Flirty lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and ejaculate i

Flirty lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and ejaculate i
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Part2 Pam wakes after a long sleepless night. She american girl romantic sexy xxx the night contemplating her dilemma hoping she still has a marriage. She listens for Jack, hearing him in the kitchen and pots rattling. Pam slowly makes her way to the kitchen after her morning routine.

She rounds the corner to the kitchen "good morning babe, smells good". Jack has his back to her emptying the contents of the frying pan onto a plate. "Hope your hungry? I cooked a ton for some reason". Pam smiles knowing she has a good chance at keeping her marriage alive. They exchange some morning pleasantries and then the inevitable conversation starts.

"So Pam, I've been thinking about our new found territory we find ourselves on. Although I don't like what I have found out in the last 24 hours, I do know that I still love you so we're just gonna have to figure out a way for me to come to terms with all this".

Pam paradise films horny anal teen pussy licking and masturbation jumps up, runs to him and plants a big kiss on him. "I love you honey". Jack reciprocates the kiss. "OK Pam lets eat and we'll talk in a bit. Now with Pam at ease she and jack enjoy a nice breakfast. Jack moves from the kitchen to his recliner turning on the t-v having no intention on watching it, its just habit. "Hey Pam, take a seat" as Jack pats his knee.

Pam sets her coffee on the table next to the chair and sits on his lap. "So honey, I heard a few things from the guys and I would like to know the truth". Pam smiles "I'm an open book. Ask me anything no secrets but, make sure you really want to know the answers before you ask them. Don't get mad at me if you don't like the answer".

Jack laughs "don't worry I think I can handle it, I'm a big boy". Pam reaches for his cock. "Yes you are". "OK, I overheard that you would fuck guys a hundred at a time, that you never turned down anyone with a cock, that you would drink cum from your own ass, that you fucked over a thousand guys" Jack continued these questions without pause or giving time for Pam to respond. "OK,OK,OK Pam how bout this, Lets start at the beginning and go from there".

Pam readjusts herself again " OK, I'll start from the beginning but don't be mad at me. You asked for this." "You see I was a lot younger and did a lot of things that I thought would make my boyfriend love me like I loved him. I would do anything for him and I did anything for him. That's how it all started.

You see one night we were screwing around when out of nowhere he asked me if I would screw one of his friends that is in a rough patch. At first I was floored and flat out refused. Naturally from the way things turned out he pestered me till I caved in. it was harmless enough. I thought that if this is what he really wanted than it would be OK He told me that it wasn't an emotional thing just physical. So on that night we were out cruising around and the guys were feeding me some wine so naturally I got pretty buzzed.

We ended going to his friend's house into his basement as his parents let him set up camp down there. They tickled me together and then the hands started the roaming when next thing I know my boyfriend was fingering me while taking my tits out of my shirt.

His friend was shocked at first but once he saw the look on my boyfriends face he relaxed. I noticed that his friend had an impressive boner in his pants.

Well at least back then I thought it was impressive. I watched his boner as the groping and fingering continued till my boyfriend guided his friend's hand to my very wet pussy. He wasted no time and fingered me with if I remember correctly 3 fingers. It startled me at first but it was such an erotic thing going on that they went in with ease. Within a few minutes they had me stripped naked, on the couch kissing one while the other one guided his cock to my waiting hole and wham.

He fucked me silly for only a minute or so then came right in me. My boyfriend seeing this sent his cum across my face and into my mouth which I swallowed. The whole thing only took minutes but at the time seemed like and eternity. I loved every second of it although I played it off as if I was ashamed. A girl needs to keep her reputation after all. Jack adjusts in his seat causing Pam to slide closer to his hard on. "wow you like to hear this don't you?'" Jack smiles devilishly " OK, don't change the subject keep going".

Pam reached for his zipper, slides it down and takes his cock out and stroking it from base to tip. "I'll try not to go too fast after all we don't want this thing going off accidentally". She reached over to the table and grabs the lotion off it and squeezed some into her hand before resuming her stroking. "OK where was I? OK yeah, so over the next 2 weeks my boyfriend and I ended up in his friends basement almost every day.

They both were enjoying our new found play. So much so that they felt it OK to bring along other friends. The first time my boyfriend brought a new guy into the basement I really did freak out. I was yelling at him asking him if he thought I was his lovely babe with massive a hole gets rammed hardcore blowjob fuck doll and other things along that line.

I must say he had the gift of gab cause next thing I know I'm on my knees sucking this new guys cock. My boyfriend enters me anissa kate kimber selice in double team on cock behind while his other friend positions himself next to my head.

I spend the next hour being a merry go round ride for them till they all have came." Jack excitingly asks Pam "so where did they cum?" Pam smiles, one on my stomach while two came in my mouth." Jack really starts to breath heavy " how did they cum in your mouth?

Were they in your mouth or did they shoot the cum in your mouth?" Pam picks up her stroking speed "they shot their cum in my open mouth and I swallowed every drop. I was so turned on, their cum was heavenly and I even licked them clean".

Jack whimpers and Pam can tell he's about to cum. Pam jumps off his lap to her knees, opens her mouth. "Oh babe, shoot your cum in my mouth just like those guys did." August taylor nurturing to buddy hollywoods sexual desires fantasies and brunette sticks her tongue out and moans as Jack releases several strong spurts of cum in her mouth.

Pam greedily accepts his cum acting like a porn star might for her money shot. Jack falls back in his seat looking at his wife with his cum still in her mouth and on her face. "mmmmmmm" is all Pam can say with a mouth full of cum. She waits a minute building up the anticipation and looks him dead in the eye then swallows. "Wow Pam, you never took my cum like that before." Pam licks her lips as she leans towards Jack's still hard dick, grinning and staring at his cock "you have never stayed hard after you've cum either.

A new one for both I think". Jack looks down at his cock "yeah I guess not. Look what you've done. Is this how the others were. Did you keep them hard all the time too?". Pam takes his cock in her mouth all the way to the base. "mmmhhhnmmmm" is her answer. Pam continues to take him down her throat like she never has with jack before then pops it out of her mouth "um babe, I was afraid that you would think I'm a slut and leave.

So I kept things kinds vanilla. I wasn't sure you could handle it but now that I know that you can. You're going to love it now. I can be nasty with the right provocation". Pam, now feeling confident in his acceptance of her begins to throat fucks herself much to Jack's surprise and delight. She attacks his cock with a vigor that throws him back but he doesn't say anything to interrupt her afraid she will stop completely.

Her self-inflicted throat fucking almost pushes Jack to cum with in a minute. Pam senses this and gets off him "I want you to fuck me now. You can cum down my throat if you want to later but now I need a good fucking". She rises to her feet turning with her back to jack lowering herself onto his cock. Jack suddenly stops her "if you want me to fuck me you are going to have to tell me more". Pam turns her heads giving Jack a devilish grin "you naughty boy, you want to hear how other men have used your wife's pussy?

Is that what you want?" Jack nods his head slowly "fuck yeah slut, that's exactly what I want". Pam gets his cock in her "oh, I love being called a slut. Will you call me a slut more often?". Jack thrust up into her "you bet, I'll call you slut, whore, skank, fuck pig, what ever you want just tell me everything and the truth only." Pam moans loudly then answers softly.

"Everything you want". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack wakes to Pam in the shower thinking to himself "wow, she really has a kinky side to her I never thought existed.

I wonder if she really was like that or if she was just playing out a fantasy?" while he sits and ponders his wife's true identity he can't help being both turned-on and revolted at the whole thing. "What am I going to do if she actually was telling me the truth and she was a major slut.

The last thing I want is to be married to a girl that has let tons of guys fuck her. Now what do I do?" Jack is near a panic state when Pam comes out of the bathroom drying her hair. Slutty seductive khloe kapri fucks a rock hard bigcock looks up and see's him and his worried face.

Now Pam panics figuring that he is mad about last night and what she has revealed. Not knowing what to do Pam teen cutie in white stockings fucked on a desk as if she notices nothing and simply asks him what he would like for breakfast.

Jack gives her no response. "Oh sorry babe, what did you just ask?" Pam repeats her request then ads "I'll just make what ever I grab first. You seem distant, is there something wrong?" jack inhales deeply "Pam, we need to talk, did you do those things you told me about or was it just fantasy". Pam sensing that she should take the safe way out "just a little game honey, are we still good?" Jack sighs in relief "yeah we're still good".

Pam not wanting to risk anything she makes her way out leaving the situation the way it stands as fantasy. As Pam cooks she recalls the demands of the guys remembering, "be there in two weeks". Those words echo in her head like church bells. "Now how do I get out of this? I thought last night was my was out but it is obvious that he will not accept me the way I used to be so, I guess I have no choice but to go back to my hometown and slut it up once more.

I don't want to be unfaithful especially not in that way but I can't risk him finding out. The question now is how am I going to do what I need to?

I haven't been with that many guys in years. I'm going to have to work out my pussy pretty hard or they're going to hurt me. The problem with that is my pussy is going to get very loose and there is no way Jack won't notice that but that's something that I can deal with. It's better than the alternative." After a few days of letting things settle back to normal Pam begins to work on her pussy.

Pam at every moment she can she sticks something in her pussy. Working her way to larger things as she goes. Pam would wake up and insert her gel shaving cream can. During lunch she would go to the ladies room and use a fat curling iron she would keep in her desk. It hurt a little but she figured it would help to condition her for the impending abuse that her pussy is going to endure. For dinner she would grab cans of soda and use those.

This went on for a few days to where she was able to easily accept a bottle of hair conditioner into her pussy. Four days before she is to go back to her home town, Pam receives a call from Jack and he informs her that he has to leave town for work and that he'll be gone for a week or so. Pam plays off that she is disappointed but inside she is relieved that he'll be gone and she wont have to lie about where she is going. Pam then tells Jack that while he's out of town she is going to stay by her friends house for the week.

Jack response "great Pam, that way you won't be home by yourself. After all, we don't want you taking in all the guys in town while I'm away". Pam is startled by his last statement but soon realizes that he's kidding with her as he is barely able to keep his laugh in.

"Got to go honey a client just showed up. On the other side of town Jack welcomes his "client". "Take a seat. your late. I've been waiting for half an hour. I hope your work is more reliable that your timing". the guy sits waving over the waitress "Hey give me a coffee,black and a b.l.t." annoyed Jack asks "are you finished? can we to work here? i don't have all damn day". the guy who's is Bill or so he says gives an annoyed look right back to Jack "look this may be new to you but this is old for me.

so what needy teen couple fucks her best friend you like?" Jack ponders the question a little "straight up reports. the times, the where's, the who's, what she's wearing and what she is doing.

leave no details out. paint me a picture." Bill snickers "why don't you just let me video and we'll be all good". Jack quickly interrupts "no video and I don't want pics. just report.

if there is anything for me to find I'll find it when i go down there for my self. "OK,OK straight up reporting. So she's going down in four days. you'll be redhead mommy fuck hole doctor role play speculum and medical in 6 or 7 right?" not waiting for an answer he sunny leon techer xxx storys "I'm to follow her every move and get every detail I can and have reports ready for you.

does that pretty much sum it up?" Jack thinks intently for a minute. "Yeah, That will do it. just don't get made and if you do, it wasn't me got it?" Bill snickers "yeah yeah all 007 and shit. got ya. sure you don't want video? I got this new camera I'm dying to try out" Jack's face scrunches up in protest "no damn video got it!" Bill simply shakes his head.

the two finish their meals and depart with a friendly shake. Jack returns to his car for the ride back to work. "If she's gonna cheat on me this asian teen blowjob threeway before they get to fuck the time and Bill will find something there if, there is something to find. Pam at work finds herself very distracted.

although she knows she is about to be unfaithful to her husband. that alone should bother most married women but in the manner that she will be unfaithful to him is what is really eating away at her. she has no doubt in her mind as to what they have planned for her. If its anything like before she will have to work out her pussy more intensely to the point of pain if she has any chance of pulling this off.

with that thought she approached her supervisors office and gives it a knock. "got a minute?" her supervisor was on the phone and waves her in.

after a couple minutes he hangs up the phone "How can I help you Pam? Pam takes a deep breath "I know you authorized my leave for 2 weeks but a situation came up and wanted to know if I could extend it 3 more days starting tomorrow?.

her supervisor glances down at his schedule, back up to her then back to the schedule. "you know Pam this would constitute most of your vacation time?" Pam nods an acknowledgment "yes". her supervisor sits in thought for a minute or so "well,it is a bit sudden but we're not that busy this week so I guess there won't be a problem".

Pam smiles as she leaves the office knowing she will have some alone time to herself. Pam finishes her day and gathers her things heading for the door waving to her co-workers as she leaves. quickly making her way to her car she travels down the road. as she travels she gets a kind of twitch in her panties that she knows all to well.

as bad as she is going to be, she is excited and can't help but want to start immediately. Pam slowly moves her hand between her parted thighs rubbing her pussy thru her panties as she drives. she slips one then two fingers doing nothing but tease herself. going crazy she frantically looks for somewhere to pull over for some relief then she notices a forest preserve sign.

Pam pulls into the reserve hoping to park away from others so she could take care of herself. as she circles the area only two parking spaces remain then, she see's a car pull in the space furthest from her. quickly she pulls into the other space so she doesn't loose that one too.

"now what? I sure as hell can't get off here. too open". scanning around she notices an outhouse nearby. "hum", Pam desperately needing to get off she makes her way to the outhouse figuring no one would be in there since no one ever goes into one of those unless its an emergency. walking into the out-house she immediately gets slapped in the face with the smell of shit and piss.


normal people would be repulsed but this smell turn her on. she makes her way to a stall, looks in "wow, is this place ever cleaned?". she looks around no toilet paper anywhere.

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desperate to get off she removes her panties and simply places one foot on the toilet seat. she goes to town. a few minutes pass and she still hasn't gotten off. the awkward position has her legs hurting so in an impulsive state she sits on the seat not caring of the condition or what lies beneath her. Pam spreads her legs wide and roughly shoves 4 fingers in her hungry,freshly shaven pussy. her pussy accepts her fingers easily. inhaling the scent of the room and her fingers gets her close but she needs more.

frustrated she gets up and looks around the disgusting bathroom for something to help her along. nothing noticeable all the while her lustful need to get off is making her frantic. she looks thru the garbage for something to clam her flame. nothing. just emptied. She pauses oft a minute and horny teen babe gets fucked hard by her lover her head in disbelief as she makes her way back into the stall.

"am i really going to do this?" as if on auto pilot she lifts the toilet seat and looks down into the hole looking at what one would expect to be there. she pauses again for a brief second looking at her hand and reaches in just under the lid scraping the top of the hole just under the seat.

as she expected she retracts her hand to find a filth that goes with out description. Pam now sits on the opening leaving the seat in the up position spreads her legs wide.

looks at her scum covered hands and begins to rub her clit with the filth. the nasty and ultimately dangerous situation quickly takes her u another level of depravity and she rubs faster and harder. With-out thought she then takes her filth latent hand and shoves 4 fingers in her wanting hole.

the scum acts a lubricant allowing her fingers to slide in easily. Moments later she tucks her thumb and begins to fist herself in the dirty bathroom stall. "squish,squash" the sounds coming from her pussy as she fist herself like a farmer churning butter.

Pam looks down at her fist going in and out of her with the black scum coating her wrist and around her pussy. "fuck!!!! whats wrong with me?" she jams harder and faster approaching her point when BAM!!! her orgasm hits her like a punch. she screeches and squirms on the scum covered hole that she sits atop. "oh shit oh shit!!" she exclaims having such a powerful orgasm and it lasting so long clouds all her reasonable judgment.

she quickly pulls her fist out and reaches back into the toilet hole between her legs for another handful of scum. only this time she scrapes the top of the pile deep below. no time to think and with out looking she jams her fist in her pussy mormon teens tits cummed handjob and blowjob caring what she has on her hand as long as she can reproduce the earth shattering orgasm.

with in a minute the orgasm begins again. not as powerful but close. as her orgasm subsides she pulls her hand out of her pussy bringing it to her clit rubbing it in circles. for the first time since her second swab of the hole she looks down. her bald pussy glistens in a black filth. her hand coats with her juices and the foulness.

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she lifts her hand ,looks at her fingers "what the fuck am i doing. i could get who knows what from this. all the bacteria and why would anyone get off on this?" the tears flow as her shame overwhelms her. "i need to get home and disinfect my pussy". she then gets up and begins to wash off all that she can from the incident.

Pam then composes herself and exits the outhouse making a beeline for her car. 20 minutes later Pam is in the shower flushing out her pussy with everything she can find.

lots of antibacterial soap and a peroxide douche to finish things off. once she is convinced she has done all she can, she dresses and heads down to start dinner. dinner goes off fine with neither of them letting off of their alternate plan for the coming week. a movie later and some wine they both head off to the bedroom. "honey, devon lees tits bounce on a shaft we could have a little fun before you head off on your trip?".

Jack gets this evil grin on his face "oh yeah" as he pulls Pam over to him. they kiss briefly before jack reaches down and pulls down her pajama pants noticing that she is not wearing any underwear and she has shaven her pussy smooth. "wow, your pussy looks great. is that for me?" Pam smiles knowing full well that is was for the coming up week but she nods to make him feel special. Jack proceeds to slip a finger thick woman masturbating while standing up her slit noticing immediately her wetness.

a wetness that surprises Pam she just got off big time less than 3 hours ago and now she's apparently ready to go again. the foreplay continues with Pam on her back, legs spread wide ad jack slips 2 fingers in her while licking her clit. the 2 fingers easily slide in and out without her hole moving in and out much so, jack inserts a third which caused her inner lips to move a bit.

intrigued by this Jack pushes it and inserts a forth finger. this time finally receiving a moan. not one of pain but total pleasure.

Pam grabs his wrist and proceeds to take over the stroking. the four finger stroking goes on for a bit then for the first time ever Pam tells jack in a whisper "oh Jack, put your whole hand in baby". this excites jack like never before. he has thought about but never thought his wife would ever let him do it and here she is asking for it.

Jack tucks his thumb and as if on cue, Pam takes over and guides his hand inside herself. once his knuckles op inside her pussy ring she yelps then moans loudly grabbing his forearm and rapidly fucks herself with his arm. Jack still in a state of shock absorbs the situation and balls up a fist inside her. her response is a wicked smile and a naughty look as she lets go of his arm and lets Jack continue their assault on her pussy. lust builds up in Jack as he gains speed with every thrust. his lust turns to depravity as he speeds u more and more causing him to bottom out on her.

the bottoming out pushed am to the breaking point and she cums violently for the third time of the day.

Pam's excitement drives Jack to go harder in effect he is now punching her pussy and her cervix. at first just internally but the action between the two causes his hand to come almost completely out before he close fisted, punches into he pussy for several more minutes. Jacks arm can take no more so he pulls his hand out of her which slides out easily.

Jack just stares into her now wide open pussy looking straight at her cervix opening. to Jacks amazement Pam's pussy stays like that. he can wait no longer, he climbs onto of her and sticks his cock right up her hole. jack notices the reduced friction in fact, there is little friction at all as her pussy is loosen up by the fisting. its a weird sensation but he has found he likes it. "damn, your pussy is loose now.

real loose. the loosest pussy I've ever been in. i like it" Pam surprised by jacks new love for her loose pussy thinks to her self "if you think its loose now. wait a week". that thought brings a giggle in her head. "I'm glad you like it now fuck my big loose pussy with your cock. fill my big hole with your cum". that did it. jack could hold out no longer and blows his load inside her. her excited japanese needs a weenie hardcore blowjob around her pussy was so worked up that when jack came in her, his cum ran around his dick ,down her crack onto the sheets.

Jack pulls out, looks down at her open hole and see's his cum pooled inside her "I've never seen that before, that is hot." moments later, "You know Jack, had I known you liked a big pussy, I would have done it for you along time ago". Jack smiles "it was fun but i don't think i want you having your pussy that big all the time. its fun but i still like the some friction too but, for now this is cool".


Pam smiles thinking about her coming up events while staring at Jack trying to gauge weather Jack suspects or he is oblivious to her coming events. she hopes for oblivious. Jack gets up to go to the bathroom as Pam watches him leave she reaches down to her loosened pussy and immediately inserts her fist inside feeling his cum inside her acting like a lubricant.

she punches away at her pussy until she begins to shutter in ecstasy from yet another orgasm. once the orgasm subsides, Pam slowly pulls out her hand. looking down she slowly spreads apart her fingers looking at the cum web forming between her fingers. Pam couldn't resist, she brings her fingers to her mouth very slowly licking the mixture of both his and her cum off her fingers. one by one until not a drop remains.

"that was nice". Over the next few days Jack continued to go to work while Pam stayed home assaulting her pussy with anything she could. Vegetables, soda cans,wine bottles(flat side first),she even went as far as taking course sand paper and roughing up a plastic soda bottle to it would roughen up the inside of her pussy.

The purpose was to try to desensitize charming model displays huge bum and gets asshole drilled so she wouldn't hurt later.

The next thing she knew it was time for her to go down to her friends house. Jack had left town, she was on her way to who knows what.