Bunch of singles make out and foursome in playboy mansion

Bunch of singles make out and foursome in playboy mansion
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Well i am swimmer so i spend most of my time around the water.

During the summer im either at the beach or the pool. So it is no surprise that i am a lifeguard. Thats right a lifeguard, the greatest job there is as far as i am seachle rompen el cula la cachetona. It was the summer between my 11th and 12th grade years and i THOUGHT it was going to be like any other summer of lifeguarding that i had done.

Well there was some new things, for one i was working at a pool that i had never worked at before and secound i was the head lifeguard. that pretty much means i make my own hours and i boss all the other guards around. So being that i got to make my own hours i would have the 10 to 2 shift being that shift is usually pretty quiet and no one comes to the pool also meaning that i can sit on my ass and sleep and get paid. It was the first day of guarding and there had been no one there and as i stared out of the gate between the pool area and the outside world i saw from a distance a girl with huge boobes in a bikini with two younger kids.

As i got situated in my official lifeguard chair they came through the gate and i turned to get a closer look at this mystary girl. I couldnt believe my eyes. she had a beautiful face with a VERY nice body not to skinny and by any means not fat at all.

oh yea she had huge boobes and dark curly hair. Well i didnt say to much that day but as the summer progressed i got to know her more and more. Her name was Jessica and she was going to be a sophmore the next year. The days consisted of pretty much the same things.

Her and her younger siblings would get there around 12 and as her brother and sister played in the pool she would pull a lounge chair up by mine and as she would sun tan we would talk and flirt.

That went on for about two weeks untill one day my blue balls couldnt take it anymore. I had to have my throbing dick between her huge knockers. So one day we were flirting a lot she got up to fill her water bottle in the water fountin that is around the corner i followed her and told her that i had to get a drink to. as i took my sip of water she grabed my stomach in an attempt to tickle me but i office new girls big tists very close to me and gently pushed her against the wall.

we started to make out just as her sister came running around the corner we seperated just in time and as she was regaining her thoughts i came up with a game that would keep the kids occupied for a long time.

I returned and before she could kiss me i revealed the hugh knockers from her swim suit. I started licking them and nibbleing at them with my teeth.

As her heart got faster and faster i sucked and sucked and she was holding my head into her chest. As i came out for a breath she took her hand and slid it down my red lifeguard shorts which were now bulging she tickled my sack. As her siblings grew more and more curious she went and sat down in a lawn chair that was closer to the pool. I went and stood behind her as she would stick her hand up my pants to tickle and squeez my penis. I finally got impatcient and wanted her now.

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I told her that the lifeguard for the next shift would be comeing in and we could finish what we started. Very ironically his car pulled up and i immediettly told him to watch the kids for a while and gave him a wink. I pulled her into the guard room (its the room that holds all of the lifeguard equipment and also housed the pool pumps) As i sat down onto a milk crate that was in there she got on her knees.

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I asked her what she was doing and she told me that was what i wanted in a question format. i pulled her up from the ground and immeditely pulled the top part of her suit off and started licking. As i was licking i could feel her breathing get deeper and deeper and i could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter through her suit. I went down on her and pulled the bottom part of her suit of and started licking her pussy. As i was doing that i pushed her up against one of the pool pumps so that she would have something to lean on.

After about 5 min of that she pulled me up and pulled down my short and pushed my penis towards her pussy. I pushed it in very slowly and i felt her legs getting weaker as she moaned unusual teens bang the biggest strapons and spray spunk all over the place i got deeper inside of her warm pussy. I immeditly started getting faster and faster and was thrusting harder and harder as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

I was almost ready to climax so i lifted up her legs so that she was pressed against me and the pump and i started to thrust like never before as she was moaning and telling me harder. I briefly slowed down just to tease with her pussy but then i immeditly started thrusting fast again. She moaned one last time as i exploded my juices into her. As i pulled out she was right there to catch what was left of my cum. As she finished sucking my dick i pulled her up and gave her one last kiss and she told me that i was the best lifeguard ever and that i could save her anytime.

And i did. stay tuned for those stories comeing soon.