Compilation casting money trouble desperate amateurs casting full figure first t girlfriends nervous

Compilation casting money trouble desperate amateurs casting full figure first t girlfriends nervous
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Abby and my wife Story # 2 Continued from. (My twin sister Abby) Abby is my twin sister. When we were growing up we were best friends and pretty much did everything together.


Abby is also very… very pretty. When we were 16 years old we had sex with each other. She was my first and I was her first. We had a great night watching porn movies we had found in our parents room while they were gone for the week end.

One in particular was of our parent's homemade porn. It was hot. We also watched another one which was girl on girl. I asked Abby if she would ever try it; she said while smiling at me, maybe if the girl is pretty. We are now both 30 years of age and time has passed since that night. We never did it again but we both know what we did that night was right for both of us.

We're still close twins and best friends. We're both married with two kids each; however we live several hundred miles apart and don't get to see each other very often, except on holidays. Our grandma who had been sick for many years had died and our whole family got together for a funeral.

It was nice to see everyone again especially my sister. After the funeral Abby and I decided to stay and visit our parents for a few days longer while our spouses and children went back home. We stayed in our old bedrooms just like when we were kids growing up. Our parents kept our rooms Intact for when our children visit.

Our parents belong to a club and went to the dinner dance they were holding and Abby and I were home alone visiting.

I was kidding around and said do you think mom and dad still have porn in their room. We both smiled because we know what happened the last time we found there porn. Abby laughed and said with a sneaky look on her face; let's look&hellip. Yep in the closet&hellip.

in the same place 14 years later we found the porn again. This time there were more and newer ones and a few more marked private just like before, we smiled at each other and said mom and dad are at it marisoi gonzaiez hot view nude mirenia desnuda aqui. I said shall we watch? Abby rolled her eyes at me and said of course we should. Here we are again 30 years old being sneaky just like when we were 16 years old and found the original porn movie of our parents.

We decided to watch the movies labeled private; hoping it was our parents at it again. We went into Abby's bedroom and popped the movie in. and hit play. We got the surprise of our lives. It was our parents and another couples all naked having a foursome. We watched as our mom lay on a bed, beautiful as she is, her pussy hairy glistening wet, with a man who I did recognize as James, there long time friend hopped on and started fucking our mom while our dad worked the camera.

Mom was really into it; she was moaning very loud with pleasure. Then our dad and Joan who is James wife went at it while James worked the camera. James got in close to show blond eurobabe flashes her nice big tits and pounded pornstars european dads big dick pounding into Joan's pussy while they all watched.

They were having a great time. Next scene was our mom and Joan doing a 69 with each other while dad and James watched and worked the camera. One scene had our mom eating Joan's pussy while James fucked our mom from behind and dad had his dick in Joan's mouth. We learned another side of our parents tonight.

We were shocked to say the least. I looked at my sister and said that was fucking hot, she smiled and said boy was it. I was turned on watching our parents. I smiled and said what you think; she looked at the bulge in my pants and smiled. We are now grown up with kids of our own and the last time we did it; we were 16 years old. Abby smiled and said why not. I took off all my clothes, Abby looked at my dick and said wow you've grown a little.

I now have a 10 inch dick and thick. Abby got undressed. She is still as beautiful as ever. She is a little meatier, with bigger tits, but still as pretty as ever. She held my dick and said you have my husband beat by a long shot.

I'm going to have to suck on that as she smiled at me. She got on her knees and sucked my dick until I almost came in her mouth. I laid her on her back and ate her Hairy pussy to both our delight.


I then positioned my dick at her pussy and pushed 10 inches of dick into her pussy. She took it all. My balls were slapping against her pussy.


Abby then said, don't cum in me. I'm not protected, when you're ready, I'll take it in the mouth. I was ready now and pulled out and laid on my back as Abby put my dick in her mouth and let me cum down her throat. Sex with Abby was as good as 14 years earlier. Only her pussy was a little tighter then. That's what happens when you push two kids through that little pussy hole. I said thanks Abby that was awesome as we smiled at each other and she licked her chops.

We laid there for an hour naked talking about old times and admiring each other's naked body. I asked Abby do you remember you said years ago that you would do girl on girl if she was pretty?

Abby said I remember saying something like that. Well did you ever get to do it? No I never did she said. I got married instead. Abby say's why do you ask? I said my wife Lori and I were talking about sexual fantasies one night and I asked her what her sexual fantasy was, she got all embarrassed and made me tell mine first.

I said OK, my fantasy is to have a threesome with two girls and me. Lori smiled and said that's a typical male fantasy (No imagination) and laughed. I said OK what's your sexual fantasy? She smiled and said I always wondered what it would be like to be with another girl. I smiled and said that's a hot fantasy maybe someday I'll let you have your fantasy. She never took me serious and thought I was joking around, which I was; but I always wondered about you and weather you fulfilled your fantasy.

My wife Lori is awesome looking. Lori is a brunet; 5'-8" tall, very pretty with 42 D cup tits and an almost unused legal age teenager rides a one eyed monster hiddencam hardcore to die for. She was Miss Greater Los Angeles in her younger days and is still prettier than ever. I asked Abby; would you consider Lori if I can talk her into it? Abby smiled thinking I was joking around. I said I'm serious.

You both have the same fantasy and if I let her have her fantasy. I want it to be with you. Abby smiled and said it will never happen; I smiled back and said it might if I tell her that you have the same fantasy.

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Maybe it won't happen right away but it will make her think about it and someday soon I'll bring it up and see what happens.

I'll tell her that maybe I can talk "you" into it; but I need to know up front if you would do it; just it in case she says she would. Abby answers yes if you can talk her into it I'll do it. Abby smiles at me and said (your Sly) The next day we hugged and went our separate ways, Mia khalifa dubai porn star fucking went home to my wife and kids and Abby went home to her husband and Kids and life went back to normal.

About two weeks have passed and Lori and I are in bed talking working up to having sex and I said to Lori it was nice spending time with AbbyLori smiled. I said you know when Abby and I were 16 years old she told me that her fantasy was girl on girl. Lori gave me a weird look wondering where I was going with this. I said I wondered all these years if she ever fulfilled her fantasy, so during one of our brother sister conversations I asked her.

Lori said you didn't&hellip. I said yes I did. Lori smiled intrigued and said what did she say? I said; she said no. she got married instead, but it's still her sexual fantasy.

I said don't you get it; you and Abby have the same sexual fantasy. I said, Abby told me girls are different; we're pretty and soft and smell good, and we have curves. Lori just smiled at me and said lets fuck. It must have got her very horny because sex was great&hellip.and the seed was planted in her mind.

A week had past and Lori and I were in bed working up to sex, we were naked and I was finger fucking her wet hairy pussy. She was hot and panting when I said Lori; is girl on girl still your fantasy she smiled and said why; does it make you jealous? I said no just curios; she said yes as I stuffed my 10 inch dick into her pussy and began fucking deep into her pussy. Being a married couple we were done in about 15 minutes, then I said to Lori; if I can talk Abby into it would you consider her to fulfill your sexual fantasy.

Lori looked at me and said what brought that on? I said you both have the same Fantasy, your both beautiful, you're both family and if I let you fulfill your fantasy I would like it to be with my sister. Lori said it will never happen; Abby would never go for top and bottom boys xxx storys. I said what if she does go for it, would you be willing?

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Lori smiled and said I don't think she will, perky cheater blows fat cock in car if she does then yes I would do it. I already knew that Abby was a willing participant. Now I just needed to get us all together. I called Abby and told her Lori is interested in going girl on girl with her. She said really she wants to? I said yes. I said next time we get together we'll find a way to get you too together. Abby got very excited.

I then told Lori that I talked to Abby and she is interested in girl on girl with you. She didn't believe me at first then realized I was serious and got excited at the thought of being with another girl especially Abby. Lori called Abby and said Abby I didn't know about your fantasy, Abby laughed and said I didn't know about yours until justice told me.

So are we going to get together sometime for some girl fun, Lori said I can't wait. On Saturday Abby drove down and all the kids went to grammas house for an overnighter.

Abby's husband was away on business. The three of us were Laughing and excited about what was going to happen tonight. But both girls were nerves about what to do and how to start. I said I would help to get you started, both my wife and sister said that would be good. I got behind my wife Lori and wrapped my arms around her as if hugging her from behind as we all talked. From behind my dick fits right at her ass crack and I started to pump gently as we all talk.

I put my hands on her big boob then removed Lori's top as Abby watched; Lori has 42 D cup tits with big pink nipples, perfect for sucking. I said to Abby they are really soft, Abby reached out and felt them and complimented Lori on her beautiful soft boobs.

I said to Abby what is it you've nice cutie spreads narrowed cunt and gets deflorated amateur babe wanted to do to a girl? Abby said Make out. I said here's your chance, do it good and Abby wrapped her arms Lori and me and deep tongue kissed my wife better than I have ever done. Lori kissed her back as if they were meant for each other. I continued pumping on my wife's Ass as Abby hugged kissed and pumped from the front.

We had Lori sandwiched and she loved it. Both girls were very hot. Lori then took Abby's top off. They were booby to booby rubbing grinding and having fun with each other.

I said to Lori what is it you've always wanted to do with another girl. Lori smiled at Abby and said be naked and touch.

I said to Abby and Lori; go ahead and get naked. I'll leave and you too can have a great time with each other, and don't hold anything back. Lori looks at me and say's; don't leave, don't you want to watch we need you to guide us.

Abby said its ok we'd be lost without you here. My dick was hard as a rock and I was going to have them do it all. I reached into the night stand and got out Lori's dildo. (Girls love toy's) they both smiled. I said OK girls get those clothes off.

And within a minute they were both naked Abby has 38 C cup tits and beautiful big nipples as does Lori, Her pussy was neatly trimmed with brown pussy hair and a pretty pubic mound, my dick was hard as a rock looking at my sister naked. Lori also was trimmed neatly with dark brown pussy hair and very big breasts with her pubic mound hairy and well rounded. I said you too should hug and kiss like before, They looked at each other and smiled and the next thing I see is they are hugging and kissing and grinding they're pussy's together to our delight.

I let them do this for a few minutes. I asked Lori if she wanted to eat Abby's pussy out. She smiled and said yes. Abby lay on her back on the bed; I put Lori in between Abby's legs and say go for it. Lori smiled at me and silently Mouthed the words thank you. She then buried her tongue into Abby's pussy and ate pussy for the first time. Abby almost screamed with pleasure it felt so good. Lori ate pussy for quite a while to Abby's delight when she came up for air her face was wet with pussy juice and she was smiling from ear to ear.

I then asked Abby; do you want to try it? She just rolled her eyes at me and smiled and said I can't wait to taste Lori's pussy; Lori smiled at Abby and said I can't wait to get your tongue in my pussy.

She then laid back and spread her legs and my twin sister began deep tonguing my wife's pussy, Lori closed her eyes and held onto Abby's head and pumped her face. I couldn't help but take advantage of the situation.

I stepped behind my sister as she lay on the bed, on her stomach. Her legs were spread as she ate Lori out and I just admired the view of her hairy pussy that was showing a lot of pussy crack and pink. I then moved them into a 69 position and said have fun. Both Abby and Lori knew what to do and they went at it again. I handed Lori the toy and she turned it on and buried it in Abby's pretty hairy pussy. Abby screamed with pleasure. Then Lori got her turn as Abby used the toy on her soft hairy pussy.

At that point I decided that they were good and this was about them and not me this time. I kissed Lori and said have fun, I smiled at Abby winked and walked out of the room. They stayed in there for at least another hour and a half pleasuring each other giggling and laughing; then silence as they did kinky things to each other.

That same evening we were talking while sipping on wine reminiscing about the events of the today. I told both my wife and my sister that they have my OK to have sex with each other whenever they want. I said it feels safe for me that it's Abby and it's all in the family. I won't make me jealous this way.