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Fat woman fuck big cock
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No one realized that the German man who started this school hated America, so he named the school Fick Highschool, Fick meaning fuck in German. He knew, that American teenagers could be complete sluts and man whores- whatever you want to call them- if they were given a push in the right direction. The man made absolutely sure that this would be the only highschool in miles so that most children had to either go to Fick High or travel fifteen miles or more each day to get to another school.

His plan worked, almost everyone in own had either attended, was attending, or would be attending Fick High. The city of was famous for the number of strip clubs and women on corners late in at night. Melissa Henry was unlucky, she was an only child.

Almost every other person at school had at or more older brothers or sisters, giving them protection. At Fick High you pretty much need older family at the school to stop yourself from getting some random senior, or even a male teacher, from becoming your baby daddy. Melissa didn't have the same luck as most of her friends. There was a small group of girls who were only children that banned together, most of them already had a kid others were pregnant.

When they got pregnant they were disbanded. Only three girls were left in the group, all still not pregnant. All three girls were bi-sexual, and all three were determined to be abstain until marriage.

Mickey and Joanna, the other two girls had been together since September, now it was April. Unlucky April, the time when the most girls conceived- during class! So now we begin, early in the morning on April seventeenth at Melissa's house.

"Melissa!" Anna, her mom, called upstairs. "Get up!" Melissa rubbed her eyes and got up. She stared at herself in the mirror. Her dark brown hair was knotted all over the place. Her green eyes were only half open and her tanned skin was flushed from the 98 degree weather. She'd only worn her lace tong to bed and was still burning up. Melissa hated the clothes her mom had bought her. Anna knew that her daughter would prefer to be as covered up as possible and, being the whore that she was, wouldn't allow her daughter to go down the virgin path.

Every shirt Melissa owned was so low cut that it almost showed the nipples of her 40D-cup breasts. The summer and spring clothes that she had not only were low cut but also showed her belly button.

Every pair of shorts she was were super-mini booty shorts, every pair of pants was skinny jeans from different designer labels. "Hurry up or you'll janice griffith anal quickie with teenie janice! late!" her mom called upstairs.

Melissa showered. She couldn't help but ran her hands lovingly over her chest; playing with the rock hard nipples. Only a minute or to later Melissa had her hands buried in her pussy and ass holes, she couldn't help it. There were sex with kathia nobili foot fetish fingering times when Anna Henry had nearly took her unwilling daughter's virginity.

Anna owned the title "Tight-Skirted Never-Leaves-Her-Corner Whore," and she was proud of it. On more then one occasion Melissa had been forced to fist her mother, an easy thing to do. Anna probably had one of the loosest pussies on the market. Thinking of these things always made Melissa wet, but she was determined to stay a virgin until she was married.

Melissa was lost in the memory of two nights ago, the last time Anna had tried to seduce her. Anna was in the candle-lit living room wearing nothing but a sexy white lace bra and matching g-string. Melissa had to admit that her mother had a great body; 48DD tits, beautiful legs that made even women stop and stare, and piercing brown eyes that drew everyone in.

Anna could also deep throat and take four dicks in her loose pussy and two in her ass all at the same time. "Come on Melissa," Anna said in the most sexy voice she could muster. "I'm sure that pussy is just dying for attention." Anna was right, Melissa had been dripping ever since she'd watched Mickey and Joanna kissing in the girls locker room.

"Nope," Melisa lied. "Especially not from you." Anna called her daughter's bluff. "Oh, you know it is." Anna took a bottle of wine, one of four, off the coffee table and poured herself and Melissa a glass. Melissa knew she was under aged but couldn't resist; her mother knew her all to well. Anna took a sip of wine before speaking again. "Now, honey. I don't see why you don't want this." Anna unclasped her bra, revealing huge, rock solid nipples sitting on big, perky breasts.

Melissa's pussy gave an involuntary twitch. "Why would I you nasty old whore?" Melissa snapped. "Now, now. Calm down, here." Anna gave her daughter the glass and sipped her own wine again. Melissa couldn't help herself she took a generous swig.

"Are you sure?" Anna asked, sliding her hand close to Melissa's leg. "Positive," Melissa said, taking another big gulp of the red wine. "Why not?" Anna asked, sliding her hand onto Melissa's legs and rubbing it gently.

Melissa didn't answer, instead she drained her glass. Anna poured her another glass and waited for Melissa's answer.

Melisa just looked at her mother as she took another swig. "Come on, Lissa," Anna pushed. "It's not like I'm asking you to murder someone. I just think that if I'm going to take anything from you, it should be this." Anna put her hand on the crotch of her daughter's skinny jeans.

"No," Melissa snapped, gulping down the rest of the wine. Anna poured her a third glass. Melissa could feel her brain getting hazy at that point. "Please, baby girl," Anna all but begged. "Not until I'm-" Melissa hiccupped even though she'd only had two glasses "-married. And certainly not by you." Anna pouted, her lips were shiny with red lipstick, she kissed Melissa's cheek.

Melissa leaned away as her guzzled down her drink, three full glasses. Anna poured Melissa so much wine that the glass nearly overfilled, her fifteen year old daughter was on the edge.

Melissa looked at her mom and smiled a very strange smile, a very drunken type of smile. Anna had not moved her hand away from Melissa's crotch. She put a little pressure on it and Melissa's hips moved toward the pressure before Melissa gave them permission. "Please," Anna asked again. Melissa didn't reply, instead she put her hand on her mother's barely covered snatch.

She rubbed Anna's pussy lovingly. Anna moaned as Melissa barely had to pull to rip the thong hawt lovely girlie likes non stop fucking of Anna's body.

She eagerly shoved her hand into her mother's folds, finding Anna's clit with her thumb and her loose hole with her fingers. Anna moved into a position that gave Melissa easy access to her womanhood. "Oh! Melissa!" Anna screamed. "OH BABY!" Melissa hand put her whole hand and then some into Anna's hole. Melissa moved her hand around, rubbing the walls of her mothers over-used pussy. "YES, MELISSA! OH YES!" Anna moaned loudly. Melissa moved her entire hand in and out of her mom's pussy as fast as humanly possible, making it into a fist not to much longer.

With the combination of her pussy being fisted and her daughter saying dirty things she could barely hear over her own moans and screams of ecstasy, Anna Henry had climaxed all over her daughter's fist. The contraction of Anna's pussy around Melissa's fist wasn't enough to stop Melissa from pounding her mother's snatch.

"MELISSA!" Anna's voice was surprisingly close. Melissa was panting hard; pulled out of her memory by her mothers voice, only to find that her mother had been watching japanese teen fucked hard from behind uncensored the doorway of Melissa's room.

"Mom!" Melissa shouted, surprised, her grabbed her nearby cocked guy fucked a lot of whores and covered herself. "If you'd rather stay here and finish up then go to school …" Anna trailed off, looked at Melissa's wet fingers, licking her lips.

"No, I'm going." The last thing Melissa wanted was for her mother to get her drunk again. Melissa didn't even mentally complain as she slipped on her purple lace bra and thong; she didn't think about the fact that she had just put on tight black booty shorts and a dark blue short sleeved shirt and emphasized her bosom with a bunch of designs all over the part where her chest was and the words Wild Thing in bold capital letters on top of the designs.

When she went downstairs her mother whistled. Melissa ignored her, grabbed a granola bar, and scooped up her bag. Anna slapped Melissa's ass as she left. Melissa hated that the only shoes she owned were stilettos at least five inches high. She hated that her mom made her dress like a hooker and that she was made fun of for being a virgin that dressed like a slut. "Do you wanna be rapped or willing?" boys would ask her, squeezing her reasonably sized ass as she went by.

More than once, the whole football team her almost gang mom son sher bad room Melissa. Melissa went as fast as she could to school in her high heeled shoes. "Hey, Lissa," two girls called at the same time. Mickey and Joanna. Mickey looked like a Playboy Bunny. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big ass, big tits, skinny, dressed almost as sluttish as the cheerleading team when they were horny. Her girlfriend Joanna wasn't too far off the mark.

Her hair was raven black, her eyes a pale green, but she chest was at least two sizes bigger and she had to buy plus sized pants to put her ass into. It was ridiculous.

Melissa noted that each girl looked scared as they approached. They were wearing matching outfits. Red blouses they were almost as low-cut as Melissa's, white shorts that rested far below each girls' hips and were at least an inch shorter than Melissa's shorts. As the couple preity zinta tsine lion xxx Melissa gasped in horror. Red shirts and white shorts hot black teen hotel room bitty bopper gets a scare a traditional colors for everyone that lost their virginity.

They looked at Melissa with apologies in their eyes. "We're so sorry Melissa," Joanna said. "We were at Cary's party last night and-" Melissa cut her off. "Cary Johnson?! Cary captain of the cheerleading team?!" Mickey nodded and Joanna looked away. "Well we started making out," Mickey continued, "and then, Ben Jones, he forced us into a back room and made us strip. He said start touching each other or he'd fuck us. We only grabbed each others tits until he rammed as dick up my ass.

He said he'd put it in the other hole if I didn't eat Joanna out, so I did. Then he lifted me into the air out of no where, only a few inches from his cock and he made Joanna start to masturbate and moan and scream. "Then he pushed his cock into me.

I was so wet I didn't even feel it that much. Jordan, the running back, heard and came in. He liked what he saw and before we knew it, both of us were being raped." Joanna's eyes were filled with tears by the end. "So am I being left alone?" Melissa asked, not happy with the idea of her friends leaving the little group of virgins.

It was stupid to have a group like that in the first place but no one said anything so they didn't change. "Only if you want us to leave," Joanna choked out. Mickey put her arms around her girlfriend's shoulder.

"No, never," Melissa said quietly. They went into their homeroom. The teacher actually smiled when he saw Mickey and Joanna's outfits, the whole class looked like they would start laughing any second. Mr. Nunez, the teacher, took attendance and started doing some work. Jordan smiled at Joanna a she passed him. What now? As far as Melissa knew she was the only virgin in the entire school, even out of the freshmen.

Most of them came to school on her first day in red and white. Dumb tradition! If it weren't for it most people probably wouldn't know that Mickey and Joanna had lost the one thing they planned to keep for a few more years. When the bell rang, neither of the three girls had spoken again. Mr. Nunez had a free period next and he called Melissa to stay behind for a moment. "Melissa, I'm quite sure that your smart enough to realize they you are literally the only virgin in the whole school." Hints were rolling off of Mr.

Nunez in vast waves. "I'm not interested. And don't you have a wife?" "My wife has slept with other people too, one of them being my own son, another my daughter. It's no concern, trust me." "No thanks." "Detention," Mr. Nunez said. "What did I do?" Melisa gasped.

"Disobeying your teacher is not tolerable." "What if we don't have sex?" Melissa offered, the words coming out of her before she could stop them. "What if I suck your cock." Melissa instantly regretted what she had said, a smile spread across Robert Nunez's face as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper.

His pulled his stiff cock for his boxers and began to lightly stroke it with the tips of his fingers. "Okay, Melissa. But wait one second." He pulled a phone from his pocket and called someone. "Send Lee to my classroom," he muttered into the phone then hung up without waiting for an answer. Melissa groaned, Lisa Hutchinson was the secretary and whenever a teacher wanted something done real amateur girls pov fuck and facial was called.

The things that teachers needed done was usually a quick fuck. "If you don't make me cum I'll make sure that you get suspended," he told her. Mr. Nunez pulled Melissa to her knees in front of his seat and pushed her head down onto his dick. It was the most sick, vile thing that Melissa had ever tasted.

Their was no description, just vomit inducing. Melissa could take about four inches with gagging, but Robert Nunez wouldn't have that.

After a few minutes he began to force Melissa's head down so that her lips touched the base of his pulsing cock. Mr. Nunez was moaning loudly, and his door was unlocked. Melissa was nervous that someone would come in or that Ms. Hutchinson would come in before this was over and see it. Melissa's luck didn't hold. Lisa Hutchinson came in and gasped, taking in Melissa on her knees being forced to deep throat her co-worker. "Why didn't you call me earlier?" Ms. Hutchinson stage whispered.

Mr. Nunez only grunted as he forced Melissa's head down again. She gagged almost every time she was pushed down again. The taste was becoming a little less noticeable, even good.

Ms. Hutchinson must have noticed that Melissa was horny blonde babe lexi lou shows her ass with buttplug in the backseat difficulty because she kneeled femaleagent stud becomes a third wheel in casting next to the helpless student and whispered "When you go down, act like your swallowing, it makes it easier." Melissa tried that and found it to be surprisingly helpful.

By the time that Mr. Nunez was yelling "MAKE ME CUM IN OUR MOUTH YOU LITTLE BITCH! MAKE ME CUM!" and various other dirty things Melissa was almost enjoying sucking his dick.

"Good job, Melissa," Ms. Hutchinson encouraged. "Lisa," Mr. Nunez panted. He made a motion that Melissa didn't see and then Ms. Hutchinson was below Melissa, sucking and licking Robert Nunez's ball sack. He had long since let go of Melissa's hair when she'd started to move faster and faster up and down his shaft without being told. Her tongue was working around his shaft, swirling around the head of the rock hard cock and occasionally she would scrap her teeth along his member.

"I'M CUMMING!" he yelled, Melissa tried to pull her head off before he splurged in her mouth, but he only forced her head down again, all the way to the base like before, and hot semen hit the back of her throat.

She began swallowing and realized, too late that the swallowing was only helping to pull every drop of boiling cum out of Robert Nunez's limping cock. Many streams hit the back of Melissa's throat.

Ms. Hutchinson had stopped working on Mr. Nunez's balls. When Melissa was finally hot bffs gia paige and marsha may share one stiff cock up she was disappointed to see the clock, it had only been twenty minutes out of an hour period. Melissa had forty more minutes of whatever else Mr. Nunez would force her to do. Melissa was afraid that tomorrow she'd be the one coming to school in red and white. "Melissa, have you ever tasted pussy?" Ms.

Hutchinson asked, smiling like she'd just old a very funny joke. Melissa could only nod in scared agreement. "Robert- excuse me- Mr. Nunez wants you to do something." Melissa gulped. "Lisa, lay down on the desk," Mr. Nunez ordered. "Take off your skirt and give me your panties. Melissa, take those shorts off and give me your panties as well." Melissa was nervous, she was already wet when she came to school and sucking her teachers dick had not helped to stop the flow of her juices.

He could come up behind Melissa at any time and take seachmujer madura de pezones duros en la playa no one else in the whole school had. Melissa took off her shorts and thong. Mr. Nunez took hers and made her spread her legs, she closed her eyes tight but he only rubbed the little bit of fabric over her pussy, as if to wipe her after she used the bathroom, to get all the extra juices.

He sniffed it and smiled his appreciation. "Okay, go ahead," he said nodding. Melissa made a mental note of the fact that he'd left Ms. Hutchinson sopping wet.

The external folds of Melissa's pussy were dry, she had an idea of what her teacher was doing: Seeing how we eating a woman out made her, and just imagining it made Melissa's pussy give a little twitch. She crouched in front of the desk, in front of Ms. Hutchinson's still dripping pussy, and took a deep breath-which smelled heavily of the cunt just inches from her lips- and then attacked Lisa Hutchinson's wet snatch with her tongue.

Melissa teased ms. Hutchinson's clit with her teeth and Melissa's tongue was very quickly drowned when it entered Lisa Hutchinson's flooded pussy hole.

Melissa enjoys the salty-sweet strange taste of another woman, she loved it and wanted her much as possible. "Oh! Oh!

Masseuse with big tits jerking off dick

OH!" Ms. Hutchinson yelled, when Mr. Nunez knew his co worker was as close to orgasm she would get without having one he pulled Melissa's face away from the pussy she had been enjoying. "Your going to moan and scream like your having the longest orgasm of your life without touching yourself," he whispered into Melissa's ear. "Your going to yell her name. I want to send her over the edge." And with that rammed his dick into Lisa's mouth.

He put one finger inside her snatch and forced her to deep throat him. "The only thing that's gonna let you cum is the taste of my dick, Lisa," he informed her with a grunt as she accepted her once-again rock solid member. He nodded to Melissa and she began moaning and screaming "Lisa! Oh Lisa! YES! YES!" Melissa was actually enjoying watching Ms. Hutchinson as she squirmed to move her head to see Melissa but also keep the teacher's cock in my mouth, she wasn't successful. Not even three seconds later Ms.

Hutchinson was panting and gasping for air as she began bucking her hips wildly in orgasm. Mr. Nunez was also lost in orgasm, the bell rang. Melissa snatched her shorts and panties away from her teacher, hurriedly put them on and super slut teen jamie marleigh let dude watch her masturbate to leave. "Not so fast, Melissa," the teacher called after her.

"Come here." Melissa backed up and then a hand was digging around in her pants. It found what it was looking for, her cunt. It barely had it touch the lips to discover that Melissa was dripping wet, like a faucet had been turned on inside her vagina. "Okay, your free to go," he informed her, pulling his hand from her pants. When Melissa glanced back she caught a glimpse of Ms. Hutchinson nasty big ass hoes scene black booty productions a snake in her garden.

The rest of morning was mostly normal, except for the fact that in every class at least one cheerleader was getting fucked in the back of the classroom. At lunch Melissa still sat with Mickey and Joanna.

"We're SO, SO sorry Melissa," they said over and over. "It wasn't your fault," she'd reply every time. They asked why Mr.

Nunez had held her back. "He wanted to fuck me," she said in a whisper. She noticed that when she leaned all the way over the table they both took a long look at her tits, which were just hanging there- almost coming out of her bra.

"I made him a deal, I sucked his cock then he called the secretary and I had to eat her out, too. Truthfully-" Melissa looked around to make sure that no one was watching "-I liked it. But I'm determined to keep the only thing I still want." Mickey and Joanna were still mesmerized by Melissa's chest when she'd finished.

"Hello?" she said, waving a hand in front of their faces when both kept staring. "Oh, sorry," Mickey said, Joanna kept glancing at Melissa tits as Mickey spoke. "To be honest, every since last night we've both been crazy horn-balls. You know how you didn't see us in math? Well we got a little carried away in the bathroom and-" "I don't want to know," Melissa interrupted.

The bell rang and Melissa hurried to her second-to-last class of the day. Mrs. Johansson, the health teacher, had a thing for getting carried away when they were talking about sex. She got into how great it was and if anyone was ever in the back "getting' it on" she would make a reference to their position, how the sperm for making a boy or girl baby would travel fast than the other if the guy came in that position, and then she'd make everyone watch them.

Mrs. Johansson had the class where almost nobody fucked. Some people would get bold occasionally and do it, but in a way that it was hard to notice. The girl would just sit on the guy's lap, so it seemed.

She would actually her skirt pulled up or shorts pulled down in a way that you couldn't tell unless you were right there and the guy would pull his cock out and ram it into her ass. She would contract the muscles in her ass so fast and hard that according to the guys it was almost as good as a fuck. Johnny sat next to Melissa, he was a sweet guy that had been raped by an unknown guy on the baseball team, he'd been ass fucked then forced to ass fuck his rapist.

He still refused to tell who it was and no one could guess, since almost the whole baseball team was gay or bi. Poor Johnny was straight, so he said. "Hey, Melissa," he whispered across the isle. "Wanna come to Danny's next party with me." Melissa gave him a look. "It's almost guaranteed to have no sex, I promise." "Sure, time and place?" "I'll pick you up at six tomorrow and we'll wet group shlong sucking striptease and hardcore over to Dan's from there." "Okay," Melissa said, unsure of why she'd agreed.

Johnny was very attractive. His blue-gray eyes made every girl want to melt, his black hair and pale skin proved him to be Italian.


His face was the carving of some unknown male god of beauty. Melissa had admitted on more than one occasion that if their was any guy she'd marry it was him. She actually kind of loved him. And it was rumored that his dick was nine inches when it was limp.

After her last class Melissa was going as fast as she could in her high heels to catch up with Mickey and Joanna. "Guess who asked me to Danny Mason's party tomorrow?" "No way! Johnny Tate! Oh my gosh! No way!" Mickey and Joanna were gushing as they walked to Mickey's house. Melissa couldn't face her mom, mature fucking and getting cumshot two times was probably at the house with three bottles of wine waiting for Melissa.

At Mickey's they were still gushing. After doing the extremely light homework load Melissa went to use Mickey's restroom, only to come back to a shirtless Joanna and panty ridden Mickey who seemed to be trying to win a ruthless game of tonsil hockey.

Joanna's hand was buried in Mickey's pussy while her other hand seemed to be trying to rip the hair off her girlfriend's head. Mickey was groping at Joanna's ass to no end.

After a few minutes of staring, Melissa couldn't take it, she coughed loudly and they pulled away from each other with the sound of a suction cup being pulled from glass, only wetter. "Sorry," Mickey apologized. "Horn-balls, remember?" Melissa rolled her eyes but felt a little uncomfortable, now that neither girls were virgins they could just have random sex? Yeah, okay. They both got their clothes back on but after a few minutes of talking their lips seemed to be glued together.

Melisa sighed quietly and stared at the wall. Forever and twenty minutes later Mickey was trying to get into Joanna's pants and Melissa decided that she would break up the happy couple for a second. "Hey!" she said loudly. "I still exist over here!" Mickey drew her hands away from Joanna's pants button and looks at Melissa with an apology printed across her forehead.

"It's okay, but really, guys, I'm still here. If you want me to leave I'll-" "No, Melissa," Joanna cut across her. "We'll be good." "I'll believe that when I see it," Melissa teased.

The rest of the time Melissa was there, the girls only had three more random make out sessions. One fifteen minutes later, the second when they were watching TV, and the last five minutes before Melissa left at eight thirty at night. It was still fairly light outside as she went home. Melissa had been right, when she got home her mom was sitting on the couch watching TV with a half empty glass of wine in her hands and three more full bottles on the table.

"Why not have a drink with me, Melissa?" she offered, taking the second glass from the table and she was about to pour Melissa a glass when her daughter said no. Ana looked disappointed as her daughter took a soda from the fridge and ran upstairs. Melissa was exhausted. She didn't bother to put pajamas on; she just took off her shirt and shorts.

She threw herself onto her bed and fell asleep before her head hit the pillow. Melissa tossed and turned as she dreamed. There was a group of people around Melissa, she looked down at herself and realized that she had no clothes on. "Why not, Melissa? Don't you love your mother?" Anna's said, her voice echoing. "Every since last night, we've been total horn-balls," Mickey and Joanna said together, their voice echoing like her mom's. "If you don't make me cum I'll make sure you get suspended," Mr.

Nunez echoed. "Have you ever tasted pussy?" Ms. Hutchinson echoed. Melissa felt hands groping her all over her ass and breasts but when she looked, their were no hands there. Her bare pussy was dripping and the invisible hands spread her legs. The people around her laughed. Mickey and Joanna's hands replaced the ones Melissa couldn't see, Mickey at her ass and Joanna working her tits.

Without giving herself permission to make noise, a long, lust filled, moan escaped Melissa's lips. When her mouth opened she could taste Mr. Nunez's cock in her mouth again and was scared to find that she was on all fours. Joanna was under her, playing mercilessly with her tits and Mickey was teasing her ass with her fingers and tongue. Mr. Nunez didn't have to force Melissa's willing mouth to thick shaft hammers wet pussy hardcore massage his dick.

Anna's lips were suddenly kissing every part of Melissa that wasn't already being touched. Melissa was almost disappointed that no one had thought to play with her burning pussy. "Please," Melissa begged them. "Make me cum. Make me cum." They ignored her, kissing and fondling her. Then she was laying on her back, her mouth still working on Mr.

Nunez's dick but now her hands were busy with Joanna and Mickey's pussies. Her mom was scissoring her and Melissa hadn't realized that she was moving with her mother until she saw her hips moving and pussy grinding against her mother's.

Then she could feel the stickiness of the love juices on her inner thighs and pussy. Everyone around Melissa, all at the same time, threw their heads back and yelled "I'M CUMMING!" at the tops of their lungs. Melissa felt her mother, Mickey and Joanna's body's begin to shake as they all climaxed hard on Melissa.

Mr. Nunez pulled out ands showered her with cum. They all began to rub the hot stick fluids that was Robert Nunez's cum all over her burning body. She tried to tell them to penetrate her, to take her virginity and tear her pussy apart with everything they could stuff into it but they couldn't hear her; they only continued to massage her body.

Melissa gasped was jolted upward, awake. She felt childish but couldn't help herself but look down at her half naked body. Their was no sticky fluid coating her body. "Melissa!" Anna called up. "I'm awake mom!" Melissa screamed back downstairs. She showered in extra ho water, imagining that it was everyone cumming on her body. She fondled her breasts like Joanna had done in her dream. Her used the handle of her hairbrush to pleasure her pussy and was moaning and yelling as she climaxed, long and hard.

"Lissa?" her mom said as she bust in the door. Melissa was still moaning and yelling even though leggy angel gets willing for sex games climax had subsided, but her kept the handle in her pussy, which felt even better after her orgasm. Anna pulled the shower curtain aside to find her masturbating daughter.

"Want some help?" Anna asked, she was serious but her tone was playful. Melissa sobered up and replied with a stiff "No," before climbing out of the shower and wrapping a towel around herself. She threw the hairbrush onto the floor before storming out of the bathroom.

As she glanced back Melissa could have sworn she saw her mom picking up the hairbrush and tasting the handle that was still dripping with the juices that spilled from Melissa's cunt. Whore, Melissa thought. She was feeling strange, nervous about the party and a little sluttish. Melissa changed into the second most revealing outfit she owned, she'd safe most #1 for tonight with Johnny.

When Melissa left the house she was wearing a pick low cut tube top with the words "Titty Fuck" on the chest and matching shorts that said "Doggy Style" on the ass. It was of her mother's creation, she had used iron on letters to make the words. She even wrote "Eat It" on the crotch with a Sharpie. She wore the tallest stilettos she owned and was proud to look like this as she left the house. Melissa Henry was all but begging for some random stranger to kidnap and fuck her. At school everyone gawked, guys and girls alike.

Mickey and Joanna both whistled. Johnny grabbed couple in pussy licking and blowjob in bedroom hardcore couples ass as she walked by and pulled her backward by her pants. "See you tonight," he whispered in her ear, biting it. Melissa replied by turning around and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissing his with as much force and tongue and saliva as she could, he returned it happily, squeezing her ass harder and harder as he to picked her.

Minute later both were still locked in the kiss as the whole homeroom was watching. A few guys were staring and whacking off, some girls doing it for them as they pleasured their own privates. Melissa was happy to look like such a hoe. She was proud of looking like a slut. She was sure to grind her tits on his chest, her nipples rock hard, and she moved her hips several times in an attempt to grind her pussy on his hardening dick.

Eventually someone threw a crumpled up paper at Johnny's head and he broke the kiss. "Fuck off," he said to the classroom at large, but Mr. Nunez said, "How about you continue that at a different time?" Melissa noticed that he had left his pants on but had been lightly stroking he fabric of his trousers milf and teen make out and threesome sex on the couch oldvsyoung and brunette the crotch.

Melissa and Johnny sat in the crying girl blackmailing forced strip, he had his solid cock whipped out a millisecond after he sat down and Melissa slid her desk closer to his for the sole purpose of stroking the monster.

They skipped the next period to kiss, much like they had in homeroom. And when they departed from each others presence Melissa had four hicks on her neck and there was a countless amount of Johnny's. Melissa didn't pay attention to her next classes, instead she teased her clit, but didn't bring herself to orgasm.

At lunch Mickey and Joanna asked for every detail but Melissa tormented them by only saying "You saw us in homeroom, didn't you?" In the last ten minutes of lunch Johnny came up behind Melissa and grabbed her tits, massaging them. Mickey and Joanna gave each other a 'Here we go' look. mom and kid son teaching for the party?" he whispered seductively had he nibbled on her ear. Melissa's only response was moaning quietly.

The bell rang but neither of them moved. "Come on, we'll just ditch again," he said, moving his hands to her ass, lifting her up and then setting her on her feet again in front of him. "Anything you want," Melissa said breathlessly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and he picked her up again, carrying her to an empty classroom. Melissa had her suspicions about these types of classrooms, she figured that they were empty for a situation like Melissa and Johnny's: Wanting to ditch class and do things that you shouldn't do.

Johnny was kissing down Melissa's body and she didn't even realize what he was trying to do until he'd almost done it. His fingers were playing with her clit and then he had put his thumb on it to spread her pussy lips. She shut her legs and he looked offended. "Come on, baby. If you love me. . ." His voice trailed off.

"I do love you," Melissa told him. And it wasn't a lie, Melissa had had a building crush on Johnny as long as she'd known him. She knew she loved him, because she'd known Johnny for a long time.

"But I want it to be special. Not in this dirty school." "So you do want it to be me?" Johnny said hopefully. "I don't want it to be anyone but you," Melissa lied. She could imagine a few other people, Mickey, Joanna, both of them, some really hot buff guy with a dick as big as his arm (even though there're was little chance that a guy like that even existed). But one of the people on that short list was Johnny.

He was almost on the top, under the buff guy, so she decided right there that he would definitely be her first choice. "How about this," Melissa said suddenly, getting up and taking his hands.

"Tonight, at the party." She winked and he leaned down and kissed her gently on her lips. "Tonight," he agreed, and he must have glanced at the clock because he said, "Three, two, one," Two things happened on "one": he began massaging her ass and kissing her neck and the bell rang. They didn't stop until about ten or fifteen minutes later. Melissa was a horny bitch as she left the school.

She didn't masturbate when she got home though, wanting to save every bit of wetness for tonight. At six thirty she changed out of the clothes that she'd worn to school and did her hair. After that she put on a red lace bra that barely covered her breasts and the matching g-string. The outfit that she had dreaded jenna gets fucked while wearing knee socks so long, the slut outfit, hung in her closet; she put it on feeling like it amazing mature woman gives her mouth for two friends her key to sex, which she actually felt really good about.

When Melissa went downstairs Anna gawked. "Like it?" she asked, spinning around slowly and gracefully so Anna saw every bit of it. "What are you doing tonight, Lissa?" Anna asked in a surprised tone. Melissa only winked at her mom and smiled. It was six fifty-nine. Johnny pulled up in a sleek black car with tinted windows. He honked his horn.

Melissa waved at her mom before put on the shoes that went with her outfit and left. Johnny looked amazing in anything he wore but he looked especially tempting tonight.

He only had on a black vest, exposing his muscled chest and strong arms. He was sagging, his gray boxers exposed, his erect penis trying to free itself. Melissa licked her lips, which she had put red lipstick on. "Do we have to wait until the party?" Johnny teased as he pulled away from the curb.

Melissa rolled her eyes. "That's the best outfit I every saw," Johnny complimented, taking on hand off the wheel and rubbing Melissa's thigh. "To bad it'll be coming off in a while." The drive to Danny's house was about twenty minutes, in which time Johnny was hitting on Melissa. When he'd tried to get his hand on his pussy, just to rub her clit, her playfully smacked his hand.


To which he replied "I like 'em feisty." Melissa laughed and said that she wanted to save it all until the party. When they got to Danny's house he can outside to see Johnny.

"Whoa, dude," Danny said to Johnny, elbowing him in the ribs. "You didn't tell me you were bringing entertainment." "Off limits," Johnny said in the same half joking half serious tone. "This is mine." And then he grabbed Melissa around the waist and led her inside, with Danny trailing behind staring it her almost exposed ass. The first half hour of the party was just a bunch of dancing and mingling, with colorful lights flashing everywhere.

Then Danny got on the microphone and said it was time to kick it up a notch. He turned the lights down on they were just dim glowing embers and the played music that made every girl their want busty ebony honey has her pussy drilled dance around a pole. Melissa moaned loudly along with several other girls as their dates began groping every part of them.

The whole room was full of moaning girls and horny guys, Melissa and Johnny were no different. Eventually they made their way to a couch and they were kissing each other twice as wildly as they had in homeroom and Johnny nearly ripped her clothes off right their. "Lets find a more private spot," Melissa said in between breaths. Johnny took her into Danny's huge bathroom that was complete with a hot tube. Melissa looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised that her makeup and hair was still in tact.

She still hadn't regretted wearing her red silk outfit. It was pretty much only a four inch ribbon to cover her nipples and a super mini skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks. Her hair was curled and piled on top of her head in a way that would make any prom queen feel jealous.

Johnny traced Melissa's lips with his tongue, making her shiver with pleasure. He picked her up onto the counter to access her mouth easier, she wondered briefly if her could taste the lipstick. Her lips were soon very moist with his saliva, her kept licking her lips, seeming to want to taste every part of her slowly. She parted her lips and as his tongue can back to wet her lips again she slid her tongue around on his.

She sucked it into her mouth and swirled it around with hers. His mouth tasted like heaven. She warped her legs around his waist to pull him closer, her pussy was on the fabric of his crotch, his cock was rock hard.

He pulled his arms away without breaking their very wet kiss to pull out his monster cock. He began rubbing it against the warm and soaking wet fabric that barely managed to cover her snatch. She moan when it made contact with the material. "What do you want me to do with this?" he breathed in her ear between kisses, wanting her to say dirty things, wanting to hear her say it.

"I want you to be the one," she gasped. "I want you to take away my virginity. I want your monster cock to penetrate me, to tear me apart." Precum was dripped from the tip of Johnny's big dick. Melissa ground her pussy against it as he whapped against her cunt. She moaned, then slid off the counter and onto her knees.

She took the huge thing in her mouth and deep throated him. Even deep throating she couldn't get the whole thing down. She almost gagged several times as her head bobbed up and down Johnny's long shaft, he was moaning and twisting his hands in her hair, moving her head like he wanted it when he pumped the giant in and out of her mouth.

It hurt a little but she loved it. She loved how his ball sack was slapping her chin every time he forced his dick back into her mouth. She couldn't get enough of it. Finally, Johnny let out a long moan and long streams of cum hit the back of her throat and filled her mouth. She swallowing the hot liquid happily, craving more. He was getting limp again and her wanted his cock to be rock solid as it took her. She began stroking him, building more and more speed as she jacked him off.

"I want you inside of me," she said seductively. "I want you buried in my folds. I can't get enough of your cum. I want it in my pussy. Give it to me, I want it all, give it to me." That seemed to do it for Johnny, staring at his smutty date jack him off and talking about how she wanted him to fuck her, his cock grew and was standing at full attention for Melissa.

"That's it," she said, only taking in the head and swirling her tongue around it. "I want you so bad." Johnny couldn't seem to contain himself anymore, he pulled Melissa back onto the counter and tore away all the fabric that was covering her tits off of her body. He tormented her clit, with was drowning in juices, as he played with her nipples, sucking them and biting them to no end. "OH! JOHNNY! YOUR DRIVING ME OVER THE EGDGE!" Melissa screamed.

Johnny stopped playing with her tits, but kept rubbing his rub on her clit. "Fuck me!" Melissa all but yelled at him. She pulled his lips to hers and kissed him almost violently. "Fuck me hard! Tear me apart! FUCK ME!" Johnny wasted no time once Melissa had finally freed him from her ferocious kiss. He pulled her skirt and thong off and put the tip of his dick right on her entrance. "You ready?" he asked, staring at her mound.

"Fuck me," Melissa begged. Her pussy was sopping wet and she couldn't take it anymore. Johnny pushed into her. Melissa was a little disappointed, Joanna and Mickey were right, she could barely feel it she was so wet, but when he horny lesbian stepmom seduces two hot teens pumping like she had thought only an animal could she felt everything.

It was heaven and hell mixed together inside her. It started to become painful because he was so big but he gave he a million times more pleasure than any dildo she had every used.

She could feel his cock pulsing and his ball sack slapped her ass every time he pushed in again. "Your-" push in "-so-" pull out, push in "-fucking-" in and out "-tight!" Melissa began moving her hips along with his motions so that she was forcing herself farther down his shaft as he pushed in and when he pulled out she slid back up, but never letting him all the way out.

"I'M RIGHT ON THE EDGE!" Melissa yelled, panting. "SEND ME OVER! MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM!" Johnny was fucking her hard as ever, and she didn't think going as fast as he was would have been possible. She was moaning as loud as her could and every once in a while she thought she heard someone at the locked door, trying to listen or get in.

About five minutes later Johnny suddenly pulled all the way out, looking nervous. "What if you get pregnant," he panted. Melissa was just as breathless as she replied "I don't care. I'll have twenty of your babies if it will let me at that cock when I want it." Johnny smiled, his eyes half crazy with his need for sex. Melissa was sure that she was disheveled but she didn't care. She pulled him forward a little by his thick piece of meat and put him back at the entrance of her hole.

"I want you to cum with me," she told him. "I want to feel your juices fill me up as I release all over you. Please." Melissa was sure that her eyes were crazier than his with her hunger for his dick. He pushed back in and she was surprised that he could move faster than before.

"I'M GONNA CUM!" Johnny yelled. "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" Melissa felt the first stream of his love juices flood her and that did it. She tightened around his huge cock and her eyes closed has they rolled back in her head with the power of her orgasm. Their was too much cum for her pussy to contain and with every stream of cum another stream would flood out of her. She was screaming and moaning, louder and louder. The final stream hit her insides and when she had regained control mia scarlett is riding a big cock like champion slut her body she kissed his so hard that he gripped her sticky ass so when he fell down she did too, on top of him; his dick was still in her and when she' stopped kissing him she began bouncing up and down on it.

"Oh, Melissa! Yes! Oh!" Johnny encouraged, still a little bit out of breath. Melissa felt his dick getting hard again minutes later. She suddenly stopped riding him. The apexxx pov rp bj cumshot pornstars handjob "Save a horse, rude a cowgirl," came to her and she got off of his dick, getting on all fours, bending her body so that her ass was as far up in the air as was comfortable.

"In my ass," she commanded when he was about to finger her. He was on his knees and didn't speak when he put his dick at the entrance of her pussy and got it lubed with their mixed juices. He didn't pause as he pushed into her ass. She knew it must have been really tight because he seemed to be having a hard time pulling in and out.

Eventually he adjusted to it and Melissa was in heaven again. "Yes, Johnny! Oh yes! Harder! OH! Harder!" He obeyed and was pumping like he had in her pussy, she loved it. She was moaning and whimpering like crazy and she could feel their juices dripping out of her like a faucet, they ran down her legs and hammering attractive hotties fuck gap hardcore blowjob she could have looked back with stopping Johnny exclusive hardworker guy gets fuck brunette mommy riding her ass she would have saw a little puddle at her knees.

Soon they were both locked in another simultaneous orgasm. "JOHNNNNY!" Melissa screamed, collapsing, bring him down on top of her, he still hadn't pulled out so his limp dick was resting in her wore ass.

She was exhausted, but wanted sex, bad. Mickey and Joanna were right again, after having sex that's all you wanted, more sex. Eventually they both got up, Melissa was back on the counter and they were kissing, Johnny's once again rock hard dick slowly moving in and out of her as they kissed. "Hey! JOHNNY!" Danny's voice called from outside the door.

"If you don't open this door I'm coming in!" Neither of them broke the kiss. Johnny smiled and stopped kissing Melissa. He began pumping her again, not as hard as before but still a good speed.

Danny unlocked the door and when he burst in he just stared. Johnny stopped and glared at Danny, as if he were surprised and angry that he burst in like that. "Dude, what the hell?" Johnny barked at him. "Sorry man," Danny said, staring at Melissa's naked body and dripping cunt.

Melissa had an idea. She whispered it in Johnny's ear and Johnny told Danny.

Maman et son fils jeune xxx francais sodok

"You know it man!" Danny almost yelled. Both boys left and came back with their friend Chad. All three boys smiled as Melissa sat on Johnny's bed with them all jacking off around her. **If you want a part to comment. **Only constructive critic comments, please! If you don't like the story then don't comment. **I'll only make a part two if I get enough good comments.