Black bimbo with big jugs enjoys having her ass smashed

Black bimbo with big jugs enjoys having her ass smashed
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Fbailey story number 215 Chauffeur I was hired by a very well to do man about my age to be his much younger wife's driver. I was to keep a record of my activities and report anything out of the busty slut has her orgasmic twat hammered brunette and big tits to him.

I was provided with a cell phone, a pager, a suite in the servant's quarters, and I got three chauffeur suits too. I got to drive a brand new big black stretch limousine too. At sixty years old and retired the extra money was very nice. Who am I kidding it was great. I got a great set of rooms, great food, and I got paid in cash. I wasn't expected to do anything other than keep the limousine in excellent working condition and drive Melinda around. On occasion I would take them both to dinner or some other fancy affair.

Now Melinda, his wife, was thirty-five years old and a living doll. She had been a Penthouse Centerfold a few years back. She was what you call a trophy wife. She had shaggy blonde hair halfway down her back and a knock out figure. She was about five feet ten inches tall in her bare feet but she was never in her bare feet.

She almost always wore four to six inch stilettos. She had at least D-cup breasts that were surgically enhanced. Melinda was very nice to me and asked me to call her by her given name. That was fine by me and she called me by my first name too.

I would take her to the gym in the morning and then two hours later I would take her to the beautician. That was just the start of her day.

She always exercised, went for a swim, spent some time in a steam room, and then took a shower. Then the beautician would do her nails, hair, and makeup for her. Once she was presentable we would catch a lunch someplace special. Of course she would eat in a fancy restaurant while I grabbed a quick bite somewhere.

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Occasionally she would send a waiter out to the car with a meal for me. Then she would go shopping. I took her from store to store until dinnertime then I would take her home. I was then free for the rest of the night. If they had someplace to be at night they would give me plenty of notice. After a week on the job Melinda asked me if I was to report where she went to her village school girl field porn sex. I had nothing to hide so I told her that he had requested it and after all he pays my salary.

She offered to double my salary not to tell him everything. So with just one week on the job I was making twice as much money and I got lunch server to me in the limousine every day during the week. She had excellent taste in food I might add. Then of course I would start driving her to secret rendezvous at very nice hotels and large estates.

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She only had one or two affairs a week. She would ask for the use of my private suite on occasion too. Then Melinda started bringing some of her male friends into the limousine where I could watch her on the monitor. I often got the impression that Melinda was showing off for me.


She would get totally naked while the guy just pulled his cock out and fucked her. Afterwards she would lie on the seat playing with herself for a while before getting dressed again. It was a good thing that the windows were tinted real dark. After a couple of months of loyal service she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. That thought had certainly crossed my mind and I had even jerked off in the limousine, while watching her in the backseat with one of her lovers. I told her that I would like to make love to her very much but that I was much older than her other lovers were.

She smiled and said that she would be gentle with me. The following day after her husband had left for work she came to my room. She was wearing only a blue silk robe and when I answered the door the sash was not tied. There before was my beautiful employer with the flaps of the open robe just barely covering her ample breasts and exposing her shaved pussy.

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It was quite obvious that all she had on was just that robe. She wasn't even wearing shoes, makeup, or jewelry. As she entered my small apartment she dropped the robe to the floor.

I quickly closed the door and made licking lesbians janice and trillium gets to suck on nipples hardcore petite that it was locked securely.

I led Melinda to my bedroom. She pulled the covers off my bed onto the floor and positioned herself right in the middle of my bed. As I undressed she asked me my favorite position. Face up, was all I said as I finished undressing and crawled up onto the bed between her outstretched legs. Melinda wrapped those long legs around my waist and pulled me to her lips.

Boy, could she ever kiss. I had never been kissed like that before. Her breast implants pressed against my hairy chest like a couple of footballs. (American footballs not soccer balls.) Her breasts did not flatten out as I had experienced in the past and it was kind of nice. As we kissed it became increasingly more urgent that I slip my cock into her. I got up on my knees, positioned it, and slipped it into her. I hadn't had sex in a couple of years but it was everything that I had remembered it to be.

She let me set the pace and then rocked with the motion. She was used to younger lovers getting off much quicker than me so it amused her that I was taking so much longer to cum. It had something to do with my blood pressure medicine but if she wanted to think I had better control who was I to tell her any difference. After about twelve minutes I was filling her womb with my cum and she was purring like a kitten.

Once she recovered she was ready to go about her daily business, but I wasn't. I asked her to douche so that I could eat her pussy. I was not into eating my own cum anymore. She smiled, did as I asked, and enjoyed a nice long session of oral sex. Somewhere along the line I got hard and asked her to get in the doggy position for me. She was too tall for me so eventually I pushed her down flat on her tummy and fucked her from behind. I admired her taunt ass, her sleek back, and her soft shoulders.

So I gave her a back massage as I fucked her. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone.


Since I wasn't really concentrating on cumming it took a good twenty minutes or longer before I cum in her that second time. That time she was not as anxious to jump up and run off. She politely asked me what I had in mind next. I took her into my shower and washed her body.

I asked her to put on a pair of shorts and a short top that I had seen in her once. She looked absolutely beautiful in it. Her long legs showed off right up to where they meet, her tummy was bare, and her breasts were as magnificent as they were designed to be. That day she did a short stint in the gym and then took me to lunch with her. I sat at her table and we made small talk about her husband and her. She knew that she was a trophy wife and told me that he had sever erection problems.

He could not take those erection pills and he had never actually made love to her. He had poked his limp cock into her hole a couple of times just to say that he had. He had given her permission to have discreet extra martial affairs but he wanted to know who her lovers were.

Of course that information always upset him so she tells him just enough to keep him happy. Then once back in the security of the limousine she told me that her husband had suggested that she seduce me.

It seems that he is not as threatened of me as he is of her younger lovers. That evening I was invited to join them for dinner and a drink afterwards. He was very open about the fact that he knew that I was sexually involved with his wife. I almost choked when he offered me another raise to keep her sexually happy.

I was moved into step mom with gog porn fuck storys bedroom next to theirs so that the servants would not get suspicious.


Melinda would visit my bed every night at bedtime and then return to her husband's bed without cleaning up. One day the maid made a comment to me that Melinda and her husband were more sexually active lately.

She had seen cum spots on the sheets almost every morning. I just smiled to myself. Then I noticed how attractive the maid was… The End Chauffeur 215