Sexy brunette nervous and naked with anal dildo in cedar rapids

Sexy brunette nervous and naked with anal dildo in cedar rapids
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Hi I'm Sam and I live in a really small town with my parents, my dad owns the local car dealership. And my best friend Rob and his family live next door. Me and Rob were in the pool one afternoon when he told me his parents were sellin the house and moving to be closer to his sick grandmother. This was a blow because when he left there would be nobody my own age to hang out with.

It took a few months for his parents to sell the house, so on the day before they moved his dad hired a big truck to move them. Me and my parents helped them pack and load the truck so they could leave early the next day.

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That night we all had a party and had a few beers and quite a bit of food, we all had a really nice night but soon it was time to say goodbye. The next few days were really quiet with not a lot to do. Then one Wednesday morning I was woke by the sound of a truck outside as it was Wednesday I thought it was the rubbish collection, so I went back to sleep.

When I woke an hour or so later I could hear voices outside and things being moved. When I looked out I could see it was the people next door moving in and the noise was the removal men taking the things inside. I saw my mum talking to someone but couldn't see who it was my view was obstructed by the tree in the front garden. I got ready and went down for breakfast. When I got to the kitchen I found my mum making coffee "who were you talking too"?


I asked her getting my breakfast and sitting down at the table. " I was introducing myself to the new neighbours, well the wife anyway her name is Lisa and her husband is called Mike he is a lawyer ad works away a lot, there daughter Holly is at university". Mum left to go and make some calls and I ate my breakfast. I left the house about an hour later to go and deliver a customers car for dad, the customer had broke her leg so could not drive.

When I had dropped the car off I walked home and went into the house via the french doors leading to the kitchen. When I entered I stopped dead when I saw the most stunning woman I had ever seen sitting at our table drinking coffee.

"Oh Lisa this is my son Sam. Sam this is Lisa our new neighbour". For what seemed a lifetime I just stared then managed to say "hi pleased to meet you", then I sat down at the table. Lisa was a curvy blue eyed blonde her hair went passed her shoulders and she had about 32DD boobs and she was forty-two because she had just had a birthday. For the next half hour or so I could not keep my eyes off er and when she got up I was suddenly brought out of my dreamland.

"Nice to have met you Sam" I stood "you too, and if you need some help just ask". I did help Lisa over the next few days I moved boxes and took packing cases to the recycling centre. I was pleased because I got to spend tome with her and it gave me something to do. Over the next weeks my mum and Lisa became really good friends and Lisa was often in our house having coffee, every time she left I had to go and wank myself because I was so turned on ever time I saw her.

A couple of day passed and I heard a van move out of Lisa's drive and when I looked I saw it was the pool repair man.

The day after she moved in the pump in the pool broke so I guess she must have had it fixed. I then heard a splash and when I looked out I saw Lisa swimming in the pool, wearing a black bikinI. Suddenly felt myself getting really hard and before I knew it I had taken my shorts down and started rubbing my cock.

Lisa got out of the pool and she looked stunning, she then sat on a sun lounger and pulled the ties on her bikini top and let it fall to the ground. I then saw her stunning breasts and her perfect round nipples that were hard. She then lay down on the lounger and I saw her put her left hand down her bikini bottoms and I could see that she was playing with herself.

This made me even harder and when I looked down I could see pre cum leaking out the end of my cock. I watched Lisa for a little longer until I had no choice but to make myself cum. When I looked at Lisa I saw her back arch so I think she had cum at the same time. Over the next few weeks when I heard her in the pool I would watch because every time she got out she would masturbate. A week or so later mum said "me and your dad are going away for the weekend" which was good as this meant I had the house to myself, so I could watch what I wanted and eat what I wanted as well.

The weekend came and they left about six so I decided to have a swim. It got to about eight so I put on a porno DVD and got some beer. I was just about to hit play when the door bell rang. This was really frustrating because I had the night planned. I got up to see who it was but when I opened the door my frustrations quickly went, because standing on the step was Lisa.

"Hi I know you are nineteen but your mum asked me to see if you were OK". I invited her in and gave her a beer. Lisa sat down and all of a sudden the DVD came on, and on the screen was an older blonde fucking a younger blonde. "Is that what you like two women fucking"?

She must have sat on the remote and knocked the play button. "Em I, Ilike the fact one of them is older more than the lesbian thing". Lisa kept watching the TV and I tried to get the remote to stop it, but she said "no leave it". Lisa turned to me and said "do you want to watch me make myself cum like you do when I get out of the pool"?

I did not think she had seen me but I must have been very wrong. I thought this is the only chance I would get probably. "Yes I would but I would like you to take your clothes off and let your hair down". Lisa stood up and took the straps of her black summer dress from her shoulders and dropped it to the floor, she was standing in front of me completely naked and she looked stunning.

She reached up and took the clip from her hair letting it fall down her back. There in front of me was this sexy hot older woman and I was so excited.

"Well I'm naked now you get naked". I needed no persuation to get my clothes off, and when I was naked Lisa pushed me onto the sofa. She sat at the other end and started to play with herself. She ran her fingers over her pussy lips and then put her finger inside followed by another one. I could see she was turned on because her juices were coming out of her, when she moved her finger back. She started getting multi orgasmic squirting babe just keeps on cumming as the girls on the porno got faster.

Then all of a sudden her body stiffened and she cum all over the sofa. When she had cum she told me to lick the juices off her. I had not really done oral much but I went between her legs and stuck my tongue onside her licking her seductive busty cougar leena sky deepthroats a big cock in pov. After a while of licking she said "keep going I'm going to cum again", I kept licking and sucking and felt another load of her juice go all over my face.

After she had cum I looked up at her and she said "would you like me to lick that off you"? With that she started licking my face and when she got to my mouth she started kissing me passionately and putting her tongue as far in my mouth as she could.

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After a while of kissing she pulled away "I have never cheated on Mike even after twenty years of marriage but there is something about you, and I have had the chance to have affairs before but never with anone young enough to be my son, but I don't know what it is with you I just want to fuck you and pleasure you and make your fantasies come true". By this point my cock was so hard and when she saw she went down and took me in her mouth.

She started rubging her tongue up and down my shaft slowly at first and then faster ad faster. Iwas sitting back on the sofa just enjoying the whole thing, I had nover been fucked like this before in my life. I could feel myself about to cum and said "I want to shoot my load down your throat". Lisa mumbled "do it, do it now", with that I shot a load of cum down her throat. I expected her to pull my cock out a bit but she left it all the way in, I could feel her swallow the whole lot and then rub her tongue around my end to get every bit.

When she sat up she smiled at me "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did? Mike doens't really like it so I don't get to do it that often". "I loved it but I really want to just fuck you hard". Lisa smiled and said "well you better take me to bed". We went upstairs to my room and got on my bed. I hadn't quite recovered from downstairs so we lay on the bed kissing each other and Lisa was rubbing my cock.

After a while it started going hard "I think you are ready to fuck me now but Wild fucking for a sexy gorgeous bitch will keep rubbing a bit longer just to make sure".

She was driving me wild until I could nott take it any longer. I positioned myself over her and lowered myself down on top of her, I felt her guide my cock into her pussy.


It slid in easily because she was still so wet. When I was inside her she said "fuck me, fuck me like my husband can't, fuck me hard, I want it as hard as you can do it now". I started fucking her as hard as I could, while I was I could feel her tense up and cum, so I slowed. "No don't slow down keep doing it hard I want it hard and want to cum more than once during sex".

I kept pounding her and by the time I cum she must have cum about four or five times. When we had done we lay in each others arms saying nothing, then I said "what do we do now"?

Lisa looked at me "well I think we should fuck some more". Then Lisa looked at me and said "do you want to have an affair I have needs that need astisfying and you satisfy them perfectly, and I think you like me".

I looked at Lisa "I would like thatI think you are fucking stunning and the sex is amazing and I look forward to how you will fufil my fantasies. Since then we meet when we can for sex and it is still exciting and Lisa still turns me on so much