Ella and ava started out jerking then pounding their pussies hard

Ella and ava started out jerking then pounding their pussies hard
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What do you do when your best friend's wife seduces you with fruit and chocolate? Well this is the true story of what I did. This story is absolutely true. It happened some years ago and is still a fond and exciting memory.


Only the names have been changed to protect the perverted. My name is Peter. Chris and I had been friends for a couple of years and, of course, my wife Linda and I had also become close to Rebecca, his wife of three years.

Although both Rebecca, a tall, slim redhead and Linda, a petite brunette, were drop-dead gorgeous, there had never been anything more than the occasional flirting between Chris and Linda and me and Rebecca.

That all began to change one morning in March. Since Chris and I worked quite near each other, we would share a ride to work and the usual pattern was that I would have huge boobs blonde teen babe skyla novea boned by big cock with Chris and Rebecca at their place and then we would all leave for work - Chris and I travelling in one direction and she the other.

Rebecca was usually still in her nightgown and robe during breakfast, changing into her suit immediately afterwards while Chris and I cleaned up. I had noticed that, recently, Rebecca's morning hug had become much closer with her hips pressing against mine but I really thought nothing of it other than it was quite pleasurable and this particular morning started out as usual with Rebecca making breakfast while Chris and I chatted.

However, Rebecca got my attention when she climbed up onto a footstool and reached into an overhead closet searching for something. Chris had is back towards her but for about 30 seconds I was given a clear view of naked buttocks under her short robe. "Whoops!" I thought "that was nice." I assumed it was accidental so I said nothing. The next morning, however, it happened again. Same footstool, same closet and same delicious view of Rebecca's bare arse.

This time I received a slight smile as she climbed down and turned around. "Interesting!" I thought but still said nothing. The third time it happened, I gave Rebecca a quizzical look when she had climbed down and, still behind her husband's back, she raised both her eyebrows and the hem of her nightgown whilst flashing me a grin and a 3 second view of reddish blond pubic hair. Now I knew it wasn't an accident and immediately had to adjust my trousers to hide the effect.

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That was Friday and I did not see Chris or Rebecca until Monday morning. By that time I was beginning to wonder whether I had imagined it but my doubt was dispelled when Chris and I were eating breakfast and Rebecca, again behind her husband's back, sat up on the breakfast bar, ostensibly trying to thread a needle, and slowly spread her legs, finally giving me a clear view horny elsa fucks her roomate lexi lore her pussy lips surrounded by that strawberry blonde pubic hair.

She sat that way for only a couple of minutes, opening and closing her legs, while I tried to carry on a normal conversation with Chris and not choke on my waffles but it was enough that I was afraid to stand up for 15 minutes.

Again, no words passed between us but I received the raised eyebrows and a conspiratorial smile. When I returned home from work however, Linda reaped the benefit of Rebecca's teasing behavior in a big way.

Chris later told me that Rebecca had been particularly energetic in her lovemaking that night as well. Tuesday morning I was almost trembling with anticipation of what naughty thing Rebecca would do today while her husband's back was turned but I had no idea what was in store.

Once again Chris and I were eating waffles and Rebecca again sat up on the breakfast bar behind him. This time she did not pretend to be threading a needle butas I glanced up at her, began to slowly peel a banana.

While Chris was rabbitting on about something or other (I have no idea!) and I was pretending to listen while stealing glances at Rebecca, she finished peeling the banana, lasciviously licked the length of it, sucked the end and then and this did actually make me choke on my waffle slowly spread and raised her legs and inserted almost the entire banana into her vagina.

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While Chris was asking whether I was OK, she then slid the banana out and asked, quite innocently "Would either of you like banana with your waffles?" Amazingly calmly I replied "That would be nice" and she hopped down and sliced the pussy flavoured banana onto my waffle, grinning right at me the entire time and finishing with "Of course if you would like a banana without the waffle you can have that any time." If I remember correctly, I masturbated three times that day thinking about Rebecca and the banana.

The next morning, contrary to my expectations and hopes, there was no display just breakfast as usual except thatduring breakfast, Rebecca and Chris were discussing an X-rated movie they had watched the night before and we began talking about what kind of sex really turned us on and what we didn't extreme bound gang bangs pretty slut years old (very little it seems!).

During the conversation, Rebecca turned to me and, in a husky voice, said "I think Chris was really surprised to discover that the two things that really excite me are sucking cock and being fucked in the arse" That was a little too much for Chris who shut down the conversation with "Rebecca, that's a little too much information to share with friends!" As Chris went to pee before we left, Rebecca then came over to me, sat on my lap facing me and whispered in my ear "Fuck, I'm wet!

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My vibrator's going to get a workout before I leave" She black cop fucks girl hot latina stripsearched and fucked quickly stood up and left the room giggling, leaving me with two very inconvenient wet spots cunt juice on the outside of my trousers and precum on the inside.

I could barely act normal the following morning when I entered the kitchen to find Rebecca there alone, again in her short nightgown. "Where's Chris?" I enquired. "I asked him to go get some bagels. He just left." She then asked, with a sweet smile "Would you like a banana while we wait?" I wasn't sure just what was coming (so to speak!) so all I could do was reply "Why not?" as she lifted herself up onto the bar. "Where are the bananas?" I asked, genuinely puzzled and, in response, she continued smiling and spread and lifted her legs so that I had a close-up view of a very juicy cunt with the tip of a banana just peeking out between surprisingly large labia.

"I've been marinating it for you" she whispered "but you'll have to eat it from the container before Chris gets back." Well, as you can imagine, I thought all my Christmases had come at once but I had to ask "Not to look a gift pussy in the mouth, but how come you suddenly want to seduce me?" "Shut up and eat! We can talk later." Was the rather breathless reply and of course I immediately obeyed.

I wanted to savour every moment of this because I had been fantasizing about eating this cunt for years. First I inhaled deeply the musky aroma of her pussy My God I love the smell of cunt then I licked slowly from her arsehole up to the banana and circled it with my tongue as Rebecca just groaned then, just as I began to suck the banana out and push it back with the tip of my tongue, I heard a sound from the driveway&hellip.

"What's that?" I asked, raising my head. "For God's sake&hellip.it's my cunt. Now eat the banana or you won't get another one." I almost came in my pants then and there Not needing any more encouragement, I slowly sucked out the banana now very well coated with pussy marinade and bit off mouthfuls as I went.

As we heard a car door slam Rebecca whispered urgently "Shit! Clean me up quickly" and so I literally slurped all the juices from between her pussy lips and some that was dribbling down to her arsehole and, just in time she jumped down and adjusted her nightgown as I dove into the bathroom to clean up my liberally coated face and let my raging hard-on subside and Chris walked into the kitchen.

Talk about close. By the time I came back into the kitchen Rebecca had somehow composed herself and gave me a sly wink.


Not finished yet, Chris excused himself to take a pee and Rebecca quickly came over to me, gave me a deep kiss as she thrust her tongue into my mouth and my hand between her legs into a sopping wet pussy. "To answer your question" she then whispered "It's not sudden.

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I've wanted your tongue in my cunt for years but you never seemed to take the hint so I thought it was time I took control and I'm not finished by a long shot." By the time Chris returned we were beginning to eat breakfast but Rebecca couldn't resist one last flirt which again almost made me choke on my bagel. "Incidentally Pete, how was the banana, was it ripe enough?"