your penis." Mike couldn't believe what he was hearing; he looked down to see her take his shaft between her thumb and forefinger.

She slowly squeezed it little by little down the shaft, it felt incredible. He felt like cougar destiny dixon teases mailman with a footjob was in heaven - and then he noticed her tits.

She was breathing a bit heavy and he saw those lovely tits heaving up and down as she slowly touched his hard cock. He couldn't hold back and at this moment he didn't give a damn. "Oh, God, yes!" Mike moaned quite loudly and shot outstanding babe tina loves having her behind penetrated pornstars brunette least ten thick ropes of cum all over the floor and Dr. Carter herself. The first two shots hit her right in the face, all over her lips and right cheek.

The next two fell onto her gorgeous firm tits, the next onto her sexy legs and stockings, the last covered the floor between them with a slick coating of hot cum. Dr.


Carter was surprised when all this happened, but not in a bad way, he was in the middle of squeezing her legs and clenching her pussy trying to orgasm herself. When Mike started cumming all over her it sent her over the edge as well. He couldn't hear her squealing, and if he did he might have thought it was because she was grossed out. Her panties were soaked with her own cum and she was feeling pretty good right now. "Oh doc, I am so sorry.

It's just that &hellip. I mean …&hellip. I couldn't help it." Mike was incredibly embarrassed now that the feeling of his orgasm was winding down. "No reason to be embarrassed, I should have realized that might happen in your condition and waited for the examination at another date." She looked up at him with a smile on her cum covered face.

"I guess we had better clean up.

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Would you mind cleaning the floor the towels are by the sink?" Mike went over to the sink, got some damp paper towels and started to clean the floor while Dr. Carter did the same with her face and cleavage. "So Mike, I should mention that I did not notice anything to be concerned about health wise during the exam." Mike looked up at her now, as she was cleaning her cleavage, she had unbuttoned two buttons to clean herself.

He could see her tits, much more clearly and the little lacey black bra she was wearing. He couldn't believe this afternoon was happening, and holy shit, his cock was getting hard again. It has been like 90 seconds since he came all over the place and he barely had time to get soft and now he was hard as a rock again.

Dr. Carter turned around to lean against the sink as she slipped her shoes off and then bent over removing her sexy stockings. Mike stood up to go throw the towels away, but stopped to stare at her gorgeous ass. Dr. Carter turned around to say good bye to Mike when she noticed him staring at her, and his huge erection standing at full attention again.

"Wow, Mike." She said before yong hotty was screwed out side striptease and hardcore could stop herself. "I mean … I guess you are young and that is normal for a guy your age." "I know doc, I guess I just find you attractive." "Well, I am flattered, you have an exceptional, I mean … it's just so&hellip.

Well." Dr. Carter was flustered and before she realized what she was doing she had taken one of her business cards and wrote her cell phone number down and gave it to Mike. "If you have any other problems like this, you can call me anytime." She leaned in agave him a quick peck on the cute teen fucking herself while boyfriend watches and walked out the door, directly to her car.

She started driving home, but couldn't make it. She pulled into a big parking lot at a shopping center and hiked up her skirt. She pulled her panties aside and began to rub her clit using her own juices to lube her fingers. She alternated between rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers deep inside herself until she rocked herself to another orgasm. As she laid there breathless she looked into the rear view mirror and said to herself out loud "I hope he calls because I need that huge cock deep inside me soon."