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Exploring japanese chicks fur pie hardcore groupsex
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Chapter 4: Take It as It Cums Julie and Cynthia, still wet from the 'shower' they shared, walked into the living room, wearing nothing but towels. They were surprised to see Alex and Taylor sitting on the couch. They desperately hoped that the other two girls had not heard the noises they had been making a few minutes before. "Hey," Julie said to Alex and Taylor. Both of the girls looked at Cynthia and Julie, grinning widely. "Why hello there you two," Taylor said, "did you have fun?" This instantly caused both Cynthia and Julie to blush.

Their faces were lit with red, as they looked down at the floor. "What do you mean?" Cynthia said, trying to play innocent, but failing. "I think you know," Taylor said, with that knowing smirk that told them they had been caught. Cynthia and Julie stood their, not knowing what to say. Their hair still dripped, as they looked anywhere but at Taylor and Alex. Perverted dream of hooker bound hardcore bondage giggled softly, from seeing how embarrassed they were.

"Okay…you got us," Julie said, smiling at Taylor, staring her down. "What?" Taylor said, as Julie kept staring at her.

"Did you guys have fun a few minutes naughty bffs gia and marsha work their very first threesome lesbians bigtits Julie said, the two groups swapped expressions, the caught now doing the catching. "What do you mean?" Taylor asked sarcastically, not trying to play innocent like Cynthia and Julie had. Cynthia looked up at Taylor, and said, "Well, I can say it has to do with the numbers 6 and 9," Taylor and Cynthia started laughing.

Alex and Taylor looked at each other, and then at the floor. Cynthia and Julie went and sat down on the love seat by the couch. "So, I guess we all have some explaining to do," Alex said, wearing just the nightgown she had hastily thrown on earlier. Cynthia and Julie looked at each other, then at the two other girls. "Well," Julie started, "Cynthia and I, just…fell into it. I mean, we were sitting here, and the next thing we knew, we were kissing.

Then we decided to jump in the shower together. How about you two?" "She stole my vibrator from me," Alex said, "while I was using it." Cynthia and Julie started giggling. "That's a good move, I should have tried that earlier," Julie said, looking at Cynthia.

Cynthia looked at the floor, blushing madly, "You can hear me?" Cynthia asked, not looking up. "Hun, you sound like the Fourth of July every night," Julie said, laughing out loud. Cynthia blushed deeper, but then started giggling. "Well, I guess fireworks is a good description," Cynthia said, smiling to the other three. They all laughed at her comment.

But soon, the laughing died out, and everything was silent.


"So, what do we do now?" Taylor asked, looking around. "Well, I don't think I'm a lesbian," Cynthia said, "I think this is just a playful kind of thing, nothing too serious." "That doesn't sound like a compliment," Julie said, looking at Cynthia. Cynthia blushed, "Okay, it was wonderful, you were great, but I don't think I want to marry you or anything," she clarified.

Julie smiled at Cynthia's comment on her oral sex. She looked around, and then Alex was next to speak up, "Yeah, Taylor, you were so amazing in there, but I am not ready for a relationship either…" she said, not wanting Taylor to be upset. "With as much pussy eating that's been going on today, I don't think any of us can claim straighthood," Taylor said. "Yeah, I'm not so sure you can both say you are not at least a little lesbian," Julie said to Alex and Cynthia.

Cynthia looked at Julie, "I am definitely not gay…I just think it was a bit of fun." "Yeah," Alex agreed, "it was just something sex makes curvy beautiful hottie cum a lot do, and probably never will happen again." "Right," Taylor said sarcastically.

"How can you say that ten minutes after you are eating and being eaten by a girl?" "It was just…I was caught up in the moment," Alex said. Julie looked at both Cynthia and Alex. Julie stood up, and then untied her towel, letting it fall to her sides, her huge D cup breasts way out in the open.

She sat down, naked, her nipples rock hard, and her body still glistening a bit from the water. "Now tell me this doesn't turn you on," Julie giggled to herself. "Yeah, tell me that doesn't get you a little wet," Taylor said smiling, and really checking out Julie's naked body.

Julie looked at Taylor, and noticed she was really checking her out. This made her blush a little bit, and got her a little wet. Julie stood up, and started twirling around, showing her backside.

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She began rubbing her breasts together, "Mmm, you know you want these," Julie said, looking at the two. Alex and Cynthia sat silently, neither moving or saying anything.

Julie jumped up and down a few times, letting her large tits bounce wonderfully, as she laughed. "I know I'm wet," Taylor said, her hand noticeably rubbing between her legs on the outside of her pants. Alex and Cynthia looked at Taylor, seeing her actions. "This is stupid," said Cynthia, as she got up, "I'm going to bed." Cynthia headed away. Taylor got up also, grabbing Cynthia, "Come on baby, stick around for a while." Cynthia tried to get away, but Taylor accidentally hooked her thumb into Cynthia's towel.

Cynthia's towel fell to the ground, as she stood there, completely nude.

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Cynthia almost didn't care that she was naked, turning around back toward the others. "I'm going to bed, we'll talk about this later," She said. Taylor quickly advanced toward naked Julie, and they kissed, more as a show for the other two.

Their hands groped all over each other's body. After a few moments, Taylor looked back at Cynthia. She was still standing there naked, watching them. "Why aren't you being open minded about this," Julie said to Cynthia, "I mean, look I can tell you are wet." Cynthia looked down at her own pussy, and noticed it was a bit wet. "Look, I just really think that it was just something to do for fun. I'm not getting into any kind of gay relationship," Cynthia said.

"Were not saying you want a relationship," Julie said, "just that you are attracted to girls, which you clearly are," Julie gestured toward Cynthia's wet shaved pussy. "I like guys, I want kids, I don't want to date any girl," Alex said, "but I can't deny that this turns me on…" Alex looked over to Cynthia, knowing Cynthia felt the same way. Cynthia looked back at Alex, beauteous babe exposes anal gap for fuck then said, "I guess Alex is right…I feel the same way." She then sat back down, and looked at the floor.

"Glad you two finally admitted it," Teen big tits hd xxx worlds greatest stepplayfellows daughter said smiling. "Now, the question is what do we do about it." "I wouldn't mind having some fun now and then," Alex said. Cynthia looked at Alex, and then said, "Personally, I think it was a one time thing…I can't see myself doing that again." "Why not?" Julie asked, "you know it feels so good.

If it's all for fun, and no strings attached, then what's the problem?" "I'm not sure, I just don't feel like we should be doing this. Their should be a relationship involved for this stuff, and I don't want one." Cynthia rebutted.

"Cynthia…" Julie said, frustrated, "what was wrong with today, why can't you just do something like that every once in a while, where's the harm in that?" Cynthia seemed unconvinced.

"I got it, Cynthia, sit down next to Alex," Taylor said. Cynthia reluctantly obeyed, sitting naked next to Alex. Taylor led Julie to the vacant couch. "Both of you watch, and when we're all done, maybe then we can all talk honestly about this." Taylor said, smiling. Julie and Taylor both leaned in towards each other, their lips meeting halfway. They wrapped their arms around each other.


Julie slowly started to lift up Taylor's t-shirt. Taylor smiled at this, and raised her arms as Julie pulled it off. Julie threw it to an empty chair and the two began kissing again. Both girls grabbed the other's naked tits, rubbing them passionately.

Both girl's large breasts, Taylor's blonde hair, and Julie's brown hair intertwined as they made out, hugging tightly. Taylor pulled her jeans off, not breaking away from Julie, leaving just her panties. Julie pulled back, slowly kissing down Taylor, focusing on her hard nipples on her large breasts. She continued down, until she reached Taylor's panties, which she grabbed with her teeth, tugging them off, whilst looking over to Alex and Cynthia. Taylor giggled as she saw her take them off with her teeth.

She watched Julie, and then looked over at Alex and Cynthia. At that moment, Alex was getting very turned on. She couldn't look away. Cynthia also started getting wet, but she tried as hard as she could not to. Julie now had a trimmed wet pussy right in front of her face.

She quickly stuck her tongue between Taylor's already moist lips, and grabbed her firm ass cheeks, pushing her face into Taylor's crotch. Taylor moaned loudly as the pleasuring began.

Alex started fidgeting on the couch, as she watched the two of them pleasure each other. Cynthia looked away, but her eyes always were drawn back to Julie and Taylor. Julie closed her eyes, as she licked Taylor's pussy harder, dying for a taste of cum now.

Taylor also closed her eyes, and arched her back, as she rested her hands on Julie's head, pushing her in farther. Taylor weakened, and had to sit down on the edge of the couch with Julie still licking her feverishly. Alex could barely stand it, her pussy ached for attention. Alex felt awkward with Cynthia next to her, both girls staring at the show, not wanting to acknowledge the other.

Cynthia's pussy was wet, no matter how much she wanted not to like it, she was getting the couch wet. Taylor was moaning out loud, as she let out a small orgasm. Julie licked it up, and continued working her pussy. Alex needed human contact bad. She wrapped an arm around Cynthia, and leaned into kiss her.

Cynthia backed away, and jumped up, "What the fuck is wrong with you people?!" she shouted, running to her bedroom. She got inside, and closed the door, locking it. Alex, remembering how Cynthia likes to make a big deal out of things, and get over it quickly, shrugged off the rejection, turning back to the show.

Taylor had gotten up on the couch, and Julie was hottie ryan smiles shows her big boobs and booty her out still. Julie incorporated a finger into the mix, driving Taylor higher and higher into ecstasy as she came again.

Alex could no longer contain herself, reaching under her nightgown and shoving two fingers into her dripping pussy. Taylor was screaming Julie's name, as she let out another orgasm, this one bigger than the others, "Yes Julie YES!" Taylor collapsed, falling backwards onto the couch.

Her breathing was very rapid and hard. Alex smiled, watching this, working her fingers faster.

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Taylor laid down on the couch, inviting Julie to join her with a quick gesture. Julie climbed on top of her, into a sixty-nine. Taylor quickly spread open Julie's dripping pussy with her hands, lapping at her juices, starting to please her. Julie hadn't missed a beat, already pleasing Taylor again. Alex was frigging herself, three fingers pumping in and out, as she watched the two big titted girls sixty-nine on the couch, she was approaching a powerful orgasm.

Taylor wanted to repay Julie for the wonderful pleasure she had just received. Both girls licked hard, using their fingers for pleasure, along with their tongues. Alex couldn't stand it. She was going to cum soon. She lifted her night gown off of her body, and used her left hand to play with her tits, and her right to continue pumping. Her breathing became rapid, and she was moaning loud. In her room, Cynthia sat, staring at the door, easily hearing three girls moaning.

She wondered if Alex was now doing it with them too. Cynthia, still naked, opened the door slowly, peering into the living room. She couldn't see Julie and Taylor, as the back of the couch was to her, but she could clearly see Alex masturbating very hard and fast, approaching orgasm. Cynthia again felt herself getting excited, her pussy wet, her nipples passion hd marley brinx slams dildo in her pussy before fuck. Soon, Alex came, in a big beautiful explosion.

After it subsided, she passed out on the couch, her fingers still in her pussy. Taylor and Julie came loudly and powerfully, laying exhausted on the couch.

Cynthia looked on, images of Alex lingering in her mind, as well as the earlier encounter with Julie. Cynthia went to bed, naked, she tried to sleep, but the images wouldn't let her. Finally, she gave into temptation, masturbating in her bed, thinking of Alex and Julie. She immediately went to sleep afterward, dreaming of girls…