Kinky slut loves old and hard dicks

Kinky slut loves old and hard dicks
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The Intruder After recovering from her new experience, Colleen was exhausted and decided to try to get some sleep. She drew some clean water and quickly washed herself, rose from her bath and dried off.

Redonning her gown, she crept back to her room.

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No one had heard her, which made her glad. She did not want to make anyone else suffer her sleepless night. A shadow passed over the full moon that was framed by the window.

Thinking it a cloud, Colleen sunk onto the bed snuggling under the covers. Finally, she drifted off to sleep. She slept soundly. Suddenly, Colleen awoke again, with a weight holding against the bed, her mouth gagged with a pair of her own undergarments. Rough hands grasped her arms, lifted her off the bed and pressed her against the headboard. Yanking her around, they pinned her against the stone wall, stunning her. Then, one hand let go and fondled her breasts twisting her nipples thru her gown, sending waves of pain thru her fear and now pounding headache.

Colleen desperately pried at the hands, but to no avail. Her heart hammered in her chest, but she felt strangely excited at the rush of adrenaline. "Your beautiful body never before seen by a man, to be molested by myself.

Struggle all you want, but you can't escape. However, it's too soon to kill you, so let's have a little fun, shall we?" Pulling Colleen off the wall, the shadow-shrouded man tossed Colleen onto her bed.

Adrenaline allowed her to recover quickly. She lay quietly. So far, this night sucked, she didn't want that to happen literally.

Slowly, the queen inched her hand from where it rested on the bed toward the masturbite n squirt creamy pussy place in the headboard where she stored her father's dagger.

She clutched the handle with one hand, moved it under her pillow and used the weight of her head to unsheathe it. Unfortunately, the blade flashed in the moonlight and her arms were pinned down by those rough hands. "Ah, ah, ah. No fair," the man said. He brought his other hand around bearing several lengths of rope. With these, he secured Colleen's feet and hands to the four bedposts and then he gagged her with the sheets.

He stealthily walked away. Colleen struggled. The ropes held.

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There was silence. Finally calming her frantic breathing, she listened, but could hear nothing, not even crickets. She saw a flicker of light. A candle big african dong pounds a tight pussy in the room and she thought for a second that she might be safe. She began yelling a muffled "Help!" and straining against the ropes, but when her eyes adjusted, all she saw was a black cloak. The figure removed its hood. Colleen's nightmare was coming back to haunt her.

"Fallin.!," she thought. Lord Fallin Fallin's rough hands grabbed the collar of Colleen's gown and tore it off her body. Bending closer to her face, Fallin caressed her cheek. He removed the sheets from her mouth. But Colleen couldn't scream because her neck was swollen. Fallin chirped, "The innocent young one, now a ravenous vixen. Mmmh Mmmh." He traced his tongue slowly down Colleen's cheek, moving down her dainty neck, over her bosom, and ended by gently circling her left nipple.

She orgasmed. "My, you're sensitive, Colleen. You smell lovely. How about a little taste?

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Then, I shall deflower you." "How did you get…" Colleen began, She fell silent as he gently enveloped one of her nipples with his lips and began to suck. Despite her efforts, she was helpless to cry out.


She squirmed and moaned within her bindings. He then moved to lap up the juices that were seeping from between her legs. "I see that you enjoy this," her attacker said as his fingers continued where his mouth had left off. Colleen thought of her father bleeding on the field, her mother's abused and mutilated body, trying to take her mind off her pleasurable violation. "I'm next. The last hope for peace in the kingdom.

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Fallin will freckle teen cow girl amazing sexy mouth takes huge big dick me and kill me just like my mother, and then, he will obtain my power and rule. I must not let that happen." As Fallin's tongue poised ready to penetrate her tight, virgin, tunnel of love, Colleen thought she heard her father speaking to her.

He seemed to be saying, "You will succeed. You have something that Fallin does not have and never will." She did not understand his message but this encouraged Colleen. She began to strategize an escape. Relaxing her slender hands, she jerked her arms forcefully against their bindings while rolling herself over, trapping Fallin's head between the crossed ropes and her pelvis. Her hands slipped thru the instant before Fallin's lustful tongue touched her juicy cunt and clocked him as hard as she could near his temples.

She missed, but Fallin was stunned. Grabbing the knife from Fallin's hand, Colleen sliced thru the ropes binding her legs and leapt up. She raced to her door.

To her horror, it was locked from the outside. Pounding the door with all her might, she glanced behind her to see that Fallin was still reeling. She faced her attacker knife held comfortably in front of her, blade down glinting in the moonlight.

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He approached, weaving slightly. "You little wench!" "Hey, this is the Medieval ages thou droning, foolborn foot-licker!

Think of something with a little more umph." Flicking her arm out in the direction she had last seen Fallin, Colleen made contact with his face, gashing him and making him scream in pain.

The moon hid behind a cloud. Enraged, Fallin struck out to grab her, but Colleen moved into the shadows and he grabbed her necklace, yanking it off. There were noises down the hall, and Fallin appeared apprehensive. "You may have won this time, my sweet.


But I shall have you yet!" Colleen spat in the direction of his voice, and then there was a gigantic pounding on the door. Fallin raised his cloak over his face and vanished just as the guards entered. "You missed all the fun," Colleen quipped, as her guards wrapped her in a robe and took her to her nurse.