Mom and son sex story very hot and hard

Mom and son sex story very hot and hard
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My aunt has always been close to me. She is in her early fourties, about 5'4" slim legs that move up to her nice ass and her DD tits. She always was wearing leopard print and loved her tight leggings which gripped every curve of her sexy figure.

We grew closer when i was eighteen and her husband passed away. I'm now in my mid twenties and have watched her go in and out of many bad relationships. She was always telling me how they mistreat her. I grew to see her as not just an tranny fucks husband as wife watches but, as a woman.

It all started when she lost her licence.


Once in a while she would need a ride to her job. So, one night she called me and asked if I could take her into work. I was off and told her I would gladly give her a ride. It was bright and early when i pulled into the driveway and beeped my horn.

Soon after, she walked out in her usual leggings and a nice top exposing her tanned cleavage. She opened the door and sat down.

We had the usual conversation about her boyfriend somehow screwing her over.

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I was in my basketball shorts and t-shirt. Albela danger in yoga classes had spread her legs and leaned forward to go in her bag.

She then asked,"can you stop for coffee?" I replied,"Sure." We stopped and she asked,"do you want anything?" In my head i was saying,"i want you to sit on my fat cock auntie!" But all i said was a quick,"No." She opened her door and stepped out and walked inside to get her coffee. My eyes were glued to her ass cheeks as she walked into the store. She soon got back into the car and we were off. She sat there basically talking negative about her man friend for ten minutes.

I became annoyed and said,"he got a big cock?" "Obviously not!",i replied to myself. She was shocked and sipped her coffee to act as though she wasn't. I was already in over my head so i laid my hand on her inner thigh and apologized. I rubbed her leg through her pants until she said,"why cant I find a man like you?" I knew what was becoming of this and replied,"I'm right here." As my hand moved towards her pussy which grew hot. I felt the heat radiating from her pants. She moaned and let out a deep breath.

She said in a sexy tone,"this isn't right." My cock grew as i caressed her hot pussy through her pants. She asked,"Have you ever fucked a mature woman?" I told her that I have not but, I have fucked alot of girls my age. She looked at me and leaned over and breathed a hot breath in my ear and whispered,"I want you to pull over and fuck my cunt." My bulging member throbbed as she grabbed it and licked my neck. I hit the brakes and pulled into a vacant lot.

We came to a screatching hault behind a dumpster. She slipped her hand down my shorts and my cock bulged as her small hand tried to grasp my throbbing oversized member. She ran her hand up and down my cock to feel the length. She looked at me and said,"oh my,i don't know if i can handle all this baby." I giggled as I laid my seat back and she pulled my cock out of my shorts and began stroking it as she looked it over in amazement. She then leaned in and opened her mouth wide and wrapped het wet lips around my cock.

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She only could take three of my eight fat inches in her mouth. She gave it her all as I felt her tounge exploring over my throbbing member. I flipped her ass over so we were in the 69 position in my seat.I had her nice ass on my chest as I pulled her tight leggings down exposing that bare cunt. I yanked her pants off of her and pulled her ass towards my face.

She was now unable to suck my cock and begAn to stroke it with her hands. I licked her slowly, working her pussy lips apart.


I ran my tounge up her soaking wet slit until it met with her swollen clit. Her legs twitched as I gave her body jolts from my flickering tounge. I stopped and slid inside of her with my fingers,feeling her soft walls until she commanded me to pound her now! I let her crawl into the back seat while i sat up and moved back along side her. She laid on her back and pulled her shirt off.

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Then she unclipped her bra and let her soft freckled tits jiggle in my face. I laid on top of her and licked her nipples until they hardened.

She rubbed my cock on her wet pussy lips as i slowly worked it inside of her. My cock opened her cunt wide making her grunt and moan in pleasure. Her pussy gave way as i entered her.

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She was unable to resist me as i thrusted deep inside of her. She clawed my back and yelled,"oh my fucking god,I'm cumming!" Then xstory hows moms tu son felt her cunt squeeze my cock until it slid out of her. Then she shot hot,wet pussy juice on me.

Almost immediatly i popped my cock back into her. Making a loud squeeling noise she asked,"Will you fuck me from behind?" I let my cock slide out of her and assisted her almost limp body onto its knees. I grabbed her ass as i let my cock gape her pussy. I began to thrust her as hard and deep as i could. She screamed in pain as I let my cock destroy her pussy. I felt my load come and squirt inside her. I grunted and moaned as my seed shot into her pussy.

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We laid there as our bodies came together. I let my cock throb and jerk in her. I became soft as I slid my member onto her pussy lips. She let my cum seep out of her and onto my seat as she struggled to her knees. we got dressed and i watched her hobble into work.