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Sister an brother hot xxx movei fuck
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Suck That Dick! Some guys like to have their cock sucked. Some guys like to suck cock. And then some guys .

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like myself . will take a hard dick down their throat or up their ass. It doesn't matter if I have to spread my lips or my legs just so I get some dick! But this little story is about an acquaintance of mine . Stan . who liked to have his dick sucked . and me . Clayton the sissy . who was always ready to suck on it. The relationship I had with Stan was based strictly on sex.

No dinner dates. No movies. No casual visits for drinks and small talk. There was no need for "small talk" when we got together. It was understood what we were there for. Plain and simple. Stan was there to have his dick sucked and I was there to suck it. I was nothing to Stan but a pair of lips and a mouth to suck his dick . suck his balls . and sometimes even lick his ass. And if you had seen me with my face stuck between his butt cheeks eating his ass or seen my face covered with his cum you probably would have thought I was a slut, too.

Most would say big tit blowjobs on cam has to be some "give and take" for any relationship to last.

So was there any "give and take" in my relationship with Stan?


Absolutely! Stan would "give" me his dick and I would "take" it! He was happy to have his cock sucked and I was happy to suck it. All of our encounters would begin with a simple phone call.

"Hey, Clayton . this is Stan. I need to have my cock sucked tonight. Why don't you come over and suck on it for me"? "O.K. Stan I'll be right over".

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Short. Sweet. And to the point. Or maybe something like this. "Hey Clayton . had dinner yet"? "No . not yet". "Well don't sit around hungry. Come on over and eat some of this dick". Sometimes I would call him.

"Stan, this is Clayton. I think it's "dinner time" again. What's on the menu tonight". "How about some hot cock and a big load of cum"? "Hmmmmm! Sounds good . I'm on my way"! And then . after hanging up the phone I would say to myself, "Yes! I'm going to get some dick"! Then I would start "getting ready". And . being the "sissy" that I am . I always put on xxxpron baby first time sex pair of cute little panties before going to Stan's house.

During fall and winter months I would usually go with panties and thigh high stockings or maybe a pair of pantyhose. And don't' forget the lipstick. Personally . I've always thought there was something "hot" about a pair of ruby red lips wrapped around a stiff dick but I really don't think it mattered to Stan at all.

My lips could be "Fire Engine Red" or "Hot Pink". All he wanted to see was those lips wrapped around his dick. And on the way over to Stan's house I would wonder to myself how would it be tonight? Would he lay back and have me suck . suck . and suck some more? Or would he stuff that meat down my throat and make me gag on it?

Shoot all his sperm down my throat or spray it all over my face? And let there be no doubt. Before the night was over he was going to give me a load of cum one way or another. Teen shae celestine gets doggystyled and jizzed on in just a matter of minutes I would be at his place.

After getting off the phone Stan apparently liked to "get ready", too because he always left the door unlocked for me and when I walked in he would already be nakad. Sometimes layed back on the sofa in the living room. Sometimes stretched out on his bed.

And that delicious dick was always sticking up in the air calling my name! And it didn't take long for me to "answer"! As I've said before there was no need for small talk. I would quickly strip down to nothing but my panties and I was ready to suck! And in no time at all I would be on my knees sucking that meat into my hungry mouth. And Stan really "had it made", too. He would turn on the VCR when I started sucking . lay back on that sofa . watch adult videos . with me between his legs eating his salami.

I'm sure he was thinking it couldn't get any better than this! And with the volume on the VCR turned down the only sound would be Stan whimpering and groaning and the "sucking" and "slurping" sounds of me working on that dick. If there was any "talk" at all it would be Stan saying a little something every now and then. "You're a good dick sucker." "Is that dick good"? And you know . it's hard to talk with a hard cock in your mouth so all I could do was grunt "Hmmm .

Hmmm" and keep on sucking. "You suck cock soooo good". "You're sucking so good I think I'll give you a load of cum". I like to see you eat my cum". Of course I wanted that cum! And I wanted all of it! When sucking dick I don't consider the "job" finished until I get a nice load of creamy sperm in my mouth or either splashed all over my face.

So I would keep on sucking until Stan started grunting., "Ohhhhhh .Ohhhhhh" and I knew then I was about to get my mouth filled with another serving of fresh brewed sperm! So I would close my lips around that dick and when that creamy, tasty sperm splashed into my mouth I bunny costume teen blond cory chase in revenge on your father start gulping it down.

And I would swallow the whole load, too. That warm, thick sperm was just like Maxwell House coffee. Good to the last drop! When in his bed sucking on his dick Stan sometimes would roll over onto his stomach . spread his cheeks with his hands . and tell me to eat his ass!

Eating ass was nothing new to me so I didn't hesitate to stick my face between those cheeks and start licking! And I did more than just "lick" his ass, too. I would stick out my tongue and work it all over that puckered ass sometimes even pressing my mouth up against it so I could suck on it. And Stan just loved it when I was eating his ass! He would moan . groan . whimper . and tell me how good an "ass licker" I was! And I do know this. . I've licked guys and girls asses before and nobody has ever told me to stop!

Actually . I sort of enjoy seeing a guy or girl squirm and wiggle while I'm licking their teen slut jade jantzen fuck. And when it really got "good" for Stan he would have me lie on my back. He would turn around facing the foot of the bed . straddle my chest with his legs .

and stick that ass in my face. His butt would be smothering my face! And that's when he would start grinding away . working his hips round and round with my tongue and lips working his ass. And while I was "pinned down" eating that ass Stan would grab my nipples and really give them a good "work out".

He would pull on 'em . pinch 'em . twist 'em until I was wiggling and squirming myself trying to get away. But with his butt cheeks all over my face grinding away there was really nothing I could do except keep on eating his ass while he had his way with my nipples. Even though Stan really enjoyed having me suck his dick and eat his ass he seemed to like fucking me in the mouth even more.

Sometimes Stan would just lie there and have me suck . suck . and suck until I thought I couldn't suck anymore so I was glad to have him fuck me in the mouth!

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With me on my knees Stan would stand up and stuff that cock in my mouth and all I had to do was keep my lips wrapped around it and let Stan do his thing. Stan would move his hips back and forth sliding that cock in and out between my lips with each stroke. And if I wanted more of that dick all I had to do was grab his butt cheeks with my hands and pull him in closer. And . still . I really can't explain how I would do it . but sometimes I would "open up" my mouth and throat so Stan could give me all of his dick.

And I do mean all of it! He did not have a "huge" cock but still . at about seven inches or so it was more than enough to make me gag when it was stuffed down my throat. And that's exactly what Stan would do! When that dick was going deep into my mouth Stan would grab my head with his hands and shove that cock all the way in!

My face would be all the way down on that dick and pressed up against his belly with his balls slapping against my chin and Stan would just hold my head in place and work that dick round and round in my mouth and throat.

And the sounds I would make would be like some kind of wild animal! Choking . slurping . gagging . but with his firm hands holding my head there wasn't anything I could do but take it. But I loved it! I love being treated like a whore! Sometimes when fucking my mouth Stan would pull that meat his meat out and tell me to suck his balls. And I would suck 'em, too.

After choking on that cock sucking his brother blackmail sister for sax was a welcome "break" So I would take one of those nice, plump balls . suck it into my mouth . and tug and pull on it with my lips.

First one and then I would suck on the other. Sometimes I would open wide and take both of those big, hairy balls in my mouth at the same time. Now that was a mouth full! With both of those balls in my mouth it was more difficult to "work 'em" with my tongue so I would just suck on 'em with my lips like I was trying to milk them. Actually . you might say I was "milking" them because they were full of "man goo" and I knew I would be getting that "goo" soon.

When Stan was satisfied with my "ball sucking" he would start slapping his cock against my face. A sign that he was ready to fuck my face again. And no sooner had I pulled my lips off of his balls Stan was spreading them apart again with his cock. And Stan always "talked dirty" when fucking my mouth.

I think seeing all of his meat disappear between my lips really turned him on. "Suck it"! "Suck that dick"! he would tell me Every now and then he would let me "catch my breath" only to stuff his dick down my throat again, "Have some more dick. I love fucking your face"! And I would keep beautiful blonde girl masturbates with vibrator wecamnet choking and gagging. "That's right . choke on this dick. You know you like this dick down your throat"!

And when fucking my mouth I knew Stan would give me more sperm. He always gave me a load of cum when fucking my mouth and he would just keep shoving that dick in my mouth until he was ready to "shoot". "I got something else you can choke on"! he would tell me. "A big load of cum"! Then he would grab my head and shove that cock deep down my throat. He would shake and shudder .

grunt and groan . and then with my face held in place tight against his belly . mouth full of dick .blubbering and gagging . all that sperm would start shooting down my throat. All of it! "Ohhhh! Have some cum"! And Stan made me eat it, too. He would keep a firm grip on my head with that meat down my throat until his balls were empty.

But sometimes when fucking my mouth Stan would surprise me by spraying his sperm all over my face. When he was ready to cum he would pull his cock out of my mouth . slap that dick right between my eyes .

and all that cum would come gushing out and splash all over my face! And Stan always gave me a nice, big load of sperm too. His cum would be all in my hair .

in my eyes . running down my cheeks . and big globs of sperm would be dripping off my eyelashes and dripping off the tip of my nose. And I just loved it! Only God knows how many times I sucked Stan's dick. Sometimes a whole month would pass without getting some of his dick and then there were times where I'd suck his cock two or three times in the same month. And this went on . off and on . for two or three years! But during that time Stan was not the only one getting his cock sucked.

Stan had friends that liked to have their dick sucked, too. Five or six friends. And a number of times he would call me and say he had some friends stop by and "we all need to have our dicks sucked". No doubt . two dicks are better than one but when Stan had "friends" over there was the fat pig daily shower tube porn at least two "friends" . sometimes three! And when I would get to Stan's house they would already be nakad .

sitting on the sofa . and three or four hard cocks would be sticking up in the air like lollipops waiting to be sucked! And I was happy as a kid in a candy store!

Stan would dim the lights . turn on the VCR . then I would be down to my panties again and then down on my knees sucking away! And all of Stan's friends had good looking dicks, too.

Seven inches . eight inches. More than enough to please a dick sucker like me! First one dick. And then another. I would be on my knees going from one dick to the next and then back to the first one again.

And while I was sucking they would really be "talking trash"! "So this dick sucker does wear panties"! . "I told you he was a sissy" . "He's a good dick sucking sissy" . "He sucks dick better than my wife"! . "Damn . look at that sissy suck"! And Stan would tell 'em, "He'll swallow all your cum, too. You can even cum on his face". "My dick is full of cum. I'd love to shoot a big load down his throat"! . "I think I'll dump a load all over his face"! ."I'm ready to see this sissy eat some cum"!



Then Stan would say, "I'm ready to give him a load right now"! And he would stand up . jerking on his cock. "Show 'em how much you like to eat cum"! Then he would shove that cock in my mouth and feed leslie gets fingered before taking a large facial all of his sperm.

And while Stan was giving me his load the other guys would stand up . all of 'em jerking on their cocks . standing in line to give me more! Sometimes one would give me another load to swallow. The next one might cum all over my face. Cum in my mouth. Cum on my face. Three loads of cum. Sometimes four! When one or two of Stan's friends were there it was "business as usual".

Suck dick and gulp down their sperm. But when three or four of his friends were there they were just like a pack of wild dogs and I was their "bitch"! One night Stan said they wanted to fuck my face but they wanted to tie me up first!

If it were somebody else . a different set of circumstances . I probably would not have let them do it. But I had sucked Stan's dick so many times before I thought it would be O.K. "Get on your knees and put your hands behind your back" I could feel one of 'em tying my hands while the other tied my feet.

Then Stan told me, "Now you're going to eat some dick"! Stan then stood in front of me . slapped his dick in my face . and said, "Suck it"! And when I wrapped my lips around that dick Stan got a good hold on my head with both of his hands and started sliding that cock in and out. Then he turned to his friends and said, "This is how you face fuck a sissy.

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Just shove your cock down their throat and make 'em gag on it". Then . slam! He shoved that dick all the way down my throat . his balls were up against my chin again . and I was choking and gagging right away! After Stan gave me fresh teen cunt first time what a mess you made good face fucking the next guy grabbed my head and shoved my face down on his dick.

Then it was just one dick after another! I hardly had time to catch my breath before another cock was shoved down my throat. And with my hands and feet tied there was nothing I could do but blubber and gag as they made me eat their meat. I don't know how many times they fucked my face!

Each one must have made me eat their sausage at least three or four different times! Then when I was choking down Stan's salami for about the fourth time he said, "We're having such a good time fucking your face we're all going to give you a load of cum". Stan stepped back then and started whacking his cock right there in front of my face.

Then he said, "It's dinner time"! and he stuck his cock back between my lips . all his sperm came gushing into my mouth. After swallowing Stan's load all three of his friends stood in front of me .

whacking their dicks in my face . then one after another all three pumped a load of sperm in my mouth and I gulped down every load!


"I like the way this sissy eats dick", one of his friends said. "We'll have to do this again"! And they did. More than once. One time all of Stan's friends were there. Six of 'em. And they made me gag and choke on all of 'em. I was choking down Stan's cock for about the third time waiting for a load of sperm to slide down my throat when he said, "Now we're going to give you something you'll really like! We're going to cover you in cum"!

Then Stan pulled his cock out . jerked on it five or six times and then slapped it up against my face . sliding his dick back and forth across my face as three . four . spurts of sperm gushed out all over my face. Then one after another all six of those guys stuck their dick in my face and unloaded all over me! I love cum on my face and all those cocks dumping sperm on me was like a fire hose being turned on! After the second guy beautiful blonde girl masturbates with vibrator wecamnet me with his sperm I already had cum running all over my face .

running down my cheeks . dripping off my chin . running down my throat. And so much sperm had run into my eyes I couldn't see who was sticking their dick in my face next!

All I know is one guy after another was grabbing me by the head and splattering my face with sperm. And after they all had dumped their cum on me it felt like someone had poured a bucket of glue on my face! They really gave me a good "sperm shower"! I could hardly see to drive home! Nothing puts a smile on my face more than a nice, big dick stuck in my face or a load of sperm sliding down my throat and Stan and his friends sure knew how to make me smile!

They gave me their meat to eat and sperm to swallow time and time again. And with Stan and his friends I never had to go bed hungry because hot cocks and loads of delicious sperm were always just a phone call away!