Short and brunette cassidy klein gets fucked by her ballet instructor

Short and brunette cassidy klein gets fucked by her ballet instructor
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I was going to prison. Theres no sugar coating it. I had gotten caught making some minor infractions. Turns out, if a person has enough checks next to her name, some minor infractions are all it takes to put her behind bars.

As soon as i got there i knew i wasn't gonna make it through the next year here. It was a womans prison, but the guards were all men. The place was filthy as can be.

It looked like it was an evil castle from one of those scary childrens stories. Thing is, i know that if i had a good lawyer, he could get me out of this. Affording a good lawyer was a problem for me, so i didnt have much of a choice. On my first day there however, i met this inmate called Rebecca. She let me in on a little secret. There was this big shot lawyer who represented half the girls in the prison.

Most of these girls got out of prison pretty fast. Most importantly, he came cheap. All he wanted was my sexual fanatisies, stories of my sexual past and maybe even a few favours. That definitly got my attention.

Telling a few stories and fucking a guy was worth the trade off of getting out of prison. So i called this lawyer in. He came in a few days later all suited up. i was waiting for him in a private room, trying to look as slutty as possible. I had my top buttons opened, showing some major cleavage.

I was wearing a push up bra that made my C cup breasts look even bigger. My hair was all done. Basically, i looked fucking gorgoues. He came in sat down with a big smile on his face, "Ive read your file Ms. Page and i can assure you, i can get you out in no time" he said. "Well thats just great!" i said in a low voice. "Im guessing you know how i take my payement?" he asked. "Yes, im quite aware. What would you have me do first?" i said in a sexy voice. My first job for him was to masterbate one night there and then retell the story to him.

he actually used his power to get me a dildo and even a vibrator in. So, one night, i crawled onto my rough bed. slowly took my top off, exposing my C sized breasts to the cold air. My nipples hardened immedialty. Next i took off both my pants and underwear in one quick slide. There i was, sitting completly naked, in a jail cell, with a dildo and vibrator on the bed with me.

Being an attractive brunette, getting cock was never difficult for me, so materbating wasn't something i did often. Im not saying i didnt know how to, or that i wasen't any good at it. Im just saying i hadnt dont it often. I reached down to my pussy, slowly stroking my belly along the way. when i reached i started rubbing my clit in slow circular movements. With my other hand i grabbed a handful on my tit and squeezed my nipple.hard.

I started panting. I moved my hand on my clit even faster, causing me to close my eyes and breath very heavily. I was begining to get pretty horny at this point, tattoo girl creampie tacori blu 1 1 7 tube porn hands were driving me crazy with lust. So i took my hand off my tits and moved it down to my pussy. I was still sitting on my bed, so i put a finger inside my pussy and lowered myself onto it.

"fuuuuckkk yeaa.fuuuckkk yeaa.aghhh.aghhh." i started making alot of noise, i knew that there was a night guard and even other captives in the cells next to me, but i couldnt stop. with one hand stroking my clit and with the other fingering myself, i fell on my back onto the bed, laying down facing the ceiling. Then i put two more fingers in myself. "FUCK thats good.oooo yea.fuckk yeaa." i started finger fucking myself fast with three fingers.

i was getting pretty close to cumming, so i quickly reached to the vibrator, turned it on and stuck it to my clit. the vibrations drove me INSANE! my hips started bucking up and down and i started moaning even louder. And thats when i heard my jail door open. i opened my eyes to look at a large man wearing a police uniform standing looking at me. "What are we doing?" he said with eager eyes. i was waaaaay to turned on to stop now, so i kept finger fucking myself hard trying to cum before he stopped me.

Before i knew it, he grabbed my tits and started sucking my nipples. that threw me over the edge. i came hard moaning the entire time. when i finally came down tight twat cant live without being hammered hardcore massage my high, i looked up at the guard and said "Thanks" with a very big goofy grin on my face. "Maybe someday you'll return the favour huh?" he said laughing.

And then he just left. The next day i called my lawyer, re-telling the story of my night. He wanted to know in detail, so it took awhile. He gave me my next assignment, I was supposed to seduce the guard who walked in on me into having sex with me. This is, its a prison rule for guards not to get personally involved with sex after hard workday doggystyle and cumshots. He could actually lose his job over this, so it could actually be pretty difficult.

I spent the day keeping an eye out for the guy. I finally spotted him standing in a corner looking over the prisoners as they ate lunch.

I immediatly opened a few buttons on my top and started struttting with maximum hip swing. I walked over to the waterr cooler and got a glass of water. I then walked up to the guard and "accidentally" dropped some water on my top, making it stick to my body.

My breasts looked huge. The guard was staring at me and i could see the begining of an erection on his crotch. Perfect centerfold is flashing her stretched pink snatch in closeup stretching and rubbing walked over to him, put my hand on his crotch and rubbed it, leaned in and whispered into his ear "How about i return the favour tonight?

come on over whenever you've got time". Then i just walked away. I had gotten so horny seducing him, that i wanted to get off so bad all day.

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i couldnt wait till lights out. When night finally rolled on over and every prisoner was locked in her cell. i Immediatly changed into a sexy bikini my lawyer managed to get me. It was black and very skimpy, showing ALOT and leaving very little to imagination. I wanted to make sure i would get this guy to put out and not wonder about how he might lose his job.

He finally came about an hour after lights out, he opened the door and stepped in. I was horny as hell by then so i just walked over to him and started kissing him passionatly.

He responded immediatly. Kissing me back with full force, His hand went around me to my ass. He gave it a tight squeeze.I pushed myself against him, pushing him against the wall. I could feel his erection on my belly. He just picked me up and dropped me on the bed.

"Take your clothes off" i whispered. Its amazing how fast a man can take his clothes off when a sexy woman says it to him.

He stood there naked and proud with a full on erection. He wasn't very big and i was slightly dissapointed. About 5 inches. i reached to it anyway and grabbed it. I started giving him a handjob he'd never forget. keeping one hand on its base, while moving the other along its entire length. i slowly increased my speed, causing him to start moaning slightly. Then i finally brought his member to my beautiful babe edges cock with controlled bj, swirling my tongue around his knob, then i took him deep in my mouth.

After a few seconds i drew back, using my tongue again to tease him, then i suddenly drew him back in and locked my lips on the base of his cock and started sucking like crazy. I could tell he was close to cumming so i stopped. He wasn't gonna cum just yet, not until id had my fun. I pulled off my bikini top slowly, letting my boobs fall into their natural stance. He couldnt look away from my tits.

So i grabbed them with both hands and squeezed them together. Then I started pinching my own nipples causing them to get hard.

very hard. He couldnt help himself any hot brunette babes get horny showing off their greedy asses. He fell ontop of me and starting teasing my nipples with his hands, causing them to get even harder.As he played with my breasts i pulled my bottoms off. He immediatly put one of his hands on my clit and started rubbing me hard and fast.

I started squirming around the bed like hell in pure passion and moaning without restraint. "Yea baby.yeaaa.agggh.thats itt" He finally put his lips on one of my nipples and started to suck on them. He slowly moved from one nipple to the other leaving a line of kisses in between. He was driving me insane, i had to feel him down there. I grabbed his head, gave him a full kiss and pushed his face down between my legs.

He got the messege. He put my legs over his shoulders and lowered his face to my mound. I was already pretty wet when he started licking me. He started by licking my clit in circles. I ran my hands through his hair, pushing his face against me hard.

"YES! FUCK YES! thats gooood.sooo goood" I opened my legs as wide as i could. He worked his way down to lick the rest of my wet pussy. Starting with licking my outer region and slowly working his way deeper. It wasen't long before he had his entire tongue moving around inside me. "FUUUCK.YES.TONGUE FUCK ME BABY!!" He moved his hands to my breasts and started playing with my nipples.

My hips started shaking beauty gives unfathomable throat hardcore and massage and bucking up and down on the bed, hitting the bed hard each time they came down. The combined stimulation from his tongue in my pussy and his hands on my nipples made me start cumming. "AGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" My hips just frove in midairstill slightly vibrating but no longer banging against the bed.I pushed his head as hard as i could against my mound, holding him there for a good two minutes.

When i was finally done having my orgasim i finally pulled the guy on top of me. Big lips big tits big ass tube porn entered me with one quick thrust. He started out with a slow rythm, but slowly worked up a fast pace. He was fucking me hard and fast in next to no time. I was started to get horny again, so i reached behind him and grabbed his butt so i could push him harder against me. This guy really knew what he was doing. With every thrust, not only did he penetrate me deeply, but he also stimulated my G-spot, making me scream out with every thrust.

"AGH.AGH.AGH.AGHHHHH.dont stop.HARDER." His lips locked on mine and we kissed wildly. The kiss ended suddenly as he worked his way down to my breasts, all the while maintaining his pace of fucking.

He took my nipple in his mouth and using his tongue swirled it around a few times, before bitting it hard. His bite drove me over the edge for the second time that night. "IM CUMMINGGG!! AGHHH!!" I screamed as my pussy contracted around his cock.

My juices started to leak out of my pussy onto my thighs. He had his cock inside me unmoving for my entire orgasm, holding me tight. When i finally came down from my second orgasim high, i still felt him inside me, fully erect.


I started contracting my pussy muscles, fucking his cock without actually moving. I did this for a atleast five minutes before i turned over, causing him to fall on his back on the bed with me on top of him. i started moving up and down as fast as i could, taking his entire cock inside me everytime i came down.

My breasts were flying all over the place at an amazing speed and he couldnt take his eyes off them. It wasen't long before he reached for them. He took each breast in one of his hands and fondled them.

I let his have his fun for awhile before i leaned forward, putting one of my nipples in his mouth. He greedily took it and started sucking on it like there was no tomorow. I grabbed his hands and led them to my ass. I put one of his fingers inside my asshole and he started moving it around and trying to get deeper. He finally started cumming. I could feel his penis spurting his hot semen into me and i loved it. I stopped moving up and down and just sat on him with his penis fully inside of me.

I started contracting my pussy muscles again so that i could milk all the semen out of his cock. When he was finally done, he threw me off of him, put on his clothes and walked out with just a "Lets do that again sometime!" The next morning i called my lawyer again and told him the entire story. He seemed pleased with my work. "Ive done everything you asked, now get me OUT of here!" i told him. "Soon my dear, its a long process," He said in a calm voice, "In the meantime, i want you to tell me something.

I want you to describe your wildest sexual experiance ever." So i started. I had just broken up with a boyfriend of two years. He had left me because of some job he got in some other city, so i was pretty heartbroken and more then a little pissed. So I decided i was gonna go to a bar, pick up the hottest guy there and fuck his brains out.

I wore a black leather miniskirt, a slightly transparent black tight tank top, and a push up bra. I walked into a crowded bar and sat by myself in a cornor, looking around the room. It wasen't long before every bozo in the bar was trying to hit on me. After rejecting around 5 losers, a pretty attractive hunk came around. "You look like you could use some company" was the first thing that came out of his lips.

"What gave it away?" i said with a sly smile. "Look, lets just get to the point. You seem like you could use a good fucking, and trust me, id be more then willing to make that happen." He bluttered out. I was slightly shocked by his straightforwardness, but it DID beat beating around the bush.

So i just replied, "Take me to your place then tiger". It was a pretty short drive to his place. He was very gentlemanly on the drive, keeping his hands to himself and making polite conversation. When we finally got to his apartment, he opened the door and invited me in. I walked in and was impressed. It was a pretty big expensive looking apartment. This guy was definitly doing pretty well for himself. "How some music?" i whispered in a sexy voice. He almost tripped on his way to the stereo.

When he finally got there he put on some slow rythmic trance music. Now i usually dont like trance, but it was the perfect kinda music to dance seductivly too. I went over to him and pushed him down to his own couch. I stood right in front of hip and started moving my body slowly with the beat. Moving my hips this way and that slowly.

I slowly moved my hands up and down my body, caressing myself through my clothes. I could see an erection start to form in this guys pants, so i put on knee on his crotch and started rubbing. He let out a long sigh. I pulled my knee away and turned around, with my back to him. I slowly took my top off. Then i moved on to removing my bra. I still had my back to him, so he couldnt see my breasts. I covered my breasts with my hands and turned around. My hips and body were still moving with the beat of the music.

I could tell this guy was pretty excited, but i wasen't done teasing him just yet. i walked to the wall opposite of where he was sitting. Whore with curves acquires banged hardcore and blowjob around again with my back to the guy, put my breasts to the wall and started swinging my hips around like crazy.

The wall actually felt kinda nice on my nipples, so dp makes euro amazing bitch cum hardcore groupsex pushed harder against it, never stopping the swinging of my ass.

It wasn't long before i finally felt a hand on my ass. I finally turned around and saw TWO guys standing behind me. One was the guy i picked up at the bar, i had no idea who the second one was.

"Meet my roommate" bar guy said. Then they both started feeling me up. I was way to horny to try and resist or stop them now. besides, id always wanted to have a threesome. One was playing with my breasts, fondling my large orbs and playing with my now sensitive nipples.

The other had his hands under my waist, trying to get my skirt off. When he finally managed to get my skirt off he got a full and pretty good view of my bare and shaved cunt, because i hadn't worn any underwear. He immediatly started rubbing my clit with one hand and finger fucking me with two fingers with his other. I was getting very horny very fast.

He started finger fucking me fast and hard and put his lips to my clit and started to kiss it. The guy on breasts also started to suck on my nipples. "aggh.aghhh.u guys are gooood.dont stop.fuuuck yeaa." The guy on my cunt started to lick my clit and added another finger to my now very wet vagina. I was pushed against the wall, with a two guys playing with my nipples and snatch.

I started squirming and banging against the wall. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK.AGGGH" i screamed as i had one of the best orgasims of my life.

The guys didnt stop and they kept pleasuring me until i finally came to my senses again. I finally pushed them off me and started ripping their clothes off.

When they were finally naked i saw two of the most beautiful things i had ever seen. One of them had a 7 incher, which was pretty above average. The other had a 10 incher and was the thickest dick i had ever seen.

I started getting excited again just watching these two. I sat down on my knees and started jerking both dicks off. I took turns licking the tips of both their dicks. I swirled my tongue around each tip very slowly.

After a few turns of my roommate giving me head and swallowing my cum i finally took the 7 incher inside my mouth. I started sucking like crazy and the guy held the back of my head and started pushing me against him, forcing me to take his entire cock. I managed to get his entire cock inside my mouth twgirls and one boy sex bathroom gagging.

then he started face fucking me, just pulling out then pushing all the way back into my mouth. I never had a problem taking a big dick in my mouth so gaggin wasn't an issue. I even tickled the guys balls playfully. The 10 incher was getting pretty excited watching my get face fucking and getting a handjob from me, so he pulled me up and threw me on the couch and put his dick on front of my face.


I started sucking it like a lollipop. I took as much of it as i could into my mouth and sucked and twirled my tongue around it.

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While i was sucking this monster cock i felt the other guys dick on my cunt. I angled myself so he could have nottingham uk home made storys access. I was now laying on my back with my head turned to the side sucking a cock and a guy over me about to fuck my cunt.

He finally entered me. This guy had never heard of starting slow, he just pounded into me like anything. My previous boyfriend has a 5 inch dick and i hadn't slept with anyone else in 2 years, so this 7 incher felt like a monster in my pussy. My pussy was WAY to tight to get him all in, but he insisted, pushing harder with every thrust. I started moaning on the other guys cock.

"AGGH.AGH.AGGH.GOD!.AGGGh.AGGGh." I couldnt take both cocks at once so i pushed the 10 incher away. The guy fucking me finally managed to get his entire cock inside me, and when he did, he just held it in place deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around his back to keep him inside me. He started rubbing my clit, which caused my hips to start bucking up and down.

"IM GONNA CUMM Blonde in uniform and stockings stripping for older british guy tube porn i yelled. He immediatly started fucking me hard and fast again, pushing his entire dick into my tight pussy. "AGGHAGGHHAGGHAAAGGHHHHHHHHH" I came for the second time that night. He came with me as my pussy contracted around his cock.

I could feel his hot seed shoot deep within me. He kept fucking me until we were both done. He got off me with a huge grin on his face. "My turn" the 10 inch dick guy said. He held my legs and put them over his shoulders. My wet pussy quickly lubed the swollen helmet, and he pushed it in. "mmm.ohhh." I groaned. His friend had really opened me up, so his cock reached pretty deep inside me.

He kept pushing in slowly until his cock touched the back of my ass. "FUCK your pussys tight baby!" he said. "fuck it hard.fuck it hard" i said letting out a groan when the big knob pushed in on my cervix slightly. He leaned over, pushing my knees forward towards my head as he drove his cock in and out of my tight wet pussy. "UNnhh &hellip.Ooohh&hellip. UNHHh… MMMnnnn… AH,OOohhh!" i started saying to his rhythm, letting out a yelp of pain each time he bottomed out deep inside of my vagina.

"OH!. Oh MY GAWD……Unnnh Fuck!" I yelled, when he pushed deep and hard into my vagina again, the big warm knob pushing my cervix inward, threatening to tear into my womb. "Hold your legs back" he demanded. I was so flexible that i locked the insides of my elbows around the back of my knees and pulled them almost all the way up to my ears. I watched the huge veined cock begin to drive in and out of my pussy. The huge cock was wet and shiny, encircled with dark blue veins it drove down deep in me again, my pussy lips mashed to the sides as it filled my twat.

He began to pump my pussy in long hard strokes, each one ending when my cervix stopped him. He took his thumb and mashed down on my clit, rubbing it back and forth in the pink exposed slit. I began to buck my hips wildly as he stood still letting me fuck him until I started screaming with a huge orgasm. When he felt my tight little pussy begin to milk him, He fucked me just as hard as he could, wanting to feel his cock explode and fill me with his cum.

"UNNhhhh.OOOOOH" i screamed as i felt his jizz shoot deep inside me. He rolled off me and just left me there laying on the couch with my pussy full of cum. His buddy had watched his friend fuck the living daylights out of me, so he was fully erect again. I got off the couch and walked over to 7 incher. I gave him a quick kiss before i pushed him to the floor.

I mounted him, rotating my pussy around his cock but never actually taking it in. I played with the tip of his cock with my pussy for a few minutes, before i finally sat down on his lap, taking his entire length in me. "OH GAWD! this feels GOOD!" i starting jumping up and down faster and faster.

I grabbed my own breasts and starting pinching my nipples as hard as i could. The guy i was fucking suddenly pulled me forward, so that my breasts were on asian girlfriend gets licked and fucked tube porn face, he started licking and sucking on my nipples like there was no tomorow. Just when i thought i was in heaven, i felt a hand on my ass.

Now, id always dreamt of being double penetrated, but i never thought id actually get the chance, so I let it play out. I stopped bouncing on the 7 inchers cock, sitting on him with it fully inside me. The other guy started with just rubbing my ass, grabbing the cheeks and sliding his hand up and down the partition. After minutes of teasing, he finally pushed a finger up my ass.

Now i had never been double penetrated, but i wasn't an anal virgin. He pushed his finger deep inside my ass and quickly added another one in. "ooooohhhh.aaaghhhh.yesss baaaaabbbyyy." I slowly starting moving up and down on 7 incher again. I put my nipple to his mouth so he could suck on it. I reached behind me to the other guys hand. I brought it to my other breast so he could pinch my other nipple. 10 incher got the idea, i was ready for some serious fucking.

His fingers came out of my ass and i felt the tip of his hardon touch my asshole. He starting biyanan iniyot ng manugang sex scandal his cock in. "aaaaggh.slooooowlly baby.slooooowwlly.agggh.yesss." He was having slight difficulty getting his cock in, so instead of going slow and easy he deicided it would be quicker to just get it in hard and fast.

He started fucking my ass as hard as he could. "FUUUUCKK.UMMPPAHH.GAWD GAWD GAWD!!!" He still wasn't getting his monster cock fully inside of me, but he was getting deeper with every thrust. He put his hands on my shoulders and started pulling me back into his cock. The guy fucking my pussy also got excited and he started pumping up and down, shoving his cock deep in my pussy with each thrust.


little babe suking the cock AGHHH!!" i started yelling in pain as both these huge dicks started to penetrate me deeper then anything had ever penetrated me before. I was like a ragdoll between these two men as they both fucked my holes as hard and fast as they could. The guy fucking my ass finally got most of his cock inside my tight ass.

As soon as he did he just held his dick firmly in place deep in my ass and reached for my tits. When his fingers reached my tits he started rubbing them and fondling them very lovingly, which was a slight suprise. The guy fucking my pussy also just held his cock in my pussy and started kissing me deeply and passionatly. There i was between two guys, both my holes filled with cock, kissing a guy and getting my breasts fondled by the other. This went on for a few minutes before i starting moving again.

I simaltaniously moved up and down on the cock in my pussy and back and forth on the cock in my ass. The boys started getting excited again too and started pumping in and out slowly. "FUCK ME ALREADY!" i yelled. They immediatly obeyed and starting pounding the living daylights out of me. They pushed in and out at the same pace, penetrating me fully before retreating.

"YES YES YES GAWD YES oooOOHH.AgggHHHH!!!" i started yelling in pleasure this time. I started pushing my hips back against their thrusts. I put my arms around the neck of the guy behind me fucking my ass, turned my head and started making out with him.

This gave the guy under me a clear and quite impressive view of my jiggling tits. At first he just looked at my tits bounce up and down with each thrust, but soon he had his hands all over them. "aggHHHH.AggHHH.oooOOOoo.AGH!" i yelled with each thrust. The guy fucking my ass finally started cumming. He held his entire huge dick fully inside me for his entire orgasm, while the other guy kept fucking my pussy.

I was still making out with the guy fucking my ass when he took his dick out of my ass. His hands reached forwards and he started rubbing my pussy. It wasn't long before i was screaming in orgasim again. "AAGAGGHHH!! OOO!!OAAAGHHH!!!" i yelled! the guy fucking my pussy came with me broke blonde teen beauty fucks for free ride my pussy tightened around his huge cock.

i felt his love juice shoot deep inside my pussy. After i was done i just fell on the couch sound asleep. When i was done with my story my lawyer just said he'd call me the next morning and hung up.