Cuddly teenie is gaping slim cunt in close up and coming kittens closeup

Cuddly teenie is gaping slim cunt in close up and coming kittens closeup
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This is the story of me and my ex-lover Sayani Roy and goes back to 2001 to 2004. She was my classmate in college. I started liking her from the first day and after about 3-4 months of college I expressed my feeling of love for her and she accepted after a lot of convincing. Our initial days did not have any physical closeness.


After about 3 months of going around one day I kissed her suddenly in the college lift when there was no one in the lift. She was stunned by that but did not react to that. Then slowly we started spending a lot of time together after college. We also started the process of studying hammering attractive hotties fuck gap hardcore blowjob college.

Sometimes I used to go to her house for studying and sometimes she used to come down to my house. Since, I did not get a chance to touch her as in our houses there would be someone or the other present.

So, I planned to take her to a place called Central Park in Salt Lake, Kolkata. This was a park where generally go and be physical with each other.

Although she was not ready to go but somehow I convinced her to go with me. One day while sitting in the park i grabbed her by her waist and she did not react to that. I started to kiss on her cheeks and say that I want to touch her breasts. Initially she denied but slowly I started to move my hand towards her breasts her no started subsiding and then I grabbed her breasts. She did not say a word and closed her eyes.

Then i pushed my hand inside her top and that was for the first time i touched the skin of her breasts. It was thrilling feeling and I got the tightest hard on of my life.

I kissed on her lips and then we decided to go from the park. On the same week end we decided to study at my place. While studying in my room I touched her breasts again when no one was around. Whenever, there was no one at my house I would call Sayani to study at my home but she would never come as she was afraid that I may have sex with her.

One day my parents had planned to go to my Grandfather's place but I decided to stay back and not tell Sayani that my parents are not at home. That was a Saturday and my parents were to return only by Sunday evening.

So I planned to study at my home which Sayani agreed to without knowing that my parents were not at home. When she came she was shocked to see that there is no one at my home. However, she decided to continue with the studies at my place. I still remember that day we were studying oscillators in Electronics Eng. I was explaining her some concept and suddenly i caught her by her waist from her back.

Real sany leon xx fuked did not react. She was wearing a black colored half sleeved salwar kammeez which used to really look great on her. I held her tightly and kissed on her neck. Then I made her stand and turned her towards me. She was not saying a word and had closed her eyes. Then I gently put my lips on her lips and started kissing her.

She then she put her hands around my shoulder and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. I held her as tightly as I could. My heart was beating fast and so was her's. I could feel her heart beat. Then we started smooching each other deeply.

I pulled down the zip behind her kameez and started feeling her back. I could also feel her bra while caressing her back. All this time we were lip locked in a passionate kiss. Then I opened the top hook of her kameez and pulled it down. I could feel she was enjoying the whole thing as she supported me in opening her kammeez. Then I put my hand on the lace of her salwar to which she resisted. I started moving my tongue inside each and every corner of her mouth and she got so engrossed that she forgot about me opening her salwar.

I pulled the lace of her salwar and brought it down with my Sayani only in her Bra and Panty standing in front of me looking like the most beautiful girl I had ever seen on this earth. I opened my clothes and now was only wearing a black jockey underwear. She saw me and closed her eyes. I said that I am all hot latino tits big tits and anal sweetheart. Both of us standing in our undergarments infront of each other and going crazy.

Then I sat on my bed and made her sit on my lap.

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I started licking her chest, her cleavage and her neck. All this time she had her eyes closed and hands around my shoulder. Then I opened the hooks of her bra and her eyes were wide open.

I opened the straps of her bra and made her absolutely top less.


She had absolutely tight breasts, with big nipples. I was feeling proud as my girl friend had a tight pair of breasts. I pushed her on the bed and made her lie down. Then I touched nipple with my tongue. I the feeling I had cannot be expressed in writing.

I started sucking her left breast and she started shivering in ecstasy.

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Sayani then said " I love you. you are my everything and i can't live without you. Love me as much as you can I am all your's". Suddenly she pushed her hand inside my underwear and started caressing my penis. Then she pushed me down and opened my underwear.

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With her eyes wide open she said "Please do not push this inside me." and started shaking my penis. Then I pushed her on the bed again and put my hand on her panty and pulled it down. She was completely naked in front of me. Her vagina was full of hairs. I had never seen a naked girl before that. I was not able to figure out whether I should attack her breasts or vagina. Then I started again with her breasts and started licking them slowly I moved downwards and then I opened up her vagina with my finger and put my tongue on the clit and suddenly she jumped up and screamed&hellip.

aaaahhhhhhhh and she put her legs around my shoulders. I started licking her clit and inserting my tongue in her love black bbw with massive tits fucked by bbc. With every touch of my tongue she would tighten the grip of her legs on my shoulder and her hands would hold me by my hairs more tightly.

Suddenly she started releasing her fluids in my mouth. It tasted slippery in nature but I don't know why I started licking it clean from her vagina. Then she held me tightly in her arms and started kissing me everywhere. She started licking my nipples and then went down to my penis. She slowly pulled the upper skin down and put her tongue on my penis. That was the craziest feeling I had ever had before that.

She said"Now it's my turn to give you some pleasure and started sucking my penis. Then I pulled her legs towards my face and pulled her by her waist onto my face. She was sucking my penis and I was sucking her vagina. It was great pleasure with both of us making noises.

Suddenly she said " Please make this the most memorable day of my life. Make me yours forever". I made her lay down on the bed and spread her legs.

Then I pushed my waist between her legs. Then I started rubbing my penis tip on her clit and we both were enjoying the moment terribly. Then I slowly moved my penis downwards and found her hole. I pushed the head of the penis in her vagina and started moving my penis round and round.

I had never seen eager latina slut bounces on dick hardcore and big tits much pleasure in her face.

Slowly while rotating I started pushing my penis inside her. Suddenly it started hurting me. She also complained of the same but she also said "do not take out the penis keep pushing it in." I did as she wanted me to then I kept it in for a while and then started pulling and pushing the penis inside her vagina. In between I would also rotate the penis inside her.

Then I felt some load being created in my penis. I told Sayani about the same. She wanted me to hold it for a moment so that we can cum together, as this was our first time and she wanted it to be the most memorable one. Then after a while I exploded inside her and she also released her juices. Her whole body cramped along with mine and the inner muscles of her vagina pressed my penis tightly.

I could feel that my penis was getting empty and at the same time it is getting cramped up by Sayani's vagina. I could also feel the hot juices on my penis.

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Then we held each other tightly and slept for a while. We woke up with me sucking her breasts again. We again had a great round of sex with she jumping on my penis.

She then dressed up and I said " I love japanese naked game show uncensorednews Sayani" she also held me tightly kissed on my cheek and said " I love you" and went home.

I was worried for about 15 days till she had her periods. There after we used to have sex whenever we got a chance. Once we also made out in a rainy day inside the car on Rajarhat expressway. We also had an experience of enjoying sex in the classroom after everybody had left. During our post graduation we went to separate colleges and she fell in love with a guy Saumik.

She ditched me thereafter. But the experience with her is unforgettable.