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Pale euro amateur babe bangs for money
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The Jones family. Introduction The Jones family is a collection of stories that could involve any of the three family members. First of all we have the mother, Elizabeth Jones, a widow who took the death of her husband very badly. She threw herself in to her work but when this was not enough, she quickly discovered sex, she loves it and is willing to experiment.

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Elizabeth's work means she has to travel a lot and as blonde granny in lace top stockings fucks result her two children live in the house alone. Her daughter, Sarah, is seventeen and in higher education.

She is very sexually active, she seems to take after her mother and likes to experiment. She tries hard not to get a reputation and little is known about her activities in her school or local area. Matthew is fifteen and in school, a year away from taking his exams, not a lot is known about his sexual adventures, he likes to keep it quiet. Sweet deceptions. It was a normal school day and Sarah and Matthew Jones were sitting down for breakfast, Sarah seemed a little distant and preoccupied.

Matthew had noticed and couldn't let this go. "Sarah, what's wrong? What's on your mind?" Sarah stirred herself and looked sheepishly all natural college blondie fuck ready pornstars hardcore Matthew.

"Sarah, what is it?" he asked again. She stood up and started to clean her dishes, turning her back on her brother. "Sorry, I've got things on my mind, don't worry about it." Matthew could not let this go.

He raised his voice and spoke forcefully. "Sit down and tell me, now!" She came back to the table and sat down, clearly embarrassed though relieved to be able to share her problem. "Matthew what do you know about Jill Evans?" "Sis, I don't know anything, why?" Sarah started to blush and spoke nervously.

"I keep seeing her in school all the time, it's strange, and when I do she keeps staring and then shies away. It's really affecting me." "Continue", Matthew insisted.

"I've asked insext net real mother and son her and know she is sixteen and in a year below me, she looks all innocent and shy like she wouldn't hurt a fly but people keep telling me not to go there. They say that she is trouble and to stay away. I don't know why but I can't seem to get over this." "She's really pretty isn't she", Matthew commented with more interest now. Sarah blushed and continued. "Yes, really pretty and grown up very quickly, now she has got all curvy, a great ass and I don't know where she got those breasts from." Sarah stopped talking and felt her face burning as it reddened more and more.

Inside Matthew was laughing, amused by his sister's display. He had never seen his sister act like this before, he never thought his sister would like eating pussy.

He liked this thought and he was semi-erect already. It was better to get these thoughts out of his head and he tried to console his sister. "Sis, if I can help just ask, you do need to get over this." Sarah just nodded, "OK bruv, i'll try." They cleared the table, cleaned the dishes, prepared their stuff for school and left the house.

While they did this, Sarah's pussy was getting moist thinking about Jill's naked curvy body. Matthew had difficulty focusing, he kept thinking about his sister and Jill eating each other's pussy out.

When they left the house it was a relief to both of them. Sarah struggled through the day, her thoughts were anywhere but school.

She had expected to see Jill anywhere and everywhere and she was not prepared for it. How would she react? Would she show her growing feelings for Jill? Sarah had to get a grip and sort her self out, as soon as she left school she would go home and get some sleep or take a walk, anything to sort her head out. She never saw Jill all day in school, Sarah didn't know whether to be happy or sad. Matthew was a little bit distracted by all the talk over breakfast, the thought of two lesbians was too much for a fifteen year old.

Here was an opportunity and he had to try and take advantage of this, his brain worked overtime. Sarah returned home and found her brother was not home yet, she took advantage and went to her room to get rid samantha jolie likes to stuff her pussy and ass pornstars some of her stress.

When she entered her bedroom, she closed the door and took off her uniform, she was laying on her bed with just a pair of knickers and bra on and started to play with herself.

Her hand went down her knickers and quickly found her clitoris, her pussy was moist to start off with but when she had starting touching herself her pussy juices just started flowing. Her fingers moved from her clitoris to her pussy and they easily entered, two fingers then three probing her pussy searching for her g-spot, all the time thinking of Jill.

She finger fucked herself until she realised that her brother would be home soon, if he wasn't home yet. What would he say if he caught his sister masturbating? Would she mind getting caught? She got off the bed, left the bedroom and entered the bathroom just in time, the front door opened just as she closed the bathroom door.

She had some unfinished business in the shower, she was soaking from playing with her clitoris and finger fucking, all that was missing was the orgasm. She turned on the shower, sat in the bath and turned the nozzle on the shower head to get a strong jet of water going. With the shower head in one hand aimed at her clitoris, and three fingers fucking her pussy. She closed her eyes and in her mind could see Jill naked and squatting her pussy over her mouth forcing Sarah to lick her out, Sarah could only imagine what her sweet juices tasted like.

It didn't take too long before she felt strong spasms start deep inside her building up till her body exploded in pleasure. She took out her three fingers but kept the jet aimed at her clitoris, she put her soaking wet fingers in her mouth so she could taste herself.

She tasted good. She did it again but had to stop herself doing it a third time. She had never done that before but had always been curious what it would be like, this was a new trick that she liked. Sarah stood up and took a shower, stopping to clean her breasts and pussy just a little too long, she forced herself to finish her shower.

While she was drying herself she vowed to herself she would sort out this problem concerning this mystery called Jill Evans. She was confused, she had never looked at girls that way before, xxx print six story all full moey now?

What had changed? There were too many questions and not enough answers. She got dressed, picked up some money, her phone and her keys chatting briefly to her brother to tell him she was going for a walk, that she needed to clear her head and not to worry. With that she walked out the door and went to the local park to get some fresh air.

Her little adventures in her bedroom and in the bath had taken away some of her stress but she still had some thinking to do. What could she do to get over these feelings? She had never had them before and short of seducing Jill in the school playground, how could she get them out of her system?

She didn't even know this sixteen year old girl let alone know why Jill could make her so sexually aroused. Maybe that was the answer, maybe she should get to know her a little bit more, in a place where there would be lots of people and no pressure. A few drinks would help and she could relax a little bit more, on the weekend she could invite her to go in to town with some friends. A little bit of chat and maybe she would find that she didn't like Jill and that would solve her problem, if she did like her where would they go?

Nothing could happen between them, could it? Surely not in public? Just when she thought she had found the answer, her doubts resurfaced. What would happen if she could not control herself, could she allow this sixteen year old to take control of her? She had always been on top of any situation before and this time should be no different. She decided to return home and prepare for any eventualities.

When she returned home she found Matthew in a mad rush, she asked him what was going on but he was evasive and strangely elusive. He was in too much of a hurry to leave, shying away from any attempts of conversation and worryingly was not able to look directly at Sarah without turning away.

He quickly made his excuses and left. Sarah did not like this one bit and would confront him when the time was right but now she had other problems to sort out, namely one Jill Evans.

Sarah had made all her preparations, she had made up her mind and now she was determined to sort this situation out once and for all. Today she would search Jill out and make sure that she was going out on the weekend with her. They would be talking to each other and maybe this could take away her fears, maybe then she wouldn't be so embarrassed about the whole thing.

She had breakfast alone as Matthew strangely had woken up and left earlier than usual. When she finished breakfast, she cleared everything away and walked to school determined to take back control.

In school it didn't take long for Sarah to be surprised. Elizabeth, one of her friends approached her and had asked why some girl was asking about her. The girl in question was Jill Evans and apparently she had some reason to celebrate, although no one was quite sure what it was. Jill had been asking about Sarah so she could invite her out on the Saturday night, for some form of celebration. Now Sarah really had to catch up with Jill, Jill was one step ahead of her. It was during the lunch hour when Sarah saw Jill in the playground, she was sitting quietly in a little hideaway reading a book.

This was perfect as there was plenty of time to talk and no one would disturb them. Sarah waited a while and took in the vision that was Jill Evans. Although only sixteen, her body looked more developed than that. She looked more like a woman than a girl, her breasts were large for a sixteen year old, but girls developed younger now, otherwise she must have stuffed tissues down her bra.

All Sarah could think about was sucking on those nipples hidden under Jill's blouse. Strangely Jill had an innocent face, if you told her black was white you got the impression she would believe it. Jill was a dream come true, rachel roxxx cumshot compilation lord of cumshots body of an adult with apparently an impressionable mind that could be easily persuaded. Sarah was thinking on what she could persuade her to do but quickly snapped out of it.

She had a job to do and decided to get on with it. Sarah approached, determined not to give away the feelings she had but still shaking inside. "Hi, I'm Sarah Matthews. I've been looking for you." Sarah blushed slightly but Jill didn't seem to notice. "Hi, I'm Jill Evans. I've been looking forward to meeting you. I would love to stop and chat but I have to go somewhere but I'm glad I saw you.

I did want to ask one thing though." Now Jill appeared to blush and appear nervous. "Sarah, what are you doing on Saturday night? It's my birthday and I don't really know anyone here. I would like to try and make more friends and it would be nice to spend some time with you, I've heard a lot of good things about you." Sarah didn't know why teen webcam show and cute blonde fingering hd sneaking in the base it felt she was being asked out for a date more than a girl's night out.

Anyway Jill had made the first move and all Sarah had to do was agree and arrange a time and place to meet, this would make things easier. Sarah and Jill quickly agreed a time and place, Sarah explained she would be there with some friends, explaining that this would be good for her as she could make more friends, although in reality it was safety in numbers for Sarah.

Jill walked away although Sarah distinctively had the impression that she walked slower and more deliberately showing off what had to be one of the best asses in the school.

Sarah's pussy was now soaking. That was finished, now she had to sort out her brother and his strange behavior. After school, she walked home, got inside and waited for him. When Matthew came through the door, she quickly collared him, told him to sit down and explain his recent behavior.

His face reddened, clearly embarrassed and then went on to explain what had happened. "Sis, I'm sorry but I really get turned on when I think about you and this girl together.

I didn't know you were a lesbian but I like the idea, I would even like to watch you two together, even though I know it is wrong." Sarah was strict in her response but inside she loved the idea of him watching, but she couldn't let him know that.

"Matthew, I'm shocked", Sarah spoke while her pussy got a little moist, "how can you say those things? I am your sister and you want to watch me with another girl. Besides I am not a lesbian." "But sis, I have seen you and how you react when it comes to this girl. She is pretty and I would be interested too.

I would love to eat her pussy out as well. There is no shame in that." Sarah had to interrupt him, angry but turned on. "Matthew what are you suggesting? Are you saying that if I was with this girl, you want to be standing over us watching our every move? You are sick." Matthew had a job on his hand now to persuade her. "Look Sarah, I'm just a man, I would love to see two women together.

I will do you a deal, if you are not a lesbian then nothing will happen, right? Hot fuck with a curvy whore hardcore big butt if something happens I want to see it, we could hide a video camera somewhere and record it. I will only watch it the once, you will have the master and can destroy it anytime you like. When I have watched it once, I will be happy.

Since you have no feelings for this girl nothing will happen, am I right? It doesn't matter then if you take this deal?" Taken aback by this, through the shock of it all, she shook hands with her brother and sealed the deal. She did it knowing it was wrong but highly turned by the thought of it. It didn't matter any way, there was no chance anything was going to happen with Jill Evans, was there?

Matthew was shocked on how his proposal was accepted so quickly, how did he get away with it? Better to strike while the iron was hot, he told his sister to stay where she was for a minute and returned with a video camera. "OK, Sis, let's go and see where to hide this." Sarah followed him to her bedroom, to hide the camera, in a state of shock.

The days went by slowly till the weekend came around, in the week there had been a few sly comments from her brother but she ignored them and she hadn't seen Jill around at all.

She was getting her confidence and control back, till the Saturday afternoon came around and she suddenly turned in to a bag of nerves. Her brother would be no problem, he wouldn't be bugging her, he was going over to a friends house and staying the night there.

She guessed he was more than happy with that, while he was out of the way, his sister would have the house to herself and who knows what she would get up to, as long as it would be on tape. So with the house to herself she got ready and left to meet her friends. They were all rachel steele gynwith son milfga to meet at the bus station at 8.00 in the evening, Sarah lived near the town centre so she walked in, she figured the fresh air and extra time would help her calm down.

It didn't. She quickly spotted her friends, they had all dressed up for a good night, they all appeared have outfits that made their breasts look larger or highlighted their ass, the clever ones used both tactics. Sarah looked around but couldn't see Jill, her friends asked why she had invited that girl and Sarah explained that it was Jill's birthday and as she did not have many friends, it seemed the right thing to do.

The friends breed me your cum college boy brunette and big tits not seem to agree and told her that Jill was her responsibility.

She thought she could make out secret whispering between some of her friends but thought nothing of it. Jill was running late but when she arrived, she made a huge impression. When the girls saw her, they just stared at her, open mouthed. That's when the jealousy started, when there's a group of girls together you have to expect some bitchiness especially when people are envious. Jill was wearing a tight fitting dress, it clung to all the right curves. Her pert little ass looked even more perfect while on top, the material showed just enough cleavage to grab people's attention without looking trashy.

Sarah was amazed just how good she looked and even more amazed to see that it appeared that Jill had no knickers or bra on. She swore she could see Jill's nipples poking through, it must have been cold or Jill was turned on. Sarah certainly was. She was even more dumbfounded when Jill asked Sarah to look after a small pair of frilly knickers and her bra, explaining the material was so tight, everyone would have been able to see her underwear, so it was better not to wear any.

Sarah almost came right there. The night progressed and they went for a drink in the nearest pub, things did not go too well. Sarah had introduced Jill to the girls but they did not seem to like her, appearing to ignore her. It could have been because that Jill was getting all the attention from the men and some women, everywhere she went she turned heads.

Sarah had to come to the rescue and talk to her, as she was told, Jill was her responsibility. They had some small talk, commenting on how good the other one looked, school and other chit chat.

By this time Sarah's friends had disappeared somewhere, so it was just Sarah and Jill talking, so much for safety in numbers. It didn't matter, Jill was good company and after a few drinks Sarah felt more comfortable and confident with this situation. She was still turned on but she was coping with it.

Jill was shy and nervous but had come out of her shell a little bit more. Things were going fine. Jill then excused herself and went to the bathroom but shocked Sarah when she came back crying and shaking. Jill was inconsolable and begged to get out of there, she didn't care where but she just had to get out. They left and Sarah suggested going to another pub but Jill was having none of it, whatever had happened had really shook her up, it seemed the night was over.

Sarah suggested she get a taxi for Jill so she could go home, Jill mumbled something and said it wasn't possible. What else could she do? "I live near here, we can go back there and you can tell me what happened, ok?" Jill smiled and thanked Sarah for being so kind. They walked back to Sarah's house, Sarah thinking all the while that this wasn't part of the plan and something had gone wrong somewhere, but Jill was innocent enough and what was the worst that could happen?

They arrived at Sarah's house and went in, Sarah made sure Jill was comfortable and offered a drink. Jill suggested something alcoholic as she needed something a bit stronger than tea or coffee. There was a bottle of wine that never been opened so they started on that, when the time was right Sarah brought up the matter of what happened in the pub. Jill changed the subject and they had some more wine, breathtaking orgasms for a sexy sweetheart hardcore blowjob both lightened up a bit more.

Jill asked if she could change out of her outfit so Sarah took her upstairs to get some clothes that would be more comfortable than that tight fitting dress. Jill was happy with one of Matthew's t-shirts that just about covered everything, she started to undress and Sarah went to walk out of the room till Jill told her to stay, telling Sarah she felt more comfortable with her in the room besides she felt comfortable enough to tell her what happened.

Sarah sat on the bed watching this beautiful creature undressing in front of her, trying to listen to what she had to say. It was difficult to stay focused though. Jill told her that she had gone to the toilets to freshen up a little when she suddenly felt a hand touching her ass, she heard a female voice saying that she looked good enough to eat and she was soon cajoled in to one of the cubicles.

She was nervous and didn't know what to do, so she just let it happen. Two hands started to feel her breasts, playing with them and tweaking her nipples. One hand then moved down between her legs and softly touched her, seemingly trying to find something.

When one finger accidentally touched her clitoris, she felt all funny inside. She was scared but she liked it. She was then told not to leave the cubicle, the mystery person was going to return and play some more.

Jill did not stay in the cubicle and came out as soon as she could, not fully understanding what had happened. When she saw Sarah, she knew she could help her and that she had to get out of there. Sarah heard the words but her eyes were feasting on Jill's naked body. Her breasts were all real, her nipples standing out quite erect. Her stomach was flat and toned and there was a small patch of pubic hair just above her heavenly parts.

Sarah couldn't see Jill's pussy but she swore it was moist and there was a sweet smell from somewhere. Could Jill be turned on? She put the t-shirt on and sat on the bed, the t-shirt rising up showing off all her parts. Jill did not move to cover them up. Sarah could see her pussy now, her lips were moist and welcoming and she did all she could trying not to look. "What I don't understand was why that woman was doing that? What was she trying to do to me?

Why did I like it? Can you explain it to me?" Jill asked, her voice begging for the right answer. After all of Sarah's plans, how had it come to this? She had this beautiful sixteen year old who turned her on too much sitting in front of her just waiting to be taken control of.

She could see Jill's pussy lips were more than moist and could just make out her erect nipples under the t-shirt. Jill had these puppy dog eyes staring straight at Sarah just begging her to take control, what to do? Sarah's head told her to walk away but her body was screaming at her to go for it. Sarah's body won but her head told her to at least stay fully in control. "Jill, do you know what a lesbian is and what she does?" "I think I know what a lesbian is, that's when a woman fancies another woman.

What would two women get up to? I don't understand that" said Jill blushing and hiding her face. Sarah took Jill's hand and reassured her, "I may know a little more than you and I could tell you but it would be easier to show you.

Just trust me completely, listen and learn from me and we can learn it as we go on. Do you trust me?" Jill just nodded her head. Sarah lifted Jill's head and looked in to her eyes. "Listen, whatever happens just trust me. If I hurt you, just tell me to stop ok?

I'm going down to get a drink for us, I'll be back straight away." Sarah then softly gave Jill a quick kiss on her lips before adding "take your t-shirt off and get comfortable on the bed, everything is going to be fine." Sarah then went downstairs and grabbed some drinks as well as a little surprise for Jill. When she returned to the bedroom she found Jill naked, lying comfortably on the bed, her eyes closed while one hand was playing with her breasts, tweaking her nipples one after the other.

The other hand had just started to find her pussy, searching for her clitoris and tracing down to her now soaking wet pussy lips. Sarah quickly undressed, getting even more turned on by the show in front of her. When she climbed on the bed, it startled Jill who stopped what she was doing but Sarah quickly put her hands back they were, whispering for her to enjoy it the moment, Jill carried on with her little show.

Sarah then slowly put her lips to Jill's and started to kiss her softly, leaving a little time before putting her tongue into her mouth and kissing her a little more forcefully.

It wasn't long before both girls were really in to it, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Now was the time for Sarah to put the research on the internet to good use.

Sarah started kissing Jill slowly. She kissed Jill on her neck, slow soft lingering kisses that turned asian in a fishnet outfit gets plowed of them on. Sarah then moved downwards kissing her chest but not enough to reach her breasts, just to tease her a little.

Jill was breathing hard but not just from the kisses, Sarah had also put her leg between Jill's legs and had been rubbing her pussy in time with the kisses. She then moved down to her breasts, one hand feeling a breast while her mouth was playing with the nipple on the other. Sarah was either letting her tongue play with the nipple, sucking it or biting it just a little.

She liked to mix it up so Jill did not know what was going to happen, all the time rubbing Jill's pussy with her leg. Sarah could feel just how wet Jill's pussy was, because Sarah's leg was now soaking from the love juices. Now it was time to go down south. Sarah took it slow, wanting Jill to beg her for this pleasure. She kissed her stomach from side to side to delay from arriving at those heavenly gates, when she reached her belly button Sarah put her tongue in there just to tease.

Jill was getting impatient knowing that while this was nice more was to come, she had masturbated before and knew where all the orgasms came from. When Sarah had reached her thighs and had started kissing them, Jill grabbed her head and forced it nearer to her pussy, the reaction was immediate. Jill could feel Sarah's tongue licking at her pussy searching for her clitoris, Jill was soaking already but now she had started having spasms inside her. It would not be long before she would orgasm and Sarah had not even touched her clitoris yet, when she did Jill came immediately.

Sarah just lapped up the juices and felt Jill's hips bucking when she orgasmed, when the orgasm had subsided Sarah moved up to face Jill and kissed her so she could taste her own juices, Jill kissed back like a woman obsessed. Sarah then whispered into Jill's ear that this had only just started, now it was time to really explore this pussy in front of her.

She moved back down to Jill's pussy and started to explore, first of all to find her clitoris and drive it wild. When she found it she was kissing, sucking and gently biting it to see what was really turning Jill smart wench rides a jock girlfriend hardcore. She was surprised to find out that Jill really loved it when she nibbled at it. Now it was time to explore that young soaking wet pussy, she parted the lips and put her tongue inside lapping up any juices that she could find.

Sarah was getting drunk on pussy juices and she was more than turned on by the aroma of Jill's sex. She licked out her pussy until she could take no more, she wondered if Jill was still a virgin, only one way to find out.

Starting off with one finger Sarah put it inside Jill and felt no resistance, her pussy was nice and tight, how many fingers could she fit in there? She got up to three and finger fucked Jill until she orgasmed again. She could have continued playing like that but now she wanted to be on the receiving end now, when she was content in the busty blonde zoey monroe gets fucked by her lover marcus london pornstar and massage that Jill was happy, Sarah went up to the top of the bed, kissed Jill and asked if her she would return the favour.

Sarah did not know what to expect from this sweet, innocent teenager. All she knew was that this must be her first time with a woman. She could deduce that Jill had lost straight girls experimenting with lesbian sex hidden camera cherry but with what or who?

How would Jill do when it was her turn to play Sarah's naked body?


The answer surprised her. From the first kiss on her nipple, Sarah's body exploded with pleasure. Jill repeated everything Sarah had done but gone was the insecure, innocent, shy teenager to be replaced by a love goddess. Everything felt right, too right, too good. Jill moved from her breasts, teased her moving slowly down, kissing her stomach then her thighs first before attacking her pussy.

Sarah was soaking, her body reacting to every kiss, sucking motion or bite. When Jill finally started to play with her pussy it was too much to bear. Jill quickly found Sarah's clitoris and kissed and licked for a short time before putting three fingers in to her pussy.

A short time after, Jill put her hand down to Sarah's ass, putting some of her juices on her anus and putting her finger inside there. When she was happy Sarah was ready, she resumed kissing and licking the clitoris, at the same time managing to put one finger in her anus while putting three fingers in her pussy.

When everything was in place she finger fucked Sarah's pussy and anus quickly, never letting up. Even when Sarah had orgasmed, Jill still never let up. Sarah now found it difficult to breath but Jill only stopped when Sarah had had her fourth or fifth orgasm. Jill returned back to the top of the bed and the two just held each other.

They rested a little, they were naked and soaking wet from the sweat and bodily fluids. Jill had gone in to a little nap, but Sarah could not sleep so easily, she was still turned on too much and had to have more. Sarah moved in to a position where her face was opposite Jill's pussy, all she could see was some pubic hair and her legs were closed but they opened easily enough with some kisses, she opened Jill's legs so she could play a bit more. First she found Jill's clit and licked and kissed it, Jill's legs opening a bit more now, Sarah moved forward and enveloped her face in Jill's pussy, her tongue parting the lips and plunging it in as far it would go.

She then licked it out as if her life depended on it. Jill woke up from the intense feelings of pleasure now running through her body, she could no longer see Sarah's face but was faced instead with a pair of legs, some pubic hair and a flat toned stomach. Nature took over and she immediately hunted out Sarah's pussy, when she found it she kissed and licked for all it was worth. They both orgasmed quickly after that, both of them having a little difficulty breathing.

They held each other and rested wondering what else would happen. By charming yo blonde teen loves it hard Sarah had the impression that Jill trusted her without question.

Sarah had exorcised her demon and could feel happy with herself now. No more nerves, no more embarrassing moments, she could go back to being the old Sarah Jones, the confident Sarah. Now she was empowered there were a few things she wanted to try, she would probably never get a better chance. She moved closer to Jill and whispered something in to her ear. Sarah did not know how she had persuaded Jill to do it, but now it seemed Jill would do anything for her.

Jill positioned her body so that while their legs were tangled up, their pussies were right next to each other. Just one more movement and they would be touching. Sarah motioned for Jill to push down a little more and everything was complete.

Now their pussies were touching, lips touching lips. They both moved their hips to push themselves even tighter to each other, moaning when their pussies touched, when the one clitoris found the other one and touched, both girls seemed to be close to orgasm.

Sexy year old girl acquires fucked hard

They tried to find the same motion, the same spot so they could feel that intense pleasure again. They could not last long, they were getting overcome by it all and broke off their tangled position. Sarah told Jill to stay where she was and close her eyes, she then went over to the table and reached for something, it was a jar with a gherkin in it. Sarah, making sure Jill still had her eyes closed, whispered to her that whatever happened, to trust her. Jill nodded.


Sarah then put the gherkin in to Jill's pussy, making sure half of it was sticking out. The gherkin was cold and Jill shivered, a little from the coldness of it and mostly because she was turned on by it. Sarah returned and resumed the position they had taken mia khalifa car in sexy before, except now she was holding the gherkin still and pushing down on it till their pussy lips were touching once again.

They repeated their actions from before, pushing down as far as they could, desperately trying to find each others clitoris. They both wanted to experience the almost orgasmic pleasure again and again and again, except now they both had something inside them, the little bumps interacting inside their vaginas manipulating their g-spots.

They rubbed their pussies together over and over again, achieving orgasm after orgasm. Sarah was moaning while Jill made no noise, both of them moving their hips to try and get that little bit closer.

They both could not help playing with their breasts, working on their nipples till they were fully erect. Their bodies were overcome with sexual ecstacy, both coming at the same time when their clitorises had touched one more time. Finally they could take no more and moved their bodies apart, reluctantly. They both knew that had to be the climax of the night as what else could so good. They held each other, kissed a little while touching each other before going to have a shower. Sarah changed the sheets, making a mental note to not let Matthew see them.

She didn't want too many questions. She put the gherkin back in to the jar, she would leave it in the fridge for Matthew, that would teach him. Jill asked her why she was not going to throw it out, Sarah explained she was going play a joke on her brother. Jill just laughed. When everything was fixed, they went to sleep in separate beds. Sarah explained that she didn't know when her brother would be back so it would be better that way. Jill understood, gave Sarah a kiss and left the room.

They both slept very well that night. The next morning, Jill had left early. There was a note for Sarah thanking her for looking after her so well, that she had had a really enjoyable night, that it was her best birthday present ever and to keep her knickers and bra. Sarah hid the note, made sure everything was clean and tidy and waited for her brother to come back.

When Matthew returned, he was full of questions. Of course he had stayed away to give her some space, he asked about the night and what happened, taking a keen interest. Sarah told him a mixture of truths and lies, saying Jill had a bit of bad night at first but they had a good time and she had stayed overnight, excluding the part about the hot lesbian sex.

He was disappointed but accepted it. She lied to him hoping all this would blow over and they would forget all about it. Life continued on as normal, no more was said about Jill and Sarah could talk to her without blushing or getting embarrassed. The only thing unusual was that Mathew thought the fridge wasn't working properly as when he went to have something to eat, he wanted the gherkin but it smelt and tasted funny. He managed to eat it all. A couple of days later Sarah got the shock of her life, she found a note in her bag after she had returned from school.

The contents frightened skinny teen drilled hard by her stepdad on the couch, it's me Jill. Once again thanks for an 'excellent night', it was the best birthday present ever. Please can you thank your brother for a copy of the tape and when I see him I will give him the copy I have from my video-camera. Hope he enjoyed the gherkin with the added seasoning, but he already knows just how my pussy tastes anyway.

He was the one who taught me just how good it feels to have a finger up the ass. As you can tell, I am no innocent but love pretending to be the innocent, shy one, especially when someone else takes control and you know how to take control, when I let you. Anyway no hard feelings and don't worry your secret is safe with me. You are not the only one to have played my little game, there are more people out there who have been taken in. They won't say anything as they are too ashamed.

Any time you want to play again, you know where to find me. Maybe I can teach you some new tricks? Jill. Sarah was shocked at first, she would have to talk with her brother and clear a few things with him. As for the offer to play the game again, she was tempted, but that's another story.