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Pamela anderson uncensored porn videos search watch and download pamela anderson uncensored free sex
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Chapter 2 - Little Neighbor Boy (The Two Early-Bloomers Meet) Words - 4,903 Same rules as the first, friends. C&C appreciated. Any mistakes seen, please comment on it. Also, prepare for some reading. **** Weeks had passed since Raven's mini-marathon of masturbation. Since that day, she fucked her little pussy at least once every 24 hours, maybe even more if permitted.

She used her fingers and some phallus-shaped foods to get her juices flowing. She was walking home from her newly repaired school, wearing her uniform of a normal white dress shirt that buttoned in the front and a plaid skirt (which she found to be just tacky).

She walked home quickly, half-walking, half-jogging. Her pussy was unimaginably wet today, and she could feel some of her tasty girl juices running down her creamy thigh. Directly after school, she had headed to the bathroom with the urge to pee but as soon as she entered the bathroom, she knew something was off. She had made no noise entering and she could clearly hear moans coming from one of the stalls. She stood immobile, and by listening closely she could hear grunts followed by a soft moan of pleasure.

Being as sneaky as possible, she snuck to the front of the stall, peering through the open space between the stall door and doorframe. Inside the bathroom was a boy she had seen around, no older than 13, fucking a classmate of Raven's. He let out a small grunt as he thrusted in and out of the girl's pussy, and Raven could clearly see the drip of the girl's pussy juice from under the skirt, but her pussy and his penis were hidden from view by the school big ass real mom son. Raven found her hand going under her skirt and rubbing her soft mound, rubbing her pussy lips.

Her juices started to flow and soak her small cotton panties as she watched the couple fuck for all they were worth. The girl's blouse was opened and she could see the precious girl mounds that get your meat ready so yhookup com get your starting to grow on her chest and Raven felt a pang of jealousy, but that feeling was soon washed away by how horny she was and how good it felt to rub herself.

As the boy and girl got more into it, she rubbed her wet pussy more and more rapidly, even teasing her opening with the tip of one of her fingers. She then removed her panties and placed the wet clothing in her mouth, tasting her girl cum as she rubbed her pussy. "Oh, I'm almost there!" the boy said Hearing this, the girl immediately got off of his dick and got on her knees in front of him. Raven could see his little boner now, no bigger than the cucumber she had used on herself at home, but she knew if used right, it could still make her climax.

She saw the girl plant her mouth on the tip of his little cock and started bobbing her head back and forth on the head of his dick. Obviously, these kids weren't novices. She continued licking and sucking the head of his dick and the boy started to plead; "Please, Shannon, just this once, let me?" Before he had finished the statement, the girl took her mouth off of his dick and started to lazily stroke it.


"That's what you said last time, Alex" Shannon said. "I'm sorry, but it's just so hot." Raven wondered what they were talking about, but before she could give it much thought, Shannon answered her partner. "Alright. I like it, too, so I guess I'll allow it." She had barely finished the statement, but the boy Alex had already started stroking his cock, aiming it at Shannon's breasts.

He groaned and from the tip of his little cock, he spurted 2 strong strings of cum, getting the sticky stuff on the top curve of lasbain xxx storys unblock proxy breast and her nipples. The girl put her mouth back on his dick and sucked and licked the tip of his cock, getting the remains of the sticky cum in her mouth and on her tongue.

By this time, Raven rubbed her cunt furiously, feeling her orgasm coming from the erotic scene she had just witnessed. Her pleasure betrayed her though, when she let out a little moan, barely audible but in the quiet bathroom, it seemed like she had just announced herself.

The boy's eyes widened when he saw Raven's eye peering in at them. She quickly got up and ran out of the bathroom, while the little boy struggled to pull up his pants and chase her at the same time. He yelled at her back "I seen you!

Get back here!" but Raven was long gone. ------ She had ran all the way from the bathroom to the apartments where she lived, a 20 minute walk completed in less than half the time, believing the boy, Alex, was on her tail the entire time.

When she got to her apartment building, she charged up the steps and on the third landing, she ran headlong into a boy coming down the steps. She spun one foot and fell on her little butt, hurting her ankle and dropping her small backpack, while the boy stumbled and fell likewise, on his bum. She rubbed her sore ankle while blinking away some tears when she looked up at the boy she had just bumped into.

His eyes were wide and he stared at her crotch and she remembered she had taken the soaked cotton panties out of her mouth and ditched them in one of the school's trash bins, while she ran out to safety. She also realized her dripping snatch was completely visible to the boy in this position.

She blushed fiercely, got up and retrieved her bag and hurriedly ran past the boy to the stairs to the third floor. When she put her weight on her injured ankle, though, she winced and fell to her knees. The boy walked up to him and when she turned her still-red face to him, she registered the details. The boy was around 5'6", had dark-brown hair (cropped close to his head in a crew cut), a handsome face, and was well-developed for his age, but most stunning to her were his eyes.

They seemed to be made of silver, matching the precious metal in its color and shine. He spoke in slightly hushed tones, probably embarrassed. "Are you alright?" he asked. It was a simple question, but Raven couldn't answer as she looked down and felt a lump in her throat of shame, spanking kick ass shiri tataki forgetting she had exposed her most private area to this random boy.

She didn't answer and she quickly got up and limped past him, but when she started to climb the stairs, she lost her balance and nearly fell, but the boy was magically under her, catching her in his arms. "You can't climb the stairs like that," he simply stated, but she just shrugged off his help and tried once again, feeling tears streak down her beautiful face.

She fell on her knees once again, and this time when the boy offered his help, she didn't resist, just slightly nodding her head, hiding her face with her lustrous hair.

"Which floor do you live on?" the boy asked her. She said nothing, but just pointed up at the door down the hall, as they reached the third floor.

"Good, because I wouldn't be able to carry you up to the 5th floor" She looked at him questioningly, not understanding why that meant anything. "Oh, because that's where I live" he responded, seeing her expression. Raven just nodded and let her head hang again, staring at her shoes. She looked over to her left seeing the boy was in shorts and she saw his leg was already showing some muscular undertones. She deduced he must have been on some sports team, judging from his uniform shorts.

They reached the doorway, and the boy began to knock but Raven just pulled a key from her small backpack, and used the arm not draped over the noughty amrica mom step son to unlock it. The door opened and she began to pull away from the boy whispering "Thanks" softly, but he held on. "You can barely walk! I'll lay you down on your couch or something.

Don't want you walking on a bad foot." He held tightly on to her and together, they walked into the apartment He lowered Raven on her living area's couch, and got a nearby footrest, resting her foot on it. "Where's your refrigerator?

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I want to get some ice for your ankle" She pointed down the hallway they had just walked through to get to the living area. "It's the only area there, so you can't miss it" He quickly headed to the fridge and Raven heard him rustling around. Soon he brought some ice in a plastic bag, placing it on her ankle. He adjusted it a bit so the plastic bag wrapped around her ankle and when he finished he introduced himself.

"I'm Roger, by the way" "Raven" she answered meekly. She saw him quickly blanch when he glanced back at her and he looked away. She realized once again she had forgotten to cover herself, and she became angry. "Get out!" she growled. Roger panicked and he walked hurriedly towards the entrance. She regretted it immediately, and she called back.

"Wait, WAIT! Come back!" she called but Roger took no notice and she heard the door open. Thinking quickly, she threw her backpack at the ground, and the textbook inside made a large THUMP! noise. Predictably, he ran back thinking she had fallen and hurt herself again, but saw her in the same position he had left her with one of the couch's pillows covering her private area.

"Please, I'm sorry. Sit down. I never got to thank you properly." He sat down at a smaller reclining chair across from the couch. "I'm sorry I yelled. I mean, you helped me up the stairs and onto here when you didn't have to. I can't be angry at you." He blushed a bit "Well I couldn't just leave you to struggle up the stairs." Raven smiled. "Well my dad won't come home for wet mouth gives hot blowjob to ny business man 2 hours or so, so I could use some company." He grinned back at her and soon the two of them were shooting the breeze, getting to know each other.

She learned he went to the same middle school she did, but he had a completely different schedule, which was odd considering they both went to gifted classes. He was the same age as Raven and in the same grade. They started to poke fun at some of the teachers and shared more than one belly laugh. She asked him about the uniform shorts and he said he was on the soccer team (which Raven attributed his leg muscle to). Soon though, he sat up straight and asked her where the phone was.

She pointed to the kitchen again and he quickly got up and walked to the kitchen. She heard him making a call, but couldn't make out what he was saying. He soon hung up and walked back to the living area, though. "Sorry, I had to call my friends. I was supposed to meet them at the arcade when I bumped into you." She had a guilty expression on her face and he quickly blurted out "No, no, it's okay.

I'd much rather spend my time with a pretty girl like" He cut himself off and looked at Raven, who was blushing slightly. He responded in kind.

She noticed, though, that he had said "pretty" instead of "hot" or "sexy" like most of the other boys would have, and she blushed even more.

He quickly got up. "Uhh, I really should go meet up with them" he rapidly told her, his face beet-red. "No, stay. Please. I still need company. Do you really wanna leave me alone all by my lonesome?" She put on a puppy dog expression, and he laughed and sat back down. "I really do think you're pretty though" he said quietly, feeling embarrassed for revealing himself like this in front of a beautiful girl like Raven.

Raven smiled, and she had a sudden flashback to what she witnessed in the bathroom. She felt herself get hot again under her skirt as she remembered what the boy and girl did to each other. She had no idea why she started remembering this, but she still let out a small gasp as she felt herself start to drip hardcore pov sex with horny thai teen. "What's the matter, Raven?" he asked, thinking her in pain.

She came back down to earth and she remembered she had a guest. A male guest" She should be a grateful host and entertain him, she thought. "Oh nothing," she said, but she deliberately let the pillow slip, letting Roger see her beautiful pussy again, dripping with her juices. Chaca chaci sex storys bed paled and he looked down, but Raven noticed a bump in his pants. She guessed correctly that he was getting stiff from looking at her wet pussy lips.

She spread her legs a bit, spreading her hot cunt lips and exposing just a bit more to him. He couldn't help but glance back at her crotch and he apparently noticed what she had done, for he paled just a bit more and looked back down.

In his pants, though, his dick took full notice of this exposed girl and stiffened a bit more; Roger trying to will it to go down, not understanding she had done that on purpose.

Raven wondered in one part of her brain why she was doing this, but it was as if she was possessed by an alter-ego; this personality wanting to fulfill the maturely lustful desires of a 12 year old girl, unleashing her primal needs. She pretended to have just noticed Roger's stiff boner and mocked a gasp. "Roger, what is wrong with you? Here I am, a girl in pain, and you take advantage by looking up my skirt? Naughty boy!" she scolded him, her act unnoticed by Roger.

He just sat and screwed his eyes shut in embarrassment, taking the scolding without complaint. Raven got up, kneeled down, and held her face over the stiffening bulge in Roger's shorts, not even registering the twang of pain from her ankle.

"Naughty boy" she said again, but this time, her voice reflected desire, not anger. Roger noticed the change in tone and opened his eyes, noticing how close Raven was to his rapidly growing cock.

She hooked her fingers on the elastic waistband of his shorts and pulled them slowly down until they were at his ankles. The only thing between luscious Raven and his dick was the horny redbone chick just wants the bbc layer of his boxers, which were quickly becoming soaked with pre-cum.

He gasped a bit as she licked the growing wet stain on his boxers, feeling it on his dick. This made him all the hornier and his dick grew and snapped out from the fly in the boxers, nearly smacking surprised Raven in the face. She marveled at his dick, being the first one she'd seen excluding the boy Alex's. It stood straight up and measured at probably 5" "It's big for a 12 year old" she commented as she grasped it in her hand.

The touch sent a wave of pleasure through Roger, and he almost shot his load from the surprise of her hand's gentleness. She let it go, leaving Roger feeling disappointed, thinking that's as far as she'd go. But in the blink of an eye, she had removed his boxers, revealing his naked sex to her probing view. She wrapped a hand around his surprisingly thick penis, while the other massaged his balls.

He groaned as she started stroking up and down on his shaft, jacking him off while her face hovered near his ball sack.

On instinct, she gave a light kiss to his balls and Roger groaned even louder. She gave it a couple of more gentle kisses and then took one of them in her mouth. Oh how Roger moaned at the feeling. After only about 5 minutes, he started panting.

"I'm gonna cum, oh god" he said and Raven snapped to attention. She looked at his face as he had his eyes shut, enjoying the wonderful feel of her hand. He had discovered masturbation before, but he never had it feel as good as this.

She took his dick and stroked it even faster. "Cum for me, Roger. I wanna see you cum!" Those words sent Roger over the edge and he unloaded his boy spunk all over his chest and stomach before he finished, the rest of the cum dribbling onto Raven's hand. "Oh goodness," she thought, "he came so much. Definitely more than the other boy." He sat panting, his face glistening with sweat.

Raven's pussy was amazingly wet, having just jacked off a boy to orgasm, and she lightly rubbed it with her other hand. She took the hand with the cum on it and licked it off, sucking off what she missed.

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It was a very unique flavor, salty and sort of bitter, but she liked it. Moving her face over Roger's stomach and chest, she started licking off the spunk that he had shot all over himself. Roger witnessed this all, still in a state of disbelief, and watching fellow assists with hymen examination and plowing of virgin teen lick his cum off of him had his dick fully erect again.

When she had finished, Raven swallowed wet oral stimulation and from behind sex hardcore blowjob semen and looked at his dick again. "Amazing. I read boy's penises had to recover after cumming, but his is still hard" she muttered to herself.

Still extremely horny, she moved back over it. She grabbed the shaft in her hand again, but instead of just jacking Roger off, she took the head into her mouth, sucking and licking slowly. Roger watched her, moaning and groaning every time she passed her tongue over his still sensitive dick, and feeling pure bliss at having this stunning girl suck him off.

He didn't question how they'd got to this point anymore, he just sat back and enjoyed. She continued for a bit, sucking and licking just the head, while massaging his balls with her hand. She took her mouth off and licked down the side of Roger's hot shaft, doing the same with the other side and bottom.

She loved sucking his dick, and her pussy poured more and more juice onto the hardwood, and she felt pure joy. She finally stopped teasing him, Roger having closed his eyes again, and she put the head back into her mouth. She licked it for a bit, preparing for what she was going to do. Raven moved her soft lips further down, her throat gobbling up more and more of his cock. She had to stop several times, getting accustomed to the feeling, until she had reached the base of his cock.

Having to fight back from gagging, she started bobbing her head and mouth up and down, thrusting his cock in and out of her throat. She fucked her mouth using his dick, and Roger only groaned and moaned in pleasure, shocked she had taken his member entirely into her mouth. Soon, he felt the familiar feeling of his balls tightening up, about to shoot his cum into the back of her throat.

He tried to warn her, but she just kept on going, and when he yelled, she felt the hot, sticky spunk hit the back of her throat. Instinctively, she gagged but she fought it and swallowed his cum. She wasn't able to swallow it all and she removed her mouth from his dick, it coming out with a wet plop sound. She stroked it with one hand and held her hair back with the other, milking his balls of what she assumed was all that was left. Two sticky threads of cum hit her in the face, the rest dribbling out weakly.

With one of her fingers, she scooped the cum off her face delivering it into her mouth. She savored the taste of it, and she decided she could take no more. She moved her dripping wet cunt over Roger's still erect penis ("God he can take a lot" she thought).

She pressed his cock down flat so it pointed towards his chest, and sat atop it, making sure her pussy lips wrapped around it. She moved back and forth, sliding her hot, wet virgin pussy on his dick, the head brushing against her pronounced clitoris.

Moaning loudly, she picked up the pace while Roger marveled at how wet her pussy was. It seemed as if she has turned on an inner faucet, pouring her girl juices continually out, soaking his cock and balls. He assisted her by sliding his dick for her and she thanked him by looking at him with green eyes that showed lust, desire, a primal need for pleasure and his cock.

Green eyes met silver, and as they explored their sexual fantasies and desires, their eyes remained locked on to each other. Her eyes screwed shut, though, and she started sliding on his dick more swiftly feeling her orgasm start.


She was able to keep going for another two minutes before she started trembling violently, her hot cunt shooting out a stream of her body's version of cum, soaking his body. During her orgasm, she continued sliding her pussy over his dick while her hands grasped and pulled at her nipples.

Soon, it ended and she fell exhausted on top of him. She faded in and out of consciousness and was only slightly aware as Roger picked her up and carried her to her room. He placed her on her bed (he had guessed right which one was hers).

She was barely there, and Roger had to struggle a bit to get her propped on the edge of the bed, her knees bent and spread apart, allowing him full view of her beautiful sex. He held her legs in place as he kneeled in front of her, his face inches away from her pussy. He kissed her inner thighs and gently kissed her lower belly until she fully recovered. She stared down at him and watched him continue to kiss her everywhere but on her pussy lips. Finally, nasty honey gets team fucked at home she could take no more (as her pussy continued to drip and demand); he kissed her vagina's outer lips.

It felt like an electric shock to her already sensitive pussy and it felt like torture when he continued repeating that.

He breathed on her gently, finally licking her slit right down the middle, lapping up her girl juices. She moaned and panted, unable to stand such treatment to her cunt. It was so gentle, but she ached for his cock. She wanted him to stick his manhood into her hole, fuck her like an animal. Her needs were so primal that they surprised her, but her pussy was aching for more.


She almost verbalized what she wanted to Roger, but he only smiled at her. It was a disarming smile, and she found she could not say anything. He spread her pussy lips apart, and started gently licking at first, but soon his tongue applied more pressure to her most private of areas.

Working his tongues in all sorts of ways, he lapped up her precious girl cum as fast as it dripped out. Raven pinched the nipple of naughty cutie was brought in anal nuthouse for uninhibited therapy soon-to-grow-in breast, her other hand clutching the covers until her knuckles were white.

She screamed and yelled, encouraging Roger on. "Yes, lick my hot cunt" Ohh! Ahhh! Oh god, your tongue feels so GOOD" Oh god, right there! I'm going to cum! Oh GOD, I'm going to cum!" She grabbed his hair and forced his head into her crotch as he used his tongue to plunge into her virgin hole, lapping up all of her sweet juices. Soon she started to climax, and she started squirting more and more juice in his mouth, shrieking all the while.

Her whole body shook with the orgasm and after several agonizingly pleasurable minutes, she calmed down. She maintained her consciousness, staying awake for the final act.

Roger stood straight up, his very stiff boner popping up. He needed release so badly right now, and he wanted to just plunge his cock straight into her virgin cunt, but he knew he had to take it slow. He placed the head of his dick near her mouth and she eagerly took it into her mouth, sucking and using her saliva to moisten his cock.

He pulled it out of her mouth after a blissful minute and placed the head of his dick at the opening of her virgin pussy. He prodded her opening and she mewled. "Stick it in" Please" she whimpered. Hearing that made Roger's dick throb and he was all too happy to oblige. He penetrated her, very shallowly at first, and he stopped.

He had almost cum from just the feel of her pussy on the head of his dick. He waited and recovered and he entered her more. Soon, he felt an obstruction. His eyes widened. This beautiful goddess of a girl, who had known so much about sex and pleasuring him, was a virgin!?

He could barely comprehend it and Raven misinterpreted it as him being too afraid to hurt her. "Do it quick. I want so desperately to be filled with your dick" He paused as his dick throbbed again at the words, but he took less time to recover. He readied himself and with a slight nod of his head told her it was time. With a quick thrust, he felt her hymen break and she yelped from the shock. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, but she couldn't stop a couple of tears from sneaking out.

Fully buried to the hilt inside her, Roger kissed her full on the mouth. She was reluctant at first, not expecting the kiss, but she moved her lips and felt his tongue.

She met his kiss with equal enthusiasm girls showing her brest milk they enjoyed the passionate kiss for a while. Roger pulled his mouth off of hers and started to pull out. He started lightly at first but soon pulled his cock out more before plunging it back inside her. She screamed in pleasure as she felt her pussy being filled with his wonderful dick.

He had his mouth at her shoulder, breathing hard on her neck. She put her hand on his hip and applied some gentle pressure, telling him to stop. He looked at her confused, but she took his cock out and flipped him onto his back.

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His dick stood straight up into the air and he understood. She squatted over his dick and used her hand to guide it into her love tunnel. With how wet she was, his dick slid easily enough in. She sat for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her pussy being filled, but she wanted more.

She bounced on his dick, riding him hard and he enjoyed the feeling so much he started to meet her thrusts. Every time their bodies met, they felt themselves reach a bit closer to climax. They made love for several more minutes before Roger felt like coming.

"I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck, I'm gonna shoot my load inside you." "Just a bit more"" she pleaded "I'm so close" Roger knew he wasn't going to meet her climax so he decided to help her along a bit. He sat up and took one of her growing breasts in his mouth, sucking and biting on her nipple. This pushed her over the edge and they both started yelling, sounding as one.

Roger felt his spunk shoot inside her, having the biggest orgasm of his short life. Raven, on top, too felt his load inside her womb and she did not regret it one bit. She fell on top of him, each other devouring the other's mouth. Soon, they calmed down and Roger's finally limp dick popped out with a wet plop. She fell to his side, even her horny alter-ego being completely satisfied.

She felt a bit of his cum overflowing out of her pussy and she scooped the sticky stuff onto her hands before sucking it off with her mouth. She could taste his cum and her pussy juice mixed as one, and she knew no better taste. Roger left soon after, with only a couple of minutes before her father and sister came home.

He hurried out but didn't forget to plant a kiss on her mouth before he left. They grinned at each other, knowing they were going to get to know each other so much better over the coming weeks. She shut the door and sighed, sad he had left. She was a whirlwind of activity as she tried to clean up the house as best she could before her father and sister got home. Sighing, she took note of how messy their love making had been. They had left little marks or stains mostly everywhere they went, but she could cover it up.

She took a personal note of this, however. No matter how dubai german man fuck in burj al german hotel fretted over the details, though, she was still grinning and when her relatives came home, she still had the same joyous expression on her face.