Digitalplayground dark obsession scene ana foxxx romi rain charles dera

Digitalplayground dark obsession scene ana foxxx romi rain charles dera
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I lied on my back looking into the eyes of the man thrusting his waist between my widely spread legs. He has my arms pressed down to the floor. He slipped down my strapless black dress; setting my big round breasts free. He hungrily sucked my right breast while he continued to pound my pussy. He slid his hand up my thigh and started exploring the crevice of my shapely ass. I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

As I crept closer to climax I gripped the fur of plush carpet. He started to pump harder; my body shook uncontrollably and I let out a soft moan as I orgasmed. I savored every moment I could and then patiently waited for him to finish as well.

After he was done he said "Ready?" "Hold on, give me a second." I said breathing heavily He got off of me and sat back. I sat up and slipped my dress back on my tits and tried fixing my hair as much as I could.I gave him the ok. Slowly we both crept from underneath the table and took our respective seats at the up class Los Angeles restaurant we were dining in that night. I nervously looked around, we hadn't drawn as much attention as I thought although I saw some waiters across the room that seemed to have known what we were up to.

I smiled at the man sitting across the table, he was smiling back. "Happy now Davie?" "Sure am sis." He laughed He picked up the menu and started thinking about what to order. I continued gazing at my brother in amazement. In just two weeks he had transformed from my shy virgin brother to a confident stud that could make me cum seemingly every time we fucked. However I think the time we spent together changed me more then it changed him.

He had brought out my inner slut. Sex was all I could think of now. In fact regular sex barely even cut it anymore, there needed to be an edge. David had many fantasies and I intended on fulfilling every single one of them.

In a way fulfilling my little brother's fantasies became a big time fetish for me. You could say I had coca dawn loves bbc stretch coca dawn loves bbc stretch into his personal sex toy, and I loved it. Right now his number one fantasy was fucking me in public places. Over the last two weeks we have had sex pretty much everywhere; on the beach, in restaurants, at the back of movie theatres, in parks etc.

David loved having people watch us, if it were up to him he would fuck me on top of the restaurant table instead of underneath it. But I wasn't at that stage. Yet. The waiter came over "What will Sir and Madame have tonight?" "I'll have the steak well done and the lady will have the chicken Caesar salad." David replied "Very good sir." He walked away "Just salad?" I inquired "Don't worry if you're still hungry after I'll personally fill you up with some desert after." "Mmm" I playfully moaned After we finished eating, I paid the bill and we walked out to my parked car.

I looked around. The parking lot was fairly empty "You know I am still a little hungry." I said I backed him up to the side of my car and then got on my knees. The rough pavement irritated my knees but I didn't care. I put my mouth around american amateur girls are pornstar for a day!

vol 16 tube porn zipper and slid it down. His cock sprung free and hit me in the cheek. I smiled as I licked the tip of his head. This sent a shock throughout his body. I circled his head with my tongue. He moaned out loud. I put my lush lips on his head and slowly put it in my mouth. My lips slid further down his shaft until I had deep throated his entire cock.

I held this for a few seconds and then started sliding my mouth up and down his shaft. He moaned louder I gradually bobbed my head up and down his shaft faster and faster. He stroked his hands through my long silky hair As his finger nails dug into my head I knew it was about time. Sure enough he soon wonderful cock sucking delights hardcore and blowjob in my mouth. I milked every last drop of my little brother's cum as I continued sucking his limping dick.I gladly swallowed his load.

I got up. I smiled at him, he was gleaming back. After a moment we calmly got into the car and I drove us back home to my apartment. I slipped out of my dress the minute we stepped into my apartment. David wanted me naked at all times when we were inside the apartment. He however did wear clothes. I never really asked why but I think he's a little self conscious because he's a little over weight. We walked into the bathroom.

I sat down on the toilet and peed while he brushed his teeth. "How was the salad?" he asked "Not bad, I liked desert a lot better." I smiled He laughed The tinkling stopped, I wiped my vagina clean and flushed. David kissed me goodnight and went to the bed room. "I'll see you in bed sis." I washed up I lied down beside him in bed.

We were both spent from dinner so we just snuggled that night. He put his arm around me and lightly played with my boobs like he did every night before he went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and walked out of the room. David was already up, he was on the computer. I crept up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning Carly." "Hey sweety. What you up to?" I asked "Just uploading some pictures of us onto my facebook page." "Oh cool, just remember no nude pics ok?" I said "Hehe I know, just the usual." He chuckled I looked at the screen.

Just like the other hundreds he had on there the ones he was adding was of me in a slutty bikini making out with him at various locations. He had told all of his friends he was going out with a hot older girl and I guess this was his way of proving it.

I was happy to go along with it because I thought it would give a much needed boost to his social life. I shifted into the kitchen and started on breakfast. "Hey Sis, is it alright if I invite a few of my friends over tonight?" "Yeah that'll be fine, what do you guys plan on doing" "Um I dunno, some of the guys just wanna hang out and play some video games." "Oh ok yea that that sounds alright, I'll get out of your guys' way and do some shopping.

You can have the apartment to yourself." I smiled He paused "Um Sis. Honestly they really just want to come over to see what you look like in person. They all love the pics of you I put up on facebook This shocked me a little. I knew David liked showing me off in public but I wasn't comfortable with letting strange teenagers into my own home just to let them ogle at me.

"Um I don't know Davie, I'm not really comfortable with that." "Don't worry Sis, it's only 3 guy and they're all really nice." I thought about it "Um Ok sure, but I get to choose what I wear and if it gets too rowdy I get to pull the plug on the night.

Ok?" He paused again "That's fine sis you can pull the plug on the party if it the guys get out of hand. But please sis could you act like a tease when they come over? Like when you first teased me?

Please sis I just want them to think my girl friend is as sexy as I think she is." I thought about it. He continued "Pleaaaase Blowjob lips and sexy granny xxx it was because she was confirmed pregnant. I promise it will be only this night. I promise you just have to act like a tease, you won't have to take things any further." He pleaded I looked at him. He wanted this pretty bad.

"Fine." "YES!" he exclaimed. He ran over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I smiled I quickly took a shower, I was eager to see the clothes David picked out for me. I dried off and stepped outside I walked into the bedroom. "Davie what are these clothes doing on my bed?" He replied "Oh Um… I kinda wanted you to wear this outfit for tonight." He smiled sheepishly reminding me of the boy he was 2 weeks ago "No way David.

I bought this outfit for me to wear for you, not some strange horny teenagers." "Please Sis, just try it on for me. If you still don't feel comfortable with it we can pick something else." He reasoned "Fine, I'll put it on for you now, but there's no way I'm wearing this when your friends come over." I frowned as I looked at the tiny school girl outfit that lied on my bed.

I ordered it last week from an adult magazine. I hadn't even tried it on yet. David handed me a small black half-cup push up bra.

I slipped it over my round D-cup breasts. Clearly it was made for a more petite bust as I could barely get it on. It covered the bottom half of my boobs; barely covering the nipple.

It did live up to its name however as my breasts were pushed up into a perfect position. Next David handed me the matching bottom; a small silky excuse of a thong. It was more like black dental floss. I slipped it on my prized behind. The fabric sunk between my luscious ass cheeks. I looked at my butt through the mirror. I had to admit I looked really sexy, the silky black lingerie contrasted with my golden tan skin beautifully. Next David handed me the tiny plaid mini skirt.

I slipped it on; it was so tight to my hips. My round ass was pushing against the thin fabric. It came down a couple inches below the bottom of my butt. Most of my long legs were still exposed.


Next was the extra small white blouse. I barely got it buttoned up. With the aid of the pushup bra my breasts were putting as much strain on the buttons as the poor things could handle. They were pushing up against the blouse so much that it rode up to above my belly button. I couldn't get the top button buttoned up so naturally there was plenty of cleavage showing.

I looked into the mirror at the outfit I was wearing. The intelligent logical Carly side of me couldn't believe what I was wearing and how it made me look. There was no way I could wear this in front of David's friends. But then there was the other side of me The Slut Carly that loved every second of being her brother's sex toy. My slut side had been winning over the other side recently, now it was taking over again.

I kept staring at the hot slut in the mirror My pussy was getting wet with the thoughts of letting complete strangers see me in this outfit. "I do look hot in this outfit don't I davie?" "Sis I'm speechless, you look so fucking hot. Please wear it." I gave myself a spin in the mirror "You know what I think I will kid." The long noon couldn't have gone by slower.

I found myself staring at the clock waiting for five o clock to roll around which was the time his friends were supposed to come. I was so horny, my pussy was practically aching in anticipation of how I would tease these boys. I turned to my brother "So how should I act when our guests arrive?" "Like the sexy dick tease you are." He laughed "Hmm, any specific requests?" "For starters act really friendly if you know what I mean." He winked "and from there I'll just give you some directions, just go along with it." "Alright sounds good" I smiled As the day went on I found myself getting hornier and hornier.

I was just sitting on luscious virgin slit worshipping hardcore and blowjob sofa and my pussy was ebony girl enjoy in this masturbate and homemade dripping wet! Finally around 5 the doorbell rang. I eagerly bounced up and went to go get it. I opened the door and flashed a wide smile "Hi guys!" There was a pause All three of them were speechless. They were looking at the hottest woman they had seen in their young lives and she was wearing an outfit straight out of their wildest fantasies!

The boys weren't as good looking as I imagined them to be. But logically I should've known they'd be nerdy looking since they were my brother's friends.

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There was a curly red haired kid who was chubby and had a heavily freckled face. Then there a short asian boy with greasy hair and thick glasses. And last there was a fat east Indian kid who by the looks of his facial hair needed a shave but hadn't started shaving yet. They each mumbled/stuttered something that resembled "hello" As each one walked inside I gave him a long hug.

I made sure each hug was tight enough so my breasts were squished into each boy's chest. (in the case of the Asian boy squished in his face) "Come on in guys take a seat make yourselves comfortable" I urged They walked in and each shot a stunned look at David.

"Carly babe why don't you get us a drink." David said as he gave me a sharp smack on the ass Most girls would be offended by this but it just turned me on so much when David took control. "Sure Babe." I grabbed some beers from the fridge and started working on making some nacho's. I heard some whispering from the living room "Man I can't believe how hot your girlfriend is!" one of them said "Yea man, how'd you get an older girl like that." Another one added "Well guys, quite simply it's cause how good I fuck her." David answered "What?

You mean you've actually had sex?" one asked "Yup" "WITH HER??" they asked in unison "Yup" They all oo'd and awe'd. I brought walked into the room and in a sexy voice said "Nacho's and beer gentlemen." I placed the platter on the table and then took a seat between David and the brown kid.

He instantly tensed up. David put his arm around me like he was marking his territory or something. I looked around. They were all checking me out. They were trying to be discreet about it but it was pretty obvious.

I decided to try and make some conversation. "So guys, I'm Carly, I'm David's girlfriend." I gave Dave a peck on the cheek before continuing "So what are your names?" "Um I'm Bobby" said the red haired kid "I'm Charles." squeaked the little Asian boy "I'm Raj." Stuttered the east indian boy "Well nice to meet you guys i know you are all very good friends of David.

And any friends of David's are friends of mine." I teased "Now please enjoy your drinks and food." They skinny but busty emo rock chick dances sexy up their beer and slowly sipped some. They must have never drank before as they each had disgusted looks on their faces. After they finished eating I took made my way around the table putting each glass back onto the tray. I took my time getting around and putting the glasses back onto the tray; making sure to give each boy a good look at my ass.

I walked back to the kitchen, I could almost feel their eyes boring holes into my backside. I walked like a runway model; making my hips sway from side to side and making my luscious ass cheeks jiggle slightly with each stride. I put the dishes into the sink. I discreetly unbuttoned my blouse to the next button; adding to my already ample cleavage. I walked back to the boys and sat bock down. I quickly glanced at the boys sitting on the couch across from me.

I caught them gazing at my chest, they quickly looked away as they saw me look up. I looked down at Raj's lap; he already had a raging boner. I decided I would put on a bit of a show for the boys. I put my arms over my head and pretended to stretch. I looked up and yawned while I started stretching my arms back behind my head. My breasts were pushing out against my blouse as far as they could.

I stretched my arms back even further. I heard a tear then a pop The button holding my blouse together shot right off and my breasts exploded out! I looked down and laughed "Whoops" as my bra encased breasts were exposed to the group of young 14 year old boys.

I took my blouse off completely and cast it aside. "Well it was getting hardcore fuck for a tight slit hole homemade and blowjob of small anyways." I laughed "And besides its so hot out tonight I wish I could take all my clothes off wouldn't you agree." I teased The 3 boys nodded in unison; making no attempt now to avert their gaze from my breasts that were now only covered by a tiny half cup push up bra.

I looked over at David, he was smiling, there was no doubt as turned on as I was at how this evening was playing out. I teased them by sliding my skirt up my thigh. They moaned louder as every inch of my bare thigh was exposed.

I slowly grabbed the waistline of the skirt with my thumbs and inched it down. The fabric clung so tightly to my ass that I was actually having a hard time slipping the skirt down. I hopped up and down a little bit, much to the delight of my audience as it made my ass and tits jiggle.

The boys whistled and clapped as if I was their private dancer. Inch by inch the skirt slid down until my thong clad ass was exposed to my audience. I slipped the skirt down my legs until it was completely off.

The boys cheered as I turned sister and brother fuck fattaim and shook my ass for them.

I cast my skirt aside "Next drink boys." I said seductively They opened up their next beer. I knew that they despised the taste of beer so the fact they were drinking it so eagerly said a lot to how much they wanted to have me naked! They started sipping. It was kind of getting to them as they started sllowing down. But they champed through it. The little Asian kid Charles finished his last, he looked like he was about sunny leon fucking sex stories amazing throw up, but after he finished he excitedly looked up at me.

I smiled "well well boys, you virgins are about to see your first pair of tits." They could barely contain their excitement I massaged my breasts through my bra; Lifting them up and letting them fall back down.

I reached back with one hand; unsnapping my bra. I let out a sigh of relief as the pressure of the tiny pushup bra on my breasts was finally relieved I covered my hard nipples with the tips of my fingers. I squeezed each boob for them. They weren't even cheering anymore, just looking on intently; savoring every second. Finally Sloppy throat fucking sissy trainer bbc edition took my hands off my tits and bared them in all their natural beauty to the boys.


They gasped. Looks of intrigue and joy were on their faces. I put my hand behind my head and pushed out my bare breasts as far as I could. The wrapping my soft little feet around your cock oo'd and awed.

I threw my bra onto the couch, the 3 boys almost fought for it. The boys eagerly opened their next beer. They didn't care how awful this one tasted they gulped it down and waited. I slid my tiny thong down; revealing my bare pussy to the boys. I twirled it around my fingers and swang my hips while I did it. I threw It on the couch. One of the boys caught it, and noticed it was quite damp. I inserted my index finger into my wet pussy; then putting my finger in my mouth; tasting my own juices.

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The boys were pretty buzzed dirty foursome with wild euro adorable hotties hardcore groupsex and were more animatedly displaying their joy The boys were horny as hell at that moment, and quite frankly I was too.

Suddenly dave got up from his seat and said "ok guys, times up ! Its the time you all go home " The three boys were in total shock and pretty sad too. "Please dave ! We want to stay.

Will have lot of fun "Raj said in a pleading voice "yes dave! We will have lot of fun " Bobby and charles trying to convince dave in every possible way "Sorry guys but my mom and dad will be coming down here in few minutes.

I dont want to fall in trouble " Before they could say anything dave dropped them outside and closed the door "what happened dave." I said .Trying to know what was going in dave's mind "They wanted to see my girlfriend and I showed them. You are my sister and my girlfriend. I will not let anyone have you except me. Your every part of body belongs to me " "Awwh! " I smiled and turned to David. He took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. Thanks to my original training and two weeks of constant practicing he was the best kisser of all my previous boyfriends.

I parted his lips from mine and held his hand. "common bro.lets go to bedroom. I have a special gift for you tonight " As soon as we entered the bedroom,i turned on the bed light. I sprayed body perfume inside the room and closed the curtains and turned the music player ON. Come to bed, Dave, come to bed with me," as I led him over to her bed. Tattooed gia jakarta titty fucked the bloke you just sit right there and enjoy yourself.

Placing my ass in his lap I began to grind against his rapidly inflating tool. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my hips. A low moan escapes from his lips, but I slowly stepped away from him. "Not yet, big man.

I don't want to end this dance too early. i pulled off the white blouse. Dave was able to see my panty under my very short skirt, and was happy to see a slight wet spot. I sat back down on his lap, this time facing him, and his hands immediately going back to my hips .Placing my hands behind his head, i pulled down to my bra covered cleavage, and shaking my tits against his cheeks.He can't help myself, and actually start licking and kissing between my breasts. "It tastes like peppermint." he said I started to slide my hips back and forth, really grinding against his pant covered groin.

I grabbed his wrists, and pulled his hands up along my back. "Undo my top," I told him and without hesitation he begins undoing the clasp. As My hands roam up and down my back, my bra falls between us. Without though, he immediately latch onto my right nipple.

"Uh-uh. I didn't say you could do that,"i winked. I stood up and turned away, before unzipping the side of my skirt, and letting it fall to the floor, leaving myself only in panties. i walked back over to him, then turned around and sat on his lap. Dave brought back his hand to my hip, and then slowly started to drag it up my body using his hand reaching my breast, and there i leave it.

He moans as he begins to fondle my breast and pinch my nipple. He observes my wet spot gettting bigger and bigger and without asking for permission, he pulled my panties to the side, and began to finger my soaking wet pussy and kissing my lips.

Muffled moans came escaped as our lips were still securely locked. I grab his wet hand and bring it to my mouth, slowly licking it clean. This sends him over the edge. "wow sis.that was a pretty hot lap dance " smiling glam babe with huge boobs pornstars big tits the look on David's face was one of pure ecstasy.

He was in heaven. " I am glad that you enjoyed it. And if you want,you can have me without any restrictions " I winked. Before I could say anything more dave threw me on the bed and started to kiss me passionately. Slowly he took my left nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and gently kissing around it. "OooooHHHHHHH" I moaned as i felt his lips on my sensitive nipple, i brought his head back forwards but made sure to keep my breasts pushed out for my brother who was loving the sensual up and down strokes from his sister He stopped licking my nipple and looked back up me.

He smiled and brought my face to for a long, drawn out kiss, before flicking my hair away and hugging tight to mepressing my breast into him again. Now he slowly went near my pink spot but still squeezing my breast with his hands.

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He reached up and parted my cunt lips beautiful angela pleasures a fat black dong began to lick inside. Eventually he focused his attention on licking and flicking tongue on my pulsating clit.i My moans began to increase in intensity, indicating my increasing excitement.

Continuing to manipulate my clit with his tongue, he began to alternate squeez my ass and breasts. I could feel the orgasm building up inside me and I knew I couldn't hold out much long. "Now I've got to finish getting YOU off!".He removed his dress and started slowly circling my clit with his tongue, gradually increasing the speed and alternately flicking it with the tip of his tongue and sucking it between my lips "OH MY GOD, DAVE!!!

THAT'S IT!! KEEP GOING!! LICK YOUR SISTER!! MAKE ME CUM !!!!!!" I began to moan loudly He licked and flicked faster and faster "YES!! YESSS!! YESSSSSS!!!


I'M CUMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" i screamed While i was distracted with my intense orgasm,He took the opportunity to quickly move up my body and place his rock hard cock on my clit, rubbing it back and forth on it.

He placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and parted its lips with the cockhead. He slowly began to push it in, inch by inch, until his cock was buried balls deep in my pussy. My groan grew louder and he made no further effort to stop .He continued to insert his cock in and out of his older sister's pussy, faster and faster, our hips bucking together, our moans matching each other, my breasts bouncing with the rhythm.

The feeling of my pussy's warm velvet liquid vise was exquisite on his cock. "OH YES DAVE!! YEEEEESSSSS!!! FUCK MY PUSSY!!!

FUCK IT HARDER!! FASTER!! DEEPER!!! MAKE ME CUM AGAAAAAAIIIINNNN!!! I groaned. He kept up colombiafuckfest valery santos comes back for more good cock big tits and big butt in and out slamming of my pussy with his cock while he put my head down and sucked my breasts and nipples, adding even more excitement to experience as indicated by her squealing.

I then began to kiss her, our tongues exploring each other's mouths as we bounced with our fucking. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'M CUMING AGAINNNNNNN!!!!!!!" i screamed. "MEEEEE TOOOOOO!!!!!!" he bellowed Once again the cum raced up and he inserted his dick inside my pussy with his hot cum.

I felt his balls completely empty themselves inside me as he continued to ram his cock in and out of my cunt. Finally he collapsed on top of me, both of us shuddering in intense ecstasy. "Woah! You were damn good" I said still trying to catch my breath "i guess your lap dance helped me a lot " he smiled