Hot latina teen has her pussy annihilated interracial pornstars

Hot latina teen has her pussy annihilated interracial pornstars
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.My daughter Rachelle and I had just left Svetlana's house. We walked down the sidewalk, her just holding my hand and not really saying anything. We arrive at the front of my door and walk in. I grab ahold of my daughter's hand and turn her torwards me and say: " What's wrong? I already told all of you ladies that I was alright with what happened." Rachelle looks up at me wraps her arms around my waist and says: " Oh daddy I saw how lonely you were and I have had this urge to be with you, not just there as a daughter but as a wife, and someday to be mother of our children.

Then you met Svetlana and I was Jealous. I kept thinking of you going out on dates and making love to her when you could be making love to me instead.

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Then when Natalia and I were in bed with you that night. I moved my leg up and found that you had a hard-on and I was curious, that's when I put my hand on it and Natalia put her hand on my hand and telling me she had just sucked you off. I had to know what it was like and I did it too. Then the next time we put the drug in your drink and we both decided that we wanted to have sex with you.

Natalia was first then it was me. I felt you cum in me and I just laid there with your cock in me trying to keep as much of your cum in me as possible. I wanted to make a baby with you that night and then tell you what happened so it would just be you and me. I got my period and so did Natalia at the same time I didn't realize that our periods were cycling at the same time. We just kept drugging you and a few times I would lie to Natalia that I lost the drug and come in and make love to you by myself, hoping to make a baby with you.

I am so sorry for being jealous, I just want you so bad and can you forgive me? " The tears are rolling down the sides of her face and her body is shaking against me as she is holding me tighter as she is telling me her story. I embrace her, lifting her head up at me, seeing her swollen eyes from crying and the slightly bent bottom lip form her emotions. I kiss her on top of the head and hold her firmly telling her how much I love her and I am not mad and that I am so glad she is carrying rachel roxxx cumshot compilation lord of cumshots child.

I know it will be hard to get used to other women around with puffy tummies. ( She looks up sniffles and giggles a little as I am telling he this.) I love you so much for wanting to be not only my daughter but my wife, my lover, and even the mother to our children. I think we slender latina looker has her pussy hammered go and get ready for bed.

What do you think? She hugs me once more and heads into her room and changes into her usual large top with just panties on. I head into my room and just put on my pajama bottom and head back out to the kitchen. Rachelle came out a few minutes later where I had made us some chocolate milk drinks. She looks at the glasses and then back at me.

I smiled and said: " NO! There's no drug in them. It's just your 100% chocolate milk. " She smiles back and we drink our milk. I tell her to go brush her teeth and get to bed. She kisses me on the lips, a soft 3 second kiss, but it was nice.


she smiles and says: " ok daddy, I love you. " I tell her I love her too and walk torward my room. I pass by the bathroom as she is brushing her teeth. she's got her arm up pulling her shirt up exposing her cute little pantie covered butt for me to see as I am passing by. I could start to feel my cock twitching just looking at her.

I brushed my teeth, turn off the light, and head over and pull the covers back. I hear my daughter walking into her bedroom and the sheets russling as she climbs into her bed. I sit on the edge of the bed for a moment before I decide to go to her room. I walk into her room and she is looking at me and says: " what's wrong, everything alright? " I look at her and say: " Well if you are going to be my house-wife, then shouldn't you be sleeping with your husband?

" She jumps up, hugs me and kissing me on the face and says: " Oh daddy! Yes! I mean, Yes my husband, I do want to sleep with you! " We kiss again, our lips touching tenderly, our tongues just touching, and she shakes a little feeling for the first time I could kiss her back. We walk back to my room and she walks on one side of the bed as I am standing on the other side.

She looks into my eyes and I hers. I face her as I let my pajamas fall to the ground exposing my semi-hard cock to her. She puts her thumb up to her mouth, biting her nails as she watches me undress.

I am now standing there looking at her sweet tender body as she starts to undress. She slowly pulls her shirt over her head, exposing her firm little A-cup titties to me. She drops the shirt to the floor and puts her fingers on each side of her panties as she pulls them down over her nicole ray is excited at the prospect of fucking some dick tender slim legs showing me her sweet firm ass as she bends over to pull them off.


She stands back up and faces me letting me look at her sweet young body for the first time. She is so beautiful with her pink aeroles and tiny nipples down across her hourglass figure down to her puffy little pussy with just a nice small covering of hair at the top.

My cock is now at full mast from watching my daughter undress before me. I climb into bed and pull the covers up to my waist laying on my left side with my head being held up animai girll sex black guy vidio my arm. I patted the bed and told her to come here and lay down with me. She climbs into bed and lays on her back looking up at me. I lean over and bring my lips to hers as we start to kiss so slowly and passionately.

I moves my lips on hers as she responses back kissing me back letting my tongue go into her mouth a little at a time and her tongue touching mine. She slides her right arm under my arm that is holding up my head as I am kissing her and her left arm goes up around my neck as we kissing harder and more passionately. I roll over onto my back, pulling her over with me as we kiss.

I wanted her to set the pace so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. She is laying on my left side, her left leg is resting against my hard cock and her pussy is on the side of my hip as she starts grinding her hips into side of mine her breathing is getting more short and shallow as we keep kissing I am running my hands up and down the back of her body.

She's got her hand on my chest rubbing my nipple around and moaning slightly as we keep kissing. I take my right hand from her side and move it to the front of her chest, finding her perky little titty and running my finger around in circles across her sweet little nipple.

She breaks our kiss and her head pops up as she leaves out a moan from the attention of my fingers roaming across her nipple. She takes her left leg and moves it over to the sexy babe katrina jade gets ripped hard in the bedroom pornstars and hardcore side of my hips.

I can feel her hot pussy resting just above the tip of my pulsing cock. How I wanted to just shove it into her right there, but I wanted her to set the pace. She looks down at me and says; " OH! Daddy! Suck my nipples I wanna feel your mouth on my nipples! " I pulled her up a little and took her right nipple into my mouth while I moved my right arm down to her young perky little ass, squeezing it, as she grinds her hips into as I sucked and licked on her hard firm nipple.

I move my tongue from one nipple to the other driving her crazy, making her moan more and grinding harder into me. I move my hand down her sweet grinding ass and into her crack finding the opening to her little love hole.

I move my hand up and down the outside of her honey box letting my index finger rub across her clit and let it dip into her swollen slit to about the first knuckle and then back out. (MAN! She is so wet!) She looks at me as I am doing this and her eyes go wide as she shivers as she lets out her first orgasm of the night screaming; " Yes daddy!

Yes daddy I'm cumming! I'm cumming Oh god daddy! EEENNGGHHH UUUMMPH!" She collapses on me as her body shakes from her orgasm and just lays there for a moment huge schlong lances tight ass hardcore and russian she looks up at me and says: " Oh god daddy!

I have never cum like that before. That was so good. I love you so much. " I looked up at her and said: " I love you too honey." I'm still caressing her soaked pussy and rubbing her very orgasmed sensitive clit getting her to twitch every time I did it. She leans forwards and gives me a short kiss and says: " I wanna suck your cock daddy. Can I suck your cock?" I looked into her eyes and said: "you can do what ever you want to me honey." She moves down between my legs and grabs my throbbing member and starts stroking it with her tender young fingers sliding up my shaft and rubbing the head as my precum keeps dripping out.

She moves up slowly as I feel her warm breath on the head of my cock. She brings her tongue out and licks the tip of my head and down along the shaft. She kisses my shaft on the way back up and takes my cock into her mouth. She swirls her tongue over the head and squeezes my cock with her lips at the same time. I am in heaven knowing that it is my daughter sucking me off that I can't hold back from the sensations that I am getting I can feel my balls tightening up to release their potent load.

I look down at Rachelle and tell her that I was getting ready to cum. She moans as she keeps sucking me, never letting up as my hips raise up.


I feel the cum rushing from my balls and down my shaft and out my head as it enters into her waiting mouth. I yell; "Oh god! Baby!

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Here it comes! Here it comes! OOOHHHHH AAWWGGH UUNGGH!" I could feel six or seven hot gushes of cum, as it fills her mouth.

She never takes her mouth away as she swallow every last drop down her throat.

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She keeps swirling her tongue around the head of my dick making me twitch with every touch of her tongue. I pull her away from my cock and have her lay on her back on the bed. I lean over kissing her again, tasting my own cock juice on my tongue as we kiss. I stop kissing her and move down her body, kissing her hard perky titties, down over her young belly button, and moving my head down between her legs.

I move myself between her hips and start kissing the insides of her legs till I get to her honey hole. I lick the outside of her walls while I take my fingers pulling her lips apart and feel her body twitch as she feels the first tongue to ever lick her young tender cannal.

I lick around the walls, curling my tougue in a U shape, and darting it in and out of her tender young pussy. Stunning asian chick sucks massive black cock hips are bucking and she's moaning as I keep assulting her love box with my tongue. I can feel her tensing up for another orgasm. I go up and suck and lick on her clit as this sends her over the edge.

Her back arches, her mouth tears wide open and her eyes roll back into he head, as she screams: "OH GOD! Daddy! I'm Cum. I'm Cum. OOHH AWGH AWGH EENNGGH. Her body still shaking and my new raging member ready for action I climbed up on top of her and put my cock at the opening of her still pulsing love hole.

She looked up at me and spread her legs wide saying; "Yes daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me now! Please! Fuck me!" I pushed my engorged member in, feeling the hot wet walls of her vagina squeezing my shaft, as I slid into her. God! Her pussy was so tight! I loved the velvety feeling of her young pussy muscles massaging my cock as I moved in and out of her. The feeling was so great for me and Rachelle as I kept plunging my cock deep into her as I would hit her cervix with every thrust.

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I felt her body tense up again as she came for the third time clamping my cock hard and then letting go, over and over again. The sensation was so good sending me over the edge as I felt my balls tighten up and felt the cum flow up my shaft and squirted my cum right into her opened cervix. Rachelle yells again as she feels my cum in her, making her have another orgasm as she screams: "Yes daddy!

I feel it! I feel it! Oh god! It's so hot! Oh god! I'm I'm I'm Ca Ca Cumming EENNGGHH!" I fell on straight girls experimenting with lesbian sex hidden camera of her and we just laid there for about a minute before either one of us could move. I put my head up to her, we kissed so softly, and told each other how much we loved each other.

I rolled over and she spooned into me while we held each other that way till the morning.