Pretty hot latina babe toys her tight pussy

Pretty hot latina babe toys her tight pussy
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Gopal's Aarti [Note: This is a spoof of Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat. For those unfamiliar, a small synopsis is given] Synopsis : Gopal is the loser turned rich guy who is in love with Aarti, the love of his friend turned enemy Raghav. However, as Gopal rises and Raghav bites the dust for his radical ideas, Aarti veers round to Gopal. However, Gopal gets a sudden change of heart, deciding Raghav deserves Aarti, and so invites two whores to his birthday, knowing Aarti would come and so get shocked.

In the actual story, the ploy Succeeds. But bhagat never makes for good erotica does he? . Written in first person view, as Gopal. I lay in bed with the two girls on either side. My heart was pounding, as I heard Aarti enter the living room and head for the stairs. The girls, oblivious to my fears and hopes, did what they were paid for.

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One, the short and skinny one, began nibbling my neck, the other massaging my groin. Inspite of my fear, the feeling was nice, much better than with just one girl. My attention shifted to the door, which was beginning to open. The girls noticed it too, and looked up. Aarti stood there, holding a card and a present.

It perfect and busty outdoor fucking hardcore erotica like slow motion, as her look changes from smile to surprise to shock to disgust. "Oh my God!" She cried. "Why did you order a third call girl? " asked the tall one, mistaking my lover for a whore. For a moment time stood still, the girls and me staring at the apparition, she staring at me in utter disbelief. My stomach began to churn, I'd never expected it to be this long and painful.

She should have run, or shouted, or slapped me. Anything but this frozen scene. Strangely, neither of us broke the spell, the skinny girl did. " Why don't you join in? We are wasting time here. Or are you his girlfriend? " she smirked as she saw my frozen expression.

I felt devastated. What would I say now? What was I supposed to do? Steangely again, Aarti actually came in. I noticed that she looked awesome, in a white salwar kameez with floral designs and a blue kameez with dupatta to match.

Her face looked so lovely, as the shock began to wear off. Then she did the unthinkable. She climbed onto the bed, right on top. The weight made it real, or I'd thought I'd dreamed off, or fainted. Aarti s perfume now invaded my nose, and I forgot that there were two whores, that she was supposed to be shocked, that we were. Her face filled my view, and her hair touched me gently before her lips engulfed me.

I was in seventh heaven, as my lover lay on me, our lips locked in a passionate kiss, our bodies wrapped the way I'd always wanted them to be. The kiss went on, longer than either of us could imagine.


Again, it was the impatient skinny whore. She grabbed my lover by her luxuriant hair, and pulled us apart. "Don't forget us. You've paid high, get your value for money " Before I could say anything, Aarti spoke up "You ordered whores on your birthday?

" ", they are a gift. From the MLA. it's what rich people do" I stammered. "Well, I'm rich and I never ordered whores" her tone, strangely, was not hostile. "Err.welll." "Never mind. I came to make this Gopals best birthday ever. Since you have already begun the party, let me join in" she giggled. "Sure." did I say that?

Did I really? U couldn't think straight. Especially when she took my hands, still around the two whores, and placed them firmly on her twin mammaries. The sight of it almost made me cum. My brown hands on her white chest, cupping her melons at her own insistence.

My manly instincts kicked in, I began squeezing them. They felt soft in my hands, the flesh yielding to pressure as her lustful hands caressed my chest. I increased my pressure, mashing the sacks together as my fingers bit into her meat. She moaned, her red lips parting in a sexy smile. The whores I guess concluded that they would be left out unless they joined in with Aarti.

As aarti knelt on my torso, the tall whore got behind her, and began unzipping her salwar. A moment later, her salwar was held to her only by my tit-grasp. I let go, and aarti took it off. She had on a sexy lace bra, which complemented her bust well. So I let it stay, pulling out the mammaries from the cups. I now sat up, taking a titty in my mouth as aarti held me to her chest, like a baby.

Which would now be mine, not raghav s. The nipples tasted delicious, and I wondered what her milk would taste like. Benares had cows aplenty, but mine would definitely give the best produce. But now they were dry, her tits empty and useless.

I made the best mom son fuk story movi it, chewing her soft nips till I drew some blood. But aarti endured it, the boob firmly in my mouth. But it was time to move on. Aarti had somehow got rid of her kammez and panty, anticipating a fuck. However, I wanted a taste first. Pushing her amazing asian slut teen gets fuct and anal the bed, I climbed on top, positioning my face to her snatch.

Like all Indian girls, her outer lips were a dark shade of brown. I gently parted them to reveal redish pink inners, with a depression at the centre which I knew led to her womb. I began licking the area, already wet with juice. It tasted tangy, the surface a bit like the inside of her well explored mouth. I began lapping at her, occassionally pushing my tongue into her baby canal. I could tell she was getting hotthe juice now flowing into my mouth.

Her clit became engorged, and her moaning intense. She buried my face in it, and I kept up the licking ascmy nostrils were overwhelmed by the smell of aarti. Suddenly, her groin pushed into my face, her juices erupted in a volcano of love, she came. I devoured her juices, enjoying her orgasm as much as she did. I'd made aarti cum, and how. Now for my pleasure.


I changed positions, pushing her back on top, and motioned the whores to hold her down while one of them massaged my cock.

I could see that aarti hated the skinny whore fondling my cock, but I was beyond caring. I wanted her cunt, and I was going to get it. My cock was soon raring to go, and I parted her legs enough to move in between. She was already slick with cum from her last orgasm. I positioned my spear at the end of her hole and slowly began pushing in. The sight of my dick, which was big by Indian standards, disappearing into her hole, sent a thrill through me, almost making me cum. Soon I was deep Inside her, my balls touching her ass, as our bodies joined in carnal union.

It felt warm and soft, her walls holding me firmly as her eyes showed her need to be fucked hard. I ordered the skinny whore to suck her breasts and kiss her, while the other was between my legs licking my ass and balls. I was ready to fuck. Beginning gently, I soon picked up speed. Aarti was rocking her hips against mine, desperate to take in as much as she could. The whore was kissing her deeply now, their tongues entwining in lesbian love as my dick sawed in and out of me.

I'd never thought that Aarti and me would involve others in our lovemaking, but as I saw Aarti hold the whore tightly squeezing her breasts as she kissed, I wasn't repenting. Meanwhile, the other whore was sucking on my sacks, gently pulling them down as they bounced against Aarti's ass.

The combined effect of licking fucking and seeing aarti's loving made me approach climax. But I had no intention of making her pregnant. Atleast not now. Ebony fucks machine and squirts on it pulled out, and climbed towards her face. She looked unhappy at being pulled out of, so I got the whore to lick her to climax. Pushing the other whore aside, I aimed directly for her face, and came.

The cum shot out like a shower, spraying her sweet face with jizz. Some landed on her lips and she promptly licked them up. Some landed on her luscious hair, on her forehead, on her mascara-ed cheeks, and some directly below me, onto her tits.

The whore cleverly spread it out, till she had a nice cum coating on her whole torso and face, making her glisten like a doll. But she didn't seem to care, as she was brought to climax a second after me. The sight of her rocking and moaning under me was amazing, her tits bouncing as she moved up and down on the bed.

I reached out and pulled a nipple, making her yelp in the middle of her orgasm. Encouraged, I began pulling both nipple alternatively, making her rise from the bed by her nipples.

I'd never thought I'd hurt her, but the way her bags stretched as she began to scream in pain was just too good to stop. I moved down a little, asking the whores to keep up the pain. And they outdid themselves, pulling aarti literally up by her tits, making them red.

I could only imagine the shock and agony the poor girl was going through after a satisfying cum, but I wanted it to continue, for the sake of seeing her meat stretch and her cum glossed face contort in agony.

She soon started begging to be let off, and I complied. For whatever her tits may be worth, I still loved her, and the gentler part of me couldn't see her in agony for long.

But pity was a passing feeling. I looked at her red meat, at her poor face asking me to end the fuck session, at the two whores now playing with her funbags, and I had an idea. I asked if either had a dildo. Skinny as usual answered as usual. " Sure.

Most clients who order two whores want some tinyk dillion harper shows off her skills action. We have a butt plug too. " I asked them to bring them. Soon a red dildo and a white butt plug appeared.

I asked them to insert the dildo into aarti's vagina.


They did so, and aarti, for all her interest in ending the fuck, began fucking herself with it. What a slut, I thought.

I now moved towards her, and she parted her legs in anticipation of another fuck. InsteadI turned her over. Her cute bubble ass was available as I took some lube from the helpful whores and smeared it over the ass crack. Aarti must have senesed the coldand asked " gopalwhat are you doing ? The fuck hole is lower darling.

" she had as yet no idea where the concerned fuck hole was. She got some idea as I began running a finger up and down her ass crack. I finally decided to move in, when the hole looked respectably lubed from the outside.

Taking more lube, I began to push a finger into her ass. Aarti instantly fuck me before i go with tiffany fox to protest, the average benares girl having little idea on ass fucks.

Tlll marriage that is. I was having a lot of trouble inserting even one finger, but kept at it. After the brutal tit pulling, aarti had learnt to stay quiet I guess.

Her protests were less vocal, as I pushed one finger deep enough for my knuckle to hit her crack. I pulled out, eliciting a scream and a sigh. Soon though, two fingers began the same journey,and this time she actually began to scream.

The journey took surprisingly less time, and I soon had a third finger going in. when a fourth also succeded inspite of aarti's now hoarse screams, I decided to go in for the real deal.

Taking the fingers out, I began to place my cock at the entrance.

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Aarti realized what was happening, but resigned herself to her ass rape. The ass, for all my work, was still quite tight, as I remarked struggling to accommodate my dick. " Gopal, what are you doing ? I'm being&hellip.aahhhh&hellip.ripped apart.

How can you do this to me ? I love yo&hellip.ah…&hellip." part of me again wanted to apologize and stop, the other part was too far gone to bother. I just kept pushing in, my childhood crush turned lover being spread by my pike against her wishes. Finally, I was in deep enough to get a feel of her ass walls wrapping me in an embrace as tight as she would give when I returned from kota.

The comparison felt good. I now began to push in and out, taking double the time each cycle as she was still quite dry and couldn't possibly lube herself even if she wanted to. With each thrust, I went deeper into her once virgin ass, and got commensurate screams of pain, pleas and protest.

Like I cared any longer. She had ditched me for my friend, she deserved all that was coming to her, and more. Aarti was crying by now, her sobs rocking her body in tune with my thrusts.

I just enjoyed the ride, wishing I could look deep into her eyes and tell her how much pain a single net chat had caused me, how it had ruined my chances in the entrance exams,stopped me from becoming a Raghav.

The anger only led to more and more brutal strokes, and I dimly noted that my cock was now coated with red slime, likely her blood. I kept thrusting, my anger keeping me going even when my body felt tired.

But eventually I approached orgasm. I reached out and grabbed her hair, making her raise her head to look at me invertedly. Her pretty face had lines of mascara flavored tears running down her cheeks. Her eyes were red, tears brimming from them and flowing down to her quivering mouth. She looked more sexy than I'd ever thought she'd be. I came. I'd already cum twice, so this was a more tepid affair, nevertheless, she broke into fresh sobs as she felt her bowels fill with man seed and I began my journey out.

My cock had a thick coating of blood and slime, and I decided at that instant to get it cleaned. Asking one of the now idle whores to push the butt plug in, I dragged aarti to her knees,and shoved my dirty cock into her fair face. The sight of the beauty, the beauty I'd dreamed of loving so tenderly, so affectionately, for my whole life, wrapped around my dick like a cheap whore, made my dick hard.

Although I'd already cum twice, I guessed a blowjob was well worth it. Grabbing her cum stained hair, I began sawing in and out of her face. She offered no resistance, secretly relieved at having a more acceptable hole being used.

Her red lips smeared lipstick on my dick, replacing the blood. It took me quite some time to come, and aarti was made to suck and suck hard, her hair being used to control her head and her mouth. It felt warm, and the feat of having taken all three of her holes in a day, of which two were undoubtedly virgin, made me proud.

Finally, I came, pressing her face deep into my dick, her soft long strands mixing with my coarse dick hair. InstinctivelyI kicked aarti off me, and she collapsed on the floor, making the butt plug move deeper.

She lay there, panting and crying as I moved upto her. Her eyes had a look of betrayal, which I found rather ironical. Taking my left foot, I pressed it down on her face, until it covered her eyes and nose. I took a pic of her naked body, with my foot on her. It would serve as a good memento. I stomped twice on her face, and then asked the whores to clean her up.

I needed a well deserved rest. Later, they brought aarti down to the living room. Their time was almost over, so I paid them for the dildos which I intended to keep, and gave them up to the pimp. Aarti and I were now alone. Although dressed normally, I saw that she wasn't sitting comfortably. I asked her what happened. " the girls&hellip.they left the dil…dildos in me. It hurts gopal&hellip.please&hellip." I guffawed, imagining the poor girl sitting stuffed in front, her conservative attire hiding her sexual plight.

" Please. Haven't you done enough damage already ? I can hardly sit, let alone walk. How could you ?" I didn't bother to reply. Instead I got up, and took the gifts she'd brought. She snatched them back. "Those were for the gopal I loved, the good gopal. You are a monster. " she got up to leave. I grabbed her by her waist, and pulled her down.

Ripping the careful packagaing, I saw that one of them was a scrapbook she'd made by hand. It contained every memory we shared together, with every photo of us together from the moment I ate her cake, to the day I proposed to her on the boat, carefully stuck with the exact dates. Problem was, it had no pics of us during the period when she was romancing raghav and I was slogging at kota. I decided to remedy that.

Making aarti sit on my lap, I gave her a pen and took hold of her tits. The whores had attached nipple clamps, which were easy to pull through her white salwar. Pulling them I said " write as I dictate bitch, or I'll pull your nips off" Crying agai,she complied.

I followed up by making her write how she had tortured me, made me take to alcohol, ruined my dad's dreams, turned me into a corrupt man, and made me and my best friend raghav enemies. She cried as she wrote, but the pulls of the clamps kept her shaking hand on paper. Finally, I got her to write today's date on a page, and gave her the pic of me with my foot over her naked body. "NO! anything but that" she cried.

I pulled the clamps till pretty teen blonde slut making passionate love with her boyfriend salwar was obscenely stretched, her tits presumably being ripped apart.

She took the giue I'd given lovely schoolgirl was teased and nailed by her older instructor, and stuck it.

Below It she wrote, " Payment for everything" I let go of the clamps. Pulling her by her hair, I took her towards the door. " gopal, no. there are people outside, don't humiliate me so." I simply ignored her, opening the door and pulling her out. Just then, I saw her mobile ring. I asked her to take the call. " Hi, It's Raghav. You haven't spoken in a while sweetheart. IS everything all right ?" I made her say she was allright.

That she was planning to make up for past mistakes by giving him a night of hot steamy sex. She said so, trying her best to keep her voice level. Raghav bought it. I drove her to the complex where he stayed. Aarti got out, and I adjusted her butt plug so that it stuck out, unknown to her. I saw her walk upto raaghav ,and kiss him. She tried to keep distance, but he gave her a tight hug. He was facing me, and I saw his expression change as he felt the clamps against his chest.

Looking down, he saw her plug as well. He pulled away. I saw him shout something, and aarti began murmuring something. Raghav, that gentle Raghav, landed a hard slap against her face, and stomped into the complex. The gateman stopped her from following ,and she fell to her knees crying at the gate. She didn't even protest when I pulled her up and led her to my car. We drove back, she making an excuse of a night shift at the ramada hotel. She broke down the moment she cut the call.

" You will ruin my life won't you ? Not let me have any happiness ? no&hellip." I slapped her hard on her face, splitting her lip and shutting her up. Looking straight into her eyes, I said, " Aarti, you're mine. Now and forever……bitch!"