Amber needed for a tour to europe hardcore blowjob

Amber needed for a tour to europe hardcore blowjob
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Author's Note: This is a rewrite of a story that I wrote some time ago. It was my first multipart story, in fact so, before you start reading, small tits blonde nanny riley star sucks off and gets reamed some things that I'd like for you to know.

First, this story is not meant to be racist in any way. As you read, you will notice that there is some mention of color, but this story was not written with the intention to be derogatory towards either character when it comes to their race.

This story, like all of my stories, serves to assuage certain stresses and anxieties within my life. It is fictitious closure for me. In this case, my boss, who is quite similar to Anita, is the topic of frustration that I'm fictionalizing. This story is not based on truth. It is merely a "what taking it in the ass is all she wants telsev scenario.

Please enjoy, comment, and vote. I'd love to hear your feedback! Thank you… --NL P.S. I do not yet know how this story ends, and for that, I apologize. The Boss Lady: Part II Anita Jensen moaned into Jack's mouth when the palms of his hands touched her sensitive breasts. His hands were warm against her supple flesh. He started to squeeze them, gently at first, but as their make out session got hotter and heavier, so did the pressure in which he squeezed her tits.

She loved it; she loved the attention. He felt his hand pull back, and then his fingertips grabbed her pierced nipples. He pinched them and she squealed and pulled her lips from his.

"Oh fuck, I love to have my nipples pinched! Do it harder!" Jack listened to his boss, continuing to pinch, pull and knead her half-inch long nipples. They were surrounded by half-dollar sized areolas that were the color of dark chocolate.

Listening to his boss basically beg him to pinch her tits, Jack stopped for a moment, and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, and she had a look of pleasure on her face that he could not have imagined her ever making without seeing it for himself. The look was hypnotizing. It was mesmerizing, and he could not stop staring at her brown face that was in total contrast to the color of his own. He shook himself from his reverie and asked, "What the fuck are we doing, Anita?" "You know what we are doing Jack," she said, with lustful hunger in her voice.

"I'm getting ready to fuck you like no white woman ever has!" She got up off of him, and told him to stand up. He did, and she grabbed him by the hand, walking him slowly up the stairs, and towards her master bedroom. Once there, Anita pushed him onto the king sized bed, and started to slowly unbutton his shirt. She told him to lift up off of the bed, and she pulled it off of him. Jack was no god in the physique department, but he was by no means fat, and Anita seemed pleased at what she saw, so Jack was thankful for that.

She moved down lower and started to unbuckle his pants. He could tell by her rushed movements that she was eager to see what was under his khakis.

She unbuttoned and unzipped them, pulling them down, along with his black boxer briefs in one swift motion. Once freed, Jack's erect cock fell onto his stomach; the tip of it, nearly reaching his belly button.

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Anita let out a gasp, and smiled approvingly at Jack's nearly hairless, seven and a half inch cock. He kept his pubic hair trimmed short around the base but his balls had no hair on them at all. The scent of him pamela anderson and brett michaels a mixture of cologne and masculinity; she inhaled it deeply, and a shiver ran through her.

"This white dick is bigger than my husband's, and it's so hard Jack! Mmmmm… So thick too! Is it this hard because of me," Anita asked, taking his warm, white flesh into her soft, mocha-colored hands. She stroked his cock gently, and a drop of precum leaked from the tip of the bulbous head. Jack watched, still in total awe of what was happening to him at that very moment. Here he was, lying on the bed that belonged to his supervisor, his superior, his employer, his Boss Lady; the woman who signed his paychecks and performed his yearly reviews; here he was, on her bed, likely about to have his cock sucked by her, and then probably fucked by her.

Jack was sure that he was dreaming now. "Get comfortable Jack," she said with the same authoritative, bossy tone she used with him at work. He complied quickly, like the good little employee that he was; but a part of him couldn't wait until he was the one giving the orders. Anita stood next to the bed, still clad in black thong, thigh-highs and heels looking at Jack. She had him exactly where she wanted him, and she decided that before she fucked the white off of Jack's long, thick cock, she was going to tease the hell out of him first.

She got up onto the bed, and stood above him, giving him a perfect view of her thick thighs, as well as the the camel toe that Anita's fat pussy lips had made within her nearly nonexistent thong, which looked like it was already soaking wet.

She started to gyrate her hips above him, and her movements made her ample ass cheeks jiggle in a circular, hypnotizing motion. Jack could not take his eyes away. She turned her back to him, and started to jerk her hips in rhythmic motion; as if she were dancing to a song that only she could hear.

She looked down and saw Jack's stiff cock twitch, pulsate, and ooze even more precum. She squatted down low enough so her ass, and thong covered cunt lips could graze against his hard shaft, giving Jack a chance to feel the moisture, and the heat emanating from between Anita's legs. She kept squatting lower and lower until the shaft of his cock was pressing her thong deeper between her pussy lips, causing Anita to moan. She ground against him, trying to feel more of his cock against her tight cunt.

She was starting to lose control. She wanted his cock inside of her; stretching her neglected pussy! So many urges and images entered her mind as she masturbated, using his cock as her own personal fucktoy.

She wanted to taste it, to suck on it, and to feel his cum flood into hungry mouth and down her throat, and of course have it buried deep inside of her cunt. She wanted to consume him, and to be consumed by him, in every way possible. "Do you like this white boy? Do you like to watch your sexy ass boss grind her thick pussy lips against your big… white… dick…," she asked with a tone so lustful it could boil holy water. "Do you like it, Jack?! Tell me!" "Fuck yes I do," Jack said emphatically, as he watched his cock slide between her thong-clad cunt.

"I bet you want me to take this thong off don't you?" "Oh, fuck yes I do, Anita! I want you to take it off mom and sun seeping chudi bad so I can fuck that pretty pussy of yours!" "I know you do baby! I know you want to shove that big white cock up my tight little black pussy and fuck me until I can be fucked no more! I know you want me to slide this tiny little string…" Anita stopped talking… And brought her hand down to the thin piece of fabric between her legs that separated his cock from her bare cunt, and slipped a couple fingers into the side, acting as if she were going to move it just enough to give him access to her most intimate place, but her fingers did not budge.

"You want it don't you? You want me to pull my thong to the side, so I can sink down onto that big dick of yours? I bet you're dying to get it into my tight, pink pussy, aren't you white boy? And I'm gonna let you fuck this black pussy Jack, but first I'm gonna make you eat it!" big love bubbles get involved in rough fucking naturaltits hardcore Anita stood up straight, and with her back still to him, she tucked her thumbs under each side of the soaked thong, and slowly slid it down her wide hips.

Jack was surprised at her level of balance because she still had her heels on as she maneuvered the undergarment over her ass and down her thighs. He watched, mesmerized as the thin string between her ass cheeks popped out and then slid the rest of the way down her thick brown thighs, and then down to her toned calves until finally, the stringy garment was at her feet.

Still maintaining total balance, she lifted one leg up and out of the flimsy undergarment, and for a brief moment, he wondered if she was a stripper before working at the Call Center with Jack. Once the thong was completely off, she leaned down, picked it up, and threw it at Jack's face and he inhaled deeply. Her feminine scent was heavenly. Anita turned to face him, and fell onto her knees.

She slowly crawled up his body, licking his thighs. She stopped for just a few seconds at his cock and took it between her plump, painted lips. She sucked on it hard, causing Jack's hips to buck as he tried to push more of his shaft into her wet mouth, but as quickly as she put it in her mouth she spit it back out, moving upwards towards his face. Jack could feel the steel barbells in her nipples dragging across his skin; they gave him goose bumps.

When her face finally reached his, she kissed him with enough lustful fervor to shoot sparks throughout his body. She grabbed his right hand and placed it roughly on her tit, pulling her mouth away from his long enough to only say, "Pinch my yuki tuoma 1 by packmans, white boy! Make it hurt," she growled at him just before she put her lips back onto his.

Jack put Anita's pierced, left nipple between his thumb and index finger, and he pinched as hard as he could. She moaned into his mouth, and pulled her lips from his once more.

"Fuck that feels good Jack! I love to have my nipples played with! They're so fucking sensitive. Keep it up, white boy," Anita said in a guttural, raspy tone. Jack tried to take one of his hands away from her tits so he could feel her pussy, but she immediately slapped his face, pulled away from his lips, and told him not yet.

They continued to kiss until she began to move her body further up her until her left nipple was directly above his mouth. He instinctively latched onto it and he felt her shudder. He sucked gently at first, but quickly began to nibble on it. Anita moaned in delight, and pushed his face further into her chest. "That's right Jack! Suck on your boss' tit! Chew on my fucking nipple! Just like that! It feels so good!" She moaned loudly until she pulled her breasts from his face, and move upward once more, until her hairless, caramel colored cunt finally came into view.

He couldn't believe how plump her juicy pussy lips were, and they were dripping with her wetness. "Do you want to eat this pussy white boy," she asked, hovering her bald cunt just inches from his face.

"Do you want to suck on my clit until I cum in your mouth?" Anita did not bother to wait for an answer. Instead, she sat right on his face and began to grind her twat against his open mouth. Jack lapped furiously at her tight pussy, doing his best to focus on her large, protruding clit.

Anita let out deep, guttural moans, and she ground her soaking wet sex against his face so hard that he almost needed to come up for air. She bucked, and her cries became deafening as he sucked and nibbled on her tumescent clitoris. Jack could hear her begging for him not to stop, and he dared not disobey her. "Suck on my fucking clit white boy! Lap your boss' wet fucking cunt. Make me cum Jack! Make me fucking cum baby!

Your mouth feels so good on my pussy," Anita screamed as she rode Jack's face to oblivion. He continued to suck on her juicy hole, hoping that soon she would cum, and spray his mouth with her cum.

"Oh fuck, Jack! Your mouth feels so fucking good on my pussy! You're gonna make me cum on your face if you keep sucking my clit like that! Please don't stop Jack," she begged. The pitch of her voice went higher, and she started to scream as her impending orgasm began to take over her body. Jack felt like he was being suffocated by her thighs as they began to clamp down on his head.

She was close, and he knew that she was going to cum hard. Juices began to flow freely out of her bald pussy and into his waiting mouth as she kept pleading with him to not stop.

He felt her thighs quiver as the beginnings of her orgasm took over her. He felt her cream on his face as her orgasm pulsated from her clit, and radiated throughout her taut and tense body. With her senses in overload, she petite schoolgirl gagging on cock before sex off of him and he followed, keeping his mouth latched onto her engorged clit.

Her body continued to buck, and she continued to ride wave after wave of an orgasmic tsunami. "Fuck Jack, I'm still cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuck," she said, trying to regain control of her body, but Jack would not let her.

"It feels so good! Please don't fucking stop! Please Jack! Please let me keep cumming in your mouth," she begged as her creamy, white cum continued to gush out of her ejaculating pussy. He happily obliged until she begged him to stop, exhausted from the near constant muscle contractions from the multiple orgasms Jack had just given her. She tried desperately to catch her breath as she spoke to him. "God damn you can eat a motherfucking pussy!

If I would have known you were that fucking good at it, I would've had you under my desk, licking my clit every fucking day!" Jack loved her foul-mouthed commentary of what had just happened; he put his hands behind his head, and smiled wide, and felt a sense of accomplishment. He had just made his rude, loudmouthed, ungrateful bitch of a boss cum all of over his face, and he felt goddamn good about it!

He looked over at Anita, and she looked almost comatose. She was cum drunk, and the only movements he could see her making, were the rhythmic motions of her chest as she tried to catch her breath. Anita looked over at Jack, and saw the look of satisfaction on his face. She looked away from him, and then up at the ceiling, still trying to process what had just happened. She had just received the best clit-licking of her life by a white man that just so happens to work for her.

She had never been with a white man up until now. She had also never cum so hard in her life, and he hadn't even fucked her yet. It had been about five minutes since Jack had given Anita a mind-blowing orgasm, and her pussy still tingled and twitched, but she still wanted more. Feeling almost insatiable, she looked back at Jack once more and shook her head.

She looked down at his cock. It was still hard as a rock, and precum continued to flow from the red, bulbous head. "I need another fucking drink," she said abruptly, and Jack was brought back to reality by her words, but agreed to her proposition.

They both got out of bed, and walked out of the room. Anita still had her heels and fishnets on, even though she was wobbling in them just a little.

Jack loved the way she was dressed, or rather, undressed, and it showed by the way his erect cock continued to bounce as he walked behind her. He loved her curves, and how she walked in the heels; and he especially loved the fishnets.

They walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where they each retrieved their previously used shot glasses, and filled them up. Jack looked out the window and saw that it had gotten dark. He also how to get in a movie stardust industries that his car was still in the driveway.

"My car," cocking mom and cock son said, and he ran back upstairs, threw on his pants and shirt and quickly moved his car into the garage, hoping that no one had seen him do it. Once back in the house, his clothes quickly came back off. He looked down at his cock; it was no longer fully erect, but he was still sporting a pretty impressive semi. He walked back into the kitchen to find Anita pouring herself a glass of wine. She had also taken the liberty of popping another top off a beer for Jack.

"Thank you," he said, smiling at her. She was leaning against the island in the kitchen, sipping her wine, still only wearing her black fishnets and black, chunky, five inch heels, and her pierced nipples were still as hard as pebbles. The scene made Jack wonder what was going to happen next. 'Was she done,' he asked himself. He looked into her eyes and asked, "So… What's next?" "Whatever you private castingx lily rader bigbutt gal loves doggystyle baby," she said with not so much as a shred of hesitation in her voice.

"After what you just did to me, it is the least I can do to give any part of me that you want!" She was not smiling, but he could tell that tits that nice deserve a load czechsuperstars was grateful. About fucking time, he thought to himself.

He walked over to the counter she was leaning against and grabbed her stellar teenie is peeing and rubbing hairless fuckbox the waist. His hardening cock slid between her wet thighs, and a soft moan escaped from between her lips, signaling her approval to Jack.

He stared at her as if she was a conquest, and he was her conqueror. She looked so fucking sexy in those thigh highs and heels; and just the raw, animalistic sex appeal that she exuded did something for him that no one else ever could. Jack stayed silent as he started to slide his cock back and forth between Anita's slick thighs, feeling it graze against her bald cunt, which was still glistening with her cum, and his spit. He tried to make eye contact with her, but her head was leaned back and her eyes were closed.

Then his eyes meandered downward, to her taut, pierced nipples that capped C cup breasts that seemed to defy gravity. He grabbed his beer from the countertop and took a long pull. Putting it back down, he decided that it was time to break the silence. "So, what just happened up there? I mean, I know what happened but I want to know why me? Why take me home and let me suck on your cunt 'til you cum all over my face," Jack asked. "Why pick me?" "I don't know why, and why do you even really care?" Her defenses were raised again, and she started to push him away from her but he resisted.

The truth was, Anita didn't know why this had happened either. All she knew was that while they were at work, she had a vulnerable moment, and wanted someone to talk to. She knew that Jack didn't really keep up with all of the office politics, so whatever she said to him, she knew would be kept confidential. He always seemed to keep to himself, only occasionally giving his opinion about something and when he did, he always seemed to be honest and objective.

She admired him for that. So, when they were interrupted, she decided that she wanted to talk to him more, which is why she asked him for a ride home. It wasn't until they started drinking that the thought of fucking Jack crossed her mind, and in truth, she was glad that it had happened; even if it was probably going to complicate things at work, as well as the shit going on between her and her husband. She had never cum so hard, or had so many orgasms in one sex session than she had just had with Jack.

Even her husband, whom she had been married to for nearly 15 years could only occasionally make her orgasm, and when he did make her cum, it was nothing like the way Jack had made her cum. She drank down the remains of her wine glass and said to herself, 'I've got to have more of him!' Jack could see on her face that Anita was bothered by what she was thinking.

He wanted to ask her what was wrong but decided against it. Her problems were none of his business; and he selfishly thought to himself that his cock had still not yet gotten sufficiently wet by the woman who was standing next to him almost completely naked. Jack got behind Anita, and shifted her hair away from the back of her neck, and started to lick and suck gently.

She shivered and sighed, and she could feel Jack's hands reaching around her; one making its way to her tits, and the other making its way to her pussy.

Putting his cock back between her glistening inner thighs, he cupped her bald cunt with his hand, and pressed his middle finger against her clit. Anita went weak in the knees as he rubbed her clit in a circular motion while he thrust his cock slowly between her thighs. He continued to lick and kiss her neck, moving his way slowly to her ear.

When he reached it, he whispered softly, "Do you like the feel of my cock between your legs?" "Yes," she replied between ragged breaths. With his lips still pressed against her ear, he asked, "Do you want to feel it in your pussy?" Anita shuttered, and Jack held her up by pulling her barbell-adorned nipple in an upward motion, causing her to let out a wince of pain. "Oh my god, yes Jack," she muttered huskily.

"I want to feel your cock in my pussy so fucking bad!" "I'm going to make you suck it first. Then maybe I'll fuck you with it! You've sister brother selpak sex story yours Anita; now it's my turn to get mine. And I want you to be my obedient little slut while you give it to me." A twinge of defiance came to the surface of Anita's mind.

She wasn't sure if she was willing to give control to him, but she could not stop herself. She was too far gone. "Yes, sir," she replied through gritted teeth. She felt her pussy start to drip and even though her brain was telling her to remain defiant, her body wanted Jack to ravage her; to make her his slut, and to totally, and completely dominate her. She just wasn't sure if she wanted him to know that. "Yes sir…," Jack mused. "I like the way that sounds coming out of your mouth.

I want you to keep saying it!" "Or what white boy," she asked, her defiance returning with a vengeance. "What are you going to do if I don't say it again? Punish me," she asked as aggression continued to seep back into her voice. Jack pulled his cock from between her legs, eliciting a nearly inaudible whimper of disappointment from Anita's pouty lips.

He put his hand on the upper part of her back, noting its smoothness before he pushed her down towards the kitchen counter until she was sufficiently bent over. He brought his hand back, and smacked her hard on her fat, juicy ass. Anita cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, but she still wasn't ready to let him know that she was willing to submit to him, so she continued to egg him on. "Is that all you got, white boy?!

You hit like a little bitch!" She goaded him on, trying to make him angry. He spanked her again, this time hard enough to make his hand sting. "Mmmmmm… That's a little better… Do it again!

Spank that ass harder! Punish your boss for being the disobedient whore that she is!" Deciding to oblige her request, Jack decided to up the ante a little. He walked over to his slacks that he had discarded at the door earlier. He pulled his belt from them in a swift enough motion for a "thwip" sound to be emitted which each belt loop cleared.

Jack walked back over to her, folding the belt. He cracked it and it made an intimidating "WHAP" sound! Anita moaned at the deafening slap the leather belt made because she knew what was coming, and what was coming, made her pussy even wetter. Jack got behind Anita, who was still bent over in a submissive pose.

He spanked her fleshy ass hard with his belt and she cried out in ecstasy with a hint of agony as the black leather crashed against her soft, juicy flesh. With each blow that Jack landed, the reverberating movement of her ass caused the pleasurable/painful sensation to travel down to her pussy and then to her pulsing clit; making her quiver in semi- orgasmic delight.

He spanked her again, asking, "Do you like that slut," in a dominant tone. "Yes," Anita whimpered. "Yes! I fucking love it! Please don't fucking stop spanking my fat ass Jack!" "Yes what you foul-mouthed little slut," Jack demanded, spanking her hard again with the belt. "Yes what?!" "What do you want to hear white boy," she bit back, not ready to fully submit to Jack just yet. "You want me to call you massa, white boy?!

Huh? You want me to be "yo' lil' black slave girl who wants some white dick?"" She sounded as if she wanted to spit at Jack in protest. She was strong-willed, and Jack really liked that about her; it made her a challenge. He spanked her again knowing that she was going to be hard to break, but he was going to do it. He was going to make her call him sir. "I want you to call me sir, my pet, and tonight I am your master and you are going to do what I tell you to do!

Do you understand?!" "Fuck you Jack! I will never call you sir because you ain't nothing but a little white boy who got him a little taste of black pussy, and now you want to own it," Anita said, still egging him on. She wanted this though.

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She had never been more turned on in her entire life. She wanted to call him "sir" and give himself to her fully to be used in whatever way that he wished. Jack was loving the little game that they were playing, and he too was at a point of arousal that he had never been at before. He spanked her one last time, and she let out a high-pitched whimper, and Jack thought that she had cum again.

"Ohhhhhhh… My… God…," she moaned, and once again, she was trying to catch her breath. "You just made me cum again Jack! You made me cum just from spanking my ass!" He looked at her ass and saw that he had spanked her hard enough to leave marks. Enjoying the power that she was freely giving him, he grabbed her by the hair gently, causing her to wince in pain, and he pulled her upright. Jack looked at Anita's face and saw a defiant smile still unremoved from her pouty lips.

He leaned in and kissed her deeply and then pulled away before andy san dimas and francesca le are a couple mind could get her tongue into his mouth. He pushed her downward, trying to get her onto her knees, but she resisted. He pushed harder, and she gave in, but she was still defiant. Jack looked down at her; her stocking-covered knees were close together, putting her face directly in front of his rigid cock.

"What you gonna do now white boy?! You got me on my knees! You gonna try to make me suck your big white cock, Anita asked, feigning a venomous tone. "There will be no trying, slut," Jack said in a confident tone.

He grabbed his 7 ½ inch long, ivory-colored cock and pushed it towards Anita's plump, painted lips. She didn't open her mouth at first, which made Jack push harder. He knew she couldn't hold out for long; he knew she wanted to taste his cock too much to be able to control herself.

Jack pushed just a little harder against her lips, and finally, she gave into her desires, and the head of his cock entered her salivating mouth. She tasted his precum, and savored the salty-sweetness of it like it was nectar. Jack grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth further down on his cock.

There was no resistance from Anita this time, and she dutifully took more of him into her wet, inviting mouth. She started to jerk her head forward, trying to get more of his cock into wet, inviting crevice.

"You like sucking cock don't you Anita?" Jack asked her. All he got from her though were the muffled sounds of a woman in cock-sucking heaven. "I guess I didn't have to spank you at all to get you to submit to me.

All I had to do was shove my cock in your hot little slut mouth, and you would've become mine to use as I please." Anita looked up at him and gave another muffled reply. She tried to pull her head back, but Jack wouldn't let her.

Instead, he pushed his cock farther into her mouth until the head of his cock started to press against her throat. He pushed harder until he started to feel her swallow. He felt he start to gag a little, but she still pushed her face forward as she tried to devour more of his cock.

"Mmmmm," he groaned. "My little slut can deep throat," Jack said in a tone of approval as his cock disappeared further into Anita's mouth. "That feels so good Anita! I never knew you could suck cock like this! I guess we are both learning quite a bit about each other tonight huh?" Jack looked down at Anita's face, and then into her eyes. Her incomprehensible reply was followed by a gag, and he pulled his cock out of her throat so she could breathe.

He pulled it out of her mouth, and Anita gasped for air. A long, thick trail of spit followed as he pulled his cock further away. She looked up at him and took a deep breath, then she shot him a devious smile, and leaned forward, shoving his cock back into her mouth and down her throat. He reached his hand down to her pierced right nipple, and started to pinch it hard enough to make her wince. He thought that Anita was going to lose it.

She moaned on his cock, probably wishing that she could speak so she could beg him to pinch her nipple harder. He cupped her whole tit and squeezed. "You will speak when I say you can speak bitch, but first I am going to teach you a lesson! I am going to fuck your pretty mouth until you are ready to call me sir," Jack said, the dominant tone of voice, prevalent as he spoke to his new pet.

He didn't even bother to ask if she understood him. He was enjoying the sensation of her mouth too much. He continued to thrust his cock deeper into her mouth until it was at the entrance of her throat and once more, he felt her begin to swallow his cock as best she could.

He pulled back out and repeated the motion. He grabbed locks of her hair on each side of her head, and started to fuck her mouth, pulling her hair to control the movement of her head.

Anita was gagging almost continuously at this point as Jack ravaged her throat with his rigid cock. She was glad that Jack was too distracted julia ann mr pete in my friends hot mom the pleasure she was giving him with her mouth to notice that she was furiously rubbing her clit, and was on the verge of another mind-blowing orgasm.

Thoughts of his fat, white cock slamming in and out of her cocoa-brown cunt dominated her thoughts as she began to feel mascara-laden tears fall from her watery eyes, and roll down her cheeks. The big cock that was lodged in her throat was ruining her makeup, and she could not possibly care less.

The sight of Anita's mascara running down her face turned Jack on even more as he fucked her mouth and throat like a man out of control.

Her expert mouth was doing a number on his cock, and he could feel his balls toughlovex jennifer white disciplined by karl toughlove to swell with the massive load that he was about to cover her pretty caramel-colored face with. Thrusting harder and pushing more of his cock down her throat, he was giving her less and less opportunity to catch her breath in between strokes.

Anita could feel Jack's cock start to swell in her mouth; she knew that he was close, very close, and even she was on the verge of cumming hard herself as her fingertips danced across her throbbing clit. She felt his fingers return to her nipples once more, and the sensation of her erect nipples being pinched sent shivers down her spine causing the orgasmic onslaught that was approaching to intensify. Anita desperately wanted to cum again and she knew that she was going to, and soon; but at that moment, she wanted nothing more than to feel Jack's hot load cover her face and fill her hungry mouth!

"I'm about to cum Anita! I'm about to cover your pretty black face with my white load you hot fucking slut! Do you want my load on your face," Jack asked rhetorically, but he still felt her head nod up and down as best as it could while her mouth bobbed on his hard cock.

"Do you want it in your mouth?" She nodded again, and he pulled his cock from her mouth. He started to stroke it as she begged him to cum on her face and in her mouth. "Cum on my face sir! Please! I wanna feel it, and I wanna taste you thick, hot load," Anita begged, to Jack's delight. He was pleased to hear that she had submitted to him, even if it was only for the moment.

He decided that he was going to reward her by granting her request. He stroked his cock faster, and faster, and coming closer to the edge of orgasmic oblivion. "Fuck your cock tasted so good in my mouth sir! Thank you for letting me please you, and for letting me suck on your big cock! Please give me your hot cum now.

Please sir! She had totally submitted to him, and all it took for him was plug her bitchy, black mouth with his big, fat, ivory-colored cock. He looked down at her pretty face, and saw the desire in her eyes.

He looked real stepmom mia guide her stepson how to bang pussy correctly down, and saw one hand furiously rubbing her hairless pussy, while her other bvtt xxxx vediysex stories com in worked just as hard on one of her nipples. She looked like she was about to cum as well. "Are you ready for it Anita?

Are you ready for my big load of cum," Jack asked as his load began to boil up from his balls and into his long, thick shaft. "Yes, sir! I'm so fucking ready for it! Cum on your boss' pretty face white boy!

Cum all over it! Make me your slutty boss by covering my pretty face with your load!" A rush of pleasure ripped through his body as a torrent of thick, white cum splashed across Anita's caramel-colored face. She moaned with ecstatic abandon as the second, and then the third torrent of cum splashed across her perfect, cocoa colored skin. There was so much cum on her face that it was now starting to drip down onto her tits.

Anita's breathing was shallow and ragged as her fingers finally drove her to yet another orgasm while Jack continued to coat her face with his hot, pearly-white load of cum.

"You like all of this white cum on your pretty face," Jack asked, his body jerking as he continued to orgasm all over his boss lady's face. "You like having your subordinate's cum all over your pretty face boss lady!?" "Yes, sir! I fucking love it! Please give me more of your cum," Anita begged, as Jack continued to shoot his load all over her face.

Finally, the jets of cum were reduced to trickles, and she took him into her mouth, trying to get as much cum from his cock that she possibly could. When he finally had finished cumming, she took him out of her mouth. She looked up at Jack, and saw the huge smile on his face. The look of conquest and accomplishment had returned. Anita continued to gently stroke his cock as it softened in her hand. She looked up at him and she said to him in a low, sultry voice, "thank you sir."