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Ffm threesome with horny alien chick eva parcker tiffany doll
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The Stanton's Downfall - Chapter 3 Sandra We all sat three laughing and replaying the events of the day. Nicola was ours now and we new our father couldn't wait to try her out. Nicola was arriving in an hour and my father had her temporary room set up for her as well as the uniform she would wear in the house. I was even more excited because now I had three day with my half sister.

Same father different mothers. It was funny, no one could tell that we were related but we knew since our mother had already informed us of how Gloria, Nicola's mother stole our father from my mother when she was pregnant with Katherine our oldest sister.

She and my mother were best friends and because she was jealous of my mothers relationship with my mother she drugged her and had my mother raped and took pictures of it. She even went as far as to drug my father, fuck him and video the whole thing, which jenna sativariley nixon in a lunchtime licking used to blackmail him until she became pregnant with Cassandra.

Therefore she had solid material to get whatever she needed from my father even though he was married to my mother for 13 years and they grew together financially. She fed her children off the money my family made and she used her children as leverage. My mother surprisingly knew about the situation but did nothing expect divorce him and for three years they were separated then he married Gloria who had been eating the luxuries of my mother and father's wealth and although I knew who they were and the children she had for him they didn't know.

For years they took our father away from us and at the same time took advantage of him, wasting his money, publicly humiliating him and using his respectable name as a means to an end. I watched as he sat with my mother discussing Gloria's treatment.

I knew they had their own private plan for her but at the end they would all belong to us. Our house had about seven bedrooms and two studies as well as three bathrooms and an extremely large dining room as well a large front room.

Our garden had a jacuzzi and a swimming pool and we had an amazing house at the back of our garden which had tinted windows. I smiled softly as the door bell rang and everyone had a look of absolution or excitement. I slowly stood up and walked out the front room with a little swagger, this was it. Nicola I shifted from foot to foot as I waited for the door to open.

The house was amazing, I never thought that Sandra could live in such a place and yet I was standing at a mansion with black and gold gates. I froze as the door opened and standing there was Sandra in tight fitted leggings that hugged her slim legs and rounded hips and a crop top lusty busty dolls 3 scene 1 showed off her mid-drift.

She smiled coldly at me before stepping aside and letting me in. The door slammed behind me and I couldn't help but gasp as my ass was cupped from behind letting me immediately know her intentions and said as her hands roamed around my jeans covered butt. "Take the clothe off, no ones home except me and Rose" I shivered at her tone of voice and slowly stripped off my clothing watching her as she devoured me with her eyes. I could feel myself heating up at her stare as she drunk in my now naked form.

"Get on your knees!" I did so without complaint. The weeks before reminded me what she would do if I disobeyed and I didn't want to cross her; Sandra had cruel methods of punishment that I would never like to revisit. She smiled at my obedience and slowly knelt down at my level and strapped a black do collar around my neck which had the name 'slave one" on it. I quickly protested at this "Please Sandra, I'm sorry for being a bitch before but please this is too much!" she smiled a little although her eyes felt like they were ice straight into my veins and said "You were a bitch before, but now you are my bitch" I froze at her statements and stumbled as she tugged at the leash making me following her on hands and knees.

I had this feeling of trepidation in the pit of my stomach and knew I wouldn't like the outcome of my living situations but I knew I would have to accept them. I looked around in awe at the portraits on the wall and stared shocked as I saw the one person I didn't expect there. They looked so happy and so clean cut and professional and once you looked at all the face you could see the resemblances.

Even though Sandra was a red head she had my father nose and eye shape and his pale skin complexion whereas Rose had his mouth and cheek bones and she also had brown hair although it was darker than his. The other daughter who looked like the oldest had her mother red hair green eyes expect her facial features were a feminine version of my fathers and then the guy looked like he could pass for my dads younger brother.

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This was beginning to get too much. If I was reading into what I saw in that family portrait that would mean we were sisters and she was raping me.

She finally stopped walking and there sitting in front of me with a small smile on his face lesbian elf busty teenager tempts her neighbor girl my father. [b]Dave( Father)[b] I watched as the tears cascaded down her high cheek bones and beautiful face and said feeling no remorse "Its nice to see that you actually learnt to keep time.

I am sure you are wondering what is going on and I will inform you. You are now this families slave, your sisters and mother will be joining you soon so don't worry!" "Why are you doing this, I.I &hellip.I can't believe you Dad, why would you let them do this to me me?" I laughed at her whining voice and said removing my belt yet keeping eye contact with her "You see, I never really wanted you or your sisters but your mother raped me and blackmailed me into having you so I decided that if I'm going to bear with your existence I will make better use of you" she cried harder as I folded the belt and walked leisurely around her body "You have grown into a very sexy young woman, but blonde milf gets her ass hole fucked by her bf you are only a whore, slave, pet.

What we say goes. I will fuck you anywhere and in whatever manner that pleases me and so will anyone who enters this household!" she curled into herself restricting me from her view. I wanted to see those perky tits and her tight little body and she withheld from me; I quickly whacked the belt across her back and watch as she tumbled to the floor in a horrible heap sobbing as she realised her positioned "I'm sorry.sorry.please.don't hurt me.

I won't fight.please stop!" I smiled at her fallen form hard from the sight of her and said calmly as I walked out the room with Sophie grinning besides me [b]Nicola[b] "Take her out back, I want her sorted our accordingly!" Sandra and Rose nodded and dragged me through the house discussing all the things they were going to do to me and what they though my.our father would do to me.

Being with them wasn't so bad if I ignored their remarks and only focused on the pleasure of their touches. Rose commented on how well I shaved of all my pubic hair whilst Sandra kept probing me with her fingers and occasionally licked at my breast.

Teen vixen kate rich gets her pussy beaten up stood in front of them with my cheer-leading uniform but my hands were tied behind my back and underneath the uniform my breast were bound wrapped with rope and I was wearing black three inch heels that went perfectly with the yellow and black uniform.

I watched as they both admired my form and left me there. I didn't cry but I did feel numb. I knew he was about to rape me but I accepted it now almost the fear was still there, there was nothing I could do but to just endure. When I thought back on it, I had never been a loving daughter and took liberates with him, I've embarrassed him I business meetings, crashed his car, maxed his credit card, insulted him and I spat and slapped him and he had never raised his hand or disciplined me until now.

I slowly got to my knees as the doors opened and watched as he walked in without a definable characteristic on his face, he just looked blank. Now I was getting scared; I knew how much grief I gave him an now he was getting his revenge. I watched as he began removing his clothing and starred. My father always kept in shape and even at 48 his body was not bad. As he neared me I couldn't help but tremble as the situation finally settled in.

He was actually going though with this. I gasped as he picked up my dangling lead and tugged on it making me stumble towards him. I cried out as I felt his hands brush against my mid-drift and pulled away; he laughed a little and I watched horrified as he wrapped the lead around his fist until I was breathing in his breathless "Please.don't do this!" he laughed and licked at my parted lips and I couldn't help the shudder that ran through my bones as my father lips violently attacked my own.

All I could do was kick as my arms were already bound and I cried out as his lips descended to my neck and left bruised in any available skin. His held me so close to his body that I could feel his dick rub against my stomach and I cringed as it disappeared under my skirt and rubbed at my knickers. This was disgusting. I cried out as his hands slipped up my top and his cold hands fondled me rough and he panted against my neck "I cant wait to come in you!" I continued to tremble as his lips trailed along my neck and his hands wandered under my skirt.

His hands were so rough and it gasped as he brutally grabbed my ass and began fondling me. He kept with the process and pushing and pulling apart my cheeks then patting it as I squirmed in his grasp. This was awful and I knew there was nothing I could do about it. I just couldn't believe he would do this.

"Please don't do this, I'm your daughter, please daddy" I trembled as he stopped his ministrations and waited for his reply; please let this be over. He slowly walked away from me and quietly sat down on the bed and just watched me. My eyes met his and he said as his eyes penetrated my body "That's the first time I've heard you call me daddy!" I nodded tear streaming down my face and couldn't meet his eyes as he continued knowing what he said was true "But you are right I am your father and I should not do this to you!" my head snapped up and I starred at him surprised at he admission and felt relief that he was finally letting me go "Thank you so much, thank you, I swear I will behave" he nodded dismissively and said smirking as his eyes ran over my body and his hand rubbed at the bulge in his shorts "I know you will behave, you are nothing xnxx 2019 porn folder story my slave daughter and I will fuck you when I please and how I please, so like the slave you are get on your knees and get between my legs.

I saw those pictures, you look like you know what I do and I saw the videos Rose and Sandra made of you and your newly acquired skills of deep-throating. I want to see it at work. NOW!" More recordings.there couldn't be. There were only the pictures of me and Trevor. He saw me in all those embarrassing positions. I had become a porn star for those two sisters.

They fucked me, especially Sandra. She cornered me in the showers after cheer practise and made me eat her out and the she got me alone after a detention and bent me over the teachers desk and spanked me with a wooden ruler. I shivered as I remembered the cruelty she showed my breast as she wrapped them in rope and proceeded to lick, suck, pinch, bite then slap them until they bruised.

I cried as I knelt stumblingly as I finally hit the ground and remembered how she punished me for not learning how to crawl in the proper manner.

Butt up in the air and face almost touching the ground but since my arms were tied I had to find another way. I cried as I let my shoulders touch the ground and used my shoulders to manoeuvre to him groaning in discomfort as I did so.

When I didn't perform well she whipped me and when I did she made me lick her until she orgasmed. I shook as I neared his feet knowing what I was going to have to do but hating it more than ever. I watched as he shuffled his trousers to the floor and I starred at his hairy legs trying to avoid looking at his dick.

I slowly straightened myself in front of him and was faced directly at his penis. I gulped at its size knowing it was thicker and bigger than Trevor's. I slowly closed my eyes and pressed my lips against the head of his eight inch dick. I continued at a slow pace licking and kissing the head of his cock but I guess that wasn't enough.

I know I shouldn't be cum for cover blowbang babe fucks by the pool it so soon but at least he wasn't hurting me physically. I continued to concentrate on my task, rolling his cock around my tongue and moving back and forth taking him deep within my throat.

His hands massaged my head and he groaned s I continued sucking him. I worked harder than ever making sure I gave him the best and slowly let his dick enter my throat. I gagged a little but kept at and slowly pulled away and repeated the process. His hands gripped my hair harder as my throat went around his organ and as I pulled back he held me there and pushed forward. No, no no, please.

I shook my head sacred at what he was trying to do. I could feel it force its way down my throat and I could help but cry as I felt his balls slap my chin and he groaned happily "I've always wanted to do!" and then he began pumping. He pushed forward so deeply he almost made me gag. I could feel his hand wrap around my ponytail and another reach down and grabbed my breast. He was pinching and and scratching my tits mom seduces son friend blowjob hard as possible as he rammed his cock in and out.

I wanted him to finish. My throat was starting to hurt and I feel so dirty now. I could feel him reaching his limits and pushed forward allowing him to abuse my throat. It was almost over.

I frantically shook as his fingers blocked my nose. I shook on him, shaking, trying to breathe and moved off him but I could feel my chest constricting and my heart pounding until he laughed and shoot his load deep into my throat. I collapsed to the floor chocking and shivering as he laughed and dragged me back up and threw me unto the bed "Months and years went into panning this. You belong to this family now. You will serve us with your body without question. Now be a good girl and spread em wide" There was nothing I could do, he knew it and I knew it.

I stopped jerking about the bed like a dead fish and spread my legs wide for him. He smiled nodding and said crawling between my legs "That's better. Do you understand what your role is?" I nodded crying. His hands slowly slid up my skirt and pulled away my panties "Every time I saw you in this uniform I wanted to have you!" [b]Dave[b] I couldn't believe I was finally going to have her.

I groaned as I felt her thighs touch mine and I leaned forward and latched unto her perky tits. They were so milky and her nipples were bright pink like a dart board. I could feel her body arch into my face letting me know she liked her nipples touch and continued to suck and pet then as my dick rubbed against her centre. She groaned as I gently slid into her and I could help but sigh as I slid my full length into her.

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So wet and tight and so so warm. This was amazing. She xxx storys h d full new xxx 2019 h d so tight.

I quickly pulled up her knees and pushed them opposite each other so I could get deeper. I groaned as I slammed harder and harder and I could eel her clench around me.

I quickly tucked my legs under her thighs and took her hips and pushed speeding up and watching the reactions on her face. I could see the pain but there was pleasure as she finally accepted my dick. Her chest heaved and I could help but leaned down and take those addictive nipples into my mouth and suck as hard as I could.

She screamed out and arched off the bed "Oh gosh, this is too much, I can't take it!" she panted out and this was only the beginning. I quickly unbound her and slammed into her harder than ever. I fucked her like a man posses for years she, her mother and sisters had ridiculed my so called submissive behaviour and took advantage of everything I had and now it was time to pay.

Gloria was the first. She had let herself go and was a size 16, but not the attractive kind, the flab kind and so for a year I had her at the gym almost everyday and if she failed she wouldn't receive a penny from me.

She worked her ass off then when we were in the bedroom I began to get rougher. She argued went as far as slapping me when I spanked her too hard or came on her face but it was all fun for me.

Last year when all the girls were away on a holiday with my brother and his sons Gloria was my little pet. She was a nice size 14 then; her breast were an amazing 38 DD breast and a narrow waist with bi fellas for one beauty hardcore groupsex voluptuous hips and a nice ass. I quickly turned Nicola around and unzipped the top half of her yellow uniform and ran my hands up her naked back and slammed into her again.

She buckled fast and her face slammed into the pillow as I ploughed into her tight pussy. I could see and feel her body clench as I moved in and out of her harder and said fisting her hair and arching her body so her lips were in line with mine "such a little slut!" and kissed her hard.

I could feel her tongue push against mine and left her arm wrap around my head for leverage and we fucked each other long and hard "Daddy, harder, I wanna cum" I gripped her breast and sat on the heels of my feet and sat her on my dick, jumping her up and down as hard as I could. I could taste her tears as I violently fucked her and froze as I could feel the impending flood and slammed into her so hard she cried out flung her head back with a shrill cry and collapsed unto the bed with my cum shooting unto her back.

[b]Nicola[b] I cant believe I did that. I came with him, my father. It hut so much and I was so turned on by the roughness. I was still coming down from my orgasm when I felt his finger enter my ass. I froze in shock and I knew what he was about to do next but I knew I couldn't fight him.

I cried again but this time silently as I bit my lip to force the screams back down in my throat as he slowly ripped open my anus. I don't know how long it went on but I knew he took me in every position possible before he came in me one more time before falling asleep with me still on top of him and his cock still in me.

"You stay exactly where you are with my dick in you!" I cried and did as told and tentatively laid my head on his chest shivering as my tits pressed against his chest. Thanks for the reviews please continue reviewing after you read. Thanks