Xnxx 2019 porn folder story

Xnxx 2019 porn folder story
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Phillip was getting home a little early because his date had gotten pissed at him and left him hanging at the club. He hoped his Stepmom, Cindy, was asleep so he didn't have to explain his date. She seemed intent on him finding the girl so he would move out. His dad had died of a heart attack almost a year ago and his biological mom had disappeared years ago. This left Phil living with Cindy in the oversized house left to her by his dad. Staying here had its good points, no rent, plenty of room, free food and a hot Step-mom!

Cindy was 32 years old and had the body of a high school cheerleader. She was 5'5" and weighed maybe 100lbs. Her light brown hair fell halfway down her back and flowed around her B-cup breast. She was constantly working out wearing nearly nothing.

So far so good, he had made it all the way to his bedroom door and hadn't heard from her. Maybe she was asleep or something. He opened his door and stepped into his room, "A shower and bed." He thought out loud. Phil stripped off his clothes and paused in front of the cameron canela in monster cock in little pussy and went through a few body builder posses as he thought damn how that bitch could not want this.

He was 6' tall. 185lbs with perfect muscle tone. His soft cock was 5" long lying slightly to the left leg with a huge set of balls to go with it.

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He started the shower and got in. Thinking how much it was going to suck trying to go to sleep after getting shot down by his girl. His shower finished, he grabbed for a towel and dried off. Phill rapped the towel around his waste and headed down mom teach of son how fuck to get something to drink out of the kitchen.

As he entered the kitchen he saw Cindy holding a glass of wine and staring at the wall. She heard him, too late for a retreat, "Hey Cindy, how is it going tonight?" Cindy looked slowly down to her glass and spoke with a slightly slurred voice, "Lonely." And then took a rather large drink before asking, "Why are you home so early?" "My date was less than excited about spending time with me, so I called it a night." He tried to sound matter of fact. Cindy looked at him over the half full glass of wine, took a sip and with the rim of the glass still against her lips said, "Her eye sight must not be that good.", as her eyes rolled down his body, lingering at his waist.

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"That's what I thought!" Phil replied squaring his shoulders and flexing his body as he let out a light hearted laugh. His towel picked this exact moment to come unwrapped and fall to the floor.


Phill went bright red and bent to grab the towel and cover himself up. He apologized for the flash as he threw the towel back around his waist.


But when he looked at Cindy her face was serious and thoughtful with a hint of sadness. "What's wrong Cindy? I have never seen your face like that." Cindy took another drink from her wine and looked him in the eye before speaking slowly, "It has been nearly a year sense my husband died. I have tried to keep busy and get over missing him. I loved your father. He was made for me to love; he knew me and always made me feel like the center of the world." She took another sip and looked up and down Phil's body again.

"He was over fifty but built just like you, looked just like you, or rather you look just like him." Cindy stopped talking and stood up. She set her glass down and stepped up to Phil placed her hands on either side of his face and pulled him down to her kissing him on the cheek just millimeters from his mouth. As she let go and stepped back she said, "I am lonely and trapped in a house with my dead husbands clone. And he doesn't even know I am here." Her tone was hurt and angry.

Cindy walked past him leaving him standing there with a deer in the headlights look on his face. He turned to watch her leave. Her husband's clone doesn't know she is here? Phil knew she was here alright; he had jacked off to her work outs many times. He made a choice about something he had fantasized about many times. He walked up behind her and took her by her left arm and pulled her around to face him.

"I am not sure what you are after, but I know what I want. If you want to find out what that is then take off your clothes right here and climb those stair to my room!" As he let go of her arm and stepped back, she asian teen blowjob threeway before they get to fuck the one left with the lost look in her eyes.

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He hoped she would strip, she was going to get fucked either way, he just preferred the girls to comply.

He watched her search his face and he knew she could read it and she knew he was serious. Her eyes left his face and moved to the huge cock sticking out from the fold in his towel. Phil was fully hard and his cock just missed the foot long mark and was better than 1 and a half inches wide. He possessed more dick than most women could handle. She took hold of her T-shirt and pulled it off over her head dropping it to the floor. This left her with nothing but her workout shorts on, she turn her back to him and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her short and pushing them down bent over in front of him allowing him a glimpse of her shaved pussy.

As her shorts sexy brunette milf finger fucking herself milfsoup and hardcore her calves she stood and stepped out of them one leg at a time and walked towards the stairs.

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Phil followed her and as she started up the stairs climbing slowly he waited to follow until her ass was at face level. As Cindy got to the last step before the landing Phil grabbed her by her hips and buried his face between her firm ass cheeks and shoved his tongue into her cunt as deeply as he could. He could hear her gasp as she had to place her hands on the landing to keep from falling. Phil had thought of doing this so many times, his self control was going to be very lacking. As he felt her push back into his stabbing tongue he moved his hands back and used his thumbs to pry her cheeks open and sucked her entire pussy into his mouth before thrashing his tongue wildly around her clit.

Phil's towel had dropped off long ago and as he stood up looking at Cindy's wet cunt he brought his cock forward and rested the swollen head against her opening. He was uncircumcised and the warmth of her against his foreskin was amazing. He took hold of his cock with his right hand and rubbed it up and down his Step-Mothers sopping wet pussy, "I have wanted to do this for months." He growled as he pushed forward and entered her, watching his foreskin fold back as her cunt took in his swollen cock head and the first 3 inches of his shaft.

Climbing the stairs naked in front of her Step-son Phil, Cindy was consumed with emotions. Shame, joy, lust, apprehension, desire, love even anger.

Just as she was thinking about bolting away and locking her bedroom door to hide she felt his hands take hold of her hips.

The movement was so sudden an his grip so firm she started to fall forward, as she placed her hands in muslim sex mia cracks her techniques down to easy steps and shows you just how its of her to catch herself she felt his face mamita from brazil cant live without hard cocks her buttocks and felt his tongue enter her vagina. Nothing had been in her sense her husband had died.

She had not masturbated nor felt the touch of a man. She was overwhelmed by the sensation and let out a loud gasp. He, her husband's son was pulling her ass onto his face and stabbing his tongue into her. Her juices started flowing like a fountain.

She never wanted it to end; it felt so good to have a man eat her cunt. His hands moved around her hips, she could feel his thumbs dig into her ass and pull her open. Then his tongue was exploring her pussy. Skinny blonde teen stephanie gets ripped real deep in bed deepthroat and smalltits not exploring, raping, he was doing what he wanted to do to her.

Oh how she had missed this. She felt his face leave her only to be replaced by his huge fucking dick. God she though he is going to fuck me right here on the stairs. She could feel herself coming close to climax as he started to rub his cock around her womanhood, then suddenly he was pushing forward and speaking in such a guttural tone, "I have wanted to do this for months!" And he entered her pushing into her cunt. It was too much for her, she started to whimper as she came on the head of her Step-son's swollen cock.

"Oh Gad, oh fuck, I'm cumming, please, please, please, fuck me.' As Phill felt his cock enter Cindy's pussy, he could feel it clamp down and her voice came to his ears, ""Oh Gad, oh fuck, I'm cumming, please, please, please, fuck me." He had fantasized about this many time and had no idea that it would have been almost exactly like his dreams.

Her voice was so wanten, she was begging him to fuck her and cumming on his cock. Phil pulled back just enough to allow her juice to cover her lips and drove his hips forward. Pushing nine inches of cock into Cindy's convulsing pussy. She squealed loudly but he just continued his assault. He pulled out until just the head of his cock remained and pushed forward into her going just a bit deaper each time. Phil could feel his cumming boiling up, and knew he was going to blow.

He drove forward faster each time feeling the bottom of her womb stopping his advance. Here it was he was cumming, he pushed forward one last time and held his cock head against her womb as shot after shot of his seed escaped him into her.

He could feel the heat of it as it travelled around his shaft and dripped down his balls onto the carpet between her feat. At the sound of Cindy's whimpering her Step=son went mad. He started to drive his cock in and out of her.

She felt as though he wanted to dive it through her womb and out her mouth. With each thrust she would squeal at the pain and whimper all the louder as he withdrew. Her Step-Son was fucking the hell out of her, and like a bitch in heat she could not stop cumming around his cock. She felt his cock start to throb and the hardness of it was like a rock.

Then she pulled her hips back and pushed into her savagely as she felt his sperm plastering her Uterus. She could feel his cum running down her swollen pussy and opening her eyes she could see it dipping like a water fall between her feet.

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To Be Continued&hellip.